Crash (Crash #1)

Crash (Crash #1) 5 Stars This book was super cute It was sexy, sweet, fun, and had a fun storyline that will make you laugh and keep you on your toes These two ladies are brand new to me and ones I will be looking for of them in the future This book is a standalone but definitely look forward to the next book I love a book that can make me giggle and blush along the way only to give me a beautiful romance I fell in love with the witty banter, supporting characters and the dating that Charli and Logan did throughout their story While this was a fast read, it left me full of smiles and satisfied.This is Charli and Logan s story Charli is a young, quirky girl trying to achieve her dreams She has been burned by love so she is hesitant for She is a waitress with a close group of friends But one night and customer change everything Logan is totally opposite of her in every way.Enter Logan He is a smart lawyer trying to live the good life and find stability He has a group of friends who have been there for him so he overlooks serious faults and over all serious shadiness While he may not be totally happy, he is satisfied But one funky girl is gonna change that.Charli and Logan literally crash into each other s lives in the most unexpected way Logan finds himself drawn to her no matter who he thinks he should be with And Charli is smitten with Logan and finds herself wanting with him, even if he has crappy friends But there is always a but.Can these two work past the differences Can Logan let free a little and just live like he should, not the way he feels he should Can Charli overlook her own insecurities to find her happy ending These two hit a few bumps along the way but in the end, it all worked out just like it should have.I cannot wait for the next book in this well I am guessing a series Oh man what a way to leave us hanging with that last line and shocking us but in such a good way.I highly recommend this book.Blog Tour Charli Has A Plan For Her Life It Does Not Include The Hot Guy At Table Four This Is The First Time She S Seen Him At The Crash, The Bar Where She Works Most Evenings From The Moment He Arrives With His Power Suit, Condescending Friends, And Unnerving Stare, He S Hijacked Her Thoughts It Doesn T Help That He Keeps Finding Ways To Insinuate Himself Into Her Life Logan Has A Plan For His Life It Does Not Include The Quirky Little Waitress At The New Bar His Friends Discovered He Has A Lot Of Obligations And Very Little Time If He Needs A Female Distraction Once In Awhile, She Isn T The Type Of Woman He Normally Looks To Despite All Of This, She Has Become What He Wants Most Of All Working To Overcome All The Things Threatening To Separate Them Won T Be Easy Can They Find A Way To Meet In The Middle If It Holds The Promise Of Happily Ever After This Novel Is Book One In A Series Of Three, But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Also It S A New Adult Fiction With Adult Humor And Recommended For I really wasn t sure what to expect with this story, but OMG what a gem Crash completely blew away any of my expectations and I LOVED it Charli has a very structured plan for her life, and that doesn t include men The first time she comes face to face with Logan at the bar she works at, she can t get him out of her head And he keeps showing up Logan also has a plan for his life, which doesn t include the cute waitress that he can t get out of his head But the instant connection they have keeps him coming back for With all the obstacles in front of them, will they meet in the middle or crash and burn WOW I can t say enough how much this book surprised me in the best way possible The character development is great, with amazing secondaries that absolutely need their own stories A fast paced, hilarious, and well written story line flows smoothly Well placed humor throughout had me rolling, spitting out my drink at times, and my stomach hurting by the time I was finished Logan and Charli had great chemistry that came out of my kindle, leading to some SMOKIN sexy goodness I physically felt the pain from the characters, and add in a couple of twists to round out this fantastic story completely Cannot wait to read from these authors in the future, and I happily HIGHLY RECOMMEND Very fun book The things that come out of Liv and Charli s mouths are fantastically hilarious Fortunately, for Charlie s sake, it is just the perfect amount of insanity that makes Logan fall for her The romance is also fun Logan and Charli s work schedules make it difficult to do the traditional dating rituals, which lead to g0 cart racing and trips to the zoo Their inability to behave appropriately in a family friendly environment is absolutely entertaining While I m all about the HEA, I even liked the author s heart break moments The malicious characters act according to character and not in an over the top ridiculous fiction kind of way They both act with an appropriate amount of deceptiveness and bitchiness Finally, I liked the happily ever after because despite their major differences it was a shared belief in what is important that brings them together Couples don t need to like all the same things they don t need to like to eat at the same types of restaurants Core beliefs are a must in a relationship The authors don t brow beat the reader with this message, but rather subtly pose the importance of volunteering. 5 starI was pulled right into this story The story flowed so well I could not tell when the authors switching in the story This is the first book I have read from either of these authors The story has laughs and heartbreak This is Charli and Logan s story Charli is a waitress One night a customer will change everything she thought she knew and wanted Logan is a lawyer What happens when opposites attract Will they be able to overcome the differences they have Is either of them really living a full life Can these two figure out what they want with the obstacles in the way Can they overcome the past and work toward a future together Will Charli finally get her happy ending Or is she in for a big disappointment I loved these characters and also the side characters I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read I highly recommend this book. Want a hilariously funny romantic comedy Then look no further than Brandon and Bell s debut novel Crash Crash is the story of a cheeky waitress author named Charli and her polar opposite Logan, a lawyer Each with their own set of funny friends and outlooks on life, these two fall hard and fast for each other unable to keep their hands off each other even in the most inappropriate of places This book is romantic comedy that lacks the cheese and campy romance that you find in a whole lot of rom com books, but delivers a relatable story that is down to earth and hard to step away from I loved the characters within this book Not only did Brandon and Bell give us two wonderful leading characters, but also some amazing side characters that have you laughing out loud as your read Their friendships with Charli and Logan give you so much depth to the story I am excited to see what these two will bring in their next book Hilarious romantic charmingly sweet This book is highly entertaining, funny, steamy, has an interesting but highly addictive choice of dialogue and leaves you wanting I hate any type of spoiler, so I won t bore you with a ton of details that you can just read in the book s description hint, hint for some of you that just love to ruin books for others Just know that this book is worth your time and highly recommended It literally captures your attention from start to finish You won t regret reading it Enjoy I m in the mood for easy and sweet and this hit the spot Yes there was drama and yes I wanted to kill Logan but Charli drove me insane that he did I loved the secondaries, I love it when they are a big part of the story and this was true to this book Ugh his coworkers aaaggghhh Overall I really enjoyed this book, it was easy, simple, sweet, funny The banter was good and there was the right amount of drama to really keep you interested I can t wait to see what happens next especially with that ending CrashI have to say that this book was completely adorable and hilarious I loved how this book took two characters and went through their ups and downs and everything in between The way the author set up this book and the characters makes it really easy to understand and get to know the different point of views presented in the novel I actually liked how the author presented the book through both Charli and Logan s perspective because it allowed me, as the reader, to get an idea of what both characters were going through while still retaining some of the secrecy throughout the plot.The hilarity value of this book is huge I love to read novels that entertain and this one definitely doesn t disappoint The authors did a great job of creating moments of hilarity in the perfect place so that there was a great mixture of drama and humor to create a perfect combination I seriously want to know where the authors came up with some of their scenes because I literally can t imagine creating something so funny Charli was a great character because she knew who she was and what she wanted from her life yet still had a vulnerability that made her seem human instead of the perfect heroine This was really important in this novel because of the social positions of the characters created this uncertainty within their relationship and Charli being both confident and vulnerable really worked out well with the plot and the way the authors went with the book.Logan is presented as a character who is trying to prove to himself that he is than the boy who grew up with less than everyone around him This need to prove himself plays a major part in the book and I loved seeing him react to Charli who is going after his dream compared to himself who is doing the job which makes him the most money Seriously I found Logan and Charli to be a super adorable couple and I am really hoping for another book for either them or those around them Overall this book was super adorable and hilarious with just enough drama to keep me interested I can t wait to read by these authors as obviously working together does amazing things for their novels. This is a highly entertaining and enjoyable read You will love the characters in it as they are hilarious with their antics and witty banter I loved the storyline of this book and I wanted to smack Logan upside the head for being so dense at times I understood partly why he makes the choices he does but at the same time if I was Charli I would be upset as well.You have Charli who works at a bar and is currently writing a novel She isn t about making a ton of money in order to buy material things She just wants to enjoy what she is doing She has been burned before by a man who is rising the corporate ladder and is hesitant to be with Logan She feels that people in Logan and his friends position look down on her and it doesn t help when the night they meet his friends are rude to her Then you have Logan who is an attorney, he meets Charli at her work one night while out with his friends and really botches it with her He is drawn to her and even though she isn t his usual type he can t help himself Once with Charli he has a hard time understanding why Charli is so insecure and why she doesn t like his friends.What happens when Logan s coworkers set out to break them up at every turn Will they succeed in keeping Charli and Logan apart Will Logan finally see his friends for who they really are Who will Logan end up with, Charli or Victoria You will enjoy this book I cannot wait until I can get Liv s story, she is so funny and I can just imagine how entertaining that one will be as well.

A Southeast Texas girl that loves being a Mom and Wife Professional photographer with a lifelong love of reading and writing Deciding to start writing novels with her best friend Karen Bell has been one the greatest adventures ever and each day brings a new excitement.

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