Gypsy Love

Gypsy Love Two Centuries Ago, Adrian Vowed To Seek Revenge Against The Woman Who Bound His Spirit For Eternity Despite How Far Under The Dirt Miryah Kotorara S Bones Lay, He Won T Stop Tormenting The Kotorara Bloodline The Person Doesn T Matter, Only The NameUntil Her Dr Mia Kotorara Has Spent The Last Ten Years Trying To Forget Her Past Ostracized By Her Family And Emotionally Damaged, Mia Throws Herself Into Her Work To Fill The Void She Forgets Everything From Her Past Except For The Man Who Solely Exists In Her Dreams When Reality And Dreams Collide, Adrian And Mia Find Something They Never Expected LoveMagic Will Bring Them Together, But It May Not Be Enough To Mend Mia S Broken Heart And Adrian S Lust For Revenge The Kotorara Curse Is Never SatisfiedAs The Curse Threatens Everything They Have Overcome, Adrian And Mia Must Fight To Save What Matters Most Each Other


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  • Gypsy Love
  • Angela McPherson
  • English
  • 17 March 2018

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    This book is just magical.I don t even know how to categorize it At first, I was whisked into the distant, epic past of the Gypsy culture, their beliefs, their curses, and their pride Then I was seamlessly brought into a magical realistic presence, where a man from these ancient times is forced to continue his life as a shadow of himself without a heartbeat.He s interesting.He s sexy.He s bitter.And then he begins messing with a girl of the living, someone strong and beautiful and as passionate as him Their story has so many levels The hidden secrets and mysteries are peeled to the side one after the other, until the stakes are so high I forgot to breathe Well thought out and beautifully written, this novel is a must read for any historical romance contemporary romance magical realism ghost story loving reader Huge props to Angela McPherson and Lynn Vroman for an excellently executed book.

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    4.5 Oh my gosh, I feel like I ve been waiting forever to get the rest of Mia and Adrian s story Part one of this book was originally released in the Beneath the Cape The Superhero Anthology and we were left with a major, we re talking hanging on by your fingertips, cliffhanger But now we finally get the conclusion to this unique love story And what a conclusion it is Gypsy Love is magical and mysterious It s full of twists and turns, it s intense, and it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next The love between Mia and Adrian is epic, and neither time nor space can keep them apart I was completely enchanted by this couple and this story Tears were shed than once the trials and obstacles these two faced as they raced to bring Adrian back to life were frustrating and at times heartbreaking But through it all their love for each other never wavered.I loved how everything came together in the end, how everything was woven together I was left with a smile on my face, and hope that there just might be to come from these 2 authors I was lucky enough to receive an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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    My first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it I ve read gypsy books before and this one was quite unique An ancient curse that had travelled through the generations bringing a modern gypsy girl in contact with a ghost from her ancestor s past There was quite a twist in the middle, can one be happy and sad at the same time The characters had an endless love and were a delight to read.The drama at the end had me hiding in a cafe at lunchtime where work couldn t disturb me so I could read those final chapters I loved the ending and the insight to their future.

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    I loved it It s very different from the other Lynn Vroman books I ve read She did so good I d love to see her write in this genre Big kudos to Angela too What a great writing pair I loved the way it started back in 1752 Boston then a chapter later ended up in Present Day Boston The ending was perfect two years forward too It was well written and the characters developed awesome The plot and everything was perfect And did I sense another book to come from this I don t know.ahh

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    Goodness gracious I tore through this book I was on a 6 hour road trip with my family, we were supposed to doing normal road trip things like the license plate game HA Sshhh mom needs to READ, and no, I m not going to drive dear I love ghost stories, I love historical romance, this book was just perfect Adrian is a ghost A shred of the man that he once was, quite literally Bitter, haunted, beautiful He finds Mia after centuries of roaming and messing with silly mortals Mia has left her gypsy family and supernatural abilities in the past to become a stable contemporary working woman He finds Mia in her dreams and their relationship flies from there There are twists and turns and tragedy Can love truly conquer all even a curse Love love love

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    WOW I don t even know where to begin Gypsy Love by Angela McPherson and Lynn Vroman is a truly fantastic read The characters are so well developed and loveable that you almost feel exactly what they do The plot is amazing and its execution is flawless And yes I will even admit to both tears and laughter.So the story is based around the murder and curse placed upon Adrian Matthews in the 1800s by a psycho and totally bunny boiling gypsy, which leaves him as a ghost, seeking retribution by haunting her entire family line That is until he stumbles upon Mia Kotorara Well there are a few other little nasty surprises but I ll leave those for you to unearth.Mia, a distant relative of the vengeful gypsy, may just be the answer to Adrian s problem, but than that, she makes him feel, she could be his salvation Mia has shunned her heritage after the death of her mother, and become a doctor But can this doctor save the one person ghost she needs And if so at what cost And what about her family, could she ever forgive her alcohol abusing uncle Luca The bond between Adrian and Mia is so strong its almost tangible, and has honestly left me feeling a little heartbroken at times They have so many obstacles to overcome, I mean seriously it s like it s the curse that keeps on giving This is the first book I have ever read by either of these authors and I can safely say I was than just pleasantly surprised In fact, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a paranormal or even normal love story, with a twist Although with scenes of a highly sexual nature it wouldn t be suitable for those under 16.

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    Gypsy Love is co written by one of my most beloved author s, Angela McPherson Every book she has written and I have read them all always throw s the best plot twist After reading this blurb, I knew that this one was going to hurt so good Then throw in the added bonus that Lynn Vroman is also a co writer, which I have not personally read her work but I have heard a ton of praise about her book s.Let s just say life has been very hectic lately and it s been interfering with my reading time so I just planned to read a chapter here and there Yeah, that did not happen because I read this book in one sitting I was sucked in so fast and this storyline never relents The plot is very authentic and alluring, to the point I craved The chemistry between Adrian and Mia is compelling but with a curse that stands in their wayoh boy, the angst is elevated Now, there is a good twist in the plot that I did not see coming wags finger at McPherson and the ending was perfect, especially the Epilogue Well done ladies, well done

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    I liked this book The premise was different from anything I ve ever read It was slow in some parts though The author did a good job of explaining gypsy culture She did a good job of mixing romance with paranormal aspects without being completely unbelievable.

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    WOW The story begins with a young gypsy woman being taken advantage of because of the thoughtless actions of an inconsiderate man The tale takes you through centuries of a family cursed with love, hate, losses and bitterness Twists and turns bring the reminders of how important family and forgiveness are in a persons life I ve run the gamut of emotions needing tissues in several sections but would absolutely recommend this book to everyone It s my hope these authors will continue the tale with Sam s brothers as they get involved with Mia s family.

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    5 StarsGypsy Love by Angela McPherson and Lynn Vroman is a combination of contemporary and paranormal romance with historical details that give the book real charm This story has mystery, suspense, magic, ghosts and gypsy lore in abundance It is like nothing I have read before, and I am in awe of what the authors have produced through their collaboration I am really going to struggle to give this book the real recognition that it deserves, because it is so damn good and I don t want to give away any spoilers.We begin the story in 1752 Boston, where we meet Adrian Matthews a handsome fishmonger and popular ladies man He uses women for his own amusement, employing his charm and good looks to manoeuvre his way into their panties He meets Miryah Kotorara at the fish market she is a beautiful and innocent gypsy girl who is camped on the outskirts of town, with her family When he learns that her father has forbidden her from falling in love with a gorger an outsider , Adrian takes this as a challenge and pursues Miryah, wooing her into giving him her innocence.Miryah is in love with him and believes he feels the same way about her so she is completely shattered when she discovers him being intimate with someone else Overcome with an intense rage at his betrayal, Miryah kills him and curses him to wander the earth for eternity, in spirit form.Skip forward to present day Boston, to find Adrian full of bitterness, anger and seething hatred for all gypsies He has spent his time tormenting the Kotorara family, generation after generation, for over 200 years in revenge for Miryah s curse Nobody can see him or hear him, but he has learned a few tricks that allow him to cause quite a bit of mischief in his victims lives.Imagine his surprise, when wandering across a street one day, he notices the most beautiful woman he has ever seen looking back at him She sees him the first person to do so since his curse.Mia Kotorara had abandoned her gypsy heritage when her mother died Now a doctor working at a children s clinic, Mia lives for her job and doesn t have time for a relationship but she is lonely and secretly yearns for someone to share her life with.When Mia notices the tall, sexy man she remembers him from dreams she had when she was younger, but she hadn t seen him in her dreams for quite some time She begins dreaming of him again and they begin a torrid dream world affair that consumes them both They can t wait for sleep, so they can be together Mia begins to spend time asleep than awake and it begins to affect her health, detrimentally Adrian is afraid that because of the curse, somehow, he may be affecting her badly So he decides that because he loves her so much, to make the sacrifice and leave, so she can live her life Mia is devastated being apart from Adrian is sheer agony Mia is determined to find a way to break the curse, so they can be together She will explore any possibility Will she be able to find a way to break the curse in time Or is it already too late I got so lost in the story in a completely wonderful way The authors used their word craft to paint a magnificent canvas so incredibly well, that I saw the story, as I was reading.I found the book to be emotionally charged and quite intense at times, it had me bawling my eyes out Then the unexpected twists and turns had me chewing my fingernails as I fretted over the story, with my heart hammering in my chest Ms McPherson and Ms Vroman have woven their styles together seamlessly and this collaboration is so fantastic, I really hope to see from this duo This is my first book from either of the authors but I will definitely be exploring their individual works, as well as any future collaborations with much enthusiasm.What a beautiful love story This is such a great book, I know I will return to it and read it time and time again I recommend this book completely

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