Replica Two Girls, Two Stories, One Epic NovelFrom Lauren Oliver, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Before I Fall And The Delirium Trilogy, Comes An Epic, Masterful Novel That Explores Issues Of Individuality, Identity, And Humanity Replica Is A Flip Book That Contains Two Narratives In One, And It Is The First In A Duology Turn The Book One Way And Read Lyra S Story Turn The Book Over And Upside Down And Read Gemma S Story The Stories Can Be Read Separately, One After The Other, Or In Alternating Chapters The Two Distinct Parts Of This Astonishing Novel Combine To Produce An Unforgettable Journey Even The Innovative Book Jacket Mirrors And Extends The Reading ExperienceLyra S Story Begins In The Haven Institute, A Building Tucked Away On A Private Island Off The Coast Of Florida That From A Distance Looks Serene And Even Beautiful But Up Close The Locked Doors, Military Guards, And Biohazard Suits Tell A Different Story In Truth, Haven Is A Clandestine Research Facility Where Thousands Of Replicas, Or Human Models, Are Born, Raised, And Observed When A Surprise Attack Is Launched On Haven, Two Of Its Young Experimental Subjects Lyra, Or , And The Boy Known Only AsManage To EscapeGemma Has Been In And Out Of Hospitals For As Long As She Can Remember A Lonely Teen, Her Life Is Circumscribed By Home, School, And Her Best Friend, April But After She Is Nearly Abducted By A Stranger Claiming To Know Her, Gemma Starts To Investigate Her Family S Past And Discovers Her Father S Mysterious Connection To The Secretive Haven Research Facility Hungry For Answers, She Travels To Florida, Only To Stumble Upon Two Replicas And A Completely New Set Of QuestionsWhile The Stories Of Lyra And Gemma Mirror Each Other, Each Contains Breathtaking Revelations Critically Important To The Other Story Replica Is An Ambitious, Thought Provoking Masterwork

➝ [Epub] ❦ Replica By Lauren Oliver ➧ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 544 pages
  • Replica
  • Lauren Oliver
  • English
  • 06 September 2019

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    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.5 stars Actually, this is technically two books in one so that means it s a 10 star read Full spoiler free review soon, but for now, just know that I took my sweet, sweet time reading this because I loved it so much Both stories, that is I did have a SLIGHT preference to Lyra s narrative because she s a clone replica and I love reading books that are very familiar to our world with a speculative twist to them, and that s what Lyra s story offered from the get go Still extremely fascinating to see the story from the other side of the street, too, where you have this every girl Gemma uncovering a greater mystery that s tied to the Haven Institute where Lyra was made This reading format where you can bounce back and forth between the two stories is so ambitious, and I m so happy it delivered in creating a fuller story without spoiling each girl s story.

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    This is one of the most fatmisic books I ve ever read It s blatantly harmful and never once challenged the fat shaming It also has a good deal of thin shaming I would really recommend avoiding this book if you ve ever had an eating disorder There are also microaggressions toward mental illness, and a trigger warning for self harm See my reading updates for direct quotes from the book and why I felt they were problematic My thoughts on the fat rep are from experience, as I m a fat reviewer Maybe not everyone will share my thoughts, and I don t claim to speak for everyone I m also not telling anyone not to read the book, or that they can t like it I m mad at the book only, not the readers.Underdeveloped characters Bland romances The format was completely unnecessary, as the story was told entirely in 3rd person and I don t see why the two sides of the book couldn t be combined chronologically to avoid all the backtracking and repetitive scenes The premise of the plot is better than the execution There was one good twist, but the ending was so lackluster and the synopsis of the sequel doesn t seem like it will explore what I want it to, so I won t be continuing.If you want to read this, I highly suggest using the reading order from Pretty Geekery here as it flowed really well At the very least I would recommend starting with Gemma s first 8 chapters builds suspense, Lyra s side gives away everything from page 1 and ending with Gemma s last few chapters it has an actual ending, Lyra s does not.

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    Well, I liked the idea anyway Mel

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    Two girls, two stories One epic journey for truth, friendship, family and love Sounds quite intriguing, right Reality check teenage drama, teenage hormones, teenage bitchiness, teenage love saves the world. This book is quoting Replica is an ambitious, thought provoking masterwork. Ambitious yes, plenty of it Thought provoking um, abs provoking I know it s not New Adult level, but Replica is very good at reclining from the main theme, diving into sexuality instead of sci fi element it claims to have Lyra is the replica aka clone Lyra is on the run Lyra wants to punish men who did bad things to her and her friends What Lyra does Riiiiight, thinks about abs The soap Gemma had bought was lilac scented and pale purple, and Lyra found herself thinking of 72, naked, washing with purple soap, and the urge to giggle bubbled up in her chest. 72 is the guy whose abs Lyra wants to ogle, by the way Like, you just got out of the facility you were living your whole life in, you know shit about real life or what to do, but, of course, your first instinct is to fantasize about boys Yeah, why not indeed. Gemma is a human girl, whose father is somehow involved with the whole Replica business She, of course, goes to look for answers Shy, absolutely self conscious about her weight girl, who never did anything radical in her life before, goes on a fucking adventure without planning what she s gonna do once she reaches her destination Brilliant Predictable Of, course, a cute guy agrees to drive her there What does the girl think about His lips were soft He didn t try and put his tongue in her mouth and she was glad It was her very first kiss and she was nervous, too nervous to have to sort out whether she was doing it right or worry about opening her mouth and whether she was using too much tongue or too little.Then she meets another cute boy and guess what Maybe she d sit down next to him and he d try and touch her thigh or force his tongue down her throat Then again, she wouldn t mind If anyone was in danger of getting sexually harassed, it was probably him.And abs Then we have some slat shaming of the best friend, because she was ogling Gemma s abs Fuck you, my best friend And who s that Her eyes had landed on Jake She looked as if she wanted to lick him Gemma was surprised her tongue wasn t lolling out of her mouth.This is all so primitive, so juvenile If I was reading a book about two teenage girls discovering the world, this book would ve matched the profile, but I was promised a sci fi book with EPIC fucking adventures Plus the girls act like they have multi personalities At first, they investigate and mull about really serious stuff, and play effectively detectives It takes quite a mature level of reasoning to do what they do, but the next moment stupid teenage drama kicks in, and we have four year olds in da style show me you pennis, and I ll show you my vagina Plus I am really bothered by the fact that not only in this book a girl can distinguish a guy s eye colour standing on the other side of the rode jeez, I d need kiber sight to see shit from such distance , or seeing a stranger for the first time in her life, she notices every fucking detail about him his nose, lip s shape, what he looks like under his shirt, hair colour precise hair colour, mind you Geez, I can t even remember one situation in my life when I was paying attention to so many features in a person I ve only met five minutes ago And the ending is just epic I get that there s going to be a sequel, and no real answers were given in this one But if you read Delirium trilogy and remember how it ended, you probably know everything you need about Replica s ending view spoiler Love saves the world We are all hippies, didn t you know that They had a place in it, at last, and so at last it became theirs to share No matter what happened, no matter what trouble came, Lyra knew they would face it together, as they were then turned human by joy, by a belonging that felt just like freedom. hide spoiler

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    I have always appreciated Ms Lauren Oliver s writing and creativity The inventive layout of her latest novel was enough to convince me to buy the book as I have never encountered a flip book until Replica Yep,just one book Cool, right I decided to start with Lyra s story just because I prefer blue over yellow lol To be an it , a replica, made at the so called Haven facility and be somehow content made me admire her character I admit to not immediately liking her story because it started a bit slow but I m telling you, do not give up on the book because it gets really good After reading Lyra s chapters, I admit I was shocked but at the same time I wasn t very satisfied either I thought there were so many plot holes and unanswered questions but these things are what Gemma s story was meant for Gemma s story is one I really enjoyed from the very beginning and even though her and Lyra s interlap at one point, it felt like reading a fresh new story, a whole new different world Gemma s story is complete with mystery, suspense and it even includes your standard high school drama It reads like a contemporary while Lyra s was sci fi It s incredible to have two different stories converging at one point making a single unified meaning while managing to be everything at once scientific, realistic, philosophical and most especially human I don t think it matters which POV you decide to read first though It s entirely up to you You could even read alternating chapters from each of the girls stories because however you decide to read the book, I m pretty sure you ll end up enjoying the experience.

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    Monsters, they call us Demons.Sometimes, on sleepless nights, we wonder if they re right. I love what Lauren Oliver set out to do in Replica She writes two books that can essentially be read on their own, but they ultimately enhance the experience if read them together as you ll get to the story This format is perfect in this particular story as it focuses on the themes of individuality and identity in a world where there are clones, or human replicas unbeknownst to the rest of the world.Both stories promise to bring surprising revelations critically important to the other story meaning the way you choose to read this book could affect your reading experience i.e if you choose to read Lyra s story in it s entirety first and then read Gemma s after Certain revelations would remain unknown throughout the first story you read OR if you opt to alternate chapters Read one Lyra, then one Gemma As secrets get revealed, you ll experience a different kind of suspense because you ll learn details in one that inevitably affect the other unbeknownst to them OR you could only choose to read Lyra s story or Gemma s giving you a different experience as you didn t read the other perspective given Anyway, whichever route you choose to go I m sure will be fine I chose to alternate chapters.I truly loved how Lauren Oliver wrote scenes in both stories where there were minor differences because everybody has different perspectives and experiences No two people experience the same thing When two reiterate something that just occurred, it ll have minor variationsThat idea is displayed in these pages And only brings home that theme of individuality just a little bit Those girls are clones, Gemma They lack brains The replicas are kept at the Haven Institute, found on a highly guarded private island off the coast of Florida They keep it locked and sealed up tight with armed guards Haven is a top secret research facility where thousands of replicas are born, raised, and observed This is a mystery to the rest of the world leading to plenty of conspiracy theorists wanting to know what is kept on that military guarded island.Lyra is an experimental subject at Haven, also known as 24 She s a very curious, inquisitive young lady since she s been stuck in the walls of Haven The institute is all she knows only learning what those inside the walls allow her to learn Until an explosion on the island gives her and a boy known only as 72 a chance to escape.Gemma has been in and out of hospitals all her life She s very sheltered thanks to her parents and is from a wealthy family Gemma doesn t understand why her father treats her the way he does leading to questions she only becomes desperate to answer as she learns of a mysterious connection to Haven Can you say secret road trip The stories become intertwined somewhere along the way, which only raises questions for both Lyra and Gemma about the mysteries of Haven.I m undecided on whose perspective I actually enjoyed Lyra s is fun with how innocent she is discovering the world for the first time But in a way, Gemma s is relatable being from the typical world The format is ambitious, but somehow leaves this feeling of disconnection It is interesting how the repetition of certain scenes truly displayed the idea of individual perspectives, but this was a flaw at the same time for how it impacted the pacing of the story never really adding anything additional to it In other words, it made the book slower and boring at times I did find the format fascinating and intriguing, but I also wonder if the joke is on the rest of us and really she only wrote a dual POV novel and then separated them I ll have this thought when going into the sequel There are a few big twists and secrets, as well as a satisfying ending that doesn t leave you hanging too bad One side comment.if you ve seen the movie The Island, wasn t this basically a YA version of that film You could tell me it s the Haven institute in that movie and I wouldn t argue a bit.Anyway, good book I m still trying to figure out if I would have found it as thought provoking if it had been written in the typical dual POV format.

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    What a ride I really loved how the whole concept of this book how you can flip it to each character s side and the story ebbs and flows perfectly I also loved the sci fi element Cloning and these replica s, so interesting It makes you question how far we should go with new science and what really makes you human Will def be picking up the sequel in the fall I am filming a book review on this so I can share my thoughts on it, how I personally read it and if I thought the stories truly intertwined and etc Be on the lookout for it soon

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    Only 99p 1.34 on Kindle at the moment UK Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss They ve been experimenting on the replicas, This was a YA sci fi story, about clones.Lyra was an okay character, and I did feel sorry for her, her side of the story didn t feel very well fleshed out though, and once I d read Gemma s story, Lyra s almost seemed a bit unnecessary.Gemma was a fuller character, and I liked her story much better We actually got a lot explanation as to what was really going on, and things made sense.The storyline in this was about Lyra living on an island at some kind of facility where clones were grown and experimented on, and finding the chance to escape when an explosion blew the place up Gemma s story was about her finding out about the facility where Lyra was living, helping Lyra to escape, and finding out what her father s involvement in everything was The pace in this was pretty good though, and we did get a pretty major twist which was interesting.As for the whole two separate stories thing, I think it s a bit of a gimmick The story would have been better had it been Gemma s story, with some chapters following Lyra thrown in I read Lyra s story followed by Gemma s story, which is how the eARC was laid out.The ending to this was okay, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next book in the series.7 out of 10

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    It is such a shame that I could not give this book a higher rating, as I found the ideology behind the conception of the story, as well as how the book was physically set out, to be both unique and interesting.This story is told from the split perspective of Lyra and Gemma Gemma is your average teenager, obsessed with how her peers perceive her and concerned over high school dramas Lyra isn t actually a human being at all, and is instead a cloned replica of an original person She lives, along with the other replicas, on Haven Island There she is subjected to testing and harsh living environments.Gemma and Lyra s stories combine about a third of the way through their individual narratives From this point, my adoration with the story quickly dwindled What was originally an exciting concept, to lay the book out in two split sections, became a dull one There were subtle differences in the plot that made each worth reading, but often the scenes overlapped and it just felt like you were reading the same thing twice over.The focus of this book was on identity and it was interesting, at first, to note the subtle different ways two people could react to and what they could take from the same happenings I appreciated what the book was trying to do, but, after a while, this felt dull and repetitive rather than exciting and innovative.Also, if this book had continued to focus on the two original characters, it would still have managed to hold my interest Instead, there were characters brought in, purely for added romantic drama, and this ruined any remaining affinity I had with the book There were so many unnecessary characters and surplus drama when all I cared about was the central plot and the internal struggles of the protagonists The extras felt like just that extra And not the good kind For me, they served no purpose and I would have greatly preferred if this book had remained focused on the original and central topic of the concerns over identity, as well as the dystopian society being created, and continued to explore and open these themes up.In all, I found this an inspired concept, but unfortunately, it was just not for me.

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    If you had any doubts about REPLICA by Lauren Oliver, you can drop them Because this book is wonderfully marvelous through and through It s complex, it s different, it s mind bending It s everything you ve ever wanted.From the start, we re thrust into Lyra s world of hospitals and replicas, twisting in with Gemma s life of secrets I read REPLICA alternating between Lyra and Gemma s chapters, which I believe lets us know than reading each side of the story separately I loved how there are pretty much two stories in one book depending on how you choose to read it It was incredibly genius of Lauren Oliver to be able to write Gemma and Lyra s story without spoiling the other, so that when combined you see their world in a greater aspect, but alone it s a shrouded mystery It was pure epicness And SO WELL DONE Lyra was the intriguing of the two her story and the way she perceived things was incredibly interesting Her side of the story had action and depth than Gemma s, which I think is mainly because Lyra doesn t know much about our world, so she ended up experiencing .While the ending did answer alot of important questions, I still feel like it was pretty open Open endings may be nice, but this was too open for my tastes Not a cliff hanger, but our characters stories aren t fully wrapped up Hence, the reason I didn t enjoy the ending as much as I thought I would If you had any doubts like I did , throw them out For REPLICA is indeed One Epic Novel Full review to come on IceyBooks.

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