Redemptive (Combative, #2)

Redemptive (Combative, #2) It S Said That Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes When You Die It Must Only Happen To Those Whose Lives Were WorthyClearly, Mine Was Not The Only Thing That Happened To Me Was A Repeat Of What I Thought Was My Death The Blast Of The Gun As It Went Off The Loss Of My Breath As Two Hundred Pounds Of Dead Weight Dropped On Top Of Me And Then Darkness This Replayed Over And Over When The Guy Squatted Down Next To Me And Asked If I Was Hurt, The Only Thing I Could See, Feel,hear, Were Those Few Seconds Even Now, As I Sat In The Back Of A Blacked Out Van It Was The Only Thing That Ran Through My Mind Gunshot, Breath, Darkness

Jay McLean is an international best selling author and full time reader, writer of New Adult and Young Adult romance, and skilled procrastinator When she s not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her three little boys, investing way too much time on True Crime Documentaries and binge watching reality TV.She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her lau

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    5 stars After reading Combative last year, I ve been anxiously waiting for its sequel Let s be clear, Jay McLean is one of my favorite authors and I will read anything this woman writes Also I had questions Lots and lots of questions From the moment I started this story, I was completely intrigued It held my attention from the first page to the last I can t wait for this book to be released I can t wait to talk about it with people I have so much on my mind and so many theories It s one of those books that needs to be discussed It s strange how love can form from the most fucked up of circumstances Everyone has a favorite character when it comes to Jay s books I have a 3 way tie Logan, Josh and now NATE Nate is so different from any of her other heroes, but he was intriguing and I can t imagine someone reading this book and not loving this man There was something about him that was so imperfectly perfect I couldn t get enough And then there was Bailey, she was great too Redemptive had one thing that Combative lacked for me An intense CONNECTION The connection I felt between these two characters was strong and it was fierce It made the story for me I want to talk about this book and discuss things, but I really feel like going in as blind as possible is best I loved that I had no clue what was going on and was able to make all the connections and enjoy things as they came We all know I think Nate was perfection and Bailey was great, but Jay writes the most perfect side characters I can t write a review for this book without giving a huge shout out to Tiny I loved that guy I beta read this book weeks ago and it s still on my mind Nate Nate Nate I can t stop thinking about Nate I can t stop thinking of this book I can t stop going through and thinking what could have been had these characters situations been different and what can still be in the future I didn t get all my answers, but some things I now see so much clearer Any book I read that has that lasting power deserves a 5 star rating This is a book you won t want to miss out on Start with Combative, then jump into Redemptive Beta copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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    4 Stars Redemptive is the second installment in Jay McLean s series, entitled Combative and to be honest it was like nothing I expected However, like the previous installment was intriguing, well written and held my attention from start to finish Jay delivered a fantastic blend of romance and suspense and again she left me wanting If the first book in the series centers around Bailey and Ky, this second book tells the story of Bailey and Nate The events here take place six years earlier, which I m not sure I enjoyed it Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but I didn t like the fact some of my questions are still unanswered I feel your pain I live your fear Bailey and Nate s story was fast paced, intense, beautiful and held me at the edge of my seat for one reason or another In this second installment we find out about Bailey s past, so if you like me were wondering where did she came from, you will get your answers at least some of them To be honest, I connected with our heroine in this second installment She was portrayed really well better than she was portrayed in the previous book and like our hero she had depth I really felt for poor Bailey At times my heart broke for her Bailey had become my drug My addiction My escape My salvation My curious fascination turned obsessive infatuation Nate de DeLuca was intriguing to say the least His character was complex, well written and even if he was supposed to be the anti hero of the story, he was the hero in every single way And he was that kind of hero that I simply love the hero that will do anything for his lady Sweet and caring, attentive and protective, Nate won me over from the very beginning I definitely liked him than Ky s character the male main character from book1 In my opinion his character was vivid, maybe that s why a calm washed over me the kind I suspected junkies got after taking a hit Was Nate my drug My addiction Bailey and Nate s connection was what I love the most here It s tangible, palpable, consuming and so well done Not for one minute did I ever questioned their feelings for each other The risks taken proved how much they mean for each other, how much they love each other I gave her what she needed I inhaled her cries and let them consume me, I tasted her tears and let them destroy me, I gave in to her pleas and let them control me, and then she did the same with me Overall, this one was better than I expected and IMO better than the previous installment I m anxiously waiting for the third and final book in the series

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    To say, Combative ended with a bang, and left me anxious to get my hands on the next book, would be an understatement That ending killed me, but it left me desperate to know what was going to happen next So, going into Redemptive I had expectations, but, I did not get the answers I wanted Instead, I was sent back to the past And given a glimpse into Madison Bailey s past We all need saving at some point, and I m here to save you I was given insight into that that pivotal night The night Bailey crossed paths with Kyler s brother, and how she met Nate Deluca And holy hell, I totally jumped Kyler s ship I fell head over heels for Nate The circumstances surrounding Nate and Bailey s relationship is difficult to say the least, but I felt their connection I apologize for the vagueness of this review, but it s difficult to get into without spoiling Overall, it was a suspenseful read, that kept my interest Now, to be honest, I m nervous about where this series will go I have no idea what Jay has up her sleeve, I just hope my Nate doesn t get crushed in the process ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    FOUR BROKEN STARS I feel your pain I live your fear McLean is a magician of words When I started out on my journey with this series I could never have predicated how the characters and the plot would make me feel Jumping into this book was an easy choice for me to make, any series that McLean sets her mind on is sure to be an adventure not to be missed, and the combative series is one of the most memorable that I can think of Get ready to fall in love with of this authors work and prepare yourself to be blown away This book is yet another example of just how wonderfully talented Jay McLean really is What did I love This book and series has an originality that is hard to come by I was so impressed by the depth and heart of the story telling it was hard not to become obsessed with the narrative and characters Perfectly thought out I can t explain how cleverly this series is woven together and if you think you ve figured out what is to become of these characters then you ll be pleasantly shocked at the turn of events that Jay McLean creates Crazy, insightful, moving and intriguing McLean has created a series that has got me wrapped up it s pages full of talent Each book has been a perfect length for a trilogy and I ve fallen in love with so many of the characters involved that I m concerned that I won t have room for them all But don t be mistaken I m fully confident that McLean will take this trilogy to a dramatic and life shaking conclusion, I just need to gather up all my patience to wait for what I know is going to be an unforgettable conclusion Why not five I must be crazy not to be handing out the full five stars for this novel but alas I must stay true to my book heart and stick to the niggling doubt in the back of my mind On the one hand I felt desperate to consume this authors words, which are as always talented beyond what I could ever explain But on the flip side I still have a heap full of frustrations and unending questions about this series which lends to my slight lack of enjoyment Without giving anything away, because this is a series to be experienced Nothing moved forward in the pace of which I personally needed and in the end I felt like I was left with another wait for a book that quite frankly I m desperate for.Final thoughts I can t formulate the words that will be able to explain just how incredible Jay McLean really is This series has blown me away The authors ingenuity is second to none and I can t recommend her words There is a plenty of reasons why this author is a favourite of mine but the biggest and most obvious one is that I m simply in love with her words If you want a series that will make you glued to your kindle in anticipation and at the same time test your frustration levels then this is the series for you Personally, I can t wait for and I m excited for others to join me in the Combative reading journey Enjoy Stock images purchased ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Redemptive is like nothing I expected Which is crazy, crazy I tell you I mean it s the second book in the Combative Trilogy, so naturally had expectations and thoughts on what would happen next after the cliffhanger we received at the end of Combative. We both wanted to matter And we both needed to be saved I can tell you without fail that you will not have seen this one coming I can also tell you that this turn in events will completely change the way you think about this series When I read Combative I found Madison to be a little odd, endearing, but odd and I was constantly confused about where she came from and her motives I thought Ky was this damaged guy, with good intentions, but it was evident he was struggling with his past When I read Redemptive, I thought who hell is Ky and why did I even care about this guy, because hello Nate Deluca If you haven t read Redemptive you are probably thinking this bitch is crazy If you have read it you are probably thinking this bitch is crazy, he is mine Well, I don t want to fight over him because I called dibs a long time ago, so it s not really relevant LOL It s that the problem with simple was LOVE And within the walls of this room, with the bonds that kept us together, neither simple nor love could exist Okay, back on track This story was absolutely everything I want in a book, but nothing like I expected the sequel to this mafia type suspense read to be This story made me fall madly in love with the characters I love their strength and devotion I loved how they love with their entire being, even to a fault I love how their love was so beyond powerful that it was all consuming and had the ability to break them The sacrifices and risks taken to love and protect went beyond what s normal and natural Their love was so consuming it made me feel so much for them I also was so completely wrapped up in the plot and trying to connect the dots to things I learned in Combative Trying to discover where everyone fit together and dying to know the truths had me rapidly turning the pages I am not even going to try to imagine what s to come because I know this story has an epic conclusion coming I guess some things are greater than the fears we hold on to If you haven t read Combative or Redemptive, I highly recommend them There are few books out that deliver so much emotion, suspense, and sexiness This is one book I am so excited for people to read because I know it s nothing like you expected and it will blow your mind Jay McLean is a freaking rockstar and absolutely brilliant I had the pleasure of beta reading this book and received an ARC of the final copy, in exchange for an honest review Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

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    4.5 Stars Now LIVE US UKThe thing I love about Jay McLean is that when I pick up one of her books, I never know what to expect and I don t know exactly what I was expecting when picking up Redemptive, but what I got was the complete opposite of what I had even dreamed or imagined If you think you have any theories whatsoever as to what you are going to get when diving into this book, then think again, you are probably wrong Combative is the first book in this new adult suspense trilogy in which we were introduced to several characters, only some of which make a return to Redemptive in order to give us a background into the mysteries surrounding Bailey WhoIsBailey Our man Nate DeLuca is integral to this part of the story and fans of his from book one will be in their element, I absolutely adored him and his relationships with both Bailey and Tiny, his right hand man I protect you because you re my boss, Nate I kill for you because you re my family Overall, it was a fantastic, intricate story that has left me with wanting , but I was left feeling very conflicted as to who my loyalties should lie with, and I also feel like I am none the wiser regarding where the plot is going I would have liked just a few answers to keep me going until the final installment On the plus side though, I have so much to look forward to.I definitely recommend re reading or at least skim reading certain parts of Combative, because this story is so detailed and the characters have so much depth, there is so much to take in and processes I loved how Jay has proved that she can write something different to her signature sweet new adult writing and written something that is suspenseful and thrilling with a mafia type feel.This is looking to be a five star series overall, I can t wait to get all the answers in the final installment We all need saving at some point, and I m here to save you Redemptive is part two of three Told in dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest reviewImages featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites image error

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    5 Stars for NateHow is it that this is book 2 in the series and yet I am still completely in the dark Book 1, Combative MUST be read first While I have so much I want to say about this, I am not totally sure I could do justice to what I read, or I would take away the experience from another reader ButWOW, never have I been so completely captured with NO definite end and so much to go.I admit that I had to go back and re read Combative, as it had one heck of a cliffhanger This series is a bit off the typical road that McLean travels I have come to love her stories of young love and profound life changing moments with her signature sassy wit, humor and age appropriate intimacy, so I was unprepared for the Combative Series To be honest, it wasn t 100% sure I liked or even knew what the heck was going on I was introduced to a broken Ky and somewhat odd Madisonboth endearing in their own ways, I didn t quite connect with them per se, but the whole tale was shrouded in mystery I NEEDED to know about the story as a whole, the ins and outs of the characters, just everythingbut I was left in the dark.Then came Redemptive YES finally some answers right NOPE Again the author took a detour and IMO wrote one of her best works to date This was a completely different tale from Combative Just when I thought I would get the LIGHT, I got Nate DeLuca and Bailey Her life was over And I, no doubt would be the one to end it WHAT WHO OH, this storythese charactersI cannot even begin to explain the feels With desperation, longing, fear, pride, and passion, I read two characters who found a deep, intense bond amid life threatening existences Neither is perfect Both are so unbelievably damaged and I LOVED them beyond reason the lies we lived created the perfect balance between chaos and calm And while the chaos could kill us, the calm had us aching for one second, one moment of self destruction All I can say is that this is Jay McLean doing what she does bestweaving an intricate tale of the heart and the mindcreating characters who never leave youdropping those profound moments of intimacyleaving you impressed and desperately wanting ARC provided generously per author

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    5 Trapped in the chaos of the silence STARS You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy when skies are grey Wow I enjoyed the first book, Combative but this second book, wow, seriously loved it This takes place six years earlier and it s Bailey s story before meeting Kyher time with Nate We learn about how Bailey came to be on the streets and how she met Nate It also gives us an unexpected glimpse into happenstance, where Bailey and Ky were in the same place and time way before their paths cross again in book one.I liked Ky with Bailey but I must say, I fucking adored Bailey with Nate Yeah, I m sucker for the anti hero, no secret there but this was than that Nate and Bailey needed each other but their situation was one that was destined to fail The circumstances that bound them together would also choke them to death I m rooting for these two but who knows what Jay has in store All I know it, I m ready While this second book answered some questions about Bailey and Nate, I still have many and am really looking forward to the third book, Destructive ARC generously provided by Jay McLean in exchange for an honest review Before reading

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    Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Jay McLean in exchange for an honest review..Thank you TITLE RedemptiveSERIES Combative 2 AUTHOR Jay McLeanGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE March 8th, 2016MY RATING WARNING DO NOT go into this book expecting to know what s going to happen BECAUSE you will be WRONG There are TWISTS and TURNS, you LOVED Ky but now you LOVE Nate even Yes that happens..GAHTo fully understand Redemptive and to connect with the story characters it s vital that you read Book 1 Combative Dual POV s Nate Bailey aka Madison After reading Combative last year, I ve been anxiously awaiting its sequel and waiting and waiting and FINALLY I got to read it and it has exceeded ALL my EXPECTATIONS Remember that sucky cliffy the author pushed us all over in Combative, and gave us all that evil laugh, yeah well this doesn t start from there, this starts well before that, shit that I didn t even see coming at me goes down..This book pretty much comes full circle. I don t know what came first The sound of the gunshot, the hot white behind my eyes, or the blood on my hands But afterward, everything was still Silent Blood poured from His wound, down the solid steel of my barrel and seeped between my trembling fingers Nate Gods this book has it all, a botched drug deal, attempted rape, murder, a girl under protection, love The lies we lived created the perfect balance between chaos and calm And while the chaos could kill us, the calm had us aching for one second, one moment of self destruction Remember Madison her real name is Bailey and this is her story, but there s one surprise element and his name is Nate Nate he didn t have to do any of the things he d done for me, from the moment he found me, to the moment he saved me, to now.He owed me nothing.And I owed him my life There s so many twists and turns in this story that no matter where I go for this review I d be giving away main spoilers. The circumstances in which we came to be weren t derived from fate, or from a blind date, or a coffee shop moment where we caught each other s gaze from across the room No Our fate included drugs Included guns Included death. Remember all Madison s secrets she was harboring in book 1 this book reveals all but so much comes to light..When I first read Combative I seriously thought Madison had been released from a mental hospital, saying she was odd was an understatement she just wasn t all there, this book cleared that up for me completely but left me with a lot of WTF s and WTF am I reading moments..Book 1 there I was rooting for Ky and now here I am like a twisted biarch rooting for Nate GAH I wished than anything in the world, that this wasn t our life That we were able to be out there, loving each other freely and honestly, because I d give up the world if I could ve met her as her and have her fall in love with me for me MY THOUGHTS I loved book 1 but I shit you not I LOVED this one, it s just got of that underlying mafia feel to the whole story..This had me racing through the pages trying to connect all the dots as the story unfolded..

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    5 Stars Loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED Oh, my NATE DE LUCA I have said it before and I will say it again, this is my new favorite book by Jay McLean It s still her New Adult goodness, but it has a suspense, mafia mystery, forbidden love twist to it BRILLIANT I cannot recommend it highly enough You MUST read Combative first This is not a series of stand alones You will be totally lost if you do not read this first.

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