North of Crazy

North of Crazy Imagine A World Of Gatsby Esque Glamor, Opulence, And Cultural Prestige, Of Exclusive Parties And Elegant Dinners, Of Literary Luminaries Including Somerset Maugham, Daphne Du Maurier, Irving Stone, And Theodore Roethke, Of Manhattan Townhouses And Country Estates This Is A World Where Children Are Raised By Nannies, Tutors, Chauffeurs, Gardeners, Butlers, Maids, And Assorted Staff, Sent Off To Private Schools And Largely Ignored By Their ParentsPublishing Magnate Nelson Doubleday S Daughter, Neltje, Was Raised To Assume Her Place As A Society Matron But Beneath A Seemingly Idyllic Childhood, Darker Currents Ran A Colorful But Alcoholic Father Whose Absences Left Holes, A Mother Incapable Of Love, A Family Divided By Money And Power Struggles, And A Secret That Drove The Young Woman Into Emotional Isolation North Of Crazy Is Her Story Written With The Same Fierce Passion, Wit, And Emotion That Drove Her Off The Conventional Path To Reconstruct Her Life From Base Zero She Became An Artist, Cattle Rancher, And Entrepreneur

NELTJE is an abstract expressionist painter She has had solo exhibitions at the University of Wyoming Art Museum and Yellowstone Art Museum among others, and galleries in Miami, Denver, and Chattanooga In 2005 she received the Wyoming Governor s Art Award Neltje has endowed the Neltje Blanchan Award for the best nature writer in Wyoming, The Frank Nelson Doubleday Award for the best woman write

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  • North of Crazy
  • Neltje
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9781250088147

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    One of the reasons I like memoirs is to see how people make decisions which shape their life In North of Crazy, Neltje presents her life beginning as a Doubleday heiress on the east coast to an artist living on her own terms in Wyoming Neltje didn t arrive in Wyoming by accident nor did she just happen by her vocation The journey which both brought Neltje to Wyoming and made her an artist was not always easy, but there was a sense in this memoir that she was actively building her life Neltje s eye for details evokes the feel of the places she touches and adds to the richness of her story.

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    Neltje Doubleday has had a very interesting life of financial security and cultural society Her childhood was a nightmare of abandonment by her totally dysfunctional parents She is a survivor who had to fight everyone and everything to get what was rightfully hers Later in life she became the most stable and successful member of her family She is a well known artist, an entrepreneur, rancher and most of all a strong woman who is comfortable in her own skin She is someone I would really like to meet.

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    Full disclosure I know Neltje and have admired her art and philanthropic activities for years What s striking about this memoir is its unadorned honesty Neltje was born into wealth and privilege she is a member of an American publishing dynasty But only now, decades after leaving New York for Wyoming, has she sought the painful truths of written memories The book is a reckoning searing, poignant, passionate, humorous, and thoughtful all at once.

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    This was a memoir by the daughter of the Doubleday book club founder She grew up with wealth and famous authors but without love and security She tells her story very well and really finds her voice through her art and nature I feel her connection to nature and her art was like therapy for her troubled life The first part of the book reads rather slowly but is necessary to understand her life later I feel sad that her relationships with her family were never healed but that is often the way things happen I m glad that she has good relationships with her grown children She is a survivor of a abusive and emotionally barren childhood who goes on to make a satisfying life for herself.

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    A fascinating memoir written by a woman who was the daughter of the founding family of the Doubleday Publishing Company She had to overcome distant parents that did not seem to want to have kids Also there is a great favoritism toward the families only son at the expense of their daughters The author is able to fashion for herself a life as an artist and a writer by escaping two ill chosen marriages and the New York glitz by relocating to Wyoming I found the memoir well written and interesting.

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    North of Crazy by Neltje is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in mid September.The one named artist Neltje writes of her life between the 1940s and the present day It s very charmed, privilaged life that s fraught with parties, international travel, decadent meals, dozens of friends, and a fragile, dotty homelife If this is crazy, hand me a paintbrush, a home in Wyoming, and sign me up.

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    Story of the daughter of Nelson Doubleday and the dysfunctional family she grew up in In spite of 2 bad marriages she was able to rise above this with a lot of effort on her part raise her two children and become a well known artist.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway Well, I found the book to be just the opposite of another Goodreads member whose review I read here I thought the first half of the book to be easy to read and interesting whereas I yawned my way through the second half Neltje did lead an interesting life, rubbing elbows with the elite and famous, traveling the world, taking and discarding and being discarded by many lovers, buying and selling many residences, etc While it was unfortunate and very sad the way her parents did not have time or affection for her, going by the description of the book before having read it, I expected Neltje s childhood story to be full of much unspeakable horrors than it was The part I found most excruciating to get through was her description of her painting techniques and inspirations maybe this would be fascinating reading to another artistic type person I don t think I would recommend it to other readers for its entertainment value but perhaps for its educational value in the portrayal of the lifestyles of America s privileged upper class in the 1950s and beyond.

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    I enjoyed reading about the interesting, fascinating and peripatetic life of one of the Doubleday founders children She traveled the world and was mentally and sexually liberated before her time I loved reading about Neltje as artist, rancher, daughter, mother, traveler and all around interesting person Unfortunately I can only give this 3 stars because of the bland, unadorned writing This book would have been SO much better if the writing had been juicier Still, it is definitely worth reading if you can overlook the bland writing style.

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    Received an ARC of North of Crazy through for a fair reviewAnother poor little rich girl storyA seriously dysfunctional family forces Neltje to claim her own way in the world Unfortunately, getting to her new life in Wyoming takes up a lot of the story and I found the writing to be dull uninteresting, and then, and then.Once established, her story and writing becomes passionate and interesting however I would find it difficult to recommend.

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