Diary of a Girl

Diary of a Girl This is terrible that people are able to review a book that hasn t been released BEYOND DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS AUTHOR I DONT WANT TO BE BUT I AM I have had diary of a girl preordered for like 2 years and the author kept changing the dates We were told that we d have diary of girl Jan 31 and she wasn t gonna change it any I loved loved loved the first book and was very much looking forward to the second so imagine my disappointment when I go and check for the book Jan 31 Only to realize it wasn t released and the date got move again I wish we had some explanation but there is no way to contact her she had a Facebook group and now his deleted her Facebook I don t know what to believe any I don t know if this was a scam but I was very much looking forward to the second book and I believe we re not gonna get it The Sequel To Diary Of A Fat Girl Has Burn On A Journey Of Self Discovery She S Looking For Answers And She S Going To Get Them The Question Is, Is She Ready For What Lies At The End Of The Road And When The Truth Finally Comes Out, Who Will Be Standing By Her Side

Moira Mugweni is an indie author and poet She likes long walks, but not on the beach, drinks too much tea and has a strong relationship with procrastination.

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  • Diary of a Girl
  • Moira Mugweni
  • 02 March 2019

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