For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles, #2)

For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles, #2) Hate at first site, love ever after Happy book birthday Absolutely swoon tastic Lauren Layne writes a fun, flirty and sexy romance novel I couldn t put down. Heather Fowler had a dream To be a successful New York wedding planner and she s one wedding away from achieving it Does it matter that the bride is totally hands off but has set impossible to meet expectations Of course not, because she s dead set on having her dream job in her dream city and no one, not even her loud, arrogant, too good looking for her own good womanizing neighbor will slow her down But will a promotion truly make her happy or is she really hoping to get the fairy tale happy ever after every little girl dreams of Josh Tanner had it all, a great job on Wall Street a gorgeous girlfriend and a movie like lifestyle, until he was diagnosed with leukemia His girlfriend left him to go it alone and after he recovered, he no longer had the desire to keep the slick yet grueling job or lifestyle knowing that there was a lot to life Going against his own no relationships with the opposite sex rule, he seeks the too hard working Heather out and tries to convince her to have fun and relax once in a while But will he drop his walls long enough to risk his heart Lauren Layne strikes again with her smart and sexy banter that kept me smiling, laughing, getting a bit weepy and blushing scarlet red from start to the oh my gosh so swoony finish The story is fast pace and smooth flowing story with brilliantly fun characters Heather is driven, smart and sassy with a tough as nails exterior and a sweet, vulnerable inside Even though he s a cancer survivor, Josh came out a bit scathed and lost Thinking that he should not subject anyone to the possible pain and suffering if the cancer ever came back, other than his family who never leave him, he s determined to live his life alone hoping from one bed to another without actually living his life to the fullest He puts on witty and cocky front, there s a lot of fear underneath, along with a huge dollop of sweetness Heather wasn t the only one who fell a bit for the man who loved his mother and family so much I loved how Josh and Heather fall into friendship and love Their frenemy banter at the beginning was hysterical, their flirty banter after they got over the bickering was deliciously hot and while they were trying to figure out that they had fallen completely fell with them while Josh good naturedly helped Heather plan his ex girlfriend s wedding so she could get her promotion This is definitely one of my favorite Lauren Layne books and I like them all Having the entire Wedding Belles gang was a lot of fun It completed the story and piqued my interest for what s to come For better or Worse is book 2 in the The Wedding Belles series by Laruen Layne It s perfect continuation of a series that s hailed as the marriage between Sex in the City and The Wedding Planner It can be read as a standalone Told from both points of view.Author s Pinterest board I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers 4.5 Banana Bread StarsHeather Fowler is this close to getting everything she wants As a child, she dreamed of living in NYC and becoming a successful wedding planner As an assistant planner at the Wedding Belles, she s one high profile wedding away from making her dream a reality If only her inconsiderate neighbor would cut the late night band rehearsal so she could get some much needed sleepYou want to come in and talk about it Better idea How about you go to bed like any normal person over the age of twenty two, she snapped I thought you d never ask, he said, stepping aside and sweeping an arm inward as though to usher her inside Heather put a hand over her heart and made a dramatic gasping sound You mean you mean, a big handsome hunk like you would actually bed little old meA serious health scare set former workaholic Josh Tanner on the live in the moment path and he s never looked back He makes his own schedule as a musician and only sleeps with women that know the score No relationships, no repeats Aggravating his cute new neighbor gives him something to look forward to and before long, mutual attraction gives way to a neighbors with benefits kind of deal Going into this book, I wasn t quite sure how much I was going to enjoy it As much as I like most everything I ve read from Lauren Layne, there have been a few that just haven t worked for me Ladies and Gents, I absolutely loved this one Both individually and together, I thought Heather and Josh were fabulous, but they really shined as a couple The banter and sense of friendship between the two made this story for me Yes, Josh had his head up his ass for a good portion of the story but he never took the clich d route I expected him toYou might not love me yet, 4A, but you will, she whispered quietly before sitting up slightly to kiss his too warm cheek You will I have a confession to make weddings aren t my bag I ve never really gotten the hoopla surrounding them I mean, my husband and I were seconds away from driving to Tahoe and eloping before our mothers talked us down from the ledge I bring this up because despite the fact this book featured a bunch wedding planners talking shop, it in no way overwhelmed the story I only had to sit through one discussion on pink distinction, and for that I ll be forever grateful For Better or Worse than met my expectations for a fun and enjoyable read As much this worked for me, I CAN T WAIT to get my hands on Alexis and Logan s book.Still waters run deep and I have a feeling we re in for quite a treat with Logan ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Will A Budding Wedding Planner And Her Bad Boy Neighbor Stop Banging Heads And Start Hearing Wedding Bells In The Sexy Second Novel In USA TODAY Bestselling Author Lauren Layne S Irresistible New Series That Marries Sex And The City With The Wedding Planner When Small Town Girl Heather Fowler Finally Gets Promoted From Assistant To Actual Wedding Planner, She S Determined To Make It As One Of Manhattan S Elite Wedding Belles Unfortunately, Her First Client Demands An Opulent Black Tie Affair At The Plaza In Five Months Time Heather S Days Quickly Become A Flurry Of Cake Tastings, Dress Fittings, RSVP Cards, And Bridal Tantrums But What She S Really Losing Sleep Over Is The Live Music Blaring From Her Playboy Neighbor S Apartment All NightFive Years Ago, Josh Tanner Was An Up And Comer On Wall Street, Complete With The Penthouse And The Migraines But A Grim Cancer Diagnosis Made Him Realize There Is To Life Than The Corner Office If Only He Could Convince His Pretty, Workaholic Neighbor To Let Loose, Too As Heather Lets Down Her Guard, Josh Is Surprised When He Starts Falling For The Sweet, Vulnerable Woman Hiding Beneath Those Power Suits Soon, It S Heather S Turn To Convince Josh To Take The Biggest Risk Of All Love FIVE 4C AND BANANA BREAD STARSyou are a relationship kind of girl, and I m not a relationship kind of guyLauren Layne is undoubtably my number uno Her books always manage to make me fall in complete book love and I can t believe what I m about to say but this book may have to take a top spot as one of my all time favourite Layne Layne novels As a forever fan of the enemies to lovers trope, for better or worse was pressing all my five star buttons It had plenty of swoon, the perfect amount of light angst and a hero that is worth writing home about In addition you can expect a heroine to crush on, relatable friendships and a story line that had just the right amount of depth and added humour What can I say, readers I m well and truly hooked on Lauren Layne and her romantic creations.What s it all about Take one quirky wedding planner, a playboy hero and a swoon worthy romance plot between neighbours and you ve got yourself invited to a perfectly written Lauren Layne novel Don t forget to expect heart warming history, copious amounts of champagne and an ending that will have you dreamily staring at your kindle Lauren Layne started her new series off with a pop of a bottle and has continued to wow me with book two in this fabulous wedding planner themed series I m ready and eagerly waiting for What did I love Both characters in this perfectly paced novel face their own journeys which I loved I could appreciate that Layne had put a lot of thought and planning into her story telling Both heroine and hero had to work through issues in order for them to find their happy balance with each other I loved both characters equally, which doesn t come easy with most of my romance reading experience and I was cheering for them both from the side lines to wake up and smell the French roast coffee that they both love For better or worse had a tinge of sadness that definitely meant my heart strings were being pulled in all directions The sincerity of this book spoke volumes, Layne did than provide a fluffy escape, she packed her novel full of heart felt moments and spell binding romance and you may believe I m being over the top with my praise but I m a big believer in allowing a book to take you on a personal journey and these characters won over my heart Overall Layne produced a fabulous romantic tale that had me gripped from beginning to end I really could not have asked for Final thoughts Perfection between the pages, Lauren Layne definitely won me over with, dare I say one of my most favourite heroes to date Full of sexual tension, heart felt moments and a honest to goodness fabulously paced love story Fans of this author are going to eat up this sweet but flirty tale of finding love next door Enjoy Kisses. 3.5 stars This is probably my favorite in the series so far Granted this series hasn t really wowed me yet unlike her other series in the past Still, this was very enjoyable I loved the banter between Heather and Josh They started off as enemies Heather sees Josh as an overgrown frat boy who doesn t have any consideration for his neighbor by playing loud obnoxious music with his band while Heather was only trying to get some sleep On the other hand, Josh sees Heather as an uptight and overworked lady who doesn t know how to have fun.They are of course, both wrong and right in their assessment of one another Heather may be a bit uptight but it s only because she has a goal of making it as a wedding planner and not just an assistant wedding planner in New York She s living her dream since she was a little girl and her annoying neighbor isn t going to ruin that Josh for his part has been through hell and back He quit his cushy Wall Street job and vowed to enjoy his life to the fullest And that means pursuing his love for music, women and maybe annoying his pretty neighbor Although they started off as adversaries, Josh and Heather found themselves battling an intense attraction for each other They re slowly realizing how wrong they are in their initial impression of each other Despite that, Josh is adamant on keeping Heather at arm s length You have to find out exactly what they are but if you ve read the blurb, you might have some idea already It s also great to catch up with the Belles again And we can clearly see how LL is setting up Alexis and Logan s story for the next book.Like I said, I enjoyed this book and this series isn t bad But oh man, there s just something so generic about them And I m not talking about storyline and tropes A great author can use old tropes and make it her own and I d enjoy it But and , I find Ms Layne s characters to be so basic So why this rating then, if I enjoyed it I dunno It s probably just me but I feel like I ve read these characters before or some variation of it If you ve been reading LL s books for as long as I have, you ll know what I mean Her heroines are all white, thin and blonde, and proper She ll throw in a couple of brunettes in there but aside from the hair color, there s really nothing that differentiates these heroines from her other heroines from her other series Still, I feel like For Better or Worse is better than the previous books in this series, which isn t saying much but hey, I ve enjoyed myself and would continue to read this series ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 4 starsSuch a lovely story, this series continues to surprise me in a good way The first one was a nice beginning to this new series But I simply adored this one Both characters were interesting, especially Heather She was independent, feisty and lovely Josh was sweet, happy and cute Together they were an amazing combination Overall it was a light, funny and sweet story I cannot wait for Alexis book, I m so intrigued 5 You might not love me yet, 4A, but you will Stars I just have to start with a big happy sigh writing this review Even a few days on from finishing For Better or Worse just thinking about Heather and Josh s story makes me smile.Lauren Layne has such a strong talent when it comes to writing a series, and I have no doubt said this before, but her skill at weaving a story that focuses on a main couple, but then includes all previous and forthcoming characters any individual book is second to none Scratching the itch is a better solution than trying to stifle it Friends Frenemies with benefits when done well can produce absolutely brilliant results, and Lauren hit that balance perfectly between this pair Their initial meeting and the following banter between them because of it set up the chemistry for them to then produce funny, sexy and emotive results as the story progressed The other night when you were so cranky, I thought for sure you must be a morning person I see now that this irritable thing you have going on is of a twenty four seven thing When things developed in relation to feelings and what they each wanted from their no strings arrangement you just felt for each of them in what they were going through because of the other one s choices, and I just wanted to give both of them a big hug, and then bang their heads together Despite all your sass, you are a relationship kind of girl, and I m not a relationship kind of guy This is one of those books you pick up, and don t put down until you have finished it I loved Heather, such a feisty and independent character, but you also saw the vulnerability in her when it came to men and relationships as the connection between her and Josh deepened Josh with his quick wit, constant innuendo, and happy go lucky personality had a few secrets and demons of his own to deal with, but the drama was played out around some really great secondary plots, and the rest of the Wedding Belles entourage He never felt so alive as when he was bickering with her, and these days being alive was everything. I cannot wait for Alexis book, but I have to be honest and say I am also a little nervous for it as well, especially as her suitor in To Love and to Cherish, is of British persuasion I really, really hope that the author or her publisher has had the manuscript checked to ensure that Logan s anglicized language is actually correct, because as a Brit myself it has the potential to affect my reading enjoyment if such a small detail hasn t been paid attention to Through the reading of this book it already looks like that probably isn t the case, because I can 100% confirm that Logan would not use Bullocks as an expletive, the phrase is Bollocks always has been always will be So I wait with baited breath for To Love and to Cherish, and hope that I am wrong For all the today s and all the tomorrows ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was as it always is a pleasure to provide the above honest review. 4 Learning What Matters Stars Layne is on a roll, as this series keeps getting better and better It has developed into a groove similar to her Sex Love Stilettos series with the added hook of Weddings, Brides and those Wedding Belles who make it happen There is heart, comradely and we learn about each of them This entry had a couple of interesting elements we have Heather who is the wedding assistant working diligently to become a full fledged planner She thought she was about to move up to the vacant planner position only to learn another established wedding event planner was joining the company It was a set back for Heather but after meeting her new team mate, she understood the reasoning Heather is a very special person She was raised in a small town by a mother who was always in love The men would change but the belief in the idea of love everlasting was the same It was this continual focus of love that did 2 things First, it made Heather the youngest wedding planner in historylittle drawings of what her mother s wedding should be matured into what flowers for the next one or what colors would be best for another to the point that by high school, all Heather wanted was NYC and being a professional Wedding Planner with the creme de la creme in the industry Now second, what is equally important to note with all of this self taught training was that none of these weddings would take place or if they did the romance was short lived Her mother was a caring mom and saw what Heather needed in lifenever forcing a small town mindset on her But the mother also needed Heather to understand living in a small town was just fine as her mother The mother didn t need the Big City her small life was big enough This would hurt Heather, as she was very close to her mom and the woman refused to come to NYC to see with her own eyes how Heather was making her life like she dreamed.We are there when Heather is managing the most important event in her career a huge celebrity wedding and her boss has said that the outcome will weigh in on whether Heather moves up to full planner status She needs to clear her head make herself into what she wishes to be not who she is nowand in her new Manhattan apartment, there is just one thing causing her trouble Her Neighbor He will not shut the Fu k up and stop with the band music Her bedroom is right against his and it is 2 in the morning and she needs her rest She finally has had it and stomps out of her apartment and bangs on his doorwith her FistHardMany times.The door opens and there he is in all his magnificent glory, this man.This billboard come to life type of manNo top, low slung jeansjust skin for days, rippling as he hold the door jam looking at her with a smirk on those kissable lips.OMFGNo, this isn t fair why couldn t she have an old cranky neighbor like everyone else No, she had to have a sex god Who plays Loud Rock Music in the middle of the nightHalf Naked Words are saidshe is back thinking of the sleep she needsHe is taking her inin her cute little babydoll cami thingand is trying not to think of her legs wrapped around his waistShe turns and goes back to her place and just dies.he is that gorgeous He closes his door and thinks of all the ways he loved her feistiness Josh Tanner is a man who is sort of lost He is hiding from himself He once knew exactly what his life was working Wall Street, managing wealth, making his own wealth and on his way to having it all Except in all that all of hot women, it restaurants and 18 hour days, he also got a diagnosis of Cancer That will make you take a second look at your life and it will also make those around you either part of your team in the fight or have them run for the hills away so as not to be aroundJosh is a survivor and his family has made it through the ugly times with him He just needs to see that where he is now is not what is only available for him.And his encounter with his cute, firecracker of a neighbor has woken the inner beast which has been hiding The one that is not superficial the one that will make the effort for a womanthe one that has been away for a very long time.This story was full of so much heart People who have been through the chaos and fear of Cancer know what it can do to families, loved onesand the person themselves The future is not thought of the same way as those who have not had itWe tend to think of ourselves as powerful and indestructibleand so do our parents When these things happen to a person who is not elderly and lived a full, long life It changes the perspectiveand skews the way the survivor may think to live their recovered life I think Layne did an excellent job in tackling this.I loved Josh He was fun, sexy, smart and understandable Heather was a woman focused on being strong and fighting for what she thought she needed to be successful I was able to feel her loneliness and insecurity I was also rooting for her to take everything Josh was giving her and run with it There was some angst to this tale but not for long and the outcome worked for me The Wedding Belles series is fun, insightful and has so much to come Sign me up, Reserve me a place at the tableI want a front row seat.From This Day Forward The Wedding Belles, 0.5 Have and to Hold The Wedding Belles, 1 Before Reading The Weddings are about to start.and I am dressed and ready to go 6 14 2016Can you hear the ringing of Bells Well, get ready because our breakout star of this series is getting her own story.Heather, the assistant, has been promoted to full fledged Wedding Planner with the BellesNow if she could only get her neighbor to lower the sex appeal and volume of his music so she could do her jobOh, neighbors have never been so perfect for each other.For Better or Worse Wedding Belles Book 2 August 30th 2016 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways 5 Banana bread Stars ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I cannot say it enough times Lauren Layne is amazing If you haven t read any of her books, I will seriously stalk you until you do lol I previously said this series would be an awesome addition to LL s work and now, than ever, I can say I was right This is Lauren in her Stiletto style, this is Lauren at her best Sex in the City Wedding Planner style For Better or Worse is the second installment in Layne s Wedding Belles series and now we are introduced to Heather Fowler a woman who has work hard to make her dreams come true, she finally gets the promotion she has wanted since forever when she meets her music loud sexy neighbor and Josh Tanner a man decided to change and enjoy his single life after getting past a cancer diagnosis but everything changes when he meets the woman in 4CLive the life you want, not the one you have You re a pig, she muttered Hurtful, 4C Very hurtful Yeah, you seem like a real softie underneath all those muscles, Notice those, did you Hard not to, what with the too small shirts and all Do you shop in the children s section Lauren Layne continues surprising me I was really looking forward to this new series because I thought this would be as good as her Stiletto books and I wasn t mistaken I adore LL s writing style she makes everything flow perfectly, giving us all kinds of scenes from sad to hilarious and she creates the most amazing characters I fell in love with Josh and Heather from the first chapter, this is how good this woman isIt was becoming increasingly clear that his intriguing new neighbor might be exactly what he needed to make him feel alive I can definitely say For Better or Worse is my new favorite book in the Wedding Belles series To me, it was even better than the first two the introducing novella and the first book I love the plot, the characters and the love story so freaking much The main couple has outstanding chemistry from the first to the last page they start a sex only relationship but we all know how that normally ends Obviously, Lauren is great at sexual tension filled scenes and when these two have sex well, it was super sexy and hotYou re so beautiful, he whispered against her neck And I ve wanted this so damn long Heather pulled his mouth to hers Then let s not wait any longer However, the aspect that I enjoyed the most about this novel was how Lauren inserted the topic of a character s dealing with the scary illness that is cancer Josh is decided to live his life at the fullest but instead he becomes a reserved man who is afraid to start a loving relationship I love how Heather reacts to it and wants to be Josh support Of course, Josh does quite accept it but I really really adored how he behaves at the endYou might not love me yet, 4A, but you will, You will Also, I really am liking the friendship between the three heroines Brooke, Heather and Alexis and how Lauren gives us fantastic moments between them I loved having some scenes with Brooke and Seth and how LL teases us with Alexis and Logan s story I seriously am crazy excited about it I cannot wait to read how reticent Alexis will fall in love Lauren made me fall for her fabulous characters, all over again And, can I say how happy I am that we got an epilogue in this book YAYI need you, Heather I need you, I want you, I love you for always For all the todays and all the tomorrows Therefore, my rating for For Better or Worse is 5 STARS because I am happy to say Lauren Layne did it again for me She is a writing genius who writes outstanding love stories with characters that steal your heart Josh and Heather are not an exception they grow together and it s beautiful to read They give us happy, sad, hilarious and many many exciting scenes I cannot wait for the next book I cannot recommend this woman s books enough CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE Prettier Review Vanilla Spice BooksWhen I requested this book to review I was a little bit nervous since the first full novel in the series wasn t a complete winner for me Lauren Layne is generally a go to author for me when I need a low angst read and To Have and To Hold really didn t do it for me So I grabbed this and dug in The rest is history Ladies andwell, ladies, we have a new favorite Heather is an assistant wedding planer who we met in the previous installments of this series She strives to become a full on wedding planer The wedding her boss and friend Alexis is giving her to prove herself is high profile and everything she ever dreamed of When she moves into her new posh New York City address her first run in with her unruly next door neighbor is everything but pleasant When he kisses her to shut her up she is outraged And a tiny little bit tempted.Josh used to be a hedge fund manager He embraced his job despite it being stressful, after all it also came with a lot of money A grave diagnosis makes him reconsider his life and the changes he makes are supposed to make him happy Josh loves music, he is good with instruments starting a band has been giving him exactly what he wanted, right But something is missingNo amount of money could help you out when fate picked you as one of her victims, as she d done to JoshWhen his new neighbor knocks on his door late at night, demanding for him to stop the noise he is amused by the firecracker standing in front of him After his illness Josh doesn t do relationships living in the moment is kind of a relationship killer How can he burden somebody with the prospect of losing him But damn if Heather doesn t tempt him to get into her pants What he isn t prepared for though is that Heather will give him a run for his money Their friendship soon turns into one with benefitsThe woman was annoying, yes, but she was alsointeresting And despite all those badass walls she tried to put up, he d bet his guitar that there was a sweetheart hiding benath all the curls and sassHeather is such a wonderful heroine She started out rather bitchy, but who can blame her when she runs on little sleep, a lot of caffeine and tons of work Soon she finds herself charmed by her new neighbor and they become friends There is always a sexual tension between these two but the friendship aspect is just as present and I loved how they started building on that Heather is hardworking, sweet yet feisty and independent Josh is the OMG kind He is cheeky, has a fantastic sense of humor and although he is a manwhore the good man in him shines through throughout the story His seemingly careless attitude belies his demons which are only waiting to make an appearance He is always there for Heather, helps her out when she needs himDamned if I don t like you a little bit, 4C, especially when you re all pissy and shitThis story has a bucket load of witty LL signature banter and hilarious quips and comebacks I was mostly in public when I read this story so a lot of people heard me laughing about the things that come out of Josh s mouth There is a lot of reference to banana bread and it never got old The chemistry between our two main characters is steamy and to me they are a pair made in heaven Big loveMorning, 4C Aren t you pretty in the morning And by pretty I mean your hair is enormousLauren Layne taps into a serious topic yet it never outweighs the lightheartedness of the story This book was everything from charming to enthralling, sexy, hot and sweet and this time around I was left completely satisfied and I look forward to the things LL has in store for Alexis and LoganYup You re a cancer survivor, but you re not being one of the cool ones who keeps on trucking, waving your I beat it flag and taking on the world You re one of the scared ones who s letting it beat you Not phyiscally, but mentally and emotionally The leukemia is whipping your ass

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