Paper Girls, Vol. 1

Paper Girls, Vol. 1 LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY SO PLEASING, SO PROMISING.But agh.Mr Vaughan, I m afraid you ve set the bar way too high after Saga. While Paper Girls certainly stands out in the world of comics, with a vibrant spectacle of colours and rich atmosphere, it definitely isn t the best this man s got to offer.Other than lack of a smooth running plot, this story s fallout lay in its dialogue for me And by that I mean the fact that nearly 20% of it is either in a language we don t understand or some really bad ghetto Shakespeare I m sure there s a translation lurking about in the interwebs somewhere but it only serves to be supremely off putting when you re lost reading in the middle it.Back to the roughly handled plotline The story Great Not mind blowing, not whoa inducing, but still great It manages to capture the quick paced, compact structure every comic books needs to win an audience, but not without its stumbles along the way Too much infodump in too little time and what we re left with is confuddling chaos.As for the characters Meh That s all they made me feel and that s all I ve got to say about them Sure, there were two or three interesting turn of events thrown at us and some insanely lush artwork to boot too big hats off to Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson But in the end, these girls and this world seem just as flat as paper.Final rating 2.75 stars.P.S I m still trying to figure out what the symbolism with all the apples and eyes is aboutBook song Ain t No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant Update, 6 19 18 Once again, and maybe for the last time, re reading for my YA GN and Comics class with a focus on kick ass girls In this case, 4 of them, 12 years old, who are delivering papers in the Cleveland suburb of Stony Stream on All Saints Day the day after Halloween when revelers in costumes can still be seen roaming the streets among aliens in costumes And pterodactyls And monsters And time travel so you can meet your future self Too crazy, some Goodreads reviewers said, after this or the next volume I don t know what the hell is going on I say keep reading, relax, have fun This is a madcap and heartfelt homage to all things eighties, especially films such as ET and Peggy Sue Gets Married and Back to the Future My fourth reading, and now that I see what is coming, I like it even Update, June, 2017 I reread this once again for my summer class on YA comics with a focus on girls Having read the existing subsequent volumes, I like this crazy first volume even than I originally did June, 2016 I just read this for the first time in March 2016, and reread it again for my summer YA GN class One woman in class said she liked it better than Ms Marvel, Vol 1, G Willow Wilson version because the girls in this story swore Oh, they all swear in Vaughn novels, I said They do feel a bit real for that, I suppose The comic is edgier than Ms Marvel Kamala Khan , in some ways Kamala is wholesome and idealistic than the girls in Paper Girls., but they are all fun I liked reading it through better a second time, but I still want to know about what is going on I will eagerly read on as next issues comes out soon.Initial review, 3 16 I had read the floppies for much of this first volume, but was excited to read it all in one sitting Vaughn is a terrific writer of dialogue, clever, smart ass, and he loves to have at least a couple foul mouthed characters in the mix, and sure, they sound like a lot of Vaughn characters, but who cares, he is one of the best ever The feel of it is great The art by Chiang is awesome, capturing the eighties vibe, Vaughn all the way through peppers his text with fun eighties references and I am not an eighties guy, I m a sixties and seventies guy, but I appreciate the effort The neon colors are wonderful, by Matt Wilson You can see it, right, in the cover Since it largely takes place at night it is a little darker, of course, but still amazing, award worthy YA coloring.It s a YA text though some schools libraries may have trouble with some of the bad language, but Vaughn doesn t probably necessarily think of comics as something to be read IN school, at least not this one , featuring four Cleveland Vaughn is from Cleveland twelve year old Paper Girls younguns, they actually deliver papers in the wee hours of the morn, as I once did at that age, as most papers were delivered in those days They fit very well with Kamala Kahn Ms Marvel and other wonderful new kick ass girl comics in this amazing time for that They are not for me very distinct yet, there is very little actual character development, as this is the all out action first issue, so I expect we will slow down in volume 2 and get to know the girls a bit.The action is ET with kids on bicycles riding in the night at high speed, only all girls meets Stand By Me only, again, all girls , and this is for an older guy not so interesting, yet A little too crazy, a little too much, feels a little breathless on first read But shades of Buffy, too, in all the best ways Brian and Joss Whedon must have a grand old time socially A new century Algonqiuin Round Table look it up kids Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Alexander Woolcott, George S Kauffman , with all the crackling wit.Anyway, the action A lot happens and very little happens on this night of all nights it s all flash in the pan so far The girls proceed on this Halloween night of 1988 and meet three boys who are just sexist creeps, one of them in a Freddy Krueger costume, though bark than bite, really Sets up the real All Saints Day scare Three ninjas Then three aliens Four against three, balance against imbalance And pterodactyls And time travel, ala Back to the Future, sort of And the eighties refs have to keep a comin , Mask, walkie talkies instead of cell phones And in the middle of the apocalypse, one of them says, wait, you guys give out whole candy bars for Halloween What s up with that Steve Jobs and Apple come in here, though at this point it is Apple meets eighties walkie talkies.And for the YA crowd, the action has to be over the top, but you know, it s Halloween, it has to be breathless, running through the night is it an actual werewolf or a werewolf costume with everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them But no eek screaming girly stuff, they are tough and resourceful, of course, this is 2016 comics Girls rule This is my reason for four instead of five stars, or one of them, that all this pizzazz is happening, and we have no idea what is happening, and we don t really yet know much about the girls, it is all sort of whizzbang superficial in the early going But if I were inclined to give it three stars you have at least that for the dialogue and Chiang and color, c mon , I have to give it one extra star just because I know the intended audiences 1 younger folks, teens and 2 eighties folks who lived through 1988 will love it I liked it a lot for what it is and forgive it for what it is not yet Reads very breathlessly fast I totally trust Vaughn to make you feel deeply and laugh a lot and resolve this with some reference to politics in satisfying plot resolution. Popular Book, Paper Girls, Vol 1 By Brian K Vaughan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Paper Girls, Vol 1 , Essay By Brian K Vaughan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Heh I m a full on idiot I because reading the blurb is for losersthought that the title was some kind of catchy metaphorical shit Like, they were girls whose young emotions were as thin as paper Or instead of paper dolls they were paper girls You know, something along those lines.For some reason, it never occurred to me that this was about a bunch of girls with a paper route Probably because that one chick on the cover has a cigg dangling from her lips, making me think they were a tad older than your average kid on a bike tossing the Times at your porch But since we all knew that kid in middle school who was a little advanced than the rest of us, I should ve known better My bad.So They re actual Paper Girls.And now that that s out of the way, I feel I should tell you that this story doesn t have anything to do with their respective paper routes.Nope This is all about interdimensional time travel.Whoo hoo Or notdepending on how you feel about a middle school version of Dr Who.This seems to be a hit or miss title with my friends, and from what I can tell, it looks like most of the complaints center around all the sci fi whatthefuckery that happens with little to no explanation Plus, you ve gotta translate some of what this one person says I mean, the other guys sound normal, but the crazy chick that s hunting them down for unknown reasons Wez timetravlrs Goona kilz yunot a real quote, btwWithout any real reference point for some of this stuff, I can see how this volume might come across as too wonky and out there to enjoy So, for those of you who didn t care for this, I can totally see where you re coming from.But.And here s where being a full on idiot comes in handy I accidentally read the 2nd volume first, so I knew where everything was headed Ta da Can t nobody tell me being a moron don t have its advantagesOk, you see the tiny little 1 2 underneath the title on those two covers in the image below Well, I didn t I had both of them sitting on my kitchen table and just grabbed the one I thought was the 1st volume and headed out to the park with my girls And while they ran around getting wet in the splash pad and falling off of the top of the playground equipment, I read a very interesting graphic novel I mean, sure I thought it was odd that I was kinda plopped down into the middle of a story, but I assumed there would be a flashback at some point to explain Turns out there was a flashback sequenceit was called Paper Girls volume 1.What I m trying to say is that I had a distinct advantage going into this I already knew what some of the seemingly nonsense stuff was leading towards, so it didn t have me scratching my head the way it did some of my friends Even so, this volume didn t blow my mind I liked all the 80 s references and the timey wimey stuff, but Cliff Chang s art isn t really my jamwhispers Please don t hurt meplease don t hurt meplease don t hurt meHe s super talented I know a lot of you love his style, so don t think that I m trying to put him down as an artist I m not And it doesn t make my eyes bleed to look at it or anything, but it s not something that makes me personally want to keep turning the pages just to look at the pictures.However, since I ve already read and liked volume 2, I m pretty invested in some of these characters and I d like to see where this story takes them. LOVED the first issue no surprise there, first issues are a Vaughan specialty , the late 80s setting, Chiang s clean and subtle artwork, Wilson s neon drenched coloring, the lively, primarily female cast, the snappy yet realistic dialogue loved it all so much I got a little dizzy early on Then came the disfigured teenagers from the future, the dinosaurs, the weird language, the Apple dude and I got a bit confused Which was the idea, I guess Not yet sure how it ll all come together, hope the time travel angle won t overwhelm what I love most about the story so far its young protagonists.It s a charming and very enjoyable first volume that brings to mind Brubaker s Deadenders and movies like Stand by Me, E.T. and Looper, but adds a feminist edge I m definitely on board for As a lover of the Sci Fi weirdness hits a group of kids trope big fan of Super 8 and Stranger Things over here this was AWESOME On top of the interesting storyline, the art was absolutely killer, and the colouring was maybe even my favorite part of the whole thing Back to the plot though I really like how there are still a ton of questions left unanswered, but you re not left completely in the dark after finishing this first volume The ending of this volume definitely left me intrigued and I hope I can get my hands on volume 2 soon. Find all of my reviews at this one had A LOT of stuff going on Buckle up, kids, and I ll take you on a crazy acid trip explain things sort of.Our story begins in the wee hours of Halloween when noob Erin is being accosted by local hooligan Freddie Krueger while attempting to complete her paper route Luckily for Erin, the other paper girls have already hit the streets and appear just in time to save the day Not so lucky is the first impression presented Uh Yeah So anyfarts, the girls make their escape and immediately run into another problem when they make plans to divide and conquer the paper delivery While attempting to get payback on the thugs responsible, they instead find something they really weren t expecting Once again they narrowly get away and finally come face to face with the potential bad guys who look an awful lot like this fella when their masks are removed We then discover the key to solving the entire WTFery that has been going on might be in a tiny little device with the logo of a bitten apple on it But wait, that s not all No, there are DINOSAURS added to the mix next Y all know there s only room in my heart for one dinosaur story Thank you to EVERYONE who has sent me this gif I finally had a chance to use it There s also aliens who speak some form of hipsterish Shakespearean throwback fastforward language that had me all As well as another dude who bore a striking resemblance to Not to mention the bizarre dream sequences starring folks like The Gipper Since I m stupid it took me awhile to figure out this was a Throwback Thursday selection I thought Mac was just a homophobic asshole with her remarks and she was , but supposedly it was the language of the time and sadly it was so it was used in that one frame Eventually with various Dukakis references and a shout out to one of my all time faves I was able to put two and two together It still didn t make this any less of a hot mess, however I debated giving this 2 Stars but this is the dude who wrote Saga FFS There s no excuse for this one ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, NetGalley While waiting for the next Saga volume to come out I thought to check out another series from Brian K Vaughan I enjoyed it but I don t think it is as good as the other It was weird with different strange creatures and an attractive 80 vibe I might continue with the series but i am in no rush to do so. Heh, I thought this novel was awesome I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole on this one It doesn t have a lot of great reviews but it was good enough for me I loved all of the old school stuff, the graphics, Halloween night, crazy time travelers or were they Who knows at this point Look forward to reading To be continued Mel I needed something to take my mind off of the fact that I just finished watching all 9 seasons of The Office and Paper Girls did just that.It s a compelling storyline with amazing artwork that had me right from the beginning.I was, however, confused a few times because the storyline moved a little too fast.And I wanted of a backstory to the characters, mainly on Mackenzie Mac and her group This graphic novel jumps right into the main plot line monster demons invading earth on Halloween, which was interesting to read about, but after a while I just wanted to get to know the 4 main girls.And I m definitely interested in checking out the next volume because the very last page was incredible.3.5 stars ARC from Netgalley thank you.Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Paper Girls, Vol 1, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with This review and can be found on my blog.

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