In Pursuit : Of Happiness and Good Government

In Pursuit : Of Happiness and Good GovernmentInteresting read, about how happiness can influence policy, but I think Dr Murray was out of touch both then and now about what affects real people other than himself. For than just monetary reasons, it s best if the government steps down and communities step up when it comes to solving social problems The government s job shouldn t be to social engineer our lives, it should be to remove the impediments to us pursuing our own happiness with self esteem respect, responsibility, effort, etc. I had issues with the upside down triangle of opportunity. I first read this classic of libertarian thought about 20 years ago, and I m glad I pulled it back off the shelf and re read it I find Murray s analysis to be fascinating because he has not aligned himself with a cause or even with Left or Right positions He simply goes back to the basics about what government is for and what accomplishes those goals It s easy to lose sight of these principles in the murky world of day to day politics.Reminding the reader that a legitimate goal of gov t is to allow the individual to pursue happiness seems a weird place for an analysis to begin, but it ends up being central to his understanding I love the way he takes complicated issues and views them from the perspective of one individual s needs For a social scientist to move beyond the numbers and look at the individual is refreshing.The book starts a little dry and abstract, but it becomes increasingly exciting as he moves to thought experiments and applications I ve never read any author who better explained the likelihood of unintended consequences of broad social programs better than he The free market has its invisible hand, but gov t programs have an invisible foot that constantly frustrates the plans of social engineers.I go away from the book wondering just how much fulfilling life would be if we all retained the responsibility of doing those most important and difficult and satisfying things in life without the interference of the Generous Outside Agency GOA Our policy debates are now so far from this perspective that one feels a bit of despair at the end of the book But a return to Jeffersonian ideals wouldn t be the strangest thing that ever happened in our society I recommend the book to anyone on the left or right who has a concern for the general welfare and has an open mind. This was the third book I had to read to review for Tony Litherland s Into to Poli Sci class See my seven page book review for my thoughts, By focusing on happiness Murray shows that so many of the social programs that purport to do good actually do harm, by isolating individuals and destroying communities that income transfer is a net detriment, and that communities of free people unimpeded by government except to prevent force and fraud would be far closer to utopia than the failed welfare state. A Modern Classic Back In Print And Available Again Originally Published In , This Book Draws On Advances In Psychology And Sociology To Explore The Fundamental Questions Of What Is Meant By Success Rich In Fascinating Case Studies Line Drawings, Graphs And Tables

Charles Alan Murray is an American libertarian conservative political scientist, author, and columnist His book Losing Ground American Social Policy 1950 1980 1984 , which discussed the American welfare system, was widely read and discussed, and influenced subsequent government policy He became well known for his controversial book The Bell Curve 1994 , written with Richard Herrnstein, in whi

[BOOKS] ✮ In Pursuit : Of Happiness and Good Government By Charles Murray –
  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • In Pursuit : Of Happiness and Good Government
  • Charles Murray
  • English
  • 10 September 2018
  • 9781558152977

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