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If We Were a Movie Music Meets Movies In This Sweet College Romance From The Bestselling Author Of Cinder Ella NYU Freshman Nate Anderson Is A Triplet Who Is Desperate To Escape His Wild And Crazy Brothers After They Screw Things Up For Him One Too Many Times, Nate Flees His Housing Situation And Takes The First Available Room For Rent As Far From His Brothers As He Can Get Enter His New Roommate Jordan A Quirky LA Girl Who Believes That Everything In Life Has Already Been Done In The Movies In This Heartfelt Tale Of Love, Friendship And Family, Nate Learns How To Deal With His New Adult Life Using Hollywood Films As A Guide Another fabulous book in the POWER OF THE MATCHMAKER SERIES although none of the books have to be read in any particular order Miss Pearl is at it again, subtlety at her best in how she matches two stubborn and a bit unsuspecting people Kelly Oram does an impressive job at characterization with Nate and Jordan, and I loved the wonderful uniqueness of their romance The plot is clever, and you won t be able to put this book down once you start, so make sure you have food in your refrigerator. 4.5Fab you lous That was one wonderfully emotional ride I loved the heartfelt story I loved and connected with the characters except Sophie the stupid psychotic And Jordan and Colin I absolutely loved reading from Nate s perspective because he s so awesome and such a passionate musician.I am an avid musician as well, so I really connected with Nate on a deeper level It was actually really nice I don t remember every really feeling a character as though they were myself like Nate It was a nice experience DSophie the Psychotic Significant Other and view spoiler the pregnancy test hide spoiler This is one of the better from the Matchmaker series I still kind of hate the Pearl fixation but at least Oram integrates her well into the story and makes it actually work better than some of the other authors have.This was a problematic read, for all I ended up at four stars I really liked the two main characters They were dynamic and interesting and I was engaged by both Nate and Jordan from the very start They were so clearly made for each other and seeing them develop a friendship and start truly caring for each other was a treat Unfortunately, that s also kind of the problem You see, I was so invested in them getting together that I tended to bog down in my reading Like, I d have to stop and let a few days go by because I still wasn t anywhere near the end so I knew something was going to come up to keep them apart I couldn t ever actually stop reading entirely but I almost wished that I could.It doesn t help that some of the things that kept them apart were manufactured by the author Nate s girlfriend comes to mind as the best example scare quotes because she s dead selfish and obviously not right for him We re already asked to buy Nate as a prodigy musician and Jordan as gifted in her own right and rich to boot and the triplet brothers were one note disasters So asking us to also swallow the eventually to be ex clingy girlfriend was just one straw too many unlikely elements.So yeah, lots of artificial feeling elements kept getting between Jordan and Nate and that sucked It s fortunate, then, that Nate and Jordan were worth it In the sea of artificiality, I just liked and connected with them They felt real even if everything else was fa ade This was a solid ish 3.5 stars The outstanding ending kicked it to rounding up This marks an improvement over the other Oram books I ve read so I m actually looking forward to where she goes from here.A note about Chaste While there is nothing explicit in this story, it s pretty clear that sex is happening Indeed, Nate and the soon to be ex are explicitly sexually active, though it all happens off screen a fact I find off putting, actually, as I don t like when my lead characters have sexual relationships with other people during the course of the romance. I m impressed with this series so far and how each book has that common thread and a similar vibe, yet is so unique In this one, we are treated to a story set in New York City How fun is that Nate is a freshman at NYU and is a very talented musician Nate s life revolves around and relates to music In a move to escape his obnoxious brothers they re triplets , and at the encouragement of his high school girlfriend, he moves into a new apartment and is a little surprised by who his new roomie is Jordan is the perfect roommate She s funny, smart, and really brings out the creativity in Nate, as he s trying to write the perfect song She is a film student and Jordan s life revolves and relates to movies It s amazing to me to see just how many songs and movies can actually relate to one story I love it Becoming an adult and college life isn t easy, as is shown in this story and it s through the matchmaker, Pearl, that Nate really finds the courage to make the necessary changes in his life to fulfill his full potential Pearl is great and I love learningabout her through each book The characters, both good and bad, are fantastic and are each crucial to the story and its development I came to love them all all except for one although some are definitely easier to love from the get go The setting, music scenes, character development, and pacing are perfect for this plot and I devoured it it was really over before I was ready for it to be and that ending Perfection Content mild language some innuendo, some party scenes with underage drinking, kissing, implied unmarried intimate relations with no details Clean, especially for the new adult genre I really hate Sophie, that bitch is crazy and a psychotic. Sigh So the big question remains..If we were a movieWhat would we be I ve just asked Mr O that question His answer I thought you werethe if we were a song kinda a girl. actually you are, but you evenif we were a book kinda girl Helpful much I am totally aware of that I always have a theme song to my current life So yeah, he got it right the first time around Hence I could totally relate to Jordan s outlook on life In fact, now I keep thinking about what movie I am could be in the little problem is, I am so not a movie buff So guess I just keep having theme songs and read books instead.Why do a babble on about movies you wonder Well, because Oram related every scene in the book to a movie Starting with Sliding Doors and ending with Love, Actually I totally love the way she incorporated over 30Movies two imaginary once, related to her previous books so cool into this fantastic cute fluffy.In my opinion this is Oram at her best Full review to follow on release day Until then I shall give you the movies list Sliding DoorsEuroTripJoe Versus The VolcanoShe s The ManThe Princess BrideThe Druid PrinceThe Usual SuspectsStep UpAnnieHow To Loose A Guy In 10 DaysBack To The FutureSid and NancyAlmost FamousSave The Last DanceSomeone Like YouXMenGhostMusic and LyricsV Is For VirginTransformersThe AvengersCluelessThe ProposalHome For The HolidaysKill BillMoulin RougeNation Lampoon s ChristmasVacationsWhite ChristmasDie HardKnocked UpShakespeare In LoveGone GirlFatal AttractionSleepless in SeattleLove, Actually and references to Matrix and Arachnophobia So what movie would you be A really fun read Clever, humorous, and engaging, this tale sucked me in from the beginning I loved the main characters with the exception of one , the brief appearances Pearl made throughout the book, and the happy ending A fantastic addition to the matchmaker series If We Were a Movie is a sweet romance set in New York City I loved all the movie references A super fun read with a whole cast of likable characters well all except for Sophie I didn t like her at all but that was as it should be Content a handful of mild swear words, mild innuendo, implied sex but nothing but kissing on the pages of the book Sladk , odpo inkov a pln film.

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her She s obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

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