Whispers Beyond the Veil (A Change of Fortune Mystery, #1)

Whispers Beyond the Veil (A Change of Fortune Mystery, #1) Beyond the VeilA Change of Fortune Mystery, Book 1By Jessica EstevaoISBN13 9780425281604Author website to you by OBS reviewer KaytSynopsis First in a dazzling new historical mystery series featuring Ruby Proulx, a psychic with a questionable past who suddenly finds her future most uncertain Canada, 1898 The only life Ruby Proulx has ever known is that of a nomad, traveling across the country with her snake oil salesman father She dreams of taking root somewhere, someday, but, until she can, she makes her way by reading tarot cards Yet she never imagined her own life would take such a turn After one of her father s medical miracles goes deadly wrong, Ruby evades authorities by hiding in the seaside resort town of Old Orchard, Maine, where her estranged Aunt Honoria owns the Hotel Belden, a unique residence that caters to Spiritualists a place where Ruby should be safe as long as she can keep her dark secret hidden.But Ruby s plan begins to crumble after a psychic investigator checks into the hotel and senses Ruby is hiding than she s letting on Now Ruby must do what she can to escape both his attention and Aunt Honoria s insistence that she has a true gift, before she loses her precious new home and family forever Review To start with, just let me tell you I love Jessica Estevao Jessie Crockett s writing no matter if she is writing a cozy mystery or a period fiction novel Whispers Beyond the Veil is different from her fabulous cozy books, but her story telling talents are just as wonderful In the first of what promises to be a fantastic new series A Change of Fortune Mystery , this historical mystery is replete with fascinating characters, settings, intrigue and some paranormal activity as well Starting out in 1898 Canada, Ruby Proulx is a protagonist that lacks confidence, but has a true will to survive whatever comes her way Her father forces them to travel as he peddles outlandish cures and medical equipment guaranteed to heal anything When things go horribly wrong while trying out his latest investment, the pair split up Her father tells her they have to go their own ways in order to save their hides.Luckily Ruby has been doing a bit of side work reading cards and has a bit of money saved She takes all the money she has and gets a ticket to Old Orchard, Maine There Ruby hopes to entreat upon her Aunt Honoria Belden, her mother s sister She knows only that her mother and Honoria are in a photo that she has saved Her mother has been gone since her birth When she arrives in town, someone tries to steal her belongings, what little she has She has been taught from an early age to never trust the police So when Officer Warren Yancy comes to take her statement, she holds back some information He is nice enough to help her to her aunt s hotel The Hotel Belden is about to have a grand opening to entice Spiritualist The whole town is full of them Definitely a change of fortune for Ruby She is able to take over for a medium that has cancelled last minute Not that she thinks she is a real medium, but she has always heard voices so maybe they will assist her.Things get hairy when one of the guests turns out to be the president of the Northeastern Society for Psychical Research and is known as a persistent debunker of the movement and its participants Leander Stickney ends up dead, so suspicion lands on Ruby, her aunt and the other psychics at the hotel That could ruin things for the reopening of Honoria s hotel It does not help that once friendly Officer Yancy has an entrenched suspicion of them He especially does not like the friendship Ruby has with his mother and sister His boss wants him to get to the bottom of the death and the abundance of pickpockets yesterday Is there going on than meets the eyes There an undercurrent making things even intriguing.I am a cozy mystery reader through and through I can honestly say, even the most staid reader will not find things to offend you in this wonderful historical mystery Whispers Beyond the Veil is an entertaining read that kept me enthralled throughout Meeting the new characters, visiting a different time, getting to follow Ruby on her journey of self exploration, all held my attention and pulled me in so I did not want to put this book down I even enjoy that there are still questions unanswered, I cannot wait for the next book in this fascinating new series I believe any fan of historical fiction and even cozy mysteries will love this new book and series It is extremely well written As I look into the cards, I see Ruby and A Change of Fortune series being one of my new favorites Take a chance and I am sure you will have a bright future ahead at least during the time it takes to read this fabulous journey into the past OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour Delightful read Ruby and her father have conned people all their lives When a new idea goes wrong, Ruby is forced to flee the life she s known and live with an aunt she s never met She tries to cover up her past but a series of deaths threaten to destroy her aunt s livelihood and unravel the new life she s made for herself Desperate to help her aunt and herself , she decides to investigate a little on her own.Jessica Estevao s debut is funny, cozy, and lovely to read The characters are distinct and develop well The many side plots and details add up cleverly However, it is the historical accuracy and engaging writing style that makes Whispers Beyond the Veil a must read I loved the characters, the dialogue which never becomes too tiresome or overdone , and the element of supernatural and magic in an otherwise realistic book Be warned though if you are looking for a pure murder mystery, you may be disappointed The actual mystery is only revealed midway through the bookWhispersnever lost my attention I was eager to read it to the very end, and I am excited for future mysteries from Estevao This was a debut book and it felt like it in many ways The story follows 20 year old Ruby Proulx who was raised by her conman father When his latest scheme goes horribly wrong, Ruby finds herself on the run and seeking shelter at the home of a maternal aunt in Maine, whom she s never met This Aunt, Honoria, owns and runs a small seaside hotel that caters to those in the Spiritualist Movement that was popular at the cusp of the twentieth century, 1898 for our story Upon arriving at this idyllic hotel, Ruby dares to hope that it will turn out to be the stable home she s always wanted She soon finds, however, that she may share certain, innate gifts with a long line of female ancestors When the bodies of murdered hotel guests start popping up, Ruby has to work to save the place she hopes will be her new home.As a mystery, this had a bit of slow start being that the first murder doesn t happen until well into the story While Ruby makes for a decent heroine, I can t say, in retrospect, that she does any real sleuthing She or less finds things out by accident or through her very uncanny ability to always be in the right place at the right time to overhear some crucial bit of information There is also this tendency for information to be shared off the page and then reported on later by some character or another As a bit of historical fiction, the setting and the inclusion of various spiritualists was fun and new but I think the author could have expanded on this a bit As it is, there is a sense that readers are only allowed to skim the surface of Maine in 1898 The same can be said of characterization There are several secondary characters that are likely to stick around and yet I never got the sense that I got to know any of them very well This even includes Officer Warren Yancy who, even though he contributes to the story through his own POV parts, still remains largely a question mark He has his own family scandal in his past and has his own reasons for being wary of spiritualists Presented as a likely future love interest for Ruby, there wasn t sufficient interaction between them in this book for me to really get a sense of how they d work off of each other All in all, it wasn t bad for a debut book but there is room for improvement, both in plotting, pacing, and characterization I did like Ruby and the hotel setting enough to give the second book a chance to see how or if things improve I hope they will. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Two books ago I read a book that was just like this, a Victorian Era mystery centered around a woman who realizes that hell yes she can stand on her own two feet without a man guiding her Even the covers mirrored each other a woman in a fancy dress, umbrella over her right shoulder, gazing off into the distance If I hadn t picked up two alike books, would my rating of whichever one I picked be different The answer to that question is a big fat no I liked this one as much as I liked the first, average rating for an average read As I am typing this I realize I can t even remember the details of how the story ended which says a lot about my interest level in the story Damn, I seriously cannot believe I don t remember I have an image of the characters in my mind, the location and some of the ending but not the big whodunit piece of the pie I would normally downgrade it a star for this but I kind of feel like this is on me since I am still riding the average vibe from the other book So three stars because negative me is cutting this book a break In unrelated news I just had to do a little google research on the whole centered around versus centered on thing because spell check keeps hitting me with the blue squiggle They say that on is the correct usage but I cant like that, especially not today. Fleeing a tragic accident, Ruby Proulx crosses from Canada to Old Orchard, Maine She s run there to meet her mother s side of the family for the first time They are about to reopen the family home as a resort for spiritualists, and the summer of 1898 will be make or break for them But when her past catches up to her and a murder threatens her new home, will Ruby be able to solve any problems While I am not a fan of paranormal cozies because I don t believe in the things they are based on , I still found this a very fun debut The characters are charming, and I fell in love with them Even though the murder comes a little late, I still found Ruby s introduction to Old Orchard fun, and there is plenty of conflict early on When the murder does happen, the pace picks up and leads us to a logical conclusion NOTE I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. Ruby escapes her ne er do well father and heads to her dead mother s family, thinking she has killed a man She hasn t but her father has and wants to pin the blame on her She is lovingly received by her aunt and surprised to learn the truth about her mother s family they all have psychic talents She just thought she was going crazy There are a few murders and mysteries as Ruby settles in to her new home, ever watchful about her past returning This book is fun, not overly cozy or romantic, its historical aspects are perfect for the story and add to it rather than overwhelm First in a series Suzanne R. I love historical mysteries I found this book to be very well written and enjoyable I thought the characters were interesting and likable The story line was easy to follow and left me guessing until the end of the book I never really read anything about the occult world, but I learned many things and look forward to reading from this author I highly recommend this book as it is a great read I enjoyed the book It is a wonderful beach read I live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine book setting The main character, Ruby is a woman ahead of her time The story takes place in 1898, the year The Pier was built Jessica develops the story and characters in a way that keeps the reader engaged SO glad to know That this is the first book in a series. I love historical fiction, I always have and when you combine that love of history with a bit of paranormal woo hoo you truly have one fun story that every bit as hard to put down as it was fascinating Told in an era of time where spiritualists were seriously becoming popular and just about anything seemed to go, this was a fun tale that not only brought a touch of history to it but was completely entertaining as well with a slight edge of romance and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end This was a great read that was just what I was hoping it would be and left me wanting the next book I think this will be a really fun series that everyone will love ARC copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. First In A Dazzling New Historical Mystery Series Featuring Ruby Proulx, A Psychic With A Questionable Past Who Suddenly Finds Her Future Most Uncertain Canada, The Only Life Ruby Proulx Has Ever Known Is That Of A Nomad, Traveling Across The Country With Her Snake Oil Salesman Father She Dreams Of Taking Root Somewhere, Someday, But, Until She Can, She Makes Her Way By Reading Tarot Cards Yet She Never Imagined Her Own Life Would Take Such A Turn After One Of Her Father S Medical Miracles Goes Deadly Wrong, Ruby Evades Authorities By Hiding In The Seaside Resort Town Of Old Orchard, Maine, Where Her Estranged Aunt Honoria Owns The Hotel Belden, A Unique Residence That Caters To Spiritualists A Place Where Ruby Should Be Safe As Long As She Can Keep Her Dark Secret Hidden But Ruby S Plan Begins To Crumble After A Psychic Investigator Checks Into The Hotel And Senses Ruby Is Hiding Than She S Letting On Now Ruby Must Do What She Can To Escape Both His Attention And Aunt Honoria S Insistence That She Has A True Gift, Before She Loses Her Precious New Home And Family Forever

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