Never Mind the Genetics (Double Helix #1)

Never Mind the Genetics (Double Helix #1) Since Breaking Up With His High School Girlfriend Seventeen Years Ago, Kevin Had No Idea That He Had Left Something Precious Behind With Her Now At Age Thirty Five, His Success Has Brought Him Everything In Life That He Might Need All Except Companionship Since His Birth Seventeen Years Ago, Andrew And His Mother Haven T Had A Very Peaceful Relationship Born Into A Family That Couldn T Afford Him, And Haunted Him With Threats Of Violence, He Hoped And Wished For A Better Life A Life With The Father He Had Never Met After Years Of Bickering And Bitterness, Andrew S Mother Takes Him Not Only To Meet, But Live With His Long, Lost Parent What Andrew Expects Is A Cold Shoulder, But What He Gets Instead Is A Warm Welcome Kevin S Gentle Demeanor And Sweet Words Are All It Takes For Andrew To Understand The True Meaning Of What It Is To Be Loved, But Something Else Something Bright And Unexpected Blossoms From Their Growing Friendship A Very Different Kind Of Love Never Mind The Genetics Is The First Book In The Series Double Helix

I m a self published indie author from Michigan, as well as an artist of various types Writing is my passion, and I spend time telling stories than I do anything else I m not satisfied unless I have a keyboard beneath my fingertips, and a document with which to pour my ideas onto.I m a digital and traditional artist I not only love to create characters to write, but I also love to draw the

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Never Mind the Genetics (Double Helix #1)  By Mel Thorn –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 282 pages
  • Never Mind the Genetics (Double Helix #1)
  • Mel Thorn
  • English
  • 01 June 2017

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    4 solid don t judged stars There are three types of taboo stories for me 1 The ones the author don t convince when showing emotional and physical chemistry This type turns up gross It fails big time.2 The ones that work well but there isn t much depth on it to be take seriously They are basically smut.3 and the ones that knock me out and I do a double take as in WTH am I reading How did the author managed to do that Never Mind the Genetics was category 3 Soooo good So full of feelings It was a great surprise The story starts with Andrew 17 being dropped at his father door by his mother a bitch who decided she had had enough of him Andrew never met his father, in fact, every time he tried to find out about him, his mother didn t want to give any info.Andrew was a very likable characters His entire life had been miserable He grew up listening from his mother he was worth of nothing, that she wished he hadn t been born and that she should have aborted him.That was so ingrained in his head a kind of brain wash that he felt he could not be happy He had to be hard on himself all the time After all who would be left to scold him for his mistakes, to belittle him in front of others That was part of life, wasn t it If that wasn t life, why then did he have to go through it How you could resist such a broken character And so Andrew went to meet his father, all hopes and fears Hopes of being loved for the first time, yet terrified thinking his father would turn out to be nothing like he imagined But you did You were all that I wished for You are the best thing that s ever happened to me Kevin 37 is a successful author, lives in a massive house alone and is gay The best of it He has no idea he is a father Therefore, when bitch knocks at his door to deliver Andrew like a parcel, he has the shock of his life He could hardly remember the girl he had a fling 17 years ago, let alone to know he was a father.Their connection is immediately and strong It was easy to relate to their love relationship when I stopped to objectively analyse this fucked up situation Follow my thoughts Andrew is 17 and thirsty for love I think I should mention that he already had boyfriends in the past.The man he meets is an easy going, confident, successful and very good looking guy who welcome him with open arms That kind of affection we bond with our parents Hellooo there is none Apart from their blood connection there is no other link And so lines get crossed here alright.Same happens with Kevin He is fascinated by Andrew They have so much in common A friendship is quickly established followed by something else cough Right now, I am happy for them I am happy they have found each other I m not really sure how I would take this in real life but you know what Niggle There was something in the writing style that sometimes bothered me The POV s got mixed up every now and gain Despite that I really enjoyed Never Mind the Genetics It was a captivating read.

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    This might not be everyone s cuppa so please read with caution Contains incest, father son relationshipBoy boy boy do I loveeee this book I don t even know how to begin how much I freaking loveee this book It was that adorable Andrew grew up in a hopeless situation with a loveless mother and an unwelcoming house One day, his mother suddenly decided that she couldn t take it any and decided to send him away to his biological father who had not a clue that he had a son Kevin was a very accomplished author in his mid thirties and enjoying his life to the fullest Suddenly, he met again with a woman whom he dated very briefly in high school and she announced that they had a son together Despite his initial astonishment, he surprisingly took the news well and decided that he d give his son the best life possible from that moment on.And things got very interesting when Andrew found his father, the savior, very VERY attractive in a inappropriate way and they both found out that they prefer their own gender as partners Despite the fact that this is a father son incest story, you won t find much smut here going on While the mental connection between Andrew and Kevin escalated quickly, the physical connection between them was agonizingly slow and left me panting and wanting the whole time There was not even a kissing scene until after the half of the novel However, the way the novel was constructed was just excellent and I love the way how those two controlled themselves not to pluck the ultimate forbidden fruit despite their desires and undeniable pull between them It was simply meant to be It was so sweet and lovely when they finally got together It just feels so right Correct that between 75% to 92% of the story was a bit on the dark side when Andrew got bullied and harassed at school and it made me very sad to see the two of them torturing each other and trying to end what feels so right because logically they know that s inappropriate However, I think that s a very important turning point in this story because that incident determined their future and made their relationship stronger than ever Some might say the ending was a bit on the cheesy side but I DON T FREAKING CARE It was the best result possible and Mel Thorn wrapped up the story neatly and beautifully While there s not much smut and the love making and getting together scenes are very subtle and romantic, I got crazy over how BEAUTIFULLY written the dialogues and the writing of the story You can clearly see, I got almost 40 highlights in this novel The dialogues is just soooo beautiful and thoughtful And the HEA was justttttt sublimely delicious I love it, love it, loveeeeeee itttt Whenever I look at you, I m reminded of how beautiful my creations are.Please do read some highlights of mine if you have some time because I truly think the writing and the choice of words are quite exquisite I d happily give 5 stars for this one as it was than deserved.Well earned 5 stars

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    The taboo subject of incest isn t for everyone but I really enjoyed this book, the plot was well thought out and handled in a very delicate way It s a sweet but sometimes heartbreaking story about Andrew, an introvert boy, who age 17 is thrown out of the house by his uncaring mom and handed over to his father Kevin, who he has never met As much as they both try to hide from it, there is an almost instant attraction between the two of them and they become inseparable.

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    Successful author, Kevin, 35, has just had a surprise handed to him A son, Andrew, 17 yr old high school kid The hateful mother is finally letting Andrew see his father, for good She doesn t want him any Kevin steps up to be the dad Andrew never had They get him in school, have long talks, bond playing games and watching movies, and settle in Andrew begins to feel things for his dad he shouldn t We are thinking Kevin s friend Kyle is going to be trouble As things slowly progress, Andrew is happy he s with someone who cares for him He has freedom, choices, and a home for the first time At school he meets some shitty kids, like any other school He tries to have friends, but they judge both his goth style, etc Further along we have Kevin and Andrew s growing emotions and romantic feelings They each know it s forbidden There is NON explicit sex This is well written and interesting It s strange to imagine their behavior, because it s taboo to most people You have to decide if you can understand or not This is extremely different It s eye opening and though filled We get a HFN ending.

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    I give up Throw my hands up in utter defeat at 25% The writing is only barely legible.

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    I found this to be a beautifully written story with well handled subject matter Incest is not for everyone but personally I think that if there is no chance of conception that there is nothing wrong with it After years of neglect and mental abuse, it was only natural that Andrew would adore his caring, easy going father Kevin was a bit of a hermit in that mansion and needed someone to share his life with Kyle was not the most stable casual lover and had a lot of baggage of his own The physical part of Andrew and Kevin s relation came slowly as each man thought it out This book was not porn for anyone who may be considering reading this story but a sweet romance between a father and son.

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    First, let me say that I loved this story and thought the slower pace was perfect I ve been reading edgier stuff for a while and did not think I could still be surprised I was wrong Andrew and his father meet for the firs time when Andrew s mother unceremoniously drops him off at Kevin s house after tolerating her son s presence for 17 years I should note that the age, 17, left me waiting and expecting a birthday thatahemnever seemed to happen Draw your own conclusions there.I should also add that I plan to download this file again and save it on my hard drive rather than just keep it on board my Kindle, because I have no doubt it will eventually meet the ban hammer and I don t trust the company to not reach into my past purchases and yank it Although the blurb makes it clear what the nature of this book is going to be, I was still surprised that at much of what happened, and the suspense of people finding out left me damn near sick In that same thought, my only objection to the story would be the lack of seriousness Andrew and Kevin seemed to give to the taboo nature of their relationship, including their casual stance of showing affection in public The story seems to treat this taboo as one would being gay in a small town or something I m afraid that is far too light This is the LAST taboo, this is the taboo that results in prison sentences, foster homes, and cars being torched in your drive way In that sense, the atmosphere surrounding it didn t feel as realistic as it should have Still, I can understand why the author didn t want to write a dark novel, and treating this subject with real world vision would have necessitated DARK As for style, I will note just one thing that the reader may find troubling This story is written in the omniscient third person perspective, but the author doesn t not separate POVs by chapter or seen Meaning, you will be dealing with constant head hopping I mean, you will get POV and inner dialogue from multiple characters in almost every seen It can get very confusing, almost to the point where you re not sure who is thinking what Still, I say power through it Finally, to the author Please, PLEASE continue this series Even if you do get the ban hammer from , I will buy the rest of this series no matter where you sell it.

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    DNF Stopped at the 55% marker.This was just too silly for me to continue I could not believe this story was told in a serious tone view spoiler Andrew is this poor neglected kid or abused, I couldn t tell which one exactly by his mother At the age of 17, his mother suddenly decides to ship him off to his father, whom he hadn t known until then But he dreamt about him and envisioned him as this knight in shining armour Which Kevin seems to be He is caring and loving towards his son from second 1 Things quickly evolve to feelings beyond mere father and son, though for the life of me I could not understand how One paragraph stands out for this when Andrew muses to himself that Kevin should confess to his feelings and they should both admit to being attracted to each other What When did this happen Kevin doesn t start sharing his interest with the readers until well after that segment Then there is this dance of flirtation courtship between Kevin and Andrew, with both of them being affectionate towards the other but pulling back at the last moment presumably to prolong the anticipation and make the book longer Of course, both have other things to worry about a high school colleague is trying to make the moves on Andrew and Kevin has a casual relationship with an old friend cousin cannot remember And random note, somewhere along the way we also discover Andrew likes to wear make up Why did we need to know this Or exactly how was this supposed to help the overall story hide spoiler

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    I was so looking forward to this book, I love taboo especially a little father son incest, but oh dear I found it really hard to engage with either character I think part of the problem was that although the son Andrew, knew of his dad s existence, he had never met him Kevin, the father knew nothing of Andrew until his mother dumped him at his house when he was 17.Therein, lies the problem For me although they are blood related, they had never met, they didn t have the usual father son relationship so to me, it just didn t feel like incest They were 2 strangers who were attracted to each other I think the author had Andrew keep calling Kevin, Dad to remind us.It was also a book that took a long time to get going I was at 60% before the two even got physically together We had a lot of flirting and because of the way the author wrote we knew what both MCs were thinking We even had a couple of instances of them kissing as Kevin dropped Andrew off at school, really The whole break up and lets get back together was painful.Such a shame as this book held a lot of promise that it just didn t live up to for me.

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    I know a lot of people will not like this book due to the incest, but I have to say this was a very beautiful story I was honestly rooting for Andrew and Kevin to work out as a couple, they were just so perfectly in tune with one another and it was very touching The love they grew into as father and son and then partners was so beautifully written.

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