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Seanan McGuire.Born and raised in Northern California, Mira Grant has made a lifelong study of horror movies, horrible viruses, and the inevitable threat of the living dead In college, she was voted Most Likely to Summon Something Horrible in the Cornfield, and was a founding member of the Horror Movie Sleep Away Survival Camp, where her record for time survived in the Swamp Cannibals scenario remains unchallenged.Mira lives in a crumbling farmhouse with an assortment of cats, horror movies, comics, and books about horrible diseases When not writing, she splits her time between travel, auditing college virology courses, and watching horror movies than is strictly good for you Favorite vacation spots include Seattle, London, and a large haunted corn maze just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.Mira sleeps with a machete under her bed, and highly suggests that you do the same.

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    full story by story review completed Countdown it was good to revisit this story, like seeing an old friend i d read it so many years ago, but i still remembered all of it, which is a testament to the staying power of mira grant s imagery and also her many wonderful turns of phrase Berkeley, being a university town in Northern California, had two major problems not enough guns, and too many idiots who thought they could fight off zombies with medieval weapons they d stolen from the history department It also had two major advantages most of the roads were already half blocked to prevent campus traffic from disturbing the residents, and most of those residents were slightly insane by any normal societal measurement.considering that a replica of a medieval weapon is later used, to great effect, in a different newsflesh story, the idiocy seems instead to be just good thinking you calling kelly nakata an idiot, ms grant hmmm, are ya but in the world of newsflesh, it s true that a little insanity will always serve you well, amiright, foxy and now for the chills Oggie kills me every time.Evergladesthis one was a first time read for me, and i d always felt a bit of a hole in my life for not having read it, as it was the only one i hadn t read and now i have it s very short it didn t leave much of an impression on me, although i really appreciated her introduction in which she discusses her inspiration for writing this one, when asked to contribute a story to The Living Dead 2 and being at a loss about what to write, feeling like she d covered so many angles in previous zombie tales little did she know how fruitful she would find this world in the future how much unexplored territory, because she s always finding one dark corner to shine an undead light into I was stumped Because I needed a short story that said something new and interesting about the zombie apocalypse, and I wasn t finding it Everyone had unleashed the virus everyone had devoured the world Everyone had survivedThat was the key Everyone had survived What about the people who looked at the face of the changing world the world that was never going to be the same, even if they made it out the other side and decided to say you know what, thanks but no thanks I d rather be a statistic Any disaster is going to come with a certain soft cost A certain number of suicides and accidents surrounding the deaths that come as an immediate consequence of the event I wanted to focus on one of those people. San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats i loved this one the first time i read it, and i loved it EVEN MORE this second time it s just a perfect story, and a love letter to fandom geekdom in all its manifestations first of all, the premise of a zombie outbreak at comic con is genius while i ve never been to comic con, i have been to many years of BEA and one ALA, and it s the same kind of crowd, with sadly fewer costumes but just the wall to wall people it s a recipe for disaster, if the zombies decide to visit from the introduction The closest comparison I have to trying to move across the San Diego Comic Con floor on a Saturday afternoon is trying to cut through Times Square on New Year s Eve, or across the plaza in front of Cinderella s Castle at Disney World just before the fireworks show If you have ever done any of these things, I m sorry If you haven t, well, I have done all three of them, which means you don t have to.she knows this world so well just like elle riley, star of Space Crime Continuum, whose sudden superstardom has kept her from being a mere attendee, although she d love to be just a regular geek again, wide eyed and not needing to keep any secrets from the media s scrutiny elle is the best i love her so much Nice to meet you all, said Elle briskly Now, what sort of danger did you people lead to our door She realized she was falling into the speech patterns she used for Indiction Rivers and well, so what if she was Indy Rivers got things done Maybe she was a fictional character, but they were in a fictional place, in a fictional situation There were worse things to be than fictional.Fictional people cried only when the story told them to.and her email is such a heartpunch.because that s another spectacular thing about this story you know right from the beginning that NO ONE made it out of comic con alive which is fine you re reading this interview between mahir and lorelei tuttle a woman who was the last to leave the convention center before all hell broke loose, and you re just absorbing it as a fact yup, everyone died, got it but then then you actually meet about twenty or so characters, on this their last day and it s really affecting, because you are rooting for these brave, nerdy folk even though you KNOW it s pointless.there s also another great dog here so many excellent dogs in these stories but don t get attached you were warned How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea i love how much mira grant s voice reminds me of jenny lawson at times for instance, one of the chapters in this story is titled Small Planes, Large Fences, and a Rather Daunting Number of Zombie Kangaroos, Because That Is Exactly What This Day Neededand another In Which There Are Kangaroos Absolutely Everywhere, and No One Is Properly Upset About the Situationafter reading about lawson s trip to australia in Furiously Happy A Funny Book About Horrible Things, i kind of want to fan pimp these two into being best friends BE BEST FRIENDS, PLEASE i m going to be lazy and requote what i quoted from the first time i reviewed this story, because it still makes me laugh Video footage of zombie kangaroos laying siege to Sydney was one of the last things to escape Australia during that first long, brutal summer of the Rising Then the networks went down, and there were other things for people to worry about Unbelievable as it sounds today, there was a time when the rest of the world genuinely expected the entire continent to be lost.There was one thing that no one considered, however Australia was populated by Australians When the rest of us were trying to adapt to a world that suddenly seemed bent on eradicating the human race, the Australians had been dealing with a hostile environment for centuries They looked upon our zombie apocalypse, and they were not impressed.AND i m going to repost the zombie kangaroo image AND i m going to complain again that by not referring to zombified wombats as zombats, she really missed an opportunity here jenny lawson would not have missed that opportunity.but i have NEW reflections that are NEW the first time i read this one, i freaking loved it, and i could not understand why so many of the gr reviews were thumbs downing it but this time around, i loved it less and it may be a case of having read it the first time when there was a newsflesh shaped absence in my life as opposed to reading it now, with 644 pages of newsflesh to roll around in because yeah, the thumbs downers were right mahir really did drink a lot of tea in this story which sounds like a silly thing to complain about, but mahir is one of my favorites beaten only by alaric okay, and obviously foxy okay never mind but i like him a LOT, okay and he kind of does come across a bit cartoonish in this one which OH MY GOD BEST IDEA EVER can we have some funko pop vinyls made of the newsflesh series they should totally do book funkos i would buy so many of them someone make this a thing that exists The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell okay, so here s the thing i read this way back when, and there was no introduction by mira grant and when the reveal of the story was revealed, i was stunned my jaw, it dropped.in this collection, she reveals the reveal in her introduction, which i am quoting part of because it is a perfect description, but shhhhh view spoiler Enter Foxy She was introduced in Blackout as part of the Monkey s crew, a manic pixie nightmare girl with a knife in one hand and a submachine gun in the other She was part deconstruction of the trope and part broken bird, and I loved her on sight. hide spoiler

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    Being back in the Newsflesh world after so long had me all sorts of giddy Sure, I ve read some of these short stories recently, but the best thing about this collection of short stories is the expectation of to come Feedback is coming this October and this is the perfect book to read to get a bit of a refresh and to prepare yourself mentally More George More Shaun More zombies Oh, man, is it October yet So, back to Rise A Newsflesh Collection This collection consists of eight short stories and two of them have never before been published These are all set in the Newsflesh world but not necessarily George and Shaun s world although a few of course do.The first, Countdown, is a must read for fans of the Newsflesh novels Countdown takes you back before the virus was spread, before the zombies came alive, when the world was still as vivid and vibrant as it is today This is a super short story and left me wanting much much , but it was still an extremely informative piece of writing that I felt was essential to truly understanding the Newsflesh world You don t get to read anything about Shaun or George or even Buffy, but you do get a glimpse into the life of Amanda Amberlee, the creator of the cure Dr Alexander Kellis, and of the group responsible for unleashing it onto the world, The Mayday Army Even with a short story, Mira Grant does a phenomenal job at pulling you right in When will you Rise And the world gave itself an answer Now.Welcome to the aftermath Everglades was a short story that was originally included in The Living Dead 2 anthology Set on the UC Berkeley campus, this is a story that focuses on the sorts of individuals that have found themselves a survivor among the growing apocalypse but realized that this sort of world isn t one that they can continue living in This short story effectively recaps the life of Debbie whose grandfather taught her to respect Nature, that it can be cruel This life lesson is never apparent as she watches the dead come to life and the air begins to smell like the Everglade swamps of Florida Life is only temporary but death is eternal Incredibly eerie story Makes you wonder what form you would take in an apocalypse hero or someone expendable San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats tells the story of individuals that found themselves in a comic book convention when the zombies begin to rise Thirty years have passed since the Last Stand and Mahir Gowda interviews the only survivor Lorelei Tutt This short story encompasses a large cast of characters and we get to see snippets through their eyes and what they re doing to try to survive the long five days they were barricaded inside the convention center Last Stand was a Hugo nominee for Best Novella in 2013 and it really comes as no surprise This nod to the Browncoats of Firefly is yet another brilliant story that brings to light the realities of just how terrifying a zombie apocalypse would be.In How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea, we get Mahir but this time he s in Australia doing an article on their famed rabbit proof fence It s an interesting piece that reads very much like a travelogue, as if Bill Bryson visited Australia except there s zombie kangaroo hopping around It was interesting to get a glimpse at how people outside of the United States have handled the zombie apocalypse There s a definite lack of action with this one, Mahir never was the type to get out there and slay some undead, so this one is definitely for those interested in the scientific aspects of an apocalypse The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell is a riveting and suspenseful novella set in the same world as Grant s popular Newsflesh trilogy The story follows Alaric Kwong and Mahir Gowda in current day 2044 who are conducting research on the tragedy trying to find the cause of it all Flashbacks to 2036 are told from the point of view of teacher Elaine Oldenburg and shows the flaws of the secure school system she thought she worked in Her desperation to survive and to keep as many of the children safe as possible is palpable and even knowing that all sorts of wrongs are likely to follow, the reader can t help but hope for a miracle Incredibly thrilling for a mere 112 pages, Mira Grant continues to impress with her boldness Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus centers are my favorite character Dr Abbey Most of these short stories can stand by themselves but Octopus combines not just the story from Blackout but The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell and guys It s so damn good Dr Abbey is being her badass scientist self trying to figure out how to save the world from the virus that overtook it, but she also has to protect her lab from those who want to take it from her There were some fantastic character revelations and added backstory to those interesting characters that we never quite knew much about Bottom line, if you haven t read this, do it immediately.And now we come to the brand new stories All the Pretty Little Horses was admittedly a massive step back in terms of pacing after the thrill ride of Octopus but I can t complain too awful much We also took a bit of a step back in terms of time as well Georgia and Shaun have always been center stage and we never quite knew much about their adoptive parents, at least until now Stacy and Michael Mason, we know from the Newsflesh novels, lost their son Phillip after the family dog amplified Stacy, lost inside her deep depression after being the one to have to put a bullet in his head, pulls herself out when she develops a passion for photography The duo are one of the first to start blogging of the epidemic and photographing it for those too scared to venture out into the unknown It was interesting to finally get some backstory on these characters we ve always known but never knew much about.The final story, Coming to You Live, is clearly leading up to events to come in Feedback and if I wasn t excited before I sure am now This story takes us into the backwoods of Canada, where Georgia and Shaun have been living since the end of Blackout Honestly, I don t want to spoil a single thing about this but I will say that it was so damn good to have those two back on the page This one was intense and a bit of a nail biter at times but such a satisfying read I may not have wanted this one to end but it was still fantastic no matter the size and I m not sure if I ve mentioned Feedback but I m even excited for it now Feedback, the fourth Newsflesh novel, comes out in October But seriously, is it October yet I received this book free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    Christine Lakin and John Glouchevitch both did an excellent job of narrating these shorts I have previously read most of the novellas, so it took me a moment to acclimate to their voices as opposed to the ones in my head My name is Shaun Mason, and I am not okay Countdown It was fun revisiting the story and is one of my favorites Countdown introduces us to Amanda Amberlee A girl who was cured of leukemia, and the namesake for the Amberlee Virus A virus responsible for the apocalyptic world, we find in the Newsflesh trilogy This story also introduces us to Dr Kellis who was responsible for stealing the untested cure If you have been curious about the first outbreaks, this story is for you Everglades is a very short fiction and was originally part of the Living Dead 2 Anthology collection containing zombie stories The tale is very short, but shares an outbreak on a college campus near the beginning of the outbreak Debbie our protagonist shares what happens along with the survival lessons she learned from her Grandpa San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats Once you read this, you will never attend another Comic CON without thinking of this tale You have been warned Grant shares what happens when you have a large crowd, tight quarters, and a freakin zombie outbreak What could go wrong Another personal favorites, Firefly fangirling aside How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea Mahir takes us down under in this Post Rising Australian tale A group known as the Australian Conservation Corps has tried to preserve their continent s natural wealth by separating animals that amplify They are gated in large enclosures that allowing them to roam free Yeah, I see no problem with amplified elephants, kangaroos and large cats and roaming free behind a fence Bwahaha I have always loved Mahir and his voice and thought this tale was particularly good The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell A post rising tale featuring Elaine Oldenburg Foxy She is a first grade teacher at an elementary school in the northern pacific region The school has all the latest post rising security features including electronic shackles on student s desks and amplification test to keep your precious children safe Yeah, what could go wrong This was dark, terrifying and brilliant Grant did an excellent job of mixing zombies and children Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus Spend time with Dr Shannon Abbey as she runs an underground virology lab in this post rising tale Fans who love getting stories about side characters will appreciate this short When a mysterious woman shows up Dr Abbey investigates and oh boy Not to be missed folks On a side note, I friggin love the titles Grant comes up with for these short stories All The Pretty Little Horses Brand New story Here fans get to meet Georgia and Shaun s adoptive parents We finally get the full story behind their loss during the initial outbreak and the months following Told through Michael s eyes Grant brilliantly captured Stacy s struggles and reawakening I thoroughly enjoyed this one Coming to You Live Brand New Story Oh the mixed feelings, I have for this one Coming to You Live shares an epilogue of sorts involving Shaun and Georgia Grant never planned to write this, but fans wanted it I say, trust your gut Ms Grant I have imagined their epilogue many times, revisiting them in my thoughts and pondering what they were doing I never imagined Grant would tell us Let us just say things did not end well in Coming to You Live Read listen at your own risk I could not stop listening and admittedly hung on every word After all, it is Grant and her writing rocks In retrospect, I am of the opinion some doors are best left unopened Audio provided by publisher This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    The only way anyone ever knows what matters to them is by losing it If losing something breaks you in a way that can never be repaired, then that was what mattered Now you know Congrats Try to live with it Oof And like that. I m done with the Newsflesh series All of these books are fucking monsters, yet somehow I speed through them as though they were half their size It s like I unhinge my jaw just devour them This series is so compulsively readable Rise is a collection of two previously unreleased novellas and six short stories set within the Newsflesh universe, all of which were new to me If you haven t at least read the three books prior to this, DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS COLLECTION I find it incredibly difficult to remain completely spoiler free when discussing a book this far into the series So avert your damn eyes and come back after you ve immersed yourself in this glorious world This assortment of stories help to expand upon the world that Mira Grant has written There are pieces that fill in the gaps left by the trilogy this collection came out before Feedback Zombies and mad scientists and bloggers and MOTHER FORKING ASSASSINS The Newsflesh series truly flips the genre on it s head Grant s radical blend of horror, sci fi, politics and real world science just fucking does it for me with its originality There are added introductions and brief explanations before each story in this collection, which is just everything This is worth the read for those alone Seanan McGuire Mira Grant is such a brilliant storyteller She has this way of talking to her readers as though we are friends, much like Stephen King and his Constant Readers not to keep comparing her to the King in my reviews, but. I would buy the shit out of a book where she discusses the process of her books, as well as what inspired them JUST TAKE MY GODDAMN MONEY Once someone has converted into thehell, once somebody s a zombie, there s no coming back They are no longer the people you have known all your life Head shots seem to work best Severe damage to the body will eventually cause them to bleed out, but it can take time, and it will create a massive hot zone that can t be sterilized with anything but fire or bleach We haveGod, we have He stopped for a moment, dropping his forehead into the palm of his hand Finally, dully, he said, We have lied to you We have withheld information My favorites were San Diego 2014 This one was especially badass What happens when there is a zombie outbreak during a Firefly convention at Comic Con I mean. what could go wrong GAH The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell Zombies. in an elementary school Yikes Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus DR ABBEY All the Pretty Little Horses A background story about Shaun Georgia s adoptive parents Coming to You Live Some closure for Shaun Georgia I m sad to say goodbye to this series, but I m so thankful that it ended on such a high This is one of my favorite books of the year so far When will you Rise And the world gave itself an answer Now.Welcome to the aftermath.

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    Despite my immense love of Mira Grant s Newsflesh trilogy, I d not yet gotten around to reading the various novellas I was definitely planning to, sooner rather than later, so I was THRILLED when Rise was announced At that point, I decided to wait, even though I was actively rereading at about that time I mean, new stories and the old stories all conveniently together in one whole book SIGN ME UP.CountdownRise opens strongly with Countdown Countdown details The Rising in small snippets, from the creation of the cures that accidentally merged to cause it and the first attacks Though the information wasn t precisely new, there s a lot detail given to the bigger picture details that you get in the trilogy Grant does an amazing job with these Despite the brevity of each snippet, they re powerful and intense I have a lot of Dr and Mr Kellis feels.The steady undercurrent of Countdown is the constant shifting of blame Many events combine to bring about the Rising, and no one wants to be culpable It s sad, really, that the people who feel guiltiest about the apocalypse are the ones who were least culpable.Also powerful are the news snippets at the end of each chapter They remain cheerful for so long, shifting only when the dead are actually rising, becoming a menacing drumbeat warning people to stay safe and stay inside Grant has always done amazing things with epigraphs.Everglades Everglades is a sort of new work, never having been released as a novella until Rise And oof is it depressing Trigger warning for suicide, as this story is about a girl who decides she doesn t care to try so survive the zombie apocalypse Though it s well written, Everglades was a bit too short to have much impact on me, aside from being depressing as hell The zombies reminding the girl of the Everglades also was a bit of a weird connection that didn t do a whole lot for me tbh.San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California BrowncoatsOof, this one hurts The Newsflesh Trilogy has some intense, scary zombie moments, but, since it s set after humanity has figured out how to survive, it s nothing like this Set at the very start of the Rising, San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats is the story of how everyone at the Comic Con preview dies.Like, you know from the start that no one will survive And of course all the saddest moments from Firefly are playing in my head as I read The combination of how likable Grant made these poor, doomed characters and Firefly feels had me crying at the end It s sort of amazing how, even though I know there s no hope, you still really do hope THE PAIN.How Green This Land, How Blue This SeaMy feelings on How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea are a bit mixed On the one hand, I really love getting to see how hilariously uniquely Australia handled the Rising I d not really thought about how other countries would be handling things in different ways, but now I really want stories set in other places The commentary on Australia seems pretty on point from everything I ve heard though I ve never been.On the other hand, this story did drag a bit As much as I love Mahir, he s too tired to be too bantery for most of the story due to jetlag It s not really plot driven either, about the science and looking at zombie kangaroos than anything For what this novella actually accomplishes, it s overlong But zombie kangaroos and wombats are pretty damn cool.The Day the Dead Came to Show and TellWow, this one s really strong Like, How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea, it s long, almost a hundred pages in this huge hardback Unlike the prior novella, though, the pace is fast Where that story lacked in high stakes, this one was high stakes in novella form It s about an elementary school suffering an outbreak Unlike San Diego 2014, you know some people are going to survive Very cool Very painful Massively brutal view spoiler I cannot believe Elaine had to break a kindergartener s neck Holy shit hide spoiler

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    holy crap was this a long book, but so worth it.if you didn t see the brilliance of mira grant s writing before you will after this.countdown was the missing piece most people will want to read.everglades shows how some people just can t find a reason to keep living.she also takes readers too comic con and down under.it fills in alot of missing little pieces and extra bits of awesome.

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    4.5 stars it took me quite awhile to get through all these stories but I m really glad I kept going The stories are all great but the last couple are definite 5 stars Love this whole series.

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    So here is a short list so I remember before reading this which stories I have read.Countdown Everglades San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California BrowncoatsHow Green This Land, How Blue This SeaThe Day the Dead Came to Show and TellPlease Do Not Taunt the OctopusAll the Pretty Little HorsesComing to You LiveSo basically Almost everything And I have book 4 to read too Oh joy I need to sort out my priorities and this is high on the list

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    Rise collects all of the Newsflesh novellas and one short story in one beautiful place, AND gives us two new novellas Which is what this review will focus on, since I have reviewed all the other novellas Countdown , San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats , How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea , The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell , and Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus I did re read Everglades, having read it years ago, and it remains Not My Jam storywise, though it s very moody Oh, with this collection you get lots of fun introductions The introductions are worth reading.Anyway, the two new novellas are cleverly chosen written, as one is pre series and one is post series, and each one focuses on view spoiler a different pair of traumatized Masons trying, in their own way, to move on and live their lives hide spoiler

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    Since this is a collection of short stories I ll write my thoughts separately for each one.1 Countdown Pre rising How everything began Normally, this would be the beginning of a zombie movie We learn exactly how the virus was formed and spread Interesting and exciting I remember when I first read it I was annoyed with the olde trope of damn hippies go and free the monkeys and everything turns to shit I still am tired of it.2.Everglades Pre rising It was so short I barely remember it It had memories of a grandpa and alligators Not bad.3.San Diego 2014 Pre rising Good old geek fun Is also good as a standalone story Zombies at ComiCon, full with cosplay and shit Yeah 4.How Green This Land How Blue This Sea Post rising Mahir goes to Australia and sees zombie kangaroos Interesting ideas Australian security is very different which is nice since we at least we as Europeans always criticize american media s use of fear on their citizens Nice to see Mira taking this approach 5.The Day The Dead Came To Show And Tell Post rising How cool is this title Even if it s a lie, because it wasn t show and tell day At first I was a bit annoyed with the emotional milking of the tragedy that is when kids die The story is so fast paced though, and filled with excitement and agony, that I quickly forgot about it Did not care for the protagonist before reading this, now I do.6.Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus Post rising Meh Companion to the previous story I enjoyed the action scenes but not much else Very little octopus also.7 All the Pretty Little Horses Pre Post rising A story exclusive to this volume Where we learn all about the Masons Grant wrote them as total monsters for the duration of the Newsflesh series, and now we get to learn why they became that way Couldn t care less really Got the chills however at the last chapter, when they decide to adopt.8.Coming To You Live Post rising Also a story exclusive to this volume An epilogue of what happened to the protagonists I did not need this The whole feeling of the story was much darker than that of the books Reminded me of novels like The Road, and movies like Winter s Bone Alone in a wasteland, post apocalypse type of thing Could have done without Wasn t bad though.

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