Bait (Hunter & Prey, #2)

Bait (Hunter & Prey, #2) 5 TWISTED, SERIOUSLY F UP STARS This is one of the most darkly wrtten twisted messed up love stories I have ever read Seriously, every single character in this book and its predecessor are f cked up, andthan one might be certifiably insane yet, I loved every second of it What does that say about me lolSo, Penelope is back in the sequel to Hunter and Prey and is out for revenge against Darren However, this revenge is not merely because he attempted to off her in the first book, no, it s because he s replaced her with what appears to be a soon to be new addition to his doll collection That s right she s jealous that Darren has a new girl on his arm So, she is out to save this girl not because she actually gives a damn about her but because the idea of being replaced by someone so inferior to Penelope herself, is making Penelope furious You know, usually characters like this would drive me up the wall, but for all her fury or, if you want to call it jealousy, Penelope still isn t petty in her feelings of rage towards Darren and, I don t know if I can completely blame her for still feeling love towards him.because whispers this next part I kind of still found him attractive despite his creepy psychopathic tendencies During the scenes where Darren and Penelope interacted, I was always on the edge of my seat wondering who was going to come out on top and, yet, there was still a very special intimacy between them despite their terrifying past and the fact that there is always a very strong possibility that Darren is going to permanently silence Penelope forever Don t get me wrong Their relationship is definitely not a healthy one Their feelings towards each other can be majorly described in the following 2 GIFs However, there still is still definitely feelings of love there between the two characters you just got to go into these books knowing that the love story isn t going to be a typical one The sequel, like the first story, was full of twists and turns in its plot, making it a very suspenseful read Like the first book, you don t always know exactly what Darren s motives are Likewise, Penelope s feelings towards him put you and her both on an emotional roller coaster ride throughout the book since she isn t always sure exactly what her feelings are towards her ex lover.However, rather than feeling like you re suffering from whiplash which I often find myself feeling in stories where characters can t make up their minds about their feelings , you, too, are kind of finding yourself going back and forth on feelings towards Darren since you never know exactly what he s thinking and if he can be trusted.Overall, this book was great 1 It had a plot that kept me reading the entire day when I should have really been finishing my grad school homework 2 The characters, while seriously messed up, are all unique, complex, layered, and strong in their own right.3 Lastly, what I loved most about this book was the fact that characters stayed true to who they were in their thoughts and actions I love that both Penelope and Darren are unapologetic in who they are as individuals I ve read books in the past with similar dark themes where the heroines completely act out of character and forgive the anti heroes of all their past sins, and I can t stand it when this happens when these females are emotionally stable and not messed up like their love interests I mean, lets be real here, if what happened to Penelope happened to me, I would probably not be viewing the Darren situation in the same light however, I m not a jaded prostitute whose psyche and view of the world has been majorly altered, so of course, I m not going to react to situations in the same way as her That said, I felt that the book was a realistic portrayal given who the characters were at the cores of their personalities which I greatly appreciated I can t stand when characters act out of character just so the author can create a cookie cutter happily ever after that will appease the masses Take a risk and write the story the way it is actually meant to be rather than making your characters into different people And to think, Hunter and Prey started as Twilight fanfic I don t mean for this to sound like an insult because there are great fanfics out there written by fabulous writers some of which are even better than published writers However, I rarely find P2P stories that have writing of this calibre that completely stand on their own away from their original source material To quote a certain someone from Bait, I m so f cking proud of you you wonderful story you. I wish I could give this bookstars Holy crap This book was intense from page one I don t feel like there s anything I can say that won t give this book away butPENELOPE DARREN ADAM HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THAT COME FROM This book is an absolutely page turner and let s be honest it s dark It s one of the darker books I ve read but man it is DELICIOUS If you don t like dark and you don t like dirty and you don t like sex then this is not a book for you It s seriously a page turner that I did NOT see coming.God bless you, Kira Barker Bait was worth every moment of the wait. DIDN T SEE THAT COMING WOW That s the only way to describe Bait The twists and turns have you second guessing everything you thought you knew from Hunter Prey There s a thin line between sane and insanity, but who s to say where that line is That s what Penelope needs to figure out Does she follow her current plan, to bring down Darren or does she create a new one Is there a chance she can walk away or will she meet her demise once Darren finds out she s back Can she save his new eye candy or will she too join his collection of dolls These are questions I thought I knew the answers to Boy was I wrong But I loved being wrong in this case I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Even then, I was surprisingly shocked at where Kira went with this story I still couldn t get enough I wish there wasto come, but this was an absolutely perfect ending for Penelope and Darren This book was super different to the first one with the playing field being totally overturned from what I knew from the first book but I still really enjoyed it and maybe even loved itthan the first It s sad that there are only two books because I love the author s writing and the story is fantastic but it was all wrapped up well so it was a great ending even if I m hopeful forBait is different to what you ve read before because when someone turns dark or does something evil the other usually run for the hills and does everything they can to stay away from them However, I was very impressed to see this book take a turn with Penelope actively pursuing the villain after the events of the first book It was dark and so twisted and it was just what I always want this type of thriller books to be This book was a dream come true for my reading style and I ll definitely be re reading this duo in the future. None Of Us Is Immune To That Poison Love Really Is If Your Case Is Already Terminal, Why Not Make The Best Of It After Spending Six Months In Hiding, Penelope Thompson Is Back And She S Out For Blood Haunted By Her Memories, She Is Driven By One Thing Only To Make Darren Hunter Pay For What He Did To Her Upon Her Return To Chicago, She Has To Face The Facts Plotting Revenge Is A Lot Harder Than She Expected Darren Has Been Busy In The Meantime Recovering From His Rafting Accident And Finding Himself Some New Eye Candy For His Arm Make Penelope Guess That He S Back To Playing The Same Old Games As Before With The Help Of Her Contacts, She Now Has A Clear Goal Save The Girl Before It S Too Late And Get Her Hands On Concrete Evidence But The Stakes Are High, And She Knows That Her Task Isn T Easy, Particularly When It S Not Clear Who Is The Hunter And Who Is The Prey The Entire Two Book Series Is Out Now BookHunter Prey BookBait So many twists So many insights as we dig further into each character A good actor, I believe, is one that can make you hate their character so much it is all consuming and then switch to make you feel compassion or go as far as cheer them on as the hero in a certain scene or scenario But now I understand it all stems from a talented writer s ingenuity I felt things towards each character that I never thought I would feel A full spectrum of emotions for each character I don t believe I have ever had that to this degree and with this kind of precision from any other book yet that I have read Just wait this will open your eyes into the world of smoke and mirrors. Absolutely brilliant This sequel didn t just meet my expectations but went by far beyond them It was simply freaking brilliant The twisted plot had plenty or surprises,dead bodies than I expected, but I especially loved how Kira described the mentality of a whore, a man who loved them and how obsession can fullfil somebody s entire mind Kira has always been great in describing psychological turmoil and the dark side of people and here in Bait she was doing what she s best at. Woow just WOOOW The story of Penelope and Darren continues amazing, fan fucking tastic series duology What a turns and twists I absolutely LOVED it Note before you read this book, you must read Hunter Prey I don t know what else to say about this book than just READ IT Both books arethan 5 star reads for me Het verhaal gaat verder en HOE Ge wel dig I m stunned and disappointed at how this ended I can t saywithout spoiling it, except to say the turn it took wasn t at all what I expected A third book called The Cull was purportedly in the works and now this story ends rather abruptly and, in my opinion, not satisfactorily Sorry Kira, but that is how I feel. Worth the waitI love a good twisted plot and this series definitely has that I find in a lot of series that they can lose their cluster after the first book, they become predictable and boring.This was just as messed up as the first, and I loved it I was hooked and polished it off in a day.And what I loved the most was that the bad guys won.

Kira Barker has always enjoyed telling stories It has kept her sane through high school and college, and has become a true passion since A geek gamer girl herself, she feels at home reading sci fi and fantasy as much as writing romance She likes her plots gritty, her smut realistic, and doesn t mind getting her hands dirty when it comes to research When she s not writing, she loves annoying he

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