Tricked (Dark Protectors #7.75; 1001 Dark Nights #48)

Tricked (Dark Protectors #7.75; 1001 Dark Nights #48) 4 to 4 1 2 stars This little novella had a heck of a power struggle between the hero and heroine More so than any other couple in this series More importantly, how was he going to keep a mate safe who didn t want to be kept safe While I didn t enjoy the other woman drama, I did enjoy the fact that no matter how hard Jared worked to isolate and protect Veronica, she was going to do what needed to be done This is not a heroine who makes TSTL decisions, but one who is using her brain to solve the mystery of who killed a close patient of hers and attempted to kill her as well.As always, it s got some hot steamy goodness, some bloody gory violence, and great secondary characters Rebecca Zanetti knows how to do novellas right And just because this made me smile You ve lost your mind, she stuttered Yes Yes, I have, he said, his eyes wild One week of being mated to you and I ve lost any semblance of sanity I ever had Listen here, woman I m wild I m the crazy one You will not turn me in to the voice of reason I won t allow it Dual POVSome OW drama although he has no feelings for herNo apparent triggers well, except for blood and gore if that s not your thing He Might Save Her Former Police Psychologist Ronni Alexander Had It All Before A Poison Attacked Her Heart And Gave Her A Death Sentence Now, On Her Last Leg, She Has An Opportunity To Live If She Mates A Vampire A Real Vampire One Night Of Sex And A Good Bite, And She D Live Forever With No Weaknesses Well, Except For The Vampire Whose Dominance Is Over The Top, And Who Has No Clue How To Deal With A Modern Woman Who Can Take Care Of Herself She Might Kill Him Jared Reese, Who Has No Intention Of Ever Mating For Anything Other Than Convenience, Agrees To Help Out His New Sister In Law By Saving Her Friend S Life With A Quick Tussle In Bed The Plan Seems So Simple They D Mate, And He Move On With His Life And Take Risks As A Modern Pirate Should Except After One Night With Ronni, One Moment Of Her Sighing His Name, And He Wants Than A Mating Of Convenience Now All He Has To Do Is Convince Ronni She Wants The Same Thing Good Thing He S Up For A Good Battle WOW What a delightfully intense novella Somehow Rebecca Zanetti found a way to pack a full story into a few pages, giving enough to satisfy me while at the same time I m clamoring for Jared Reese was a 400 year old vampire who was tasked with saving the life of his sister in law s BFF, Veronica You see, Veronica had been poisoned and now had only days to live However, the mating between these two characters would not only cure her, but also grant her immortality.There were so many unrealistic elements to this story but it was part of what made it amazing These unrealistic elements are part of what I love and appreciate so much of Paranormal Romance Jared was oh so sexy, Alpha, scary, intelligent, protective and dominant Veronica was smart and sassy, the perfect match for the strong and vicious vamp.Now I am excited to add not only the rest of this author s work to my TBR because her writing was THAT GOOD, but I m also adding the short stories that comprise the 1001 Dark Nights anthology GenreParanormal Romantic Suspense POVDual 3rd person OM OWview spoiler Yes, but there is no question of the H s loyalty and fidelity to the h hide spoiler 4 starsAaaahhh, Rebecca Zanetti you never fail to deliver A feisty heroine, an alpha hero, hot vampire sex and lots of action, this is a great read, and a fantastic addition to the Dark Protectors series Jared is the brother of Chalton Reese tech genius of the Realm Jared was introduced in Teased, where his story was hinted at an ex pirate and vampire who agrees to help his new sister in law by saving the life of her dying best friend, by mating her Yep, sex and a vampire bite and Ronni will be not only healed of the mysterious poison that is killing her, but immortal as well With no other choice, and with not long to live, she bravely takes the opportunity to live, even knowing what the consequences of her actions will meanHere s the deal I want to live Good His expression smoothed out But I m not willing to be a mistress God, she wanted to live To see the future To have children I understand we can only have sex with each other, and I do like sex I m not a sure thing Meaning, you have no rights to me He studied her, energy radiating from him and brushing along her flesh First of all, no woman is ever a sure thing Even during my time as a pirate on the high seas, I never forced a woman Any and every time is your choice, and I would never force you Ever Her chest settled Good We re on the same page And second He leaned in, his nose nearly touching hers Second of all, if we mate, I have every right to you Don t you forget itJared s heart was broken in the past He has no interest in love or a relationship, and he saves Ronni s life figuring that having a mate won t be so bad in a few hundred years they ll have children, but he won t have too much involvement in Ronni s life But after their life saving night together, and once Ronni is healed and well, and back to her spitfire best, he s captivated Veronica was spirit and defiance, and she brought something out in him that felt energized Absolute Primitive. I love this relationship It s all fire and passion as two people who don t particularly like each other share an intense connection and a wild lust for each other that very quickly escalates into Ronni is on the hunt for the person that hurt her, putting herself in even danger, and Jared being the protective alpha that he is dives in to save her They clash over and over again, but they soon find that their attraction is than purely physical, and they come to care for each other deeply But with Ronni s would be killer getting closer and closer, and a blast from Jared s past appearing to shake everything up, the two of them are in for the fight of their lives before they can figure out what s happening between them This is such an exciting read There s lots of action, excitement, and vampire awesomeness in and out of the bedroom the banter and quips fly thick and fast, and Jared s alpha ness and Ronni s smartass sass make for some fantastic interactions Their chemistry is sizzling through all that they face, and the romance ties in beautifully as they follow their hearts and embrace everything that is happening between themYou believe in fate He shrugged Have to You re too perfect, we re too good together, to just have been a fluke He brushed her hair away from her face I ll spend eternity loving you, babyswoon Chalton and Olivia are a part of the story, and younger brother, Theo was also brought into the action The dynamic between the brothers is fantastic, and Theo s book, Tangled A Dark Protectors Novella, is set up beautifully that s definitely going to be an interesting one I really enjoyed this novella, though I feel that Jared and Ronnie got gipped a bit they were such interesting characters with such a great dynamic, I feel like their story should have been longer I would have loved this to be a full length novel so we could get background on both of them and watched their coming together in detail But I loved the story that we did get, and had a great time reading it.4 stars Advanced Reader Copy generously provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. 5 I m the only one who can really bite, baby Don t forget it Stars I have an addiction, its one I am proud of, and that is that I absolutely cannot stop reading the books that Rebecca Zanetti releases, that in any way take me back to the Dark Protectors world Tricked picks up where the previous 1001 Dark Nights novella Teased left off and this time it is Jared Reese who is struck by the love bug A predator harder to catch that the wind. These novellas are in essence quick reads, there is a long running story playing out through them which I like as it keeps things tied together plot wise, and although every character has the authors usual darkly sexy dominance for the men, and sassy, snarky confidence for the women, don t expect massive amounts of depth or development with the relationship building, because they basically go You re mineBut I don t want to be with youYou re mine I will take you nowDon t tell me what to do Okay, take meYou re mine You will do as I sayOkay, I love youYou re still mine, and I love you too This is a relationship path that generally works for this author, and seeing as we are looking at a bunch of alpha vampires, it fits the brief pretty well Listen here, woman I m wild I m the crazy one You will not turn me in to the voice of reason I won t allow it Jared, ticked all of those expected boxes, and Ronni pretty much did as well, so it wasn t a struggle to pass a few hours with this coupleI m not the right woman for youYou could be Rebecca also sets up the next novella pretty well in that Theo Reece and the woman he is inevitably going to end up with are both part of this story, and I am looking forward to Dark Protectors updates when Tangled releases in May 2017 I m alive ARC generously provided by the publisher, via InkSlinger PR, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review. Jared Ronni s story So far in the series, this is my least favorite It s still a really good story and I love seeing the Reese brothers continue in the series, but I m afraid I hold pretty high standards for RZ In Jared and Ronni s story, Jared volunteers to mate Ronni to save her life She s having heart problems that are killing her Since she s best friends to his brothers mate and has no plans on finding love again, he has no qualms about choosing a mate he does t know The part I didn t care for was just as soon as he mates her, his ex, who left him to mate another for duty, shows up and starts trouble I ve not known this author to have other women drama in her stories so it was unexpected In the scheme of things, it wasn t too bad but still not something I like to read in a mate book. 4 1 2 Neanderthal Alpha Vampire Stars I loved this one Very, very good novella Especially for the Dark Protectors world Jared was seriously a neanderthal I mean he actually guided her around by her hair at one point But no worries, Ronnie gave as good as she got Loved these two On to Theo Happy reading Jared Reese Veronica Ronni AlexanderSo, after the story of Kayrs brothers and their closest friends which served as the backbone of Dark Protectors series, the story of the three Reese brothers follows The three vampire brothers are presented in three short novels from the 1001 Nights series 1 Teased for Chalton Reese2 Tricked for Jared Reese3 Tangled for Theo ReeseThe story of Jared and Ronni started in the previous book, Teased Ronni is Olivia s Chalton s mate best friend She is dying from an incurable heart disease Chalton s brother, Jared, has volunteered to mate with her and as a result make her immortal and save her Jared used to be a pirate and now he is a paid assassin He was born during a time that women were delicate little flowers and men were the strong ones who were protecting their ladies As a result he does not like initially the fact that Ronni is feisty and that she prefers to look after herself and not depend on the others.The book has many mysteries Who is trying to kill the Reese brothers Who has hacked their accounts Who is after Jared s old girlfriend Who poisoned Ronni I think the book had a lot of potential.Unfortunately I had the same problem here as the one I had in the last book Ronni was too stupid to live too many times I think again the female character is the main weakness of the novel There is a scene where Olivia and Ronni wanted to join forces and chase the bad guys in aThelma to Louise, Monica to Rachel, Tina Fey to Amy Poehlerkind of way Olivia s words, not mine without telling anything to their mates I honestly wanted to slap them both And then slap them some. Rebecca Zanetti is back with another smoking hot vampire who never intended to mate until he discovers a woman dying from a strange and incurable poison that is quickly bringing her life and her heart to an end Jared has made a promise and is willing to make the ultimate eternal sacrifice to save his sister in law s best friend from dying Convincing himself that it is so he may spend time with his brother Chalton, Jared will mate and make Ronni Alexander immortal, in effect, curing her Ronni has always been a strong and independent professional woman, but with her life slowly ebbing away, she must make the most incredible decision of her life Mate a control freak vampire Will Ronni go along with the plan It isn t like they HAVE to spend eternity together, Jared could go on his merry way and Ronni could go on with her not so human life Or, are they both in for fate s eternal twists as they discover something worth nurturing through the ages TRICKED is another fabulous read from Rebecca Zanetti with another strong and independent heroine and her over the top vampire Leave it to Ms Zanetti to find the right measures of heat, humor and fantasy in another carefully crafted read that will leave readers as satisfied as a box full of chocolates I received this copy from Rebecca Zanetti in exchange for my honest review.Series Dark Protectors Book 7.75Publisher Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated October 25, 2016 Publication Date October 25, 2016Genre Paranormal Romance AnthologiesPrint Length 119 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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