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The Supernaturals Evil Doesn T Always Look ScaryBuilt At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century By One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Men In The World, Tucked Away In The Pristine Pocono Mountains, Summer Place, A Retreat For The Rich And Famous, Seems The Very Essence Of Charm And Beauty, A Scene Borrowed From A Wondrous Fairytale Of Gingerbread Houses, Bright Forests, And Glowing, Sunny Meadows But Behind The Yellow And White Trimmed Exterior Lurks An Evil, Waiting To Devour The Unwary Seven Years Ago, Professor Gabriel Kennedy S Investigation Into Paranormal Activity At Summer Place Ended In Tragedy, And Destroyed His Career Now, Kelly Delaphoy, The Ambitious Producer Of A Top Rated Ghost Hunting Television Series, Is Determined To Make Summer Place The Centerpiece Of An Epic Live Broadcast On Halloween Night To Ensure Success, She Needs Help From The One Man Who Has Come Face To Face With The Evil That Dwells In Summer Place, A Man Still Haunted By The Ghosts Of His Own Failure Disgraced And Alienated From The Academic Community, Kennedy Wants Nothing To Do With The Event But Summer Place Has Other Plans As Summer Place Grows Stronger, Kennedy Along With The Paranormal Ghost Hunting Team, The Supernaturals, Sets Out To Confront And If Possible, Destroy The Evil Presence Dwelling There But Sometimes In A Paranormal Investigation, The Ghosts Hunt You

David L Golemon a.k.a David Lynn Golemon is the author of the Event Group Thrillers, including Event, Ancients, Leviathan and Primeval Legend, the second book in the series, was nominated for a RITA award for paranormal fiction Golemon learned an early love of reading from his father, who told him that the written word, unlike other forms, allows readers to use their own minds, the greatest

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  • The Supernaturals
  • David L. Golemon
  • 03 February 2019
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    3.5 Rounded down My feelings on this novel are as follows There was way too much repetition, only for the end explanation to be really quick and kind of foompt That was a sound, like a poof You can t rush good catharsis There was this mansion and yet all ppl did was run back and forth between ballroom, sewing room, third floor hallway, basement Oh goodness, I was so sick of those places In all, there were a ton of characters , which most of, I wanted to get killed off because they were so annoying I think a lot of ppl will find it annoying keeping up with this many characters that just don t matter, really I feel that focus should have concentrated on those with abilities I thought reading about a paranormal tv show would be cool, but eh, no It just dragged on There is a sequel and the most annoying character in the book, to me, makes it and is in the next one She has no abilities other than to drive ppl crazy It might be good without the tv angle, but if I read it I will be hoping for that special person to die early in Just sayin.This book has its moments and could have been so much ..

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum far as haunted house stories go, I ve read better but I ve also read worse Following the current trend of bringing reality television and social media into the horror genre, The Supernaturals attempts a modern twist on a classic premise.Nestled in the picturesque Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania is said to be a luxurious mansion, built at the turn of the twentieth century to serve as a retreat for the rich and famous Known as Summer Place, it is also alleged to have inspired Shirley Jackson s famous horror masterpiece, The Haunting of Hill House While it s hard to imagine such a beautiful, charming place as the inspiration for such evil and terror, the mansion does have a somewhat checkered past The most recent incident occurred in 2003, when a team of university students led by behavioral psychologist Professor Gabriel Kennedy ventured into Summer Place to debunk the presence of paranormal activity only, the group re emerged from the ordeal grieving and traumatized, with one less member To this day, Gabriel has never forgiven himself for the loss of one of his students, who disappeared mysteriously without a trace that night, as though swallowed up by the very walls of the house itself.Seven years later, a television producer named Kelly Delaphoy is eyeing Summer Place as the key to her big break an ambitious undertaking to broadcast a live ghost hunting event to millions of viewers on Halloween night To lend legitimacy to the project, she convinces a reluctant Gabriel Kennedy to act as a consultant on the show, and he in turn recruits a few of his old friends to help, including a Native American dreamwalker a young woman possessed by the spirit of a 1950s singer a convict who is a clairvoyant and a former gang member turned computer genius Also along for the ride are an investigative field reporter smelling the opportunity for an expos , as well as a homicide detective who has never stopped suspecting Gabriel for the disappearance of his student.As you can see, there are quite a few characters to keep track of, and I can t say many of them are very likeable though to be fair, I think this is by design Unfortunately, far too much page time is devoted to these unlikeable characters, and not enough on the really interesting ones like John Lonetree, George Cordero, Julie, or Lionel Gabriel s crack team of Supernaturals While each of them had a compelling talent and backstory, ultimately I felt they were underutilized It also probably comes as no surprise that the story became a lot interesting once Gabriel s team entered the picture which doesn t occur until well into the book.As such, pacing issues abounded, and were perhaps this novel s greatest weakness I liked many of the ideas, but also got the sense that the author was overwhelmed in trying to include them all in his story The plot was all over the place, like puzzle pieces that fit poorly together, and the result was an uneven narrative with stretches where nothing of importance would happen, punctuated with genuine moments of intrigue though those were fewer and far between It made me think this book could have benefited from rigorous editing it certainly didn t have to be so long, and I think cutting down the tedious sections would have improved the pacing.As it is now, only final hundred pages or so held the real meat of the story Still, what a conclusion it was Full of thrills and chills, as all the build up finally came to a head in Kelly Delaphoy s live Halloween special Secrets were revealed and mysteries were unraveled, and if some of the answers ended up being a little too predictable, at least I had fun.The Supernaturals would probably make a good book for casual readers of horror, so long as you go in with the right expectations Though it clearly draws inspiration from Shirley Jackson s classic, this novel is far from being the next Haunting of Hill House, simply because the writing lacked the same intensity and the right sense of timing Still, it was decent enough for a bit of light entertainment, and despite its weaknesses, I would put it on a list of paranormal activity novels worth looking into, especially if you re a fan of haunted house stories.

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    I should have listened to the people who said this book was overlong, carelessly edited and just plain wasn t scarey I cannot deny I read the reviews I was lured in by a sale price and the early references to Shirley Jackson and The Haunting of Hill House If you are a fan of Shirley Jackson s classic haunted house story just stop right there Jackson gets a couple mentions and a character carries her last name but that s it The book itself has no connection with Jackson s subtle horror.The premise of the book is that the creator of a spook chaser reality show, Hunters of the Paranormal, wants to investigate a haunted house in rural Pennsylvania in a live 8 hour special airing on Halloween night The premise is to bring back a Harvard educated Professor who had in 2003 led a group of his students to investigate the haunting In the end one student disappeared pulled into a plaster wall by a mysterious force according to witnesses The Professor is suspected of either murder or fraud depending on whose view of the student s disappearance is accepted, his career is ruined by the investigation and attendant news coverage and he ends up teaching psychology at some small college in Texas Of course he is persuaded and demands a special hand picked team of investigators I m about five hours in on the audio version and the team to go into the haunted house to face the menace is being gathered So far the characters in the team involve an ex gang member computer whizz, a vagrant mind reader, a psychologist whose career was ruined by his first run in with the house, and an American Indian police officer shaman I can t help thinking that if they only had a construction worker and a cowboy they could form a Village People tribute band The pace is uneven, the characterization is broad and stereotypical and there was no effort to catch continuity errors My notes made while reading contain the following 1 A character who is a paleontologist and then later described an anthropologist Neither career had anything to do with the fact that she was possessed by the ghost of a singer song writer who 2 Was first murdered in 1959 and then later we get a detailed description of his murder in 1963.3 Cowboy boots get kicked off just try to kick off cowboy boots.4 A throat is cut so deeply that the spine can be seen, but there s no arterial spray5 later the wrong character is said to have committed suicide.6 In the epilogue the number of bodies said found is 31 but the number should be 38 There really was only one section I found engaging when the show started and the author did a decent job of building suspense The basis of the haunting is so irrational and stereotypical that I want to complain about it too but I m not going to spoil it without a cut Just be warned, it s pretty groan worthy view spoiler Ok, the ghost in the sewing room is the ghost of an abused boy who killed his sisters and father, became a transexual according to the psychologist psychic investigator He entered into a relationship with a garment manufacturer who he married disguised as his own sister The mysterious death of the opera singer occurred because she found out about his sex while searching for her missing sister and he killed her to prevent her from telling others The rape of a silent movie star was done by either the garment manufacturer or his wife for no rational reason According to the epilogue where all of this is rounded up, she didn t know who assaulted her so she said it was no one hide spoiler

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    I absolutely LOVED this book To be honest, this was my first David Golemon book I d ever readbut it has certainly made me one of his biggest fans If anyone has ever read one of my own books, they know I m into paranormal investigations Granted, mine tends to be on the cryptozoological side of things, but I also enjoy ghost hunting too And that s what this book is about A team of ghost hunters, led by a disgraced psychology professor, investigates the ultimate haunted housewith the ultimate evil residing within its ancient walls And let me tell youthe book is plenty scary There were parts that I definitely would not have felt comfortable going to bed too soon after reading But it s not just horror The beauty of this book is that it appeals to a large number of people There is plenty for the mystery and adventure lover too As a matter of fact, the book reads like an amazing adventure novel in regards to the diverse and complex characters that comprise the team Besides the professor, you also have a Native Americam shaman, a clairvoyant with major personality issues, an insomniac with her own personal uninvited guest , a gangster computer genius, a homicide detective with a chip on his shoulder, and a journalist who s trying to blow the lid off on what she perceives as one of the biggest scams of the century The book is multi layered, let me tell you There s so much to this than a simply ghost story I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great shiverfest

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    I ve been looking for ghostly books that aren t just slasher bloody gruesome and I have to say I really enjoyed this one Of course, no one can match Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House but this book made me glad I took the chance and bought it.I loved the fact that the author tips his hat in several ways moments to Jackson s classic The basic premise is that there is this house that Jackson used as her model for Hill House Professor Gabriel Kennedy once had a group of students investigate the house, only to have tragedy strike They lose a student to the house and it ruins his career.Jumping forward to the present, a reality TV show hostess decides to host a Halloween special featuring this house, Summer Place, and she brings Kennedy back as part of the team to explore it He s hoping to fix his broken reputation, but than that, he s determine to destroy the evil in the house that destroyed one of his students.I loved the fact that the story was well constructed and character driven, rather than a gore fest The chills are spooky and not in your face.It was very enjoyable and moved very, very swiftly It s a great book if you re looking for something to read over the Halloween season Enjoy

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    This was an interesting book.It kind of got boring in the middle and kind of predictable.I finished it because I wanted to know what was going to happen.Other than that, I might not have It was okay.

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    I was a bit torn between giving it two or three stars Three stars, because it did succeed in keeping me up past my bedtime damn you, hour long commute , because I did want to know what happened, and some of the characters I quite liked Ultimately, however, I ended up with two stars, because the poor editing, plot inconsistencies, and especially the woefully tired and cliched Reveal disappointed me The first two bits I would have been willing to overlook though using peaked instead of peeked makes me want to hit someone with a Very Large Stick repeatedly but that ending Oh, that endingwhich sadly, I guessed at the start of the final third of the book, but which I hoped fervently was nothing but a somewhat unsubtle red herring.It reminded me of The Changeling, that 1979 horror film starring George C Scott If you haven t seen it, check it out I do love that film, and consider it to be one of the best ghost based minimum of gore horror films I ve yet foundright up until the last ten minutes when it devolves into over the top silliness However, even that wasn t as bad as the cheap tricks pulled at the end of The Supernaturals view spoiler I mean really after all that buildup about how the Entity in control of Summer Place was super evil, wasn t human, had never been humanand it freakin turns out to be the ghost of a transvestite serial killer Really Okay, yes, serial killers are scary and all, and the fact that this one had successfully masqueraded as a woman for his her entire adult life with the assistance of, apparently, mad sewing skills and his her husband lover was mildly interesting butreally I was hoping for something lessmeh Serial killers are scary, but overdone Dead serial killers even so And all that drek about the Entity not being human only to be amended, at the very last second as the Big Reveal occurred to became something inhuman was, frankly, cheap and lame hide spoiler

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    4 Stars for Narration, 3 Stars for Story 3.5 Stars TotalFirst off, Stephen R Thorne did an awesome job narrating this story There were a wide range of characters involved in the tale and he did gave each of them a distinct voice I have to say that I really enjoyed this ghost story It s a solid story from start to finish I wasn t looking for a story to scare me into leaving the lights on or a mystery that will leave me on the edge of my seat When I read the summary for this story, I thought that it would be a fun movie Throne s narration definitely made it easy to listen to the story and let a movie play out in my mind Professor Gabriel Kennedy lead a paranormal investigation at the Summer Place A beautiful country home for the rich and famous A student was lost and Kennedy s credibility was destroyed by a tenacious reporter and practical cop Seven years later, he agreed to conduct another investigation at the Summer Place There s one notable difference between the past and present This time, the whole thing will be recorded and broadcast live for public consumption I wanted a fun story that engaged me to the end and I got exactly what I asked for in this book This would make an excellent fireside tale to be told over marshmallows, hot chocolate and spiked coffee The main cast of characters that make up the investigative team are unique individuals that stand out No one is a goody two shoes sally, waiting to always do the right thing All of them have their flaws, fears and fierce determination It has a nice mix of mystery, horror, shivery spook, cast of misfits, a tiny bit of humor and a whole lot of action For all I know, this book may have been intended to be a spoof for other well known horror, ghost stories It was an entertaining ghost story with a few twists and a satisfying conclusion A good time.

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    I read this whole book to find out at the end it had a transphobic plot twist Lovely Never reading this author again What a waste of my time.

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    The SupernaturalsThank you for the free book through the Goodreads giveaway.The synopsis of this novel is about a rejected professor who goes to this particular mansion to hunt and resolve the mystery of the boogie man men, women There is a very diverse posse on the professor s side, with a live television network team, and a cop to prove or disprove the faith of the paranormal Besides the horror and mystery, there is quite a bit of fictional drama and background stories for most of the characters Don t worry, there are also many creepy moments throughout the story It s not like there is only one thing like the mansion being haunted no, there are several other elements that I liked that were haunted My rating is 3.The best thing about the novel is that it has many intriguing parts all the way through out If you want the creepy element, you ll find it in the middle of the book At least for me from pg 82 to 250 were the ones that contained fear This line is my favorite about a dream on pg 342 John screamed, knowing that as in other dreams, his voice wouldn t be heard As his voice joined the echo of the gunshot, the small man turned and looked in his direction John could see the blazing dark eyes underneath the hat as they searched the woods looking for the author of the scream John closed his mouth, and fear seized him The author of The Supernaturals, David L Golemon gives credit quite a few times towards Shirley Jackson s infamous novel The Haunting of Hill House Golemon also points out that the mansion in his own book is real where he only spent two minutes of his time in it, even though the story is most likely exaggerated I think Golemon s protagonist character, the professor Gab Kennedy, is the image of scientists in the field of psychology and physics who left their real careers in search of paranormal phenomena over a hundred or so years ago They were ridiculed and rejected by science, but that is another story I may suggest that since I loved the Golemon s posse, that in the next sequel, he should bring out another set of diverse posse This time the posse would be from different religious backgrounds, such as a preacher or priest, rabbi, imam or mullah, monk, guru and an atheist There are few things that I didn t care for There are too many characters in the book and sometime I had to go back to figure out who is who It became confusing when, while reading, characters were mentioned by first names and then a little bit later with lasts I found the beginning and ending to be the less interesting parts, especially when it was around the television network people.

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