Whippersnapper Tellumo Magnamater Is A Fresh Out Of College, First Year English Teacher At Salt Lick County High School In Kentucky He Rides The Bus To And From Work, And Every Day He Walks To The Gym Behind His Small Efficiency Apartment To Exercise Perhaps Because Of Being Raised By Two Lesbians, Tellumo Is Attracted To Older Men He Sets His Sights On Fifty Something Available Bachelor Oliver Crumbly But Tellumo Isn T The Only Resident Interested In OliverPeggy Tucker, A Widow Approaching Her Sixtieth Birthday, Is Determined To Marry Again, And She Thinks Oliver Is Her Perfect Match Despite Tellumo And Peggy Striking Up A Friendship At The Gym, Neither Realizes They Are Interested In The Same Man But The Joke Might Be On Both Of Them Oliver, A Retired History Teacher, Is The Original Crotchety Old Man Who Hates Everything And Everybody Especially Young People

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  • 220 pages
  • Whippersnapper
  • Michael Rupured
  • English
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9781613729403

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    Wow.Okay I tried Um DNF at 26% This read so odd Really odd and while the title made me do a Scooby Doo head tilt, the word whippersnapper is used to describe the younger MC not as joke but seriously and that s outta my comfort zone it ain t my jam, baby First there are three POV s Oliver, Tellumo and Peggy Yeah, Peggy gets a POV and before you think I don t want vaginas in my book, it s not about that at all I m fine with the female anatomy, I have it myself shocking as that may be and it does not squick me out But back to the POV of Peggy, she did nothing for me I thought maybe she would be endearing but she was kinda messy and icky for me in a few ways I wanted her to be of Rose from Golden Girls but nope She was just, weird Oliver is a grumpy AF old man and while his actual age isn t that far off from my own age, he READ SO OLD Like really old and thinking of him in any sort of romantic way with Tellumo squicked me out hard core I don t do geriatric sex It s not my kink though I applaud the older folks who still get down and dirty Tellumo, I liked him Would have liked him if he wasn t in this book that had way too many intimate details about bladders being emptied, fiber making older men regular and being woken up to take care of the fiber issue and a young mans neglected cock being compared to offspring and child protective services being called shudders Yeah TULIP I m safing out of this one.

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    I m giving this book four stars because it had the balls to be different It is character driven, which I like, and I also like the small town mentality that echoes through the story, which is well written Not a lot happens during the course of the story, but I did end up understanding the three main characters, Tellumo, who I liked, Peggy, who I felt sorry for, and Oliver who I understood completely since I m a crotchety old man and a lousy cook just like he is I also understood Oliver s amazement at his survival of the AIDS years That never ceases to amaze me too I m sorry the author didn t spice up the book with a little heat now and then, or at least a bit sexual tension The story really cries out for it But other than that, WHIPPERSNAPPER was an enjoyable read for a lazy afternoon.

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    Awww, the ending made me cry This is a difficult book to rate explain It is CLEARLY a work of love, and hugely labor intensive The easiest way I can think of to explain this is that you shouldn t go into it looking for a quick read about Oliver and Tellumo The cover itself is misleading in a way This is really an ensemble piece Oliver Mo , Peggy love interest , Oliver, best friend , Mo, best friend , Peggy, church friends , Peggy, hairdresser Get the idea It s not a quick, straightforward read Oliver and Mo don t even actually meet or speak to each other until about 27% into the book This can be frustrating for those who picked this up strictly looking to read an M M romance eg Mo and Oliver meet and share a moment but then both their best friends came to visit for a weekend Ugh I mean, once they got there you enjoyed them, but at the time I wanted them to stay away The story is told in three POV s Tellumo s, Oliver s and Peggy s I enjoyed their stories, and actually found this to be one of the realistic books I ve read on older people dating I especially loved how Peggy dealt with her challenges did Oliver ever get a smart phone Learn to catalogue on a pc Having said that, I found parts of the book overly detailed and I had to skim It was long in parts where it could have been short, and short where it really needed to be long For eg for such a long book, at the end we re left really early in Oliver and Mo s relationship, with almost no incidents of them doing stuff as a couple We don t even get a sex scene with them, just kissing and fade to blacks I m not saying this to complain about the lack of sex, since the book is very good without it, just to let you know what to expect In many ways, this feels like a Book 1 of a series, though I also like it for what it is as a stand alone.Oliver and Mo are lovely together, and I would have liked to see interaction between them Some mild D s is hinted at but never really explored not a bad thing, but would have liked to see a smidgeon Would LOVE to read Giorgio Derrious story All in all a good read, a commendable effort Just manage your expectations, and read this when you re in the mood for something that requires a little patience.

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    From the blurb, you get the idea Tellumo is interested in Oliver, Peggy is interested in Oliver, Oliver is kind of a misanthrope and doesn t want to get involved with either he s too old for Tellumo and too gay for Peggy What the blurb doesn t tell you is that Tellumo ends up really good friends with Peggy and we get a really in depth view of her life so she is no evil female out to ruin the romance between our MCs In fact, I d say the book is equally divided into thirds Peggy, Oliver and Tellumo each share a third of the book.Oliver has other issues in his life a dying friend, his own fear of mortality, his own past relationship demons.Tellumo is like a breath of fresh air to both Peggy and Oliver offering his youth and open heart to help them heal.Peggy has her own issues and secrets, wants and desires and they don t all stem around Oliver.In a nutshell this book is NOTHING like I thought it would be There is NO on page sex, the couple doesn t even get together until 80% in, most of the story is simply the telling of the lives of our characters and slowly introducing them to one another which doesn t happen until 60 % in or so.If you re interested in a look into the lives of 3 interesting people, each of whom has something invested in the other in one way or another, and like that several of the characters are gay Tellumo has 2 mothers then this is the story for you.If you re looking for a traditional boy meets boy romance this is not that book.The writing is excellent and the stories are compelling but I m not sure I d really call this a romance although it is clearly a portion of this book.As a result of the unique flavor of the book I m having a hard time rating it so I won t I ll give it high marks for writing and leave it at that.

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    Hello all Welcome to another Recent Reads This weekend I had the pleasure of reading a pre release copy of Whippersnapper by Michael Rupured This story was a real treat for me Aside the fact this was my first May December romance, it s also not your typical gay romance We follow the heartwarming story of three very different, very fascinating characters as they enter each other s lives, drawn to each other as if by fate Yet despite their differences, they share one thing in common wanting to find love.This isn t your typical boy meets boy, boy beds boy, boy falls in love with boy story We get three POVs Tellumo s, Oliver s, and Peggy s Peggy was such a fun character to read I hadn t expected to love her as much as I did She made me laugh, pulled at my heart strings, made me teary eyed, and I found myself rooting for her Her growth as a character was wonderful Oliver is certainly crotchety, but his rants had me snickering and laughing out loud The call to the cable company Oh, that was just perfect I felt Oliver s pain on that one I loved getting to know the real Oliver, and there was than one heartbreaking moment Tellumo is smart, sweet, and just what Oliver needs.This book is about love in many forms The love we find in family, friends, and romantic relationships, along with the bonds we form How no matter our age, or our differences, love feeds the soul It s a realistic story of heartache, warm moments, and life s funny little coincidences I really enjoyed Whippersnapper, even if it did have me craving yeast rolls, cinnamon buns, and a host of other delectable treats.3 Happy Reading

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    I loved this book I loved the characters, the story, the way its written And to think it was a close call I had never picked it up at all If it hadn t been for a blogpost a while back when I first took notice about Whippersnapper it would never have made it onto my book wishlist, and even there I kept neglecting it for another while Why Because I had never read anything by Michael Rupured before though I have eyed his holiday books than once and because this book has such an unappealing cover As I said, if it hadn t been for that blogpost I never would have come close to picking it up, which would have been a huge loss on my part, because this book is the best I ve read in a long time.It s told in three alternating points of view, Tellumo, Oliver and Peggy and I loved them all, which never ever happens because when a story has several point of view characters there s always one or two you prefer over the other s Both Oliver and Peggy are older Peggy is closer to sixty, and it s not often I read stories with female characters above the age of forty five, or even younger for that part It was a nice difference from characters I usually see in the books I read The romantic interests set up a May September relationship, and I enjoy those, and although this is a bit on the far end for me it happens in real life too.It was a laugh out loud funny story on several occasions for me Turning this into a real feel good read, and at times we all need that sort of story Though on a couple of occasions I was on the verge to tears as well, thankfully they didn t last and when I finished the book I did so with a happy grin on my face.And Rupured s way of writing worked so well for me The multiple points of view you often see the two alternating views in romance but rarely three, for me it worked very well, along with a nice language flow, which when you encounter it always makes for a nice read.So I am very happy I overlooked the awful cover, and discovered a new to me author.

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    Tellumo has just moved to a new, small town in Kentucky He is throwing himself into work ad worried he isn t doing well enough The only recreation he has is the gym after school, and occasional visits from his best friend, Melody Raised by two moms he credits that for his affinity for older men He has his eye on one in the Gym, but the Sliver Fox seems to avoid him.Tellumo befriends a sweet older woman he met in the gym little does he know she is trying to get the attention of the same man.Oliver has decided five bad relationships are enough and is trying to enjoy his retirement He is the epitome of a crotchety older man fussing and griping about everyone and everything The thing that bothers him the most is the younger generation always on their fancy phones This story was a laugh a minute It is also one you need to make time to read in one sitting because you won t want to put it down Whippersnapper is a character driven story about three people, Tellumo, Peggy, and Oliver You get a well written story about how these three meet, how their lives intertwine and a lot of surprises along the way It is a feel good story with no sexual content and lots of laughs I laughed so much my hubby must ve thought I was nuts.Though it s not exactly a romance towards the end there is a little bit of romance I highly recommend this story.If you like funny stories with lots of interesting characters, unique main characters, humor with a touch of romance, you will love this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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    2.5 starsThat moment again when I feel like the only one that just didn t get it I wanted to love this book and I deeply appreciated the message about embracing love in its many forms but I like my stories to focus mainly on the MC s I don t mind strong supporting characters, I love them but their storyline shouldn t overshadow that of the main characters especially if it s not really contributing to the MC s relationship Who s this story supposed to be about precisely The MC s Tellumo and Oliver , came across as caricatures of May December couples who are at different crossroads in life Both characters lacked depth It s like the story never made the leap beyond the young fit hottie and the grumpy old man The relationship is superficial, it doesn t go beyond the initial attraction where each character grow into loving each other despite the age gap and life experiences I just didn t see the connection and ultimately didn t buy their relationship Though Peggy is awesome, I think less time should have been spent on her and should have been spent building Tellumo and Oliver s relationship.

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    3.5 This is not what I would call a romance It is actually a slice of life for three characters with very little romance included, though by the end we have high hopes that our 3 mc s will find romantic happiness There were LOL moments and some truly heartbreaking moments, but you should not read this expecting action of any kind But when all was said and done I enjoyed the story

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