After the Fire

After the FireAfter the Fire is yet another great book written by author, T K Chapin This is the fourth and final book in the Embers and Ashes series These books were set in Spokane, WA with the firefighters of fire station 9 as the main characters of each book Book one Cole, Book two Kane, Book three Rick and now Book four is about Micah Throughout the series each book is written in first person from each of the main characters point of view love how each character tells us his story.I was excited to finally get to read about this station 9 character, Micah, because we ve read of his influence in the lives of the other characters along the way in the other books and finally get to read about him This is fiction, but I especially like how human Chapin made Micah He has some intense things going on in his life of which, I will NOT give spoilers as I don t want to ruin Your experience of this exceptional read and in the midst of the experiences he has real responses to the happenings Micah is the kind of character that every Christian woman would want for her husband, especially after 20 years of marriage He s godly, faithful, loving, the encourager and a good example to others I found this book to be encouraging to me in my faith, and also found it to be an emotional readthere were even tears though some of the scenes There s also quite a few parts that kept me on the edge of my seat as I read wondering how this author was going to take the story Chapin did a great job in surprising me with the directions taken within the pages of After the Fire Chapin doesn t preach in his Christian fiction books, but he does gives verses and encourages a closer walk with the Lord throughout each of his books You can almost always count on Chapin to give you a few great quotes in each of his books You won t be disappointed with this great quote from After the Fire, happiness depends on your circumstances joy depends on God and my relationship with Him There s an even better quote, but I ll let you find it as it s the essence of the whole series culminated into one quote You ll love it Very interesting bookThis was a very sad, suspenseful and spiritual book The author kept you interested in so many ways I really enjoyed reading this book The ending was fantastic. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness What an amazing story I absolutely loved it Heartbreaking but healing I found this story to be a good end to the series Very well written and I had to read it straight through The lessons that can be learned from this story are huge and many Lots of food for thought and possible application to ones life I love to read fiction stories that show how great God is and how very much He loves us This one does both I highly recommend this to all I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed most of After the Fire The story was heartfelt and heartbreaking at times but so good There were parts that were pretty unbelievable, but the uplifting, inspirational story kept it afloat.Micah was a man of faith throughout all 4 books of this series He was the one that provided guidance whenever any of the other characters were having problems Micah always turned to God in prayer and word His faith seemed unwavering Then tragedy struck his home Losing your teenage daughter so suddenly would shake anyone s faith Micah was angry and lost for a short while Upon advice from his pastor Micah chose to get away and get in touch with God Micah s faith was back in a big way and again he had purpose Finding an abused little boy on the beach Micah set out to protect the little boy when it seemed everyone in the town was against him This is where it became a bit unbelievable First, William is 8 years old I highly doubt that any kid at 8 would have that level of biblical knowledge and wisdom The author would have done a far better job making William just a couple years older Also, Micah s faith became unbelievable Don t get me wrong I know you can go through loss and still love God and be thankful for the time you ve had with your loved one But, I find it hard to believe that you can be shot and immediately drop beside the shooter telling him of God s love and helping him to accepting Christ as his savior I think it would be great, but not realistic Could he have come to that forgiveness and wanted to help the man that shot him Yes But, within seconds of it happening Unlikely. Enjoyed the book. Very good Very sadHeartbreaking to read I could not finish the sorrow was so overpowering my heart is still aching Author brought the emotion AWESOME This was an awesome story God will carry us through the the storm and see us through to the other side What an awesome story After the Fire is the 4th and final book in the Embers and Ashes series After The Ashes Is Book 4 of the Embers and Ashes series by T.K Chapin This contemporary Christian Romance book inspires and tugs on your heart strings The hero and his wife go through a tragedy no parent should have to go through The story has a very meaningful message of trusting God in the midst of the fire or trial This message is so true and uplifting It reminds me of the story of Job God will bring you out on the other side stronger and blessed Life can be cruel As humans we sometimes fail, but God is there through it all to love us back to Him if we are willing to let Him T.K Chapin has become one of my favorite authors, and this book a favorite I was given a copy for an honest review I highly recommend this book and this author. AFTER THE FIRE Is Book Four Of The Contemporary Christian Romance Series, EMBERS ASHES Follow The Lives Of The Men Of Fire StationAs They Face The Fires On And Off The Job Inspirational Romance Stories Full Of Faith, Hope And Love That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired Firefighter Micah Freeman Is The Pillar Of Faith At Fire StationHe S The One Everyone Turns To In Their Hour Of Need A Man Of Steel In Every Regard, But Even Steel Has A Breaking Point When A Tragedy Strikes Close To Home, Micah S Faith Is Challenged Far Beyond Anything He Has Ever Encountered Truly Relying On God For Strength, Micah Must Find A Way To Put The Pieces Back Together And Find The Peace He Once Had After The Fire Is The Fourth And Final Installment To The Best Selling Christian Romance Series Embers Ashes

[PDF / Epub] ✅ After the Fire By T.K. Chapin –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 314 pages
  • After the Fire
  • T.K. Chapin
  • English
  • 10 June 2019

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