InfinityNobody Said Being The Daughter Of An Army General Was Easy But When Her Dad Sends A Teenage Subordinate To Babysit Her While He S Away That S Taking It A Step Too FarCade, As Beautiful As He Is Deadly, Watches Kori With Than Just Interest He Looks At Her Like He Knows Her Very Soul And When He Saves Her From A Seemingly Random Attack, Well, That S When Things Get WeirdTurns Out, Kori S Dad Isn T Just An Army General He S The Head Of A Secret Government Project That Has Invented A Way To Travel Between Parallel Dimensions Dimensions Where There Are Infinite Koris, Infinite Cades And Apparently, On Every Other Earth, They Re Madly In LoveFalling For A Soldier Is The Last Thing On Kori S Mind Especially When She Finds Herself In A Deadly Crossfire, And Someone From Another Earth Is Hell Bent On Revenge

JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook Determined to follow in her grandfather s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America But at the last minute, she realized her true path lay with fiction, not food.Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing, as well as the Darker Agency series, and th

[EPUB] ✰ Infinity By Jus Accardo –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Infinity
  • Jus Accardo
  • English
  • 28 June 2018
  • 9781633754973

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    4.5 5 Stars Infinity haunted my dreams and interrupted my thoughts throughout the day I couldn t stop thinking about this book I loved getting swept away by the action, adventure and the unknown And when I reached that last page, I wasn t ready to stop being in their world Even though it ended absolutely perfect and left me so excited for where the next book is headed But till then, I went and added every series and standalone this author has written to my to read list This is the first book I ve read from her, and I can t wait to read the rest Real love, she always said, knew no bounds It wasn t hindered by space or time It couldn t be weakened by death Real love started in your heart and went straight through to infinity Starting out, I didn t know much about this book other than the few words in the synopsis And after the first two chapters, I wasn t sure if I was going to connect to Kori Anderson Oh, I was so wrong Yes she did graffiti, yes she came across as abrasive, but she was so much than that Kori had a beautiful heart, she was selfless, she was a fighter, she could be so confident and strong and then so unsure She was completely relatable and I loved being in her head We learn early on that her mother passed away, and her father has to travel for work since he s a General in the Army When he s away, he has people in the military watch over Kori This time he sent Cade Granger and Noah Emeal And because of these two, her whole world was about to change The small bit of distance that existed between us was banished as Cade grabbed my arms and pulled me forward A second later, his mouth covered mine His arms wrapped tight, holding on as though I was the only real thing in the world Like I was the last safe place amidst a raging storm I d never felt anything so intense Purely cosmic and right with the world, while at the same time, wrong Very, very wrong Cade Granger slowly captured my heart I liked him from the moment he showed up on Kori s doorstep But as I watched his patience, hope and determination play out, I found myself being pulled further into him Then when light was shone on his past, I was a goner Cade was perfectly imperfect, and so were his interactions with Corey It always felt as though there was so much emotion packed between them Like I was standing there waiting for them to explode from the sexual tension, the unanswered questions, and the two of them constantly being pulled together Cade and Kori were emotionally addicting I wasn t some starry eyed girl We weren t in love This wasn t going to be a fairy tale ending But maybe it could have been Under different circumstances, maybe we could have fallen in love There s a ridiculous amount of things I want to talk about, but I can t So many of my favorite things and even moments are shrouded around some mysteries, and I can t spoil them for you BUT know that my heart was put through the wringer I had so much hope for some things, and it felt like I was kicked in the gut time and again But it couldn t be any other way And the I learned, the I ached thinking about being put in those situations In those people s places It was extremely thought provoking, annndddd I want to say yet again but I can t No This is not happening I clawed at his hand, desperate for air My nails dug deep, drawing blood I felt it, warm and slick but it didn t make him loosen his hold He grinned, as if pleased I was fighting back and, as I kicked out blindly with both legs, he laughed out loud I can say a few things about the someone who wants her dead And I may be one of the few who do, because this person was a psychopath Yet I was intrigued by what he was going to do next My interest in this villain definitely disturbed me, yet he s such a fascinating character whose death I constantly wished for.There was only one small hangup I had while I was flipping through the pages, and that was I desperately wanted Case and Noah to have a gun It could have been helpful, but shrugs Besides that little hiccup, I loved everything Especially that ending I wanted to laugh, scream and cry all at the same time So yes, I definitely recommend this book And I hope you fall for these characters and the story line just as much as I did P.S Can I please beg for a Novella in Cade s voice I would love to hear some of his thoughts as the story progressed and what he thought of certain interactions with others That bonus POV got to me and I need My heart aches to hear his thoughts Please, please please ARC kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review For of my reviews, please visit

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    I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley Real love, she always said, knew no bounds This was a YA sci fi story, featuring people who travelled between dimensions.I can t say I loved Kori, but she did have a strong stubborn streak and liked to do what she wanted to do, not what people told her to do She did start to irritate me after a while though.The storyline in this was about Kori being attacked whilst out painting a mural illegally , and then finding out that the person who was trying to kill her was from another dimension The story then went on from there, but I was a bit bored to be honest, and I didn t really enjoy it.The ending to this was a bit of a cliff hanger, but I don t think I d want to read the next book in the series.5 out of 10

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    Love this book about parallel worlds so much, and can t wait to hear what other readers think Can t wait for the next book.

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    Kori is a typical rebellious teenager with one exception, her father is an Army general who is extremely overprotective When away her father sends in a couple of soldiers to watch Kori but it s not in her nature to sit back and do what she s told but when Kori s life is threatened she begins to see her life was not what she thought Kori s life has become a lot complicated when she learns that her father is the head of a special division called the Infinity Division Those working for Infinity have discovered the ability to jump dimensions Life is just not the same when you learn you have doppelgangers in other worlds and someone from another dimension is out to kill you.Infinity is one that has a lot of great elements involved in the story to keep it interesting while reading along Secret government projects, a character finding out that she s been lied to all her life, traveling to other dimensions, a bit of a romance trying to blossom plenty to stay entertained all throughout The one thing I would say though is that while I enjoyed reading this one I don t think it completely jumped out as new and original The characters are great, the plot entertaining but all of it reminds me of a few others that I had read so while this was a good one I would have liked a bit to make it pop out on it s own I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit

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    Real love, she always said, knew no bounds It wasn t hindered by space or time It couldn t be weakened by death Real love started in your heart and went straight through infinity This was such an exciting book, I have never really been a sci fi fan but Illuminae has totally changed that for me, and this book way simply amazing It s unlike any other kind of time travel or dimension hopping plot It was intricate but so simply explained that I never felt lost or confused I absolutely loved that in every dimension there was a kind of love that transited logic, and certain people always managed to find each other The main character Kori, was without a doubt the highlight She was intelligent, strong minded and willed, funny as hell and didn t take shit from anybody It was beautiful to see the vulnerable side of her as she slowly began to realise the relationships she had been cheated out of, her character changes and becomes so realistic through out the story This probably would have been a five star read for me if not for the romance between Kori and Cade Don t get me wrong, I loved both their characters, but the romance made me feel slightly uncomfortable I could see myself eventually getting used to it once they spent time together but it all felt rather awkward and forced I am definitely eagerly awaiting the sequel.Can we quickly talk about this cover I mean, come on, this is beautiful I am going to hunt down a hard copy because I need this on my bookshelf

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    This review will also appear on A Leisure Moment I received an eARC from Entangled Teen via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m a wibbly wobbly, timey whimey kind of girl And if you re with me, we all know what happens when one tries to cross into other dimensions Need we mention this heart stomping, slashing, utterly tear inducing scene Anyway I could talk about my love of Ten all day, but that s not the point The point is how much I enjoyed Kori Anderson s story I loved how art was incorporated into her story so early on It made her different than the other Koris that were mentioned throughout the story and gave her a sense of place Not one page went by where I didn t feel so stinkin bad for this dimension s Kori The I got to know her, the I liked her She didn t have what so many of her other selves had, and it tugged at the heartstrings I wanted to shout at the pages, It s not fair because so much of Kori s cut at life was just that not fair She handled it well, though, learning about all the things she missed, and it made her an even better MC.I m a huge fan of kissing scenes done right, and even though Kori and Cade Granger s first kiss came out of the blue, it fit It fit the mystery and general ambience of the novel I only added it to the list of things that needed to be explained before I turned the last page and went insane I liked Cade He pushed Kori and didn t even realize it, and I got a sense of the boy from his Earth, too, even though I ve yet to venture into that domain Their relationship was a slow burn, one that Kori tried to douse constantly I m still not sure how I see them, but I want to see of them and those ah maz ing kissing scenes I also think that we need to point out who Jus used as inspiration Maybe it just me, but I do have random thoughts about the what ifs in life I don t go into too much depth, and it s usually when making small decisions The book showed that the small decisions lead to the big decisions Noah wasn t a decision, but a slight variance in Kori s world What happened to this Kori s Noah Was there ever a Noah in her world I enjoyed watching their relationship progress and have no doubt it will lead to some interesting takes in the next book.Dylan Granger, the villain of the story, was almost too villainous Is that possible, to be too villainous I don t know what it was about him, but there were moments where I thought, Really Where d you get that idea Oh, wait, any crime show on television Maybe I m being tough on the guy, but he had the maniacal laugh and evil twisting hands down pat, when I wanted something deeper I hope he ll be surprising in the next book.I m a sci fi lover and think this one deserves a spot on anyone s sci fi list, especially if you love a dash of romance Even though there were moments when I thought it was too predictable, there were a few surprises that I didn t see coming Overall, the beautiful cover matches the story inside, and I can t wait to read the rest of Kori s adventures through alternate dimensions.

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    you can read my review HERE as well Infinity was a spontaneous read for me, which isn t unheard of for me But, what is unheard of is that I stayed up until 6 AM trying to finish this And finish it I did Surprisingly, I found this enjoyable Since Kori s mother died, she s taken a new way to express her grief drawing murals on the shoddier parts of military town she s resided in But when an incident gets her caught, Kori is stuck at home with two soldiers Cade and Noah.When Kori sneaks off to take a picture, she s attacked While her soldier sitters come to her rescue, it opens up a whole new world of strange Because Cade and Noah aren t from Kori s Earth, but a different one One where their Kori is dead And, apparently, on every other Earth, she and Cade are always in love If that isn t strange enough, well That s exactly the reason she s in danger.This book was similar to Claudia Gray s Firebird series But where that book focused on the romance than anything else, this was based on revenge It s pretty much a crazy ride from beginning to finish Kori, Cade, and Noah are on a race to protect innocent people from a deranged guy from their Earth who is hell bent on revenge.While I found some of the methods they used slightly sketchy, the author was ready good at creating a sense of urgency in her scenes I kept wanting to put the book down so I could sleep, but I just had to continue and find out what happens next for the trio, or what was in store for them.I also really liked Kori She was a funny and determined girl, full of sass She didn t let a hot guy keep her from wanting to know what she had to know, or from stranding her ground Often times, she was quite sensible She wasn t a damsel or a love struck girl I admired her spunk and honesty She was quite brutal when it comes to honesty I loved it.I thought the romance was a bit strange I don t want to give too much away, but I found it extremely weird that Cade would keep doing what Kori would sometimes initiate despite her being a doppelg nger of the girl he was in love with Supposedly, on every Earth they both exist in are in love, but not every Kori is the same as his Kori What s is that he never seemed to be over his Kori, either Not to mention, I thought Kori was a bit hypocritical sometimes But then again, it was the same hot and cold attitude that s in so many romances lately they ll have the urge to make out but then push each other away It was really annoying.I wish Noah had page time While his character annoyed me just like he did Kori, I really wanted to see depth and development to him There was too much convenient time focused solely on Cade and Kori which, if you ask me, is pretty dumb on Noah s part because please It s obvious things would happen.The whole concept of different, alternate dimensions is one that has intrigued me since it was mentioned in The Flash During the story, they didn t jump from different Earths, it was explained But it felt kind of half assed to me I wanted to be explained, but I hope it happens in book 2 I don t want to be cheated of the whole aspect of how they appear on different Earths Overall, 3.5 stars I liked this story and while it had some flaws, I m looking forward to the sequel

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    I loved Infinity It is a quick read with an interesting premise that still manages to pack in some heartbreak.All of the character interactions and backstories were amazing, with the premise of inter dimensional travel making it possible to develop them on many extra levels The science was explained just enough to feel plausible without making my eyes glaze over I can t even begin to explain how perfect and psychotic the villain of the story is I read it all in one sitting Infinity is a great read for anyone who enjoys some science fiction mixed with reality and a dose of romance.This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

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    This book showed up as a surprise in my mailbox from the publisher and I was intrigued from the moment I saw it I haven t read a book that takes place in alternate dimensions before, so I picked it right up and dug in Kori loves her art and has found solace in it ever since her mother died of cancer One night when she is tagging a wall with her art, three mysterious guys come across her path and change everything Kori has ever known Learning that her father is part of a secret program working to allow people to jump dimensions, Kori gets a look into the alternate lives she could have lived and her whole existence is threatened when someone from another dimension is out to kill her From the moment the book started, I was sucked into this story I really enjoyed Kori s character and how headstrong she was When she first meets Cade and Noah, she instantly doesn t trust them and isn t shy in asking for answers She s so upfront and honest, which makes her the perfect person to be in this kind of story with someone trying to kill her and secrets constantly unraveling about her family and her life She was so passionate about her family and trying to stop the crazy guy who was out to kill her for just being born as herself This book could have easily become confusing with the endless alternate dimensions, but I could follow along very easily and became invested in the characters What I was most excited for was definitely the romance I loved how the Kori in the other dimension was in love with Cade, but her dimension didn t even have a Cade in existence Her chemistry with him was something that neither of them could explain or understand and it was so hard to watch them try to figure out if it was real or only there because of what Cade felt for the Kori in his world And Kori s relationship with Noah was definitely rocky but I loved how that progressed as well Overall I really enjoyed Infinity There were some moments where I got a little annoyed with Kori and how repetitive it became of her pushing Cade away, but that s just me being picky If you want a very unique sci fi read about alternate dimension with a romance you ll become attached to, you should definitely pick up Infinity

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    I m such a fan of sci fi that this book just screamed at me to love it And I did The premise is intriguing and smart, the characters are both endearing and a pain in the ass with making certain choices but that keeps you engaged and entertained Kori Cade and Noah are faced with an impossible task and how they work to find a solution just keeps you so engaged And that bonus chapter, I mean it gives you soooo much to anticipate for the next book

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