Cruel Water (Portland ME, #2)

Cruel Water (Portland ME, #2) This is a very moving and quite the powerful read.I did not love it hence the rating , but I did enjoy it and I can totally see why everybody else adored it so much.What I liked Ike Ike, Ike, Ike, Ike Didn t think I could ever find that name sexy but with a man like him carrying it whew Ike was absolutely dreamy and exactly my kind of alpha hero Yes, there were times I wanted to roll my eyes at some of his caveman antics, but all in all he was amazing Protective and supportive, he always had Viv s back, BUT he let her fight her battles herself as she saw fit And that is something I love in a hero The low angst romance There were no stupid misunderstandings, miscommunications, jealousies The main characters were mature and honest with one another and kept the petty drama to an absolute minimum The chemistry Despite all the heartache and serious subjects, the author managed to create an amazing sexual tension between Ike and Viv It was hot The sensitivity and respect with which Barker tackled such delicate subjects as rape and domestic abuse I ve found that it s incredibly hard to pull off, to put the emphasis on the victim s strengths instead of portraying them as weakling, so KudosThere is nothing as powerful as the feeling of having someone at your back, no matter what happens You may not need Ike to be strong, but he makes you stronger anywayWhat I disliked Too Freaking Long Yes, the author had a lot to tell and the story didn t exactly feel drawn out, but it seemed like I wasn t making any progress at all Probably a matter of personal preference, but a little less would have beenin this case Too much testosterone Now there s something I didn t think I d ever say, but all those overprotective alpha guys in Viv s life always trying to jump in and shelter her from anything and everything grated on my nerves Back off, dudes She s got it Too much waterworks I m aware that this was an emotional read and Viv has had one hell of a life, but I m surprised she wasn t all dehydrated and shriveled up by the end of the book.I d definitely consider reading another of Freya Barker s works Maybe something shorter, though ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Innocence Marked Her Violation Crippled Her Love Left Her Raw The Life She Carefully Rebuilt Is Challenged When She Is Confronted With The Sins From Her Past The Carefully Applied Protection Is At Once Ripped Away, Leaving Her Exposed And VulnerableHer Single Night Of Indulgence With The Silver Eyed Stranger Is Only The Beginning He Sees Right To The Heart Of Her And She Is Unable To Ward Off Emotions That Have Been Deeply Buried With The Sting Of Betrayal Still Fresh In Her Soul, She S Surprised To Find Herself Opening Up To The Honest Integrity Of The Sharp Eyed, Rough Looking BikerWhen He Lost Everyone Who Mattered, He Was Left Without Roots And Learned To Be Content Simply Living In The Moment Completely Unprepared For The Feisty Blonde Bartender With Old Pain Marring Her Clear Blue Eyes, He Questions His Own Rules Of Detachment, As She Unwittingly Finds A Way Under His SkinAppearances Deceive And When The Masks Fall Away, Revealing Deep, Dark Secrets, There Is Nothing Left But To Hang Onto Each Other And Survive The Storm We first meet Viv in From Dusty, the slightly damaged woman who is rebuilding her life with the help of good friends But we never got a chance to see all of her scars Until now.Ike can t take his eyes off the firecracker behind the bar Returning home to Portland, Maine, Ike finds himself starting to put down some roots something he didn t think he d really ever find himself doing But that isn t the only thing he s doing that is out of the norm Viv and Ike engage in a steamy one night stand when she awakes to tragedy in the form of her father having a stroke But that is really the least of her worries, as the things she has worked to keep buried start to rise to the surface Placing Viv in the spot to finally free herself of the ghosts of her past Cruel Water was so muchthan simply a love story Viv s story was absolutely tragic You could just feel the pain beneath the surface through most of this book You knew what was coming and yet you just could not prepare yourself for it.I loved how Ike worked his way in, past her hard exterior and that he stuck by her side Carrying his own burdens, he could have easily taken one look at all the baggage that came with giving his heart to a woman like Viv and just walk away But he didn t He couldn t This is my second book by Ms Barker and I it will not be my last I love the way she gives you these slightly damaged characters, but they aren t weak and they aren t victims They are survivors I love that in this fictional world, people who are so deserving of some good are getting it Ike was the perfect match for Viv He was protective but not overbearing He knew when to stand down and let her fight her own battles It made me love him so muchevery time he stood in on the fringe, watching Ready to step in if she needed him, but not taking over This book was all about romance, but not the sugary sweet type that causes your face to hurt because you re smiling so hard This is the type of romance that you feel you earned that happily ever after because you had to fight for it And that is what Viv and Ike did They fought for it A must read for those that love characters that make you feel, a love story that makes you feel like anything is possible and for readers who want substance to the stories they read I can t wait for the next in this series to rage against the storm, face the whipping winds and cruel watersI swear I wasn t looking to die Back to the warm and familiar setting of The Skipper where you immediately feel at home, this is Viv s story Parts of her past leaked through in From Dust as her friendship with Syd grew yet if you haven t had the pleasure of that novel this can easily be read as a stand alone although I thoroughly enjoyed the progression of her storyline Broken by her ex Viv turned to a women s refuge when she made the break from Frank Learning to stand on her own without her brothers interference she patched over the cracks with the help of Pam, a therapist and the owner of the women s shelter Returning to her home town and into her male dominated family Viv is strong on the outside but her mask is slowly slipping Syd has started the corrosion by opening up to Viv and in return they have shared moments that have started to unearth a past that refuses to remain hiddenViv has been on a self imposed sex drought ever since leaving her demented controlling ex with only one night of poor judgement since Yet when a stormy eyed bike riding stranger rolls in she thinks why the hell not A night of nameless passion makes Viv feelbut fate has other plans and has her running out the door before she can think or process what she wants from the stranger she spent the night with Family drama ensues dragging Viv into a world of conflict and confusion and to add to her woes her mystery man turns out to be someone that she just can t escape Revelations set the cat amongst the pigeons as Viv has kept hidden the true extent of the abhorrent relationship she endured for years Her family are aghast and hurt that she didn t ask for help but the final big reveal results in shock waves that test them all apart This story deals with aging parents and the way a family can be ripped apart when the status quo is changed When the veneer of happy families is stripped back to reveal the rotten core exactly who is to blame Is everyone equally as guilty for looking the other way, taking the easy way out As for that stormy eyed biker, he has his own world of pain and guilt her carries every day A loner by nature, compounded by tragic events in his past the chick in the bar makes him question what he really wants Returning to her after she runs, he is drawn like a moth to a flame, desperate to feel her warmth and bask in her light although he may burn up it s a risk he s willing to take He sees between the lines and knows she hasbaggage than most but can he be the man for her Can the weather the approaching storm together Cruel Water shone for me as one of the most outstanding reads so far of the year Dealing with multiple issues that are seriously usually skimmed over or sensationalised this was well written, thought out and emotionally charged The knock on effect of one horror that leads onto further horrors as there is no sense of self worth was captured beautifully as was the slow break down as one revelation lead to a flood gate of exposure Fantastically well written, I loved the self doubt of Ike, the no nonsense approach of Pam and of course catching up with the family that is The Skipper.A five star sensational read Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review Cruel Water is not my first rodeo with author Freya Barker So I had a pretty good idea what I was getting myself into.In comparison to From dust the first of the Portland ME series her new book is a little less intense.Which might be due to the fact that the characters are already familiar and the plotline is not as mysterious.But do not get me wrong when I say less or not as there is still a lotto that story than many other stories have to offer.It is just that From Dust was SO intense that it will always be difficult to compete with.I already knew Viv from the first book and I was looking forward to her story So Ms Barker did not disappoint when she delivered.There have probably been many man to try to solve the mystery that is Viv But it wasn t until Ike entered the picture that there was finally a man that had the slightest chance to even come really close to her.And while he is trying to solve the mystery that is Viv he gets drawn in and in the end getsthat he signed in for.The reader will have no other choice than to keep his fingers crossed that those two will finally see what is right in front of them. Freya is absolutely one of my favorite authors hands down Nobody injects emotion into stories like this talented lady I had to take a break while reading this story due to personal experiences that just made it a rough journey for me Having said that It was still a beautiful healing and passionate read. Barker has done it again Viv is so fucking strong, even when she feels anything but And, oh my god, Ike I need an Ike of my own His compassion, understanding, support and love of Viv is what we all read romance books hoping to find. Favorite Quotes Red Sox game on Owen s sixty inch tiny dick compensation That earns him a slap to the back of the head I swear, my brothers, in their forties, are no different than they were as teenagers I don t think anyone can make the mistake of thinking you re not capable of looking after yourself, that s not a question The point is that those of us, whose knuckles still occasionally scrape the floor, like to take care of what they consider theirs I m forty two years old and have been allergic most of my adult life to anything resembling a relationship Don t think for one second that I don t realize exactly what I have in you That I don t know how lucky I am A beautiful, strong woman, who knows how to stand on her own, yet trusts me enough to let me have her back Amazing how my brothers can t find a pair of clean socks to save their lives, but put them in a strange house and they easily find the kitchen My Review Engrossing, sensual, heartbreaking, emotive, evocative, eventful, dramatic, frighteningly accurate these are just a few of the adjectives that flit through my addled mind while I contemplate this book and struggle to find the correct order of words to define my reading experience Ms Barker s exceptional gift of realistic, nuanced, and intriguing characters strikes again I adore these people and would love to know them I want an Ike of my own he is just delicious, perfect, supportive, sensitive, insightful, strong, and a sexual dynamo I held my breath for fear he was going to back away due to the continuous cycle of drama that seems to follow me around that Viv mentioned in an apology The twisted family dynamic of Viv s past and present was well portrayed and expertly erected I had anticipated and feared for the hidden traumas that Viv had long been suppressing, and I really didn t want to be right I fretted that the reveal was going to be gut wrenching and overwhelming, yet it was handled so well and with such sensitivity, I wasin awe of Ms Barker s skill than anything else Freya Barker has been a recent discovery for me and has quickly become one of my favorite authors She now resides on my must read must have will surely die without it list And yes, I did just channel my inner teen diva cougars are allowed to do that. Beautifully written I ve read books where the hero heroine has suffered abuse in their past but I ve never had a book leave such an impact on me as this one has The author did such a beautiful job of bringing the characters to life that I felt like this was a friend of mine who was struggling on the road to recovery, trying to learn to live with such a traumatic past and to forgive the people in her life who let her down And Isaac Freya Barker could not have done a better job of writing in such a great leading man Any woman could not ask for a better partner to lead you out of the dark and into the light Really, just a beautiful story.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is a breathtaking story of a damaged heroine supported by an strong man who is still recovering from his own emotional wounds It takes you on journey towards happiness, forgiveness and above all a hope for a future lived free of a painful past.I really enjoyed Freya s writing style and storytelling in From Dust and couldn t wait to read Cruel Waters Set around The Skipper once again but this time telling Viv s story and her silver eyed stranger Viv s story was as gruelling to experience as Syd s and in some ways,emotive Her past was hinted at in From Dust, as well as her connection to Pam and Florence House, but after reading this story, in harrowing detail, we see Viv as a person outwardly strong but inwardly brittle, almost to the point of fracturing Thankfully though, the stranger who she forms a bond with after a one night stand is on hand to offer her support and guidance Ike is also living with a painful memory but is able to offer what remains of himself to Viv, unreservedly With two contrasting but equally painful backgrounds, Viv and Ike try to build a relationship together but with Viv almost at the point of no return, emotionally and physically, Ike and Pam can only hope that she pulls back before it s too late I found this story quite draining to read I didn t cry but it still left me reeling Viv s family and their treatment of her was particularly brutal but at the same time I understood their confusion given that their world had been turned upside down by the events in their past that they were, outwardly, unaware of Dorian s character and story was a sweet add on but even he unwittingly hurt Viv after the way his family reacted to his own shocking announcement Ike was a special man throughout this story, despite carrying loss on his broad shoulders He saw something in Viv which was immediately apparent and readers will definitely physically feel his connection to her He was able to relate to the pain Viv was experiencing without reacting in a negative way For me he was the perfect hero to complement Viv s heroism I highly recommend these books to readers who love to read about emotive subjects They are captivating and rewarding but most of all, they really demonstrate hope through strength in the eyes of adversityUS UK Personal recommendation Fans of Sawyer Bennett s Off Series will love this new series by Freya Barker.Review Requests jezabellgirlandfriends gmail.comWeb

Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories Driven to make her books about real people with characters who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills, and some hot, sizzling sex in their lives.A recipient of the RomCon Reader s Choice Award for best first book, Slim To None , and Finalist for the Kindle Book Award with

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