M.C. Escher: grafiek en tekeningen

M.C. Escher: grafiek en tekeningenLike most high school and college students, I went through an Escher phase Without the aid of psychotropic substances or any sort of interest in vaguely mathematical patterns, mind you, so it didn t last long, but still, it happened, and this was the book I bought as it was going on And, you know, it s a reprinting of various Escher pieces At the time, I d have probably rated it 5 stars, but now, it gets an I m no longer quite so impressed, but still appreciate the artistry involved 3 star rating If you like this sort of thing, though, this is the sort of book you ll like. This book contains art along with comments from the artist explaining what he was trying to accomplish and where he felt he did well and not so well His words add a lot to the appreciation of the well known images It s a fun book that would be great to get again to study and try recreating. This is a very interesting experience It s not just a book, it is a story, it is an exhibition, it is an experience It starts with a great introduction by Escher, that just made me want to read evenabout his life and his beliefs After, you go straight into the images and their descriptions I enjoyed the fact that all the images were grouped into categories, which made everything way easier to understand the concepts and the philosophie behind them On the other hand, the fact that the description was, for example, on page 3 and the image was on page 20 made it a little harder to read and hold As a whole, it is an interesting short book I just want to readabout Escher. I love that small children are drawn to this This guy was a genious and every sketch is a challenge for your mind Recommended to analyse. Amazing combination of draw, math, shadow and creativity. Presenting The Structurally Unthinkable As Though It Were A Law Of Nature MC Escher Was Born InIn Leeuwarden Netherlands He Received His First Drawing Lessons During Secondary School From FW Van Der Haagen, Who Also Taught Him The Block Printing, Thus Fostering Escher S Innate Graphic Talents FromToHe Studied At The School Of Architecture And Ornamental Design In Haarlem, Where He Was Instructed In Graphic Techniques By S Jessurun De Mesquita, Who Greatly Influenced Escher S Further Artistic Development BetweenAndThe Artist Lived And Worked In Italy Afterwards Escher Spent Two Years In Switzerland And Five In Brussels Before Finally Moving Back To Barn In Holland, Where He Died InMC Escher Is Not A Surrealist Drawing Us Into His Dream World, But An Architect Of Perfectly Impossible Worlds Who Presents The Structurally Unthinkable As Though It Were A Law Of Nature The Resulting Dimensional And Perspectival Illusions Bring Us Into Confrontation With The Limitations Of Our Sensory Perception About The Series Each Book In TASCHEN S Basic Art Series Features A Detailed Chronological Summary Of The Life And Oeuvre Of The Artist, Covering His Or Her Cultural And Historical Importance A Concise Biography ApproximatelyIllustrations With Explanatory Captions love travelling thru his art magical The album is overall good high quality print and it includes quotes from Escher himself What I didn t like was how the text and images are distributed throughout the album All descriptions are in one place at the beginning of the album , and all the images are shoved after that If you want to read the description of only one specific print maybe you won t find this problematic, but if you want to read everything from start to finish it becomes too much of a hassle.After I read the album it still didn t become any clearer how Escher created his work. I ve always adored the works of M.C Escher This is a small, yet stunning collection which included many of my faves His talent was unsurpassed most impressive Only thing that could ve made it better would ve been the size of the book It was smaller than I expected, which is unfortunate considering the detail in each piece.

Maurits Cornelis Escher, usually referred to as M.C Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture and tessellations.Maurits Cornelis, or Mauk as he came to be nicknamed, was was the youngest son of civil engineer George Arnold Escher and

➫ [Ebook] ➦ M.C. Escher: grafiek en tekeningen By M.C. Escher ➶ – Hookupgoldmilf.info
  • Paperback
  • 92 pages
  • M.C. Escher: grafiek en tekeningen
  • M.C. Escher
  • English
  • 28 April 2018
  • 9783822858646

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