Christmas in Eternity Springs (Eternity Springs #12)

Christmas in Eternity Springs (Eternity Springs #12) This was a super sweet Christmas story and had all the elements I love Great romance with wonderful backstory Check Jax and his son Nicholas have experienced tough times and need a fresh start Claire s horrible ex fiance broke her heart and shattered her faith and she needs to start over What better place to do it than a cozy small town Then we add a great dose of Christmas in both a connection to Nicholas story and also Claire s shop in town Check I love it when holiday books go extra cinnamon sprinkles on the holidays Add in a dose of puppy cuteness check and I was so sold on this one Heartwarming and a dose of sweetness and small town life as broken pieces of two families come together to form a new one Really loved this one Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader. I don t normally give holiday themed books such a low rating Even though a holiday story has potential to be hokey and predictable, they are usually exactly what I am looking for in a holiday book I want hokey I want predictable I want everything to work out perfectly despite reality For that reason I give holiday novels a wide range of forgiveness when it comes to plot and characters But for some reason this story didn t work for me I have a feeling that those already familiar and in love with the Eternity Springs series would love this story There is obviously a lot of love to be found in this quaint little village I was looking for a holiday romance to read, and this one was liked by several people, so I grabbed it Unfortunately, because I was not already familiar with the people in this village I felt like I was missing A LOT of inside information I felt like I was supposed to know and understand all of the back stories for the various side characters of this novel I have jumped into series like this before, and usually I don t get too worried about the inside stories that I ve missed because of skipping earlier books in a series It usually doesn t matter all that much In this story I felt like it mattered I feel like I was missing some of the HEART of the story because I didn t understand the underlying histories that made this town function But, although this lessened my enjoyment of the story, it didn t ruin it What really upset me enough to give this a two star rating was the actions of the heroine of this story I really have issues when people fall in love with someone and then don t have the common courtesy to STOP and LISTEN to one another when there is some point of conflict I get it Jax really made a bone headed mistake and said something hurtful and kind I Get It But when you are in love you should allow people to apologize when they screw up Listen to their side of the story Claire just ran away without a word Cowardly Disappointing Irritating If I understand a little about the things that led to her neuroses, or if time was spent in the book with her or Jax talking about their struggles, I might have been able to stick with Claire as she went through her freakout Unfortunately, I felt like the majority of this book was just skimming the surface of these people s lives It was just a series of events, but I never felt the heart of what was going on, despite the presence of a million events that were intended to make me feel something I never felt like the reactions of the characters were compatible with the events of their lives Claire s reaction to Christmas seemed completely overblown when we finally learned what was behind it Jax s son s reactions to things didn t make much sense either They showed up whenever it was convenient, but when it suited the author to have him magically cured , then he was magically cured I m sorry, but that is not reality when you are dealing with severe childhood trauma, and you can t explain that away by simply declaring that Eternity Springs is just this magical place that can heal all ills But maybe I was just feeling grinchy this week I know many love this series, but this story didn t work for me Two stars It was okay. I have been visiting Eternity Springs via Emily March s series off and on for the past year Christmas in Eternity Springs was a delight I love Christmas stories, but with the romance, community and in this one a young boy with a Christmas phobia, I will not miss another Christmas story in this series.Claire Branham has relocated to Eternity Springs and opened a Christmas Shop The residents are not aware of her past tragedies She had finally gotten over her family tragedy that occurred on a Christmas in her past, and was full of the Christmas Spirit, when she discovered a horrible betrayal that shattered her heart, causing her to lose Christmas all over again Little did she know that Eternity Springs is a magical place, and it s her turn to see and feel that magic for herself Jax is a single father trying to help his son, Nicholas, recover from a traumatic accident He also found his way to Eternity Springs, where he meets, Claire, aka Miss Christmas After a brief conversation, the two recognize they are kindred spirits, both trying to deal with life s cruel events, so they challenge each other to write down one positive thing each day, and soon find themselves cheering each other up and becoming friends Together Claire, Nicholas and Jax all help each other to heal and find Christmas again I really enjoyed this story I loved Nicholas, and the way his honest openness brought Jax and Claire together Emily March did a beautiful job with the pacing of this story, adding in the magical magic of Eternity Springs The slow, realistic relationship of Jax and Claire falling in love while being careful to protect Nicholas and their own hearts Just when I thought the story was wrapping up nicely, there was a stunning twist, that changed the course of the story and had me sitting on the edge of my seat I loved the character of Jax, as a father and a man who stands up and proves what he s made of He stepped back and realized that he was wrong and fought for the woman he loved, showing her how love can heal the pain and heartache of the past This is a great addition to the Eternity Springs series, showing how magic, love and angels can heal the heart and spirit If you like a romance with a little magic, some angst and a happy ever after, pick this one up and enjoy a Christmas Romance. I took this afternoon off and treated myself to Christmas in Eternity Springs As is always the case with books by Emily March, I finished it in one sitting because I couldn t put it down.Having read the other books in the series, the moment I read the first paragraph I felt like I d come home after being away for too long It was just as warm and loving as I remembered, with characters that feel like family However, the great thing about the series is that you can start anywhere and feel at home Eternity Springs is magical, and its author is a magician.For those who haven t read the series, you need to know that Eternity Springs, CO, is a place where hearts come to heal This time, it s than two hearts, it s five Nicholas, Jax, Claire, and Jax s former in laws, Linda and Brian All have every reason to hate or fear Christmas And all eventually make peace with their fears, grab hold of hope, then belief, and finally love.All of our favorite characters make an appearance, and it s a joy to catch up on their lives But the central story is truly unique, and has just the right mix of action and emotion I laughed, I cried angry, sad, relieved and happy tears At one point, my husband asked, Are you going to cry all evening to which I replied, Maybe Now that I ve closed the latest book in this beautiful series, I m filled with the usual sense of deep satisfaction and gratitude I feel whenever I read one of Emily s books And right away I start anticipating the next onewhich hopefully will feature my new favorite Callahan Thank you, Emily, for an early Christmas present. Claire had hated Christmas ever since her sister died at Christmas but had finally found the joy again and was going all out for Christmas when she found out her fianc was married She moves to Eternity Springs and decides to open an all Christmas store to bring back good memories she also wrote a children s book for Christmas She meets a man whose 8 year old son has a terrible fear of anything Christmas because he was in a car wreck that killed his mother listening to Christmas carols The magic of Christmas and Eternity springs brings back the magic for both of them. I know lots of people who begin thinking about Christmas in July or earlier If you re one of those, or you just simply need a syrup sweet romance read, this is your book It s not that we spend the entirety of the story during the actual holiday season, no this story spans months, and in fact, begins in July.What makes this story about Christmas is the Forever Christmas store owned by our heroine Claire, and the fact that there is something about the holiday that is trigger of trauma and grief, not only for Claire, but also for one Nicholas Lancaster Odd huh The Christmas lady of Eternity Springs almost dreads the very holiday season she spends her life surrounded by But, it makes for an interesting quandary and I was anxious to find out exactly why Claire felt this way and what prompted Nicholas fear March very cleverly brings the two plot points together and creates a super sweet and hope filled romance as the other key character in Nicholas father Jax There s something magical about Eternity Springs, and a little magic is what Claire, Jax, and Nicholas need.The backstories that March creates are emotionally rich and I found myself completely engulfed in Claire s and Jax s connection There are obstacles that get in the way but nothing quite like themselves March does a great job with respect to the PTSD that Nicholas experiences and how his issues are worked through the story is propped up with well thought out symbols and also sprinkles the story with sentimental notions of the holiday season With March s descriptions of Claire s shop and the town prepping for the holidays, you will find yourself getting excited for Christmas and snow Yes I said it, I m looking forward to snow This is only the 2nd book in this series that I ve read but the cast is familiar enough to really pick up on the nuances of the characters that make up Eternity Springs This can be read as standalone and while it s not a terribly angsty love story, there is conflict that provides for some groveling and need of a certain someone redeeming themselves Christmas in Eternity Springs is a solid 4 Star read I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review It was the healing of the little boy that made this holiday romance special There was plenty of action that moved right along except for the seduction scene which was so slow that I skimmed a lot Then the main characters got overly stubborn Christmas store owner Claire and Jax, ex Navy widowed father of a troubled boy, have a chance meeting and make a pact to try to be positive. Can Miss Christmas Find Her Spirit Again After A Devastating Betrayal, Claire Branham Packs Up The Pieces Of Her Life, Along With A Twenty Million Dollar Secret, And Moves To Eternity Springs She Opens A Specialty Shop Forever Christmas And, With The Help Of A Surprise Romance With The Town S Sexy New Handyman, Claire S Heart Begins To Heal Until Her Past Comes Knocking Jax Lancaster Never Questioned The Need To Abandon His Career As A Navy Submariner In Order To Care For His Young Son In The Wake Of His Ex Wife S Death Desperate To Help With This Loss, Jax Straps On A Tool Belt To Give Nicholas The One Thing He Wants A Life In Eternity Springs What Jax Never Expected To Find A Second Chance At Love With A Fascinating Woman For Whom Christmas Has Become A Business But When The Truth About Claire Threatens Their Newfound Happiness, Can Jax Prove To Her That In Eternity Springs, The Spirit Of Christmas Is Reald Will Last A Lifetime Christmas In Eternity Springs Is The Twelfth Installment In Emily March S Acclaimed Eternity Springs Series Emily March writes some heart warming stories with her Eternity Springs series and this one was no different I love a good Christmas story and put it with a romance is a total win Claire no longer believes in Christmas but she tries to change that around for her fianc , Logan When she decides to make a donation to the children s hospital she feels in the holiday sprit that is until she sees her fianc there with another woman Yikes Come to find out he s married but she is determined to start all over and Eternity Springs is the perfect new start she needs Jax has just recently got of the navy and needs to be with his son After a terrible accident has killed his ex wife and trapped his son he s really trying to find out what the right thing for him would be Jax never expected to meet a woman like Claire but even after months of not seeing her he still can t get her off his mind When him and his son move to Eternity Springs he starts to believes that maybe this place is special after all I m not one for reading novellas but this one really appealed to me after reading the blurb This story was emotional and had me believing in not only HEA but the joy and love that comes along Christmas March did an outstanding job on bringing Jax and Claire together and really giving them time to sort through things in their life before the romance got going.While this story is kind of about Christmas I enjoyed how it starts earlier and gave me a inside look to what happened to the character during a three month period I really teared up at certain parts but they were the good kind The kind that you just can t help when a story is so touching and this one was The way Claire took to Jax s son was sweet and I loved how being with them helped her move on a little from her past and trust issues Even though both characters had no desire to have a relationship I could see that was changing but it was done at a slow pace I felt it was so realistic I m really looking forward to reading of this series If you are looking for heartfelt stories with lots of warm characters that will fill the pages you won t want to miss this read. This is my second Emily March read and returning to the town of Eternity Springs was a joy, it really does feel like coming home It s the perfect read leading up to Christmas and actually after finishing this book I swear I could have flipped right back to the beginning and started the journey all over again It s such a charming and satisfying read Emily March is a genius she just knows how to mix in enough loss, heartbreak, love, family and secrets to make the perfect kind of story to warm your heart.Jax is just perfect I seriously think you fall a little in love with his character and Nicholas is just a beautiful little darling of a boy I was so so so happy when I discovered that this book was about him after learning a bit about him in Reunion Pass I couldn t wait to get started I loved all the new characters Claire AKA Miss Christmas was brilliant I loved her approach with Nicholas on Christmas and the slow burning romance with Jax was just a treat I honestly say this every time but reading an Eternity springs book really does warm your heart they are just bursting with love, loss, heartache, family and a lot of healing a perfect read in my opinion as I said before in a previous review everyone needs at least one heartwarming magical tale a year let Christmas in Eternity Springs be yours I received this book from the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review Review part of the book blog tour.

Pseudonym s Geralyn DawsonEmily March is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series Publishers Weekly calls March a master of delightful banter, and her heartwarming, emotionally charged stories have been named to Best of the Year lists by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Roma

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