Warrior King (Odyssey One, #5)

Warrior King (Odyssey One, #5) Battle Weary After A Desperate Fight To Save Earth From The Drasin Alien Onslaught, Confederation Captain Eric Weston Is Tasked With A Perilous New Mission He And The Crew Of The Odysseus Must Hunt Down Those Who Unleashed The Hellish Attack On His Homeworld And That Of Earth S Priminae AlliesBut The Situation Turns Dire When They Catch Sight Of A Ship Belonging To The Mysterious Beings Who Orchestrate The Fearsome Drasin S Depredations This Powerful Empire, It Seems, Has Two Primary Aims To Conquer New Worlds And Settle Old Scores Weston S Ultimate Objective Keep Humanity From Becoming Collateral Damage As The Drasin War Expands To Engulf The Galaxy

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Warrior King (Odyssey One, #5) book, this is one of the most wanted Evan Currie author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 334 pages
  • Warrior King (Odyssey One, #5)
  • Evan Currie
  • English
  • 06 September 2019

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    Make no mistake, this is a start of a new chapter in the Space Opera, featuring aliens that are slightly closer to humanity than the ones we ve run into, yet It certainly makes for a even challenge, even if we re up against an Empire, the sworn enemies of the hugely advanced Oathers of whom we ve already been introduced, helped enormously, and have, in return, been helped as much It s good to have friends Unfortunately for us, that means all future conflicts are shared, too, right Ah, but the enemy makes no fine distinctions It s all pew pew without parley, alas It annoys me a bit, but truly, any enemy that employs such horrible tactics as we ve already seen, on such enormous scales, likely has no interest in talk anyway.So even if I am a bit annoyed with the enemy reveal, it washes away pretty cleanly because all the action, the tactics, the creative use of the known science, and especially the great characters, pretty much makes up for everything.For Currie writes great drama No matter what happens, I m having a great time and I m fully invested in the tradition of Space War I can read these all day long Pew Pew Love the cameo for Thieves, too Let s bring on the bigger and badder conflicts Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC

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    As one of the most famous pilots of any starship once said Oh myyy It has been a relatively long time since I ve been reading about this universe and I had almost forgotten or at least underestimated just HOW MUCH I love it and, thus, missed it Evan Currie s writing style is full of well researched believable tech information while never boring The space battles are amongst the best I can possibly imagine and even if you can already deduce who will live and who will die, you still find yourself at the edge of your seat THAT takes serious skill.The story, simply put, starts shortly after we Earth survived the Drasin attack In the spin off novel, the Autolycus has been sent on a recon mission that is basically parallel to the first part of this book Cpt Eric Weston gets a new ship and a new mission but much as before, he can t take 3 steps without the proverbial shit hitting the fan again Not that any fan will mind, I m sure But this time it s than just reaction to an assault it s also about information And although there are only hints hopefully because there are many wonderful books to come , it is enough to wet the reader s appetite profoundly.The characters, again, were very vivid The only weird thing is that up until now, I was always very much touched by every single fate It was personal This time view spoiler while thousands died, or at least hundreds if we only count Terran lives hide spoiler

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    this series is one of the best Military space opera i have ever read

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Currie s wonderful pulp sci fi series begins a new story arc as the Drasin Earth Invasaion finished the Odyssey One story with its precipitous fall in battle Now, a new heroic class of Earth Priminae spaceships are changing the battles in new and different ways Captain Weston and his crew survived to be transferred to the Odysseus and together they begin new adventures focusing on finding the civilization who unleashed the biological weapon known as the Drasin on Earth and Priminae worlds.Weston, Steph, Mila, and new crew including a new first officer embark on a new mission to track down the people holding the Drasin leash Thanks to information learned from the Autolycus in the King of Thieves book, Weston has new information and new space to explore But as with all his missions, he s going to stumble into a mess and it will take all the crew s wits to get out on the other side and survive.I really like that we are going in a new direction now that the Priminae and Earth have a new fleet of ships and with a new nemesis We don t see the Drasin now it s all human types vs human types as Weston has a strong reason to want to find the people who sent the Drasin to destroy Earth But new questions about the Priminae were raised especially why they have no history of cultural development and appear to have just appeared fully formed There may be secrets that Earth will need to know about their allies IF their allies even know the answers themselves.Once again we have a fun crew of personalities Currie takes his time now and it is obvious he is correcting physics and spacial warfare mistakes along the way I was reminded a lot of Jack Campbell novels as soon as terms such as relativistic was being thrown around And while I love the Campbell books as well, I think Currie always delivers a diverse and interesting set of characters Where Campbell s Lost Fleet focuses on battles, Currie keeps the focus on personalities.I listened to the audible version and the new narrator just didn t do the story justice in my mind From aliens having luck o the Irish cliche accents to Weston sounding like he was 70 years old, I really did not enjoy the narration This is better left for a read than a listen.

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    Captain Weston has a new mission aboard the Odysseus start searching for the group that held the Drasin s leashes It doesn t take long for him to find one of their ships and a brief battle follows The aftermath gives Weston some answers to the questions he has been debating regarding the group, but it also leads to questions One thing is certain though, these Imperials are not interested in peace.We got a little taste of the Imperial POV in one of the previous books, but we get a lot of it in this book It sets up at least one, possibly two Imperial characters to be the main opponents for Weston in future battles There are a lot of questions still unanswered about these new enemies, but we ve been given a solid introduction There were a few plotlines that didn t progress much in this book like the origins of the entities known as Central and Gaia, and whatever it is that sparking to life within the ship s engines but, there was still enough action to make the book entertaining I m looking forward to the next one as it promises a focus on what is in the ship s engine.

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    I think this series is going to take an eternity to come to fruition, which might be okay but I doubt it I listen to the audio book versions of this series and really enjoyed the first 3 The 4th book had a different narrator and once I dialed up the speed so I got the words and not the acting, that book was much easier to get through This time I had to dial the speed up even as the narration wasn t what I was hopping for in quality Having qualified my opinion being based on the audio book version here is why I think the story is going to drag on forever While progress was made in the over arching effects of the Oathers Breakers Others story line the number of significant events in this book numbered 2 That s right 2 engagements between the various factions that appeared to matter, this extremely small amount of interaction also meant an extremely small amount of progress in the story The first engagement was roughly 3 hours aprox 100 150 pages in length by itself and a very slow highly detailed encounter which probably could have been just as informative and enjoyable if it was just a bit speedy, I think the exposition was the real slow down in that encounter because events couldn t happen without multiple lines of stuff that didn t feel like it fit in that moment being read out to me, the listener The second engagement wasn t nearly as long nor as interesting or detailed which was somewhat of a let down since it is clear that a war is building.Some story lines I really care about were left hanging in this book, namely the interactions of Central and Gaia I m personally very curious how those are going to play out.This particular book ends on an extreme cliff hanger as have the previous books this might be the only thing that will have me continue on in the series, which I think is a cheap trick on the part of the story teller especially when the next installment could be years away.

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    A new war beginsThere is a new player on the field, they have fired the first shots but they will not be the last.

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    I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.Not having read the previous books in the series I worried how I would get on with this.I need not have worried I was grabbed from the first page This is a brilliant space opera and i will be reading all the series now.

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    Only one questionWhen s the next biok coming, Evan A thoroughly enjoyable read It warrants a second reading.Good plot, and the science speculations are fun Time for me to reread Alcubiere s work

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    Not the strongest in the series Raised questions then it gave answers but an enjoyable read none the less.

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