Twisted Unfortunately, my hopes were pretty high for this book about the daughter of a serial killer being stalked as she tries to start her life over The concept sounded like so much fun, but this YA novel does what so many YA novels do goes over the top with emotional dramatics and favours the cheesy aspects of the story line over the darker,thrilling potential it has You know things likeShe had eaten lunch with Trevor exactly five times and shared an ice cream cone and her history notes and now he was calling her his girlfriend They re saying I love you after having a couplerandom conversations The romance is real, guys There s not a lot of depth to the story It s a very fast read, but it could have been longer ifcare was taken with character development and plot points Overall it feels less like a page turner andlike the author was in a rush to get it over with Bex Andrews formerly known as Beth Anne Reimer is the daughter of a man who is on the run, alleged to be the notorious serial killer, The Wife Collector Bex has always believed her father s innocence, but she hasn t seen him since he disappeared over a decade ago after escaping arrest After her grandmother dies, Bex is put into the system She finds herself living with the coolest foster parents in existence who, after knowing her for all of five minutes, are calling themselves her mom and dad Weird.And seemingly five minutes after that she s got two best friends and a potential boyfriend Things are looking up Until girls start turning up dead, with The Wife Collectors signature all over the M.O As the nation starts to whisper about the return of her killer father, Bex has a harder and harder time keeping her identity a secret She could go to the cops, help to draw her father out and catch him But doesn t want to because Beth Anne Reimer is hatedfor some reason Everyone thinks she s going to turn out to be a psycho killer just like her fatherfor some reason And she doesn t want to her new awesome parents and friends to abandon her Sorry, can anyone name a child of a serial killer Or over, a child of a serial killer who was hounded by the media, and the general public wanted to see hanged as if they blamed that child for their parent s choices Anyone Bueller Bueller Didn t think so I found this aspect of the storyline to be unnecessary Bex could have deep issues with her true identity, and the allegations against her father, without dialing up the ridiculousness to eleven Anyway, Bex starts her new life by sayingNo way was she going to fade into her hoodie and let people think she was a serial killer just because her father was Not any That was Beth Anne Reimer And she was Bex Andrews nowBUT she spends the majority of the book vomiting, hallucinating because that happens to regular people , having panic attacks, running away from people, crying and just generally being so fucking weird it s honestly amazing to me that she managed to get poor, sweet Trevor to fall in love with her I mean she admits it herselfThat should have made her feel better It should have made herresilient,determined to send him to prison where he belonged But all it did was turn her into a quivering heap lying on her bedroom floor and feeling hopeless and horribleBitch, grow a pair Honestly, she was just so stupid I couldn t evvveeeen with her No one wants to a read a story about a girl with a serial killer for a father, only for that girl to be a quivering heap She needed to be a badass or a psycho Enough snot crying Not to mention, could she have been any of a Daddy s girl I know she hasn t seen him in forever, but what teenager girl sits around daydreaming about running away with her father, instead of going out with a hot guy who probably wants to throw it in her Like, honestly, it came off a little incestual to me.The whole book seemed to be building up to some kind of twist, but in the end everything was exactly what you thought it was going to be So the title is a little bit misleading I might be 31, but I love to binge watch some PLL or Riverdale A good YA thriller is just as fun and literary as an adult fiction thriller But this was just too dramatic with a stupid lead Gonna have to give it a big quivering NOPE book source Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley in exchange for a review Twisted fell far short of my expectations.I had really high hopes for the book The daughter of a serial killer who is being stalked Yes, please Unfortunately, it readlike a somewhat poorly done script for a syfy horror movie Bex and the other characters fell completely flat, and there were quite a few inconsistencies in the story Don t even get me started on the amount of stupid in the main character s decisions I know all of this is typical of a low budget horror movie, but books allow for development It would have been nice to see the author use it.I wish I could recommend Twisted The premise was really promising, and I hope to see the author come up with another one that deliversfully.This honest review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and NetGalleyNo way was she going to fade into her hoodie and let people think she was a serial killer just because her father was.Not any.That was Beth Anne Reimer.And she was Bex Andrews nowThis was a YA mystery story about a girl whose father was a serial killer.Bex was an okay character, although she did seem a little torn when it came to her father Considering that she was part of the reason that he was arrested, I think I d have been a littlescared about him coming back to find her.The storyline in this was about Bex starting over at a new school in a new place with new foster parents, and her serial killer father striking again We got a bit of mystery over who would be killed, and also a bit of mystery as to whether Bex s father was really to blame, and a strange man following Bex around The pace in this was okay, although towards the end things didn t move fast enough for me, and I wasn t swayed by the other possible culprit at all.The ending to this was okay, and things were tied up fairly well.6 out of 10 I don t have a lot to say about this one It was a good book, but it didn t blow me away It could have been a 4 star read if a lot of things weren t left unanswered Why did this happen, why did they do that then and just generally why It could have been tied up a bit better for me, but it was still enjoyable And it made me wonder how the families of murderers deal with their everyday lives after the guilty person has been discovered. I ve really come to appreciate Hannah Jayne s mysteries They are always action packed, well done and well plotted They type of young adult mysteries that are both intriguing and entertaining Ones that leave you guessing and ones that I usually don t have all figured out within the first few chapters I was very excited going into this because I was so ready for a good solid mystery and while this didn t quite live up to some of her other work, it was still a fun time and a good escape read that I m glad I read.What I did love about this book was the characters Where the mystery lacked, the parental influence and friendsthan made up for It is so rare to see parents of any kind in YA make an appearance, let alone be a big part of the book and that was so very refreshing And even though this wasn t everything I was hoping it would be, it was entertaining nonetheless ARC copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have always loved mystery but my love of suspense thrillers probably intensified when I was in my teens 1990s I read authors Lois Duncan, Mary Downing Hahn, Joan Lowery Nixon, Christopher Pike and R.L Stine to just name some I still gravitate towards teen thrillers as who can do drama better than young adults TWISTEDWritten by Hannah Jayne2016 Sourcebooks Fire 304 Pages Genre fiction, mystery, suspense, thriller, young adult, standaloneRATING 3.5 STARSBex was once Beth Ann After her father is accused of being a serial killer, her life is turned upside down At seven years old, Bex wears a necklace given to her by her father that the police discover was once belong to a murdered girl When the case seems strong against him he goes on the run leaving her behind.Ten years later, her beloved maternal grandmother passes away and she is sent to live with a couple without children Bex likes them at first sight and seems to be making friends, and maybe even having a boyfriend No one knows of her past and her life is going well until a teenage girl is found murdered by her and her new friends and has all the hallmarks of her father s victims When the detective from her father s case returns and asks for her helping in baiting her fatherBex cannot help but have doubts about her father being a murderer.I love the synopsis of Twisted and the first half of the book had me glued Then the story began to get a bit predictable and it felt like a letdown Jayne is great at setting up suspense and a story but then it becomes like a dead end road The ending left me disappointed as the suspense had evaporated and I felt it was too pat The dad jokes were a bit too muchand Bex s sudden change also seemed out of the blue I reviewed Jayne s previous young adult thriller, Escape and have to say that Twisted has shown Jayne s growth in creating suspense and capturing her audience I honestly think that as Jayne writes her books will get better and I will be trying her next book if I can I received an eARC from NETGALLEY My Novelesque Life I m so mad that I didn t love this book But Twisted was so predictable Like, I predicted the EXACT ending about halfway through the book Basically, Twisted is about a young girl, Bex, whose father was a serial killer that somehow fled town after being arrested Fast forward 10 or so years a new string of murders point to her dad being back in town Bex has just started at a new school, with new foster parents, new super popular friends, and a new super hot boyfriend who she started dating after maybe 3 days Classic YA I enjoyed Chelsea and Laney as characters, view spoiler but they moved on eerily fast from their best friend Darla s death It was strange hide spoiler I got this book last year in 2017 for a Christmas present I have only started to read it, with only being able to read very little of it I hate to give negative reviews, but out of the 313 pages I couldn t read many pages without being slightly bored of it However this may be because I ve got a bit fed up of reading some crime books, that s not all crime books but I am struggling with crime thriller books, so I ve switched to reading romance books to give me a different genre of topic and that s what I seem to be enjoying the most at the moment So if your a crime lover and thinking of reading Twisted by Hannah Jayne, read other reviews and make your own decisions, don t go by review. When Her Father Is Accused Of Being A Serial Killer, Bex Becomes The Ultimate Bait In This Game Of Cat And MouseBex Is Ready To Start A New Life In Foster Care There, She Won T Be Known As A Serial Killer S Daughter Though Her Father Was Never Tried For The Murders Attributed To The Wife Collector, He Disappeared After Questioning And Bex Struggles With The Guilt That She Provided The Circumstantial Evidence That Convicted Him In The Public S Perception And Drove Him To Abandon HerBut When A Body Turns Up In Her New Hometown, All Signs Point To The Wife Collector Bex S Old Life Isn T Ready To Let Her Go The Police Want To Use Bex To Lure In Her Father But Is She Baiting A Serial Killer Or Endangering An Innocent Man When Beth was seven, her father was accused of murder and became known as the Wife Collector as he murdered potential mothers for his daughter and then cut off their ring fingers Before he could be found guilty of the crimes, he escaped and went into hiding Beth s dad had always claimed that he was innocent and had been set up by someone with the means and opportunity Years later Beth is now a teenager and has finally found a great home in Kill Devil Hills She has also scrubbed her past clean and changed her name to Bec Andrews No longer will she be associated with her dad s crimes, she can start fresh with her new foster family who loves and cares for her Things start to settle well until tragedy strikes, and a girl is found murdered Strange things start occurring, and Bec wonders if her dad has resurfaced especially when clues and items from her past start to show up around town When detectives from Bec s past show up, will she help them lure her father out or does she want the past to stay in the past I enjoyed this read as I love serial killer type novels especially when it involves family members and the repercussions The one part that I had hoped for in Twisted was that they had gone deeper into finding out the truth about what happened to Bec s mother as she had minor flashbacks but it was left open ended to whether she had been murdered by her husband Bec s father or not If you love your mysteries and thrillers, then check out Twisted by Hannah Jayne as you will not be disappointed I also have to admit I did smile when I read the town this book was based in Kill Devil Hills as I have read a series prior with the same name which surrounded the small beach town.

Hannah is the author of the UNDERWORLD DETECTION AGENCY CHRONICLES from Kensington books and the upcoming young adult thrillers TRULY, MADLY, DEADLY and SEE JANE RUN available from Sourcebooks, Inc When she s not battling the demons of the Underworld or tackling a murderer at Hawthorne High, Jayne kicks her feet up in her San Francisco bay area home and attempts to share couch space with two enor

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