Pumpkin Picking with Murder (An Otter Lake Mystery, #2)

Pumpkin Picking with Murder (An Otter Lake Mystery, #2) Laugh out loud cozy mystery Definitely going to read the rest of the series. Another fun outing with Erika and her buddy Freddie Their murder solving is putting some obstacles in her budding relationship with Grady, but this time its personal This is a silly book, but endearing Overall rating 3.5 5.0 stars.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine. I wish I could give this bookstars Sunday morning I was up before 5 am and finishing Pumpkin Picking with Murder I have to tell you that this 2nd book in series is just as wonderful and funny as the first one Otter Lake is a very exciting place well at least when main character Erica comes home for a visit Erica and her best friend Freddie have one of the most fun cozy mystery friendships I have ever encountered I laughed and enjoyed myself reading their antics and adventures I loved learningabout Otter Lake and watching the characters grow and their relationships unfold in this fun and fast passed cozy mystery I wish Otter Lake and its cast of undeniably colorful characters not only existed but that I could pick up and move into one of the cabins at Erica s Moms retreat There are some very memorable lines in this cozy and the humor stays with you This is not just a feel good cozy this is a fun cozy, completely relevant and top notch I was sent this book to review and this is a book I have to own in paperback too So I have ordered a paper back to keep as a reading trophy on my shelf and as a reminder of what a truly great cozy reads like. This series hosts quite interesting characters Lots of laughs and some head shakes included Not exactly your average mystery. On the scale of one to Coco, I am proud to give this the highest rating possible COCO The first non Parra book to get that distinction This was a fantastic mystery and absolutely hilarious Auralee Wallace is a great writer who gets the cozy genre and takes it to new heights I can t wait to read the rest of her books Do yourself a favor and purchase the best fall cozy out there I was terrified to write this book Not only because I knew with certainty that this book would see the light of day, but also because the fall fair in my town in a really big deal Anyway, as always, I had a blast being with Freddie and Erica. Super cute mystery I love Erica and Freddie teaming up to solve a murder The book is very humorous Freddie always has me laughing I didn t know there was a first book, but I would like to read it along with future ones in this series Definitely appealing for cozy mystery fans. This is the first book I read in the Otter Lake Mystery Series and I really had mixed feelings about it When I started the book, I almost put it back down The author just seemed like she was trying too hard to be funny The characters in Otter Lake all seem to be rather eccentric Names like KitKat and Tweety, along with the retreat belonging to the mother of the main character holding a vow of silence retreat and the mom miming when she tries to communicate with her daughter just seemed to be a bit over the top Having said all that, once I got into the story, I began to enjoy it.Erica Bloom has come back for a visit to spend time with Grady, the sheriff of Otter Lake Freddie, her long time friend has opened his own security company and has been hired by the town council to do security at the Fall Fair When Mr Masterson dies in the tunnel of love with Tweety, Erica s aunt, she is arrested for murder Erica and Freddie set out to find proof that she is innocent This does not go over well with Grady He feels like they are undermining him and this does not bode well for Erica s and Grady s relationship As another murder takes place, Tweety s sister KitKat gets injured and Erica and Freddie get arrested, the story takes on a fun tone that I was able to enjoy Erica and Freddie have a wonderful relationship The two of them seem to jump blindly into situations that are not safe and at different times, each one seems to be the leader in their enterprise They are funny and actlike a sister and brother with their relationship Grady and Erica do not seem to have any luck at all with trying to get together They have all sorts of hurdles to get over, but we are left at the end of the book with hope that they may be able to have a relationship in upcoming stories I am not sure if I am going to read another one by this author or not I may give it a whirl and if it works out, then this series may be a go for me Cozy mystery readers that enjoy really quirky characters and a sense of humor in their books will probably enjoy this series The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley. 2 out of 5 stars, it was just okay This book took me a lot longer to get through than usual I kept having to put it down because something in it just pulled me out of the story and it was frustrating.Honestly, this book just wasn t my cup of tea I expect cozy mysteries set in small towns to have some eccentric characters that s how it is with small towns What I don t expect is that they will ALL be that way Every last character seemed to be quirky, the main character, Erica, still rebelling against her childhood, she claims to care for Grady and then keeps information from him her rich, immature and annoying best friend, Freddie, who jumps from plan to plan with no common sense and way too much money Erica s mother, Summer Bloom, the stereotypical hippy dippy flower child, who at this point and time is refusing to speak because she s running a silent retreat forhippy dippy wannabes And then there s Tweety and Kit Kat They re people by the way, not dogs or cats Tweety and Kit Kat nearly made me mark this book as DNF, just because the names made me say to myself, Who s trying too hard to be cutesy, then I finally managed to slog through it, to a decent resolution of the murder mystery It did have some funny moments, but for the most part, it tries too hard to be funny Sadly, I will not be looking forward to any books from this author I was provided with an ARC of this book by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review When Murder Strikes In The Tunnel Of Love, Erica Bloom Has To Rock The Boat To Catch A Killer For A Small Town Like Otter Lake, New Hampshire, The Annual Fall Festival Is A Big Deal A Ferris Wheel, Corn Maze, Caramel Apples And Pumpkin Pies Even A Tunnel Of Love Back In Her Hometown, Erica Bloom Is Trying To Enjoy Herself, Which Includes Getting Better Acquainted With Sheriff Grady Forrester But When A Swan Boat Sails Out Of The Heart Shaped Exit Of The Tunnel With A Dead Man Slumped Over A Wing, Her Own Romance Will Have To Take A BackseatPUMPKIN PICKING WITH MURDERSpeaking Of Love Affairs, The Other Passenger In The Boat And Only Witness To The Elderly Mr Masterson S Swan Song Is Not His Wife It S Erica S Beloved And Feisty Aunt, Tweety, Who Quickly Becomes The Prime Suspect Vowing To Clear Tweety, Erica Teams Up With Her Sassy BFF And Self Appointed Security Expert Freddie Ng To Solve The Murder Despite The Objections Of Grady, Who S Convinced The Amateurs Are Going Overboard In Their Investigation And He Just May Be Right But As Erica And Freddie Start To Dredge Up Long Kept Small Town Secrets, Will They Heading Straight Into Troubled Waters Pumpkin Picking With Murder Is The Second Book In Auralee Wallace S Otter Lake Mystery Series

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Pumpkin Picking with Murder (An Otter Lake Mystery, #2)
  • Auralee Wallace
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9781250077783

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