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Land of SilenceINSPY Award Winner, General Fiction CategoryBefore Christ Called Her DaughterBefore She Stole Healing By Touching The Hem Of His GarmentElianna Is A Young Girl Crushed By Guilt After Her Only Brother Is Killed While In Her Care, Elianna Tries To Earn Forgiveness By Working For Her Father S Textile Trade And Caring For Her Family When Another Tragedy Places Elianna In Sole Charge Of The Business, Her Talent For Design Brings Enormous Success, But Never The Absolution She Longs For As Her World Unravels, She Breaks Off Her Betrothal To The Only Man She Will Ever Love Then Illness Strikes, Isolating Elianna From Everyone, Stripping Everything She Has LeftNo Physician Can Cure Her No End Is In Sight Until She Hears Whispers Of A Man Whose Mere Touch Can Heal After So Many Years Of Suffering And Disappointment, Is It Possible That One Man Could Redeem The Wounds Of Body And Soul

Tessa Afshar is an award winning author of historical and biblical fiction Her novel, Land of Silence, won an Inspy award, and was voted by Library Journal as one of five top Christian Fiction titles of 2016 It was also nominated for the 2016 RT Reviewer s Choice Award for best Inspirational Romance Harvest of Gold won the prestigious 2014 Christy Award in the Historical Romance category Her b

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    Tessa Afshar writes such marvelous stories I haven t loved all her novels, but I feel Bread of Angels and now Land of Silence are absolutely incredible The writing style, the characters and the authenticity of their world, the faith it all draws me in and I find myself hardly able to put the book down Ah, I was so excited to read another book by this author, and Land of Silence did not disappoint Tessa Afshar, along with Connilyn Cossette, is a master at writing Biblical historical novels I truly believe she has a God given gift for it.So Land of Silence takes the story from The Bible of the woman who had a bleeding condition for fourteen years and imagines who this woman was and what her life was like prior to her encounter with Jesus Christ.From practically the first page, I was drawn in and this book never lost my interest I did at times become frustrated with Elianna, though my heart ached for her She was perhaps very much like me in ways Pretending she was in control trying to fix everything and save everyone It was gut wrenching watching her make some choices that she did instead of choosing to trust God and those who loved her Surrender Overall, it was a very good lesson for me Though a secondary character who s not seen much, I loved Elianna s sister, Joanna I also really liked Ethan, Viriato, and Claudia So many wonderful characters The storyline and plot were hard in many ways, but intriguing and, oh, so beautiful The parts about using dye, embroidering, and selling merchandise were very interesting The world and customs fascinating And the themes and lessons They were truly deep We go on this incredible journey of forgiveness, surrender, and healing Some of the lessons are subtle in a way, but powerful The idea that this woman s life has been completely gutted before she has her encounter with Jesus resounds with me Like sometimes God allows everything to be taken because what we truly need is Him To look into His eyes and hear Him call us daughter or son.Wow Amazing story Thoroughly engrossing book I eagerly await my next chance to read another of Tessa Afshar s novels.

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    Land of Silence was an excellent book I was drawn to this story for a few reasons One, It was written by Tessa Afshar Two, The main character is based on one of my favorite accounts of Jesus, the woman with the issue of blood Tessa did a wonderful job of fleshing out the back story of this woman Which in itself is so amazing, because there was so limited info about the woman I guess that s where prayer and creativity comes in Tessa really captured the history, Law, and culture of the time But even though the history was well done, the story and issues that the main character faced felt relevant at the same time.The prose of the story is really beautiful, the author really illustrated the pain and loss Eillianna suffered physically and emotionally, over the years All which would lead her to her life changing encounter with Jesus Which was just beautiful The way the Tessa set up the scene, it feels like your right there seeing the healing taking place of Jesus making this woman whole Let s just say I was a crying mess I am so glad Jesus lives and loves us and wants to make us fully whole and healeld just like the woman with the issue of blood I thought Eillianna was a strong likeable character, she really was a woman of integrity, who struggles with issues of guilt and self worth I really liked the supporting characters which offer some levity and and rich depth to the story Oh And the love story between Ethan and Eillianna had me feel all the feels y all I think God puts people in our lives to show His love and grace that s what Ethan, her sister Joanna, and Viriato and a few others did BTW Viriato was my other favorite This book really made a impact on me and I will forever cherish it Extra, extra Here s a video of Tessa Afshar explaining the development behind this story and it is so beautiful Favorite Quotes I thought of the hand of God that must have carried this plan and his wisdom that had been at the very root of it For the first time I acknowledged that God himself had saved us Not my cleverness or Ethan s boldness, but the immeasurable kindness of God How many times had we come to the brink of disaster and he had brought us through How many times had this business almost sunk beyond recovery and he rescued us I came to realize that the God I found in the Scriptures might be my only source of comfort I read his Word voraciously and clung to that spark of promise Then you must repent You must learn to see him as he is, Elianna, not as your experiences declare him In the span of a few moments, the Messiah had cleansed me What I could not have earned with all my efforts and rule keeping, he gave to me for free He had set another captive free.

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    I am very particular about the authors that I follow when it comes to Biblical fiction Tessa Afshar is one author whose books I will always pick up and expect to be enthralled by the story Land of Silence grabbed my heart from page one She created a provocative, engrossing story for the woman with the issue of blood When I first heard that this would be the basis for her new book, I admit, I did wonder how she was going to make it work I wasn t worried, of course, but I did wonder how she would choose to tell this story She takes a figure that appears in one scene with the Bible and fleshes out her story into something beautiful a tapestry, if you will, that rivals the beauty of the fabric creations in Elianna s household.The characterization of Elianna is superb her voice in the first person narration style is crystal clear and distinct I love that she chose to tell the story in first person I think it made the telling of such a personal, emotionally charged story that much poignant and compelling Speaking of fabric and tapestries, the details about fabric production, dyeing and even the selling and trading are fascinating and greatly enhanced my reading experience.This author excels at creating strong women that suit the setting and time period, and Elianna is truly an inspiring character She is determined and wants to take care of her family, yet her pride keeps her from accepting help from her betrothed, Ethan The novel spans many years, and I ached with her and cheered for her as she matures throughout the story The way that she is battered by life circumstance and then later on by physical ailments, yet still holds tight to her faith, makes her a compelling character I can t let the review go without mentioning Ethan again enduring, steadfast Ethan The scenes between these two spark with feeling, and he matches Elianna s stubbornness with a hard head of his own.The groundwork for the story is set up in a strong way The opening scenes set up perfectly both the despair and hope that are to come Stricken by grief, guilt and condemnation, Elianna works hard to be the perfect daughter and basically run her father s textile business on her own However, all of her hard work cannot prepare her for what s to come Looking back, I am once again impressed that the novel wasn t bogged down with despair Much of the novel is leading to her lowest point, but I never wanted to put it down the story flows that well and is that engrossing Though there were some times I felt that the pacing was a bit slow, the events that took place felt realistic and naturally placed in the story It is only through reaching her lowest point, that the most important event of her life takes place that of touching the hem of Jesus s robe and finding physical healing, yes, but, importantly, deep, irrevocable love, free of condemnation.Afshar s writing just keeps getting better and better, and fans of her previous novels will not be disappointed in the slightest I highly recommend this novel for readers of Biblical fiction, but also for any reader looking for a strong story of healing and redemption.I received an advanced copy of this novel, and I chose to review it This review is my honest opinion.This review first appeared on Straight Off the Page

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    Tessa Afshar is such a talent with Biblical Fiction This beautifully told story was filled with hardship I thought of Job as I read Elianna s story The length of time and magnitude of tragedies were well beyond what the average person could endure Elianna is a character to revere Likewise, for the main male character Ethan Ethan was a compassionate, loving and strong man.I highly recommend this novel for fans of Biblical Fiction.

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    I enjoyed this book of Christian historical fiction It tells the story of the woman subject to bleeding for 12 years mentioned in 3 of the Gospel accounts Most of the details are obviously fictional as we know little about her other than her medical condition and Jesus healing of her The story was full of twists and turns and kept my interest It was easy to read with explanations for all of the cultural issues that arose in the narrative.The book is mostly clean free of bad language, there is some limited violence and a sexual assault scene but neither are graphic.I recommend this book for Christian readers particularly those struggling with disappointments or long term illness There are some helpful reminders that God is in control and that His plans for us are for our good They are woven naturally into the storyline and applied to the lives of the characters This has the effect of making them also relevant to readers without them feeling judged or preached at My only criticism was that the book felt a bit rushed at the end and was maybe a little idealistic in outcome Also that the Gospel message could ve been clearer for non believers, maybe by including it at the end of the book Although, I did appreciate that there was a note stating that the best way to learn what really happened was by reading the Bible itself as the true authority.

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    Not being fan of Biblical fiction in the past, I was skeptical when I picked up this book but I loved it The author did such a beautiful job bringing the setting and characters to life The spiritual aspects are so touching This novel is wonderful I highly recommend it

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    This is quite frankly one of the best historical novels that I have ever read I think what makes this so good is that Tessa Afshar was born in Iran, grew up in a nominal Muslim Family and later moved to the West and came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.She brings a very fresh look at Biblical stories and also brings a great understanding of Anthropology and Sociology in regards to the Biblical Times when Jesus Christ walked the shores of Galilee.In this story we trace the life of a young girl, Elianna, and her life with her Jewish family in Roman Occupied Jerusalem She and her family must deal with the hardship of heavy taxation, bribes, thieves and the general hardships that the Jewish Religion placed on their people in regards to customs, laws, sacrifices, etc.Elianna has a tragic situation in her young life when she takes her brother to a hillside to look at the flowers and has the unfortunate issue of his being stung by a bee and discovering although she wouldn t know this that he would go into anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction He dies and sets the course of her life on a path of feeling rejection from her father instead of love and acceptance.The story weaves through her young life, through meeting Lydia the dye maker of the New Testament and how she works to bring about success to her families business while hiding the fact that she is the driving force, because Jews would never buy from a woman.At first I thought this was going to turn into a so so romantic period piece, but then it takes a turn at a little over the halfway mark This turn sets the course of the whole story and ties it into a Biblical Character that you will be familiar with from the New Testament.I don t want to divulge who the individual is because it kind of would be a spoiler to the first part of the book But I think you will like where Tessa Afshar takes the story.This book would truly be great for a church book club or even better as a dialogue starter for the Gospel with someone who doesn t know Christ or is a bit turned off by religion.Enjoy

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    Rich in descriptive prose and emotionally supercharged, Tessa Afshar s latest novel Land of Silence takes biblical fiction to new heights Derived from a story that graces three of the four canonical gospels, Afshar puts flesh and bone on the woman with the issue of blood Elainna s story proclaims how we all possess worth in Christ and by Him we are made whole and well.Following the death of her brother, 16 year old Elianna becomes imprisoned by her shame as well as her father s grief Like quicksand threatening to swallow her completely, she strives to regain her father s love while attempting to keep her family s business afloat I was encouraged by how when assaulted on every front and after enduring years of physical illness Elianna remained anchored in God through prayer and reading scripture.When the story opens, Elianna is betrothed to Ethan Ben Ezer Like Sarah and Darius from Tessa s sopho novel Harvest of Rubies, I couldn t help but love this strong willed woman and her stubborn, but noble man Hold on tight the road they travel together is replete with potholes and harrowing twists.For it s depth and ability to evoke such strong feelings from this reader, Land of Silence earns a spot on my Best of 2016 book list I feel this novel is for perfect for anyone who has ever felt a yawning chasm in their heart whether self induced or pressed upon them by another That should encompass just about everyone Buy it, read it, and then read it again I know I will

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    This story grabbed my heart from the beginning, When I think of the ruin my life has become, the slow wrecking of the dreams, the destruction of every love, I always return to the bee That one tiny sting, which robbed my place of favor in my father s heart and changed the course of my destiny Oh, wow, I was hooked This author pens a compelling thought provoking novel that encouraged and touched my soul I like the author notes to readers when she shares that nothing is known about the woman with the issue of blood but what is known was this woman was called daughter The author states, This was, the only time Jesus addresses a woman as daughter She explains the situation around this woman s healing and how Jesus doesn t just throw around words The novel builds up to the moment where Jesus stops everything he is doing to ask, Who touched me The people he was traveling with and the disciples thought this was a bizarre question to ask since the crowd was pressing in on every side But Jesus knew someone was healed physically and he wanted to give them than they were seeking.This story is a powerful, gripping and emotional read I couldn t put down.It reminded me of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers Eilanna is like the female lead in Francine s book She is a woman beaten down by life s blows and is left with nothing Both of these women were strong, desperate for love and were willing to risk it all to get a touch of Jesus to heal their bodies and their souls Elianna the woman with issue of blood represents us and our journey in darkness, trying to make it on our own This author brilliantly shows readers the many ways God reveals himself to us and desires to love us beyond our wildest dreams it s ours if we let him in our heart He desires to heal us from the inside out I enjoyed how this author brought scripture to life and included other bible characters into the mix to interact with Elianna It was surprising to read about the Jewish purity laws and how they were in forced on daily basis It could make a person crazy Grin I loved how this story naturally flowed and wasn t preachy The author said that her story line revolved around a few questions I hadn t given much thought to The first was, Why would Jesus delay an urgent procession to save the life of a little girl in order to find out who had touched him The second was, Why would he take time, they did not have to call a destitute woman daughter This writer pulls out all the stops as she delves into the answers to these questions and gives the reader a profound look at the heart of Jesus.I was fascinated by the role women played in society back then I grew to deeply care for Eilanna as she searched for answers This young lady who was forever changed by a chain of events that were out of her control to fix Heart sick and desperate to be healed of a sickness that plagued her body and shaped her life What a remarkable journey There are twelve discussion questions to enhance your book club experience This is the first novel I ve read by this author, it won t be the last This is an amazing story that would be great for your book club I highly recommend this novel to everyone It s a must read.Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from The Book Club Network and Tyndale Publishers I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Nora St LaurentTBCN Where Book Fun Begins The Book Club Network blog Book Fun Magazine

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    I have always stayed away from reading biblical fiction because I didn t want it to skew how I read the Bible I am so glad I read this though and look forward to reading I came away with a better understanding of the cultures and laws that varied between the Jews and Romans It taught me a lot about the work that went into dyeing and creating fabrics It was all very fascinating Although, I found the middle of the story to slow down in pace, I appreciated that the author took the time to really let us struggle with the heroine so that we could truly appreciate and believe in her faith and how miraculous her healing really was I LOVED reading about the other miracles that Jesus was performing, through the eyes of secondary characters too I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading books that are well written with historical details that will teach you and encourage you in your faith.

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