L'AssommoirThis book the French title is L Assommoir is a depressing argument for sobriety It s also a vivid slice of life in late 19th century Paris Twenty two year old Gervaise is deserted by her lover Lantier and left with two small sons Supporting herself as a laundress, she soon marries Coupeau, a young tin worker, and they have a daughter Anna or Nana, who later becomes the protagonist in the Zola book with that title The couple get along well, are steadily employed and manage to save enough for Gervaise to start her own business Then Coupeau has an accident and thereafter the family is mired in debt However, the real problems begin when first Coupeau and then Gervaise start to drink.Lantier also returns and soon enough Gervaise is supporting not only her drunken, unemployable husband but also Lantier, who has a real knack for latching on to women willing to be treated like doormats I can think of only one man in the book who isn t cruel, brutish and or drunk Children are whipped and a wife is kicked to death by her husband This is not a happy story and things do not turn out well for Gervaise, but it was a well written picture of poverty and despair Unfortunately, I don t think the story was dated at all I listened to the audiobook narrated by Frederick Davidson. Beware, reading the Assommoir can cause drunkenness Bending to turn the pages drunk to know what hides the social violence A black intoxication, painful, which raises the discomfort and returns the brain.Why is this tome one of the most famous of this author To this question, every reader who has appreciated it can bring his personal answer For my part, I explain this success by the fascination of the worst it generates in the reader This was the case for me.As always with Zola, human nature is naked, crudely The absolute master of naturalist literature reveals in this novel all the darkness of souls who know neither moderation, nor charity, and even less reason.In this 7th volume of Rougon Macquart, the main character that the reader will follow and which he is likely to attach is Gervaise Macquart, the granddaughter of Adelaide Fouque, root strain of the family All the action of the novel takes place in Paris, in a working environment uncompromisingly described, so that at its publication, this is a book that has caused a stir in public opinion Gervaise is a washerwoman a brave hard working girl, yet the archetype of the one who never has luck , so expect a Zola black from black Mistreated by the men who share her life, her goodness and endurance make her go through many trials and even lead her on the road to success but it is not counting on the vices to which man has so much ease to slip idleness and laziness, alcoholism, egoism and waste The energy and the patience of Gervaise will not succeed, it is towards the social abyss that all her family directs her steps.Well, I stop there, you will understand the tone of the novel.I finish giving you my opinion Very nice piece of literature, work that stirs the guts in depth, l Assommoir remains for me a staple of Zola, one of his finest writings, in his likeness hard, realistic and moving. C est de la morale en action, simplement That is Zola s laconic explanation for L Assommoir , simply a moral message shown in action And what devastating action it is Gervaise s story begins with her in tears, sitting at home late at night, watching her two little boys Claude and Etienne, four and eight years old, on a shared pillow These are the future anti heroes of The Masterpiece and of Germinal Her first husband Lantier does not come home that night.Thus the sad downfall of a young, motivated, good natured and hard working woman takes its course As Gervaise tells a friend, her working life began when she was ten years old and started washing clothes in a river in Provence Moving on to live in the poor parts of Paris, she has to face the even harder challenge of a modern factory The reader can only imagine the monstrous work environment and physical exhaustion she is exposed to, day after day, without losing hope.She agrees to a second marriage, reluctantly, tourment e d une b te de peur , and becomes the wife of worker Coupeau Their wedding party at the Louvre constitutes a lighthearted break from their hard life, and has quite a few comical effects, for example when Coupeau recognizes the features of one of his aunts in the Mona Lisa.But life remains hard, and marriage is no relief to a young woman Gervaise is back working with the laundry three days after giving birth to her daughter Anna, the infamous heroine of Zola s prostitution novel Nana.Setting the stage for the following brutal action, Zola makes it perfectly clear that a family like this can afford no extra hardship But of course he doesn t spare them he is a master realist, after all The literal fall of the already poor and struggling family occurs when Coupeau stumbles from a roof while working, and is seriously hurt His daughter Nana, sitting on the pavement, witnesses the disaster that unfolds in nightmarish slow motion From now on, the family slides into desperation, alcoholism and violence The accident on the roof is mirrored later when Nana sees her drunk father fall out of his bed, lying in his vomit, while her mother is engaged in depressed love making with her half brothers father, the suddenly reappeared Lantier To understand the brutality of her later life choices, Nana s childhood must be considered Elle tait tout grave Gervaise experiences abuse from all sides, and also has to deal with Nana s particularly difficult adolescence At one point, she is so desperate that she sees an affront in the embellishment of her quarters of Paris a part of Haussman s modernization plans because it constitutes the complete opposite of her own wasting away between different obligations and emotional strains Step by step, she gives in to alcohol and hopelessness, slowly losing all sense of pride and humanity, only lamenting the fact that one can get used to almost anything except that one can t prendre l habitude de ne pas manger Hunger is the only remaining feeling that tells her she is alive But what kind of life is it The second half of the novel describes the downward spiral of addiction in its most minute details Impressive and revolting When people die in La Goutte d Or, others just comment that it means one drunkard less in the world Such a sad life, and what a legacy she leaves, Gervaise Her children will take their childhood with them into their respective adult lives, and they will be marked by their mother s struggle for a spot to call her own She doesn t have much of a chance in the environment where she spends her life, however A poor woman, and a mother What could she have done to change her condition A moral message lived and caught in action Chapeau, Zola This is YOUR masterpiece. ,. Don t actually remember when I read this, it was sometime just after college I had read Nana for a class and needed to follow it up As I write this blurb I m belatedly following up L Assommoir with Germinal You really can t lose with Zola Unless you re one of his characters, in which case you ll probably lose everything To the bourgeoisie And then you ll die Probably of a terrible affliction. Whenever I think I had a rough upbringing I read a book like this and realise I am a fluffed little pillow of good fortune I was raised in a council tenement in a backwater semi village in Central Scotland amid a backdrop of Protestant activism and spinster gossiping But compared to Zola s Paris in L Assommoir, I was mollycoddled in a warm nook of familial love and warmth.So Gervaise is hardworking laundress whose life is blown to smithereens by rotten good for nothing beer sodden bastard men Men are responsible for taking her life and flushing it down the sad Parisian cludgie, along with a family of unfeeling guttersnipe witches who make you want to pound their faces in with soldering irons Oh, poor Gervaise Zola s style pioneers the close third person, later taken to blistering heights of anal acuity in Joyce s The Dead The translator Robin Buss strikes a good balance between modern slang while retaining a sense of the original French dialect and mode of speech To translate a book that uses archaic working class slang and keep it both authentic and readable is no mean feat So forgive little slips like getting laid that creep in there.I haven t been as stupefied by a work of hysterical genius since the hectoring morality of Tolstoy s Resurrection or the brutal sadism of Hubert Selby s Tralala Think twice about that extra beer before bed. IntroductionNote on the TranslationSelect BibliographyA Chronology of mile ZolaMaps L Assommoir Explanatory Notes . At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I honestly believe this may be the most depressing novel I have ever read It has been a long time since I ve if I ve ever so excessively cringed, tensed up, sighed from such unadulterated frustration, and chewed the insides of my mouth from stress while reading about imaginary people Last time I can remember my eyes popping out of my head anywhere near as cartoonishly from a fiction as Zola has managed here would probably be the first time I watched Requiem for a Dream, specifically, ya know, that sequence This is worse than that And disturbingly realistic If you have ever watched anyone deteriorate from alcoholism, this book will eat you It will eat you good That s pretty much all I can say for now, because I m still too busy grinding my teeth to continue Jesus Anyway, I guess I should also mention that it s beautifully grotesque, exactingly plotted and paced, and Zola s observations on human behavior, emotions, and rationalizations for cruelty and excess are almost surgical Ironically, it s gripping and heart wrenching enough that it may make you want a drink.I seem to remember a lot of goodreaders dissing on it, but I do look forward to reading Nana as soon as I can find a copy The way in which Zola pre developed her character is strikingly in tune with modern scientific psychological theories of childhood experiences which lead to sociopathology the abuse, genetic predisposition, brain damage, poverty, trauma, lack of supervision, insubstantial education, and generally chaotic home life are present, creating, as they say, the perfect storm I will seek that novel out once my wounds heal at least to the point of being crusty scabs which only occasionally rip open and drip Dammit, Zola, why are you so terribly wonderful and wonderfully terrible The last lines are similar to a row of beautiful, gleaming daggers I sniffled a bit That rarely happens for me with fiction, but Zola got me Bastard. When Gervaise Gazes Beyond The Gray And Interminable Wall She Sees A Great Light, A Golden Mist Waving And Shimmering With The Dawn Of A New Parisian Day But It Is To The Barriere Poissonniers That Her Eyes Persistently Return Watching Dully The Uninterrupted Flow Of Men And Cattle, Wagons And Sheep Which Come Down From Montmartre And From La Chapelle Gervaise Thinks She Distinguishes Lantier Amid This Crowd With A Fresh Pang Of Disappointment She Presses Her Handkerchief To Her Lips To Restrain Her Sobs The Tinsmith Who Occupies A Tiny Room At The Top Of The House, His Bag Of Tools Over His Shoulder, Asks Of Lantier S Whereabouts And Sees Gervaise S Eyes Red With Tears Glancing At The Bed, He Discovers It Has Not Been Disturbed He Shakes His Head You Think Your Husband Ought To Have Been With You, Madame But Don T Be Troubled, He Is Busy With Politicsperhaps He Passed The Night With His Friends Abusing That Reprobate, Bonaparte

mile Fran ois Zola was an influential French novelist, the most important example of the literary school of naturalism, and a major figure in the political liberalization of France.More than half of Zola s novels were part of a set of 20 books collectively known as Les Rougon Macquart Unlike Balzac who in the midst of his literary career resynthesized his work into La Com die Humaine, Zola from

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