The Real Marvelous

The Real Marvelous Sarah Jacqueline Crow And James Holt Work In The Vast Maguey Fields That Span The Bone Dry Southwest, A Thirsty, Infinite Land That Is Both Seductive And Fearsome In This Rough, Transient Landscape, Sarah Jac And James Have Fallen In Love They Re Tough And Brave, And They Have Big Dreams Soon They Will Save Up Enough Money To Go East But Until Then, They Keep Their Heads Down, Their Muscles Tensed, And Above All, Their Love SecretWhen A Horrible Accident Forces Sarah Jac And James To Start Over On A New, Possibly Cursed Ranch Called The Real Marvelous, The Delicate Balance They Ve Found Begins To Give Way And James And Sarah Jac Will Have To Pay A Frighteningly High Price For Their Love

samantha was born four days before the death of john lennon she grew up in dallas, playing bass guitar along to vinyl records in her bedroom after school, writing fan letters to rock stars, doodling song lyrics into notebooks, and reading big, big books.she spends as much time as possible in the west texas desert.A FIERCE AND SUBTLE POISON Algonquin Young Readers, spring 2016 is her first novel

❮EPUB❯ ✾ The Real Marvelous ✹ Author Samantha Mabry –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Real Marvelous
  • Samantha Mabry
  • English
  • 19 July 2019
  • 9781616206666

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    Constellations aren t obvious until the moment they are Then you wonder how you hadn t been able to see them before when the pictures are all so clearly there, telling a story. All the Wind in the World might as well be called all the genres in the world You all know I love genre benders, but this one might take the cake It s a strange blend of magical realism, dystopia, and romance I m honestly struggling to review this, because I don t particularly know why I enjoyed this book so much It s a one sitting type book, which makes it super easy to consume quickly and love The tone is an odd combination of romantic and hyper realistic The characters are compelling enough to get invested enough, with their own complexities, although perhaps not what stood out about the book The writing is quite lovely Basically, it s a book in which every moving piece is just great enough for the book to stand on I have no idea what this book was, but I know I liked it enough to give a solid recommendation Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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    I have no idea about what I read but I liked this.Buddy read with

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    Personal rating 3.5Not bad Not bad This is my second Samantha Mabry book I read A Fierce and Subtle Poison by her a couple years ago which I also gave 3 stars to as well so I knew I wanted to give Mabry another chance This is a YA magical realism with a touch of dystopian elements It actually reminded me of the book movie Holes Set in a dry desert landscape, our two main characters Sarah and James love birds are traveling across the United States as farm hands looking for work but there lives are full of secrets and even claim to be cousins to keep their identities safe After some unfortunate events, they stumble across a plantation called The Real Marvelous and it s revealed to them that they re not the only ones keeping secrets.I loved the world building in this The post apocalyptic USA really set the mood for me I love those kinds of settings Where the story hits a bump for me is the romance between Sarah and James I actually didn t like these two characters that much Their personalities were the equivalent of wet socks and their relationship was just so weird I was also a little disappointed by the ending Felt like a cop out in a way.All in all, a quick read with a unique plot but with dull characters you want to question under a giant spot light for their decision making.

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    Constellations aren t obvious until the moment they are Then you wonder how you hadn t been able to see them before when the pictures are all so clearly there, telling a story Hauntingly beautiful and dangerously enticing, Samantha Mabry s All the Wind in the World is a fantastic addition to the romance genre in young adult literature With the desire to eventually own their own land and live a life of peace, Sarah Jac and James are forced to find work in the harsh conditions of the maguey fields But when a disaster strikes, the two must find a new place to work, where their strength and relationship will be put to the test In this gripping tale of love and sorrow, Mabry s novel promises to have readers intrigued until the very last sentence Minor to No Spoilers I received an ARC from Algonquin Young Readers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thank you for the opportunity to read and review this novel This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.Way back at the beginning of September, I was selected to receive an ARC of All the Wind in the Worldit was SUPER exciting, since I had just recently started up a NetGalley account Due to the lack of a Kobo, it took me FOREVER to start this book Fortunately, my mom gave me a Kobo as an early Christmas gift and I was finally able to start reading this.Mabry s young adult novel was a fairly enjoyable read, and a very quick one at that Though there are some things that made me question the point of the story, my overall reading experience was pleasant Story PlotThe general idea of the story stems from a couple trying to make a living by working on maguey fields, in the hopes that one day they ll be able to afford a home of their own one day Due to the high competition on finding jobs in the fields, Sarah Jac and James pretend to be cousins rather than a couplesince couples are easier to target Obviously, we get some tension regarding jealously and lovers quarrels.When it comes to genre bending, this book definitely hits a home run Mabry adds romance, magical realism, contemporary, and dystopia all into a book that isn t even 300 pagesthat, my friends, is a pretty incredible feat It s nice since it opens the book up to multiple readers rather than gearing towards one genre.Nevertheless, there are a few things that didn t sit well with me One is the world itself readers know that it s our world since it references cities we know, yet Mabry never really discusses the state of the world fully and how it got to such a state For those who are very detailed oriented when it comes to setting, you ll be a little disappointed.The other isWHAT IS THE POINT OF THE STORY Maybe I m reading too much or not enough into this story, but I never felt a real understanding of what the purpose was behind what the characters went through and the decisions made It just felt like reading a bunch of random events and then the story endedCharacters Character DevelopmentThere are a number of characters introduced in this story, but the main are Sarah Jac and James There are some other good individuals to mention, but discussing them ruins parts of the plot For a story that seems to be about from what I can tell mending mistakes and learning to let go and trust others, I found that the characters had little development If anything, some of them seemed to be going in constant circles It was rather odd to be frank.Most of the characters are fairly likeable, even the ones you aren t supposed to like personally, I find this a BIG plus since I find it incredibly difficult to read books where I can t stand the characters Funny enough, James is the ONE character that really bothered me Most people seemed to get fed up with Sarah Jac, but she s probably one of my favourites James confused mea lot I didn t understand his reasons for making certain decisions and how he ended up from one point to the next With the story being a first person narrative under Sarah Jac s POV, this could be a major reason why this happened.LanguageThe language throughout the story is beautiful and captivating Even though the plot confused me and the characters drove me nutty at points, I never felt quarrels or disappointment with the writing The amount of meaningful and beautiful quotes in this story is simply astounding even though I didn t really understand what was happening, I could at least find meanings and lessons in various passages throughout the tale.The language is fairly simple and easy to follow, making it effortless to finish this book in a day.OverallI feel incredibly bad, since I feel as though this review fell a little short Honestly, I had a REALLY hard time reviewing this book either I felt unsure how to convey my thoughts or I didn t have thoughts due to utter confusion of this book It was both a beautiful read yet a disappointment When reading the synopsis, I was expecting action and danger unfortunately, the story focused largely on confusing events and the awkward romance rather than any sort of grand voyage A lot of the choices and actions made by characters didn t make sense to me, yet I still felt this desire and urge to finish the story If you re looking for a romance and magical realism focused story, this may be a good choice for you

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    AAAAAAAAAAAH QUE LIVRO BOM 3 I received this ARC from NetGalley and Algonquin Young Readers in exchange for an honest review Sarah Jac and James work in maguey fields That s been their lives since they left Chicago behind, but the plan has always been to save enough money to go back After an accident happens in the fields, they jump on a train and head to The Real Marvelous a mysterious farm that many call a cursed land.The book is never 100% about the scenario but my guest is a dystopian world where the climate changes affected the whole U.S leaving the land dry and desert Sarah Jac is the narrator here and she s both simple and incredible She s tenacious on hiding her love for James finally a couple I can root for and not roll my eyes and being the best maguey cutter in the land She knows her place, yet she s true to her personality.One of my favourite characters is definitely Leo from the first moment he meets the MCs there s an aura of can we trust him that kept me tense and interested Every he said and did was ambiguous and I loved it I did have a hard time understanding Sarah and James strategy on creating relationships with the other workers they often seemed both distant and eager to make connections and I felt lost sometimes on how they felt about the other characters.I really, really liked how the author mixed this dystopian setting, magical realism , suspense and action Sarah Jac s voice was completely honest and maybe for the first time ever, I wanted the book not to have tied all the knots so I d have some hope for stories in this world A companion perhaps Great story, cool settings, interesting characters what s not to love

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    I ve been ruminating on this one for a while and I ve decided I don t like it There s too much thrown in to a very small book with no character development, very little backstory, and a setting that, while extremely atmospheric, does nothing to tell me much about the society these people live in.First the setting After finishing the novel, I gather that this is a dystopian society One where Mexico took over the U.S or apparently these kids went south of the border There s implications that the economy relies on crops traditionally found in Mexico, and the workers are all called jimadors I m not really sure what anyone looked like other than beautiful James and steadfast Farrah I assume this is the future There s mentions of crops dying out and people roving over the landscape I m not really sure why bees are such a dastardly elemental force of fury when we are being told that all wildlife is dying out and there aren t crops left that will grow Wouldn t you figure that bees would always be prevalent around the crops since most other vegetation is dead Second the characters Sarah s and James story is told through tidbits, which was a HORRIBLE idea For a while I thought they were actually cousins and that this was a love story with incest Gross Once that was cleared up though I still wasn t invested in their relationship if anything it seemed to be purely physical with no actual emotional ties I understand not wanting to be used as threats against each other but that doesn t mean they needed to openly flirt and have sex with others as subterfuge It seemed like a very flimsy premise and just unnecessary I felt no loss at Sarah s sister s death because she was barely a footnote Third weird elements and backstory Is this YA or fantasy I honestly can t tell you For 99% of it I thought it was extreme living conditions and people reacting in offbeat ways as a result of stress and lack of sustenance The random prophet coming from the mountains seemed like a crazy lady, not someone with visions The random weather conditions seemed like a result of a dried out climate, not witching So why is it we suddenly have characters under spells and a little girl who can spin talismans I mean come on, a freaking love spell That s what threw the whole thing off its hinges I already barely believed in the James and Sarah love story Then he goes off and abandons Sarah so quickly and easily and gets MARRIED and then I m supposed to believe that he and Sarah lived mostly happy ever after No Relationships do not survive that kind of trauma ESPECIALLY WITHOUT COMMUNICATING WITH EACH OTHER AND TALKING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AND THEIR ACTIONS AND THEIR FEELINGS I mean jeebus christ is this not basic How did these two function as a couple for like two years Just no.He fell in love or lust with another girl They should ve stuck with that story and made it a lesson about being independent or something instead of waiting around for a man Don t even get me started on how James was the only one going after girls, but Sarah did not go after boys It s like stepping back in time and saying it s okay for men to have affairs but when women do it they re damaged goods.

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    Est pido, mi coraz n, idiota.Por Dios, este libro Es muy raro, un mix de g neros muy interesante, tiene un aura muy intensa de tragedia Te deja con el coraz n pisoteado en la mano y una sensaci n inmensa de desasosiego, con inquietud y el alma pesada No es una lectura reconfortante en absoluto, pero s una muy intrigante y atrapante Tiene una belleza inmensa y unos tintes de realismo m gico que son un diez.Quiero que vaya al rinc n a pensar lo que le hace a sus pobres lectores, pero me parece un libro nico Y demoledor Ya aclar que es terrible Porque es terrible.

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    4,5 estrelasLivro que s vai sair em outubro, mas j tive a oportunidade de ler e preciso dizer que al m dessa capa MARA, o livro muito legal uma coisa meio distopia com fantasia com romance, tudo num s Fiquei preso do in cio ao fim J fica logo a dica

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    Welp, I stayed up waaaay too late to finish that, but I could not put it down.

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    ALL THE WIND IN THE WORLD combines mystery and a hint of magic in a captivating old west setting.I really enjoyed the plot and premise of this novel The story moves at a very fast pace, and Samantha Mabry has done a truly remarkable job at incorporating magic into a real world setting in a way that is not only believable but also interesting.The underlying mystery that ensues after an accident takes place on the maguey ranch that Sarah and her cousin James find themselves working is intriguing and also a bit dark and twisty At times this novel even takes on the tone of a psychological thriller Mabry throws some great curveballs at readers, especially toward the end of the novel, that I found fascinating and highly unexpected.While there really is a fantastic cast of characters in this novel, I did not enjoy the main character, Sarah I can see how her contrary personality lends itself well to the mystery of the novel and does make her an unreliable narrator, but I just didn t enjoy reading through her perspective James on the other hand, I very much enjoyed as a character He was very likable and a lot of fun to read about Unfortunately the fact that they were cousins was a bit off putting While I understand that that is something that was once socially acceptable, it doesn t seem to be during this novel, because of the lengths Sarah and James go to hide it That only serves to heighten the reader s sense of discomfort with the situation The setting of the novel was quite spectacular The desert setting really feels like a character in and of itself It is such a beautiful and threatening presence throughout the entire story and really increased the stakes of the overall plot The book cover is quite frankly stunning It s a wonderful depiction of the story itself I love the color scheme, and the way the text feels so impermanent is a great nod to the uncertain future that Sarah finds herself facing in the novel.While there were a couple of elements that fell flat for me in this story, overall I did enjoy it, and I m so glad I got the opportunity to read it I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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