If The Seas Catch Fire

If The Seas Catch Fire Sergei Andronikov Was A Child When The Mafia Wiped Out His Family, Leaving Him With Nothing But A Hunger For Revenge Years Later, Through Ruthless Strategy And Tireless Patience, He S A Contract Killer Working For The Three Families Ruling Cape Swan And He S Nearly In Position To Bring Them All Down From The Inside Domenico Dom Maisano Is Mafia Royalty, A Made Man And A Hitman He S Caught Up In A Violent Life He Can T Escape, Struggling To Maintain An Image He Doesn T Want, And Suppressing Desires He Can T Have A Chance Encounter Throws The Killers Into Each Other S Paths Though Dom Knows He S Playing A Dangerous Game, He S Intrigued And Keeps Coming Back Sergei Can T Resist Him Either Dom Is Everything He Set Out To Destroy, But He S Also Everything He S Ever Ached For In A Man Then Sergei Gets The Contract He S Been Waiting For The Hit That Promises To Bring The Town S Mafia To Its Knees But When A Boss Makes An Unexpected Move, Sergei Must Choose Between Dropping The Hammer On The Families He Vowed To Annihilate, And Protecting The Man He Swore He Wouldn T Love And The Wrong Choice Or Even The Right One Will Destroy Them Both

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

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    shuddering with adrenaline and laughter Wow Darn This was It was They were The author I feelWhoosh Exhaling a harsh breath to get myself under control These emotions They are becoming quite adept in getting the better of me when it comes to reading this author s books But the shocking fact is, I don t feel the need to beat them into submission When it comes to Ms Witt s works, I find myself having to shrug away the oppressing cloud that often shrouds me after I am done reading her books I ve only read two, but they both had this strong impact on me that I know that from now on, I will need to proceed my way toward her books with caution So even though I expect my emotional balance to be thrown and trampled over, I am always caught by surprise when she does exactly that Wow This book is a simply amazing, phenomenal, spectacular, heart numbing, powerful enough to bring you to tears of both happiness and devastation , adrenaline rush inducing, heartbeat stopping, breaking you out in sweat type of book I think you can pretty much understand it all from this.No Okay, I will explain BTW, I think it is best if you just dive into the story without reading the blurb I will tell you a little bit about what the story is about so that if you were sweet enough to read my review before reading the blurb, you could know the setting of the plot without knowing some key points that have been revealed in the blurb Deal Great Let s get started then The book starts with a thrilling situation Right from the first page, you know that you are dealing with the Mafia here No slowly edging into the dark rivers, guys With a straight, headlong cut to the chase, we get right in the thick of the waters from the start We meet our main characters, and we immediately get sucked in by imagining what the story will progress to be Image Image Image From then on, we get to the illicitly thrilling parts of how our guys get together and how much they are playing with danger unknowingly They both work awesomely to show us the inner workings of a Mafia gang which, yes, we have read about in other books too, but I do find it all new in them all how deep a person gets sucked in, how many different types of people are involved in it, and how innocent people are ruthlessly used and offed I freely admit that I haven t read too many books with mob mafia theme, so I felt decidedly invested and intrigued, with a sideline of fear running through my body while imagining myself in this world But to keep me from hyperventilating from said fear, we see a romance brewing between the main characters Oh, I forgot to tell you their names Domenico Maisano Dom and Sergei Andronikov er, you should read the book to know his other name s It is a sexy, smutty, hot, sweet ride The intimacy scenes were so steamy and the action scenes were so well written the hits by Sergei, too cold and spectacular , it felt like it was happening right before me, which actually helped in making me fiercely feel as if I was a part of that world Scary, that.So all this works in making you feel mellow There are deaths happening, hits being carried out, lives being thrown in danger, shocks being meted out It s like going into a haunted house, I feel Knowing that the monsters aren t real, but fearing them nonetheless.It feltsomethingwhen I saw that the author had revealed the identity of the mastermind so early on Not revealed, per s , but I got the clue right in the beginning Initially, I felt a bit impatient because I wanted it to officially come out into the open, and soon But when we got twists and turns in the plot than a Hot Wheels track, I got over my impatience and hung on for the ride. Yes, the diversion tactic by the author threw me for a bit, but I was adamant that I couldn t have read the situation s wrong So I held firm on my belief And for my efforts, I had a Yes moment when my suspicion, no, my belief was confirmed.Near the end, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE I mean, it felt like MY world was going to collapse around me, I felt so winded My breath was coming short, my eyes were filled with tears, but I hung on for dear life to survive the painful ride I can t remember how many times I actually shed tears during my read Even keeping the count was pointless and impossible I was so invested in the plot that nothing else existed for me except for just reading and reading and finally getting to the end I enjoyed making my own theories and my own guesses, and when they all got confirmed, the evil cackle that made me smirk and my eyes flash was my relished reward.Well, to be honest, I was only able to read till the end because I had faith that the author won t begrudge me my HEA The ride was crappy, like being dragged on the floor while tied to the back of a car and being taken for a ride on the rockiest road of the world I have no idea how I got through, but I did And I am left feeling awed of this work by the author It was surreal Justspellbinding I was lost from the moment I started and am just now catching my breath The epilogue was the bestest thing that I could have gotten Not too far in the future to restrain myself from going apeshit over having to imagine my own conclusions I hate doing that , and not too soon to leave things unanswered A perfect read for me There were typos, few in the beginning, a bit near the end But, well, I guess even the editors weren t able to ignore the thrill they must have gotten while they worked on it Conclusively, I recommend this book to all of you who can hold your guts and not faint because of the stress it will cause on your mind.

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    Loved the audiobook, but I also loved Dom and Sergei and the whole story as much as the first time around two years ago Still one of my favorites Original review Actually, I m not a big fan of Mafia stories, but I LOVED THIS BOOK On the one hand, it s a typical Mafia book, but on the other hand not Both MC s can t really help their situation Dom was born into a Mafia family, as the son of the disgraced brother of the don Sergei is a contract killer, who wants to avenge the death of his own family At the beginning of the book, Sergei saves Dom s life and what starts as a relationship based on sex, develops slowly into deeper feelings neither of them wants to admit As a war impends between the three Mafia families in the small town, where Dom and Sergei live, both men have to decide between their obligations and their love for each other.This book puts you through the emotional wringer, especially near the end, but the end is worth every second you suffer with the boys.For me it s an absolute Must Read Highly recommended

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    DNF 35%I think I m just going to cut my losses with this one It just wasn t holding my attention The progression was too slow, and the book too long I never really connected with either MC.I may have to break up with LA Wittwhich really makes me sad.

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    Dom is a Mafiaso that hates the life he lives He never wanted to be apart of the family that took him in and made him a made man But it s the only life he s known and he doesn t have a way out But when he meets Sergei his life takes a drastic change He knows that if his family ever found out that he s gay he won t be alive long but Sergei makes him want to take a risk.Sergei isn t who Dom thinks he is, which is only a gay stripper After Dom s uncle took away his family, Sergei has been out for the Mafia He s been playing both sides and has become a hitman for them, which brings a war to town A war that means Dom s death Total discretion Just sex This book was way intense than I actually thought it would be From the first chapter I found myself sucked into the Mafia world and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time It even got emotional at parts and at one scene I even started to cry for what Dom had to do I loved meeting these characters and getting their story I think I would have liked if we got a little romance between them but there was still enough that kept me interested Dom and Sergei both had a lot of drama that surrounded them, and it made for one hell of a story Their chemistry was off the charts hot, and together they were panty melting sexy.Overall, I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it It had the angst and mystery of a Mafia book, and the hotness of a m m book I can honestly say that the book shocked me at times, which doesn t happen much any, and I loved that.

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    4.5 StarsGritty.Intense Nerve racking Erotic.Ruthless.Riveting.These are just some of the words that come to mind while the dust settles around me in the aftermath of reading this book.I m not usually one to enjoy stories with Mafioso themes, but I think I just found my exception to the rule What I do enjoy a lot and feel a little disturbed for doing so are romances with a hitman lead I don t know what it is about that trope that gets me going but it has regularly proved to be a favourite of mine in the romance genre, and in this particular case, possibly the favourite I won t bother regurgitating the plot, as I went into this myself without having even read the synopsis, and I think that lack of prior knowledge or expectations really worked wonders for me here.What I will say is that this is quite a dark and gritty read, with a lot of moral ambiguity among its lead characters, who although I rooted for and adored whole heartedly, were very much antiheros who sometimes did very shocking and violent things in the name of vengeance and or survival So if you re one to be turned off by a lot of death in your reading, or you object to characters with shady moral compasses, then this may not be the story for you Audio Edition I spent the majority of this reading experience listening to the audio narration by Michael Ferraiuolo and I couldn t recommend it if I tried This guy is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I ve never been so impressed by a narrator s ability to nail so many difficult and varied accents like he did here It was truly impressive and certainly added to my overall enjoyment of the story.

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    4.5 Stunned StarsApparently, I m so eating my own words here It s been over 3 years since I last read a Witt book, and I really had no plans to do so again despite enjoying some of her works but mostly feeling disconnected from the majority Not here.The blurb for this book is perfect and tells you everything you need to know about the setup One man is stuck by force and fear, miserable with his fate but helpless to do anything about it The other is fueled by revenge and an unrelenting patience to ultimately see his enemy crippled beyond repair This was dark and deeply entrenched in the unsavory world of the mafia, featuring those unfortunate to be subjected to its brutal tyranny Expect violence and betrayal and tragedy Don t expect easy, but know this tale sure as hell s compelling Add in a crazy amount of intensity and hot erotic encounters, along with a building sense of doom with nowhere to go, and I was a mass of jangled nerves trying to not spontaneously combust, both in good and bad ways I don t know if it was because of the uh mazing narration by Michael Ferraiuolo or just the gripping story that grabbed me as desperation mounts and feelings develop that have no place being present, have no business slowly growing between these two men who absolutely do not belong together This hooked me good, and it didn t let got until the last page of its harrowing climax, but bravo, Witt Bravo Thanks for pushing me over the ledge, Meags I wouldn t have gone otherwise.

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    Ten stars No dull moments in this amazing tale of Mafioso, Russians, La Cosa Nostra, with bad men Oooo La la We follow the son, Dom Dominico, of a Mafia boss and an independent hit man stripper, the Georgian, Sergei One night when Sergei saves Dominico, both of their lives are changed We get deep, thought filled characters, while also dealing with evil men, betrayers, killers, violent men living their mayhem Our two men our also skilled killers, yet longing to be out of the constant war, the blood, the compromised life of near servitude they have within the mob Everyone is a pawn Sergei and Dom are heartless when killing, but in each others arms, they find peace, loving, sex, and what they need to heal their souls Their rendezvous are extremely sex filled, erotic, raw, powerful, dynamic, and yet include many moments of soft touches, long delicious kisses, tender pushes, and emotions shown through the actions The unspoken love between them is the only good thing in their lives To hope that their deep feelings would last is what kept them going if the seas catch fireWhen the gangster s war escalates, they will discover secrets, betrayals, evil, and truth Highly recommend this magnificent mobster story, with a big vein of romance running through it ENJOY

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    5 STARS I loved this one I was glued to the pages from the very beginning Great chemistry between the main characters and super full of action Assassins and mafia and a lot of super hot scenes This was amazing I felt like writing a bigger review, but I really don t know what I could possibly add It was SO good Like really amazing writing, suspense AND super HOT scenes It s been a while since I ve read such an action packed story I absolutely adored it

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    Release date January 3, 2015 Cover art by Garrett Leigh.

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    Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsI ve read a lot of L.A Witt and this story may just be her best to date.Dom and Sergei have both become the men they are today as a result of the brutal mob culture that has a stranglehold on the town of Cape Swan Dom Maisano is fully entrenched in the family business as an accountant and as an under the radar hitman, as a result of his Uncle Corrado s manipulations He hides his homosexuality, knowing full well if anyone finds out it will cost him his life The family s image is everything and as a made man and nephew of the boss expectations are high Dom hates what he has become and knows the only way out will be death, either at his own or another s hands.Sergei has spent years of his life crafting and executing a plan to get revenge on the mob families that took his family from him as a child His job as a dancer in a gay strip club is the perfect cover for his important work as a contract killer for the three families running the town Few know he is the feared Georgian and even fewer know his real name When the man he saves from being beaten by two mob goons turns out to be none other than Dom Maisano, Sergei begins to second guess his decision not to kill the man when he had a chance When Dom returns to the club, the attraction is strong and soon the two are carrying out a discreet series of hook ups Sergei thinks he knows everything about Dom, while Dom has no clue who he is dealing with As violence between the three families increases and Sergei continues forward with his plan to wipe them out, the relationship between the two gets involved and the story s tension kicks into a high gear that doesn t let up until the very end.As I was reading I couldn t help but imagine that Ms Witt must be a big fan of books and or films like The Godfather and Goodfellas since the story had that classic feel Although bare bones it is a simple story of revenge and mob politics, there is so much going on, it had me wondering how these two characters could possibly get through it not just with their lives, but with each other.The chemistry between Sergei and Dom is explosive, whether it s a lap dance, the simple act of kissing or hot and hard sex I wanted nothing than to see them ride off into the sunset after a satisfying and well deserved bloodbath unleashed on those who needed to pay for the horrors they inflicted on the two of course Did I get my wish You ll have to read the story to see, but once you start you probably won t want to stop.Sergei is an amazing character Presenting a bleach blond stripper to the world, he is a brilliantly calculating, stone cold killer He has his reasons and they are heart wrenching Nothing has deterred him from his plan, not even his unexpected hook ups with Dom As much as the Maisanos tout family , it is Sergei who will bring you to tears with his devotion to what family they left him While the two men fall for each other, you can see the inevitable coming and when that particular hit falls into Sergei s lap, you really don t know which way he will go with it or if he will allow his true feelings for Dom to change his carefully crafted plan.Dom is so easy to care for from the start He is conflicted about his feelings for his Uncle, the man who took him in even as he destroyed his life His small acts of rebellion, helping the victims of the family business, bring him small comfort He is at the end of his rope and going through the motions, just waiting for the inevitable end, Sergei becoming the only bright spot and source of happiness One thing he knows is that he won t let Sergei become another victim of his family even if it means walking away from one of the only people he loves.The only thing stopping me from giving this a full five stars was that there were a few occasions where the same thought or explanation was repeated too often throughout the book The story kept me on edge, watching as Sergei s plan unfolded, putting him on an eventual collision course with his lover and wondering how it would all work out Highly recommended if you like a good romantic thriller with the threat of danger and violence at every turn.

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