The Hostages Daughter

The Hostages Daughter I m sure I would have rated it higher if I had a better understanding of the Middle East and it s history, but most of it went over my head that s on me, not the author It s very well written and researched and there s an audience for it somewhere Even though I skipped through a lot of the political stuff, I did enjoy the human relationships described and the effects the events had on those humans. Very interesting and painful inside look into the lives of a hostage s daughter after the Cameras are gone I had the privilege of interviewing the author Will post the interview here later UPDATE.Here is a link to my interview with author Sulome Anderson.http en radio shows In This Gripping Blend Of Reportage, Memoir, And Analysis, A Journalist And Daughter Of One Of The World S Most Famous Hostages, Terry Anderson, Takes An Intimate Look At Her Father S Captivity During The Lebanese Hostage Crisis And The Ensuing Political Firestorm On Both Her Family And The United States As Well As The Far Reaching Implications Of Those Events On Middle Eastern Politics TodayIn , Seven Year Old Sulome Anderson Met Her Father, Terry, For The First Time While Working As The Middle East Bureau Chief For The Associated Press Covering The Long And Bloody Civil War In Lebanon, Terry Had Been Kidnapped In Beirut And Held For Than Six Years By A Shiite Muslim Militia Associated By Most With The Hezbollah MovementAs The Nation Celebrated, The Media Captured A Smiling Anderson Family Joyously Reunited But The Truth Was Far Darker Plagued By PTSD, Terry Was A Moody, Aloof, And Distant Figure To The Young Daughter Who Had Long Dreamed Of His Return And While She Smiled For The Cameras All The Same, She Absorbed His Trauma As Her OwnYears Later, After Long Battles With Drug Abuse And Mental Illness, Sulome Would Travel To The Middle East As A Reporter, Seeking To Understand Her Father, The Men Who Had Kidnapped Him, And Ultimately, Herself What She Discovered Was Shocking Not Just About Terry, But About The International Political Machinations That Occurred During The Years Of His CaptivityThe Hostage S Daughter Is An Intimate Look At The Effect Of The Lebanese Hostage Crisis On Anderson S Family, The United States, And The Middle East Today Sulome Tells Moving Stories From Her Experiences As A Reporter In The Region And Challenges Our Understanding Of Global Politics, The Forces That Spawn Terrorism And Especially Lebanon, The Beautiful, Devastated, And Vitally Important Country She Came To Love Powerful And Eye Opening The Hostage S Daughter Is Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In International Relations, This Violent, Haunted Region, And America S Role In Its Fate Terry Anderson was taken hostage in Lebanon before his daughter, Sulome Anderson, was born She was a seven year old little girl before she met him, when he was released by his captors, in 1991 The Hostage s Daughter tells the story of her childhood, her reunion with her father, her search to learn who kidnapped him and why, and finally of her making peace with him and herself This book also gives the reader a better understanding of the conflicts and the complex political climate in the Middle East.The honesty in this book brought me to tears many times It is a story of real courage in so many ways A great read. This well written page turner by the daughter of one of the many Westerners kidnapped in Lebanon at one point gives insight into the Middle East, political kidnapping, and mental health If you re interested in the Middle East, like a good personal story, or are interested in journalism I highly recommend the book In spite of the fact that it focuses on a story that was well xcovered in the news at one point, there are twists and turns and surprises. In March 1985, American journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped in Beirut His daughter Sulome, born in June of the same year, did not meet her father until his release six years later Part investigative journalism, part memoir, this book follows Sulome s investigation of the Lebanese Hostage Crisis through numerous interviews both in the US and in the Middle East, interspersed with brutally honest passages about how her father s experiences influenced her childhood and adolescense as well as her struggles with drug addiction and mental illness and the decision to eventually follow in her father s footsteps as a reporter in the Middle East It s not an obvious concept, and perhaps it shouldn t work as well as it did, but I at least found both parts of the book equally gripping. This was the first book in a while where my reaction once I started was Keep reading, sleep later It hooked me right away, and I finished in two days Sulome Anderson delivers an expert understanding of the complicated political forces that shape the Levant region and beyond, if you want to include Iran and the United States , while also connecting the big picture of Hezbollah, the Israel Palestine conflict, and regional global powers influences on events, to her personal story of her father s abduction and the aftermath People might criticize Anderson s turning the spotlight on herself and her family as a cheap gimmick, but I believes it serves an important part in one of her book s main themes the human angle that often gets lost when chronicling events from the 30,000 feet perspective In particular, Anderson emphasizes the cost of violence to those who endure it, those who report on it, and those who inflict it I highly recommend The Hostage s Daughter to anyone trying to gain a better understanding of why Lebanon was so important in the 1980s as well as today interwoven with the story of someone whose life was profoundly shaped by events that transpired there. Sulome s search to uncover the truth and all aspects surrounding her father s abduction leads to a rather fascinating tale and the ensuing fallout of a person who was help as a hostage for 7 years As a journalist the author has gone far beyond a brief insight into uncovering the truth and in the end comes face to face with one of the terrorists responsible for holding her father However the story also investigates various political motivations behind what may have initiated the terrorist organisations, the personal fallout the author suffered from her father s abduction as well as covering her own memoirs its a fascinating read that highlights some interesting history behind some highly wartorn regions of the world. This is a very interesting read,for the journalism, in my opinion, than the memoir though these elements are seamlessly interwoven I tend to likereflective memoirs But the parts of this book that are investigative Sulome Anderson trying to get adetailed, deeper story not to mention truth of her father s kidnapping are riveting It took a lot of courage to write this book Anderson puts a lot on the line in terms of her personal safety and her willingness to look at her past and the history that shapes her relationship with her father, an enormous force in her life I hear the movie rights have been sold I can see how this would make a great movie as long as it doesn t go Homeland on us This is a raw, honest brave memoir, I m really impressed by this young woman s personal courage and transparency I was drawn to read this because I loved Brian Keenan s An Evil Cradling , but this woman is something else The writing is fresh, unpretentious and accessible, considering how complex and harrowing her subject matter is, she seems to have found just the right tone and balance.

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