Pucked Up (Pucked, #2)

Pucked Up (Pucked, #2) Another quick paced and laugh out loud funny read from Helena Hunting Pucked Up had me in stitches.In book 2 of the series, Miller and Sunny s relationship progresses from the just friends category to than friends As expected, her brother is not at all pleased about this development and the shenanigans ensue.Here s the breakdown Miller s manwhore ways catch up to him in the worst possible way He s finally fallen for a super sweet woman who he s unbelievably attracted too Unfortunately, his past experiences with multiple puck bunnies tarnishes his reputation in the press and with teammate, who just happens to be Sunny s brother.What I enjoyed I really enjoyed Miller s character development To see him go from uncommitted manwhore to a sweet caring boyfriend was great While he made several key mistakes along the way, the fact that he showed Sunny how much he cared really endeared him to me.I also particularly enjoyed the setup for the next story I m looking forward to see how Randy and Lily s story plays out I think Randy may give Lance a run for his money as my favorite The emotional aspect brought about by Miller s foundation sponsoring sick children for hockey camp was really great to see I also enjoyed the fact that he isn t perfect and had to deal with a slight issue himself Although I enjoyed this audiobook, I have to say Sunny worked my nerves a little bit Her indecision and need to listen to everyone around her except Miller was not the best LOL Luckily, they persevered.Overall, a quick fun and funny read Audiobook Review The audio version is narrated by Joe Arden I enjoyed the narration, though I had to speed it up a bit This has no reflection on the author of production, but rather my need to have the narration match my natural reading speed I d recommend the audiobook. 3 STARS This was an ok book for me,even though I was so excited to read it I can t say that I enjoyed it a lot I tried to connect with the characters but I couldn t.Especially with Sunny the main heroine.Sunny it s not one of my favorite heroines, she was getting on my nerves most of the times.Buck was much better from Sunny,I liked him.He was trying to get himself out from situations that it was supposed to be funnySadly I can t say that I found it very funny..I feel so bad..Hopefully my next book from this author will be better ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 STARS It s been so long since I read just for the sheer pleasure and not because I had to for the blog.Don t get me wrong, I very much love blogging and I am thankful for all the wonderful arcs I have received over the years It s just nice not to have the stress of a deadline and having to write a review.I have loved the Pucked series since I first picked up Randy s story Yes I read this one all out of order but it didn t hinder my love for this series in any way.I wasn t really thrilled in the beginning of this one because Miller has never really piqued my interest but after a while I found him to be endearing and I really loved the relationship he and Vi have It was also nice to have some time with my favorite Alex Waters This truly is the best sports romance series about NHL Hockey players First off this book is hilarious and made me laugh out loud multiple times It also gave me severe anxiety because Miller always seemed to be putting himself in the wrong situation at the wrong time He was just a magnet for bad timing and I was always a nervous about what would happen next I am not a huge fan of angst, but was unable to put this down because I needed to know what would happen next We first meet Miller and from the first few pages I knew this guy was going to make me a little crazy No matter where Miller goes trouble seems to find him Up until now has never shied away from the attention he receives from the ladies and I knew this would be an issue Especially since we quickly learn that Miller is trying to turn over a new leaf for Sunny, his teammates sister Sunny is well versed in the life of an NHL player and is aware of all the temptation, watching her brother endure it So she is incredibly skeptic of Miller and his intentions But when he continues to show her he has changed and only wants her she begins to let him in, but not completely Miller and Sunny are perfect for each other, but both have a lot of things to overcome and lessons to learn I really enjoyed how this story turned out to be than I expected I was thinking it would be just a hot sport romance and obviously funny, but it actually had a lot of of heart, too There were some moments I could have done without and times I wish things had been a done differently, but overall I really enjoyed this read I definitely recommend it and can t wait to read in the series If you are a fan of sports romances, hilarious laugh out loud books, and sexy as sin books pick up Pucked Up Pucked Up is the second book in the Pucked Series, but can be read as a stand alone since they feature different couples ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 3,5 Pucked Stars This second book bring us the book of Buck and Sunny For the first time Buck is decided to have the girl and everything associated with that, but his past and public image are making it harder for him Sunny doesn t want to fall in love with Buck, he s too wild for her and she doesn t trust easily, but when she can t control her feelings any and Buck doesn t stop chasing, will her let go of her fears or give into temptation Despite this being a sexy and entertaining book, with sweet and some really funny moments, unfortunately I didn t like it as much as the first one Too much useless drama and misunderstandings Buck always seemed to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and that always led to some drama However, if you like the first one or if you like books with some hot hockey players, this sexy and easy flowing book will definitely be a nice choice Rating 3,5 Stars Characters Development Buck was nice But his lack of self awareness annoyed me a little So did Sunny, except that she annoyed me quite a lot until towards the end They were cute together and sexy, I just wish the amount of misunderstandings between them were a little shorter Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler None hide spoiler ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I can t even begin to express how much I LOVED and ADORED Pucked Up Helena Hunting has seriously stole my heart when she introduced me to one of the sweetest, charming, and lovable Yeti that I have ever read Okay, well there is no actual Yeti but Miller Buck Butterson will make me reconsider thinking Yeti s aren t so bad especially if they have a heart of gold like Miller Helena Hunting is seriously one of those authors who has mastered weaving romance with smart sexy humor while integrating a touching story line with raw emotional undertones that can pull all the heartstrings If Helena Hunting wanted to steal your hearts, then she DELIVERED Helena Hunting DELIVERED a fun, sexy, fresh romantic comedy that will have you wanting to get PUCKED UP by Miller Buck Butterson Miller Buck Butterson is a professional hockey player, who is tired of the puck bunnies and playboy lifestyle He is ready to settle down and be committed to a girlfriend And the only person that he has set his eyes and heart on is Sunshine Sunny Waters, the younger sister of Alex Waters, who happens to be one of his teammates Miller wants Sunny He wants to show her that he is a changed man A man that can be faithful and committed But unfortunately for Miller, a few misconstrued and misleading pictures taken of him soon begins popping up on social media which doesn t help his image of a changed man With Alex and Sunny s friend not being supportive of Miller also doesn t help convince Sunny s in her trust issues and insecurities Will Buck be able to show and prove to Sunny that she ain t another notch on his bed Can Sunny learn to trust Miller Did I mention hot much I LOVED PUCKED UP Okay, let me reiterate it one time again PUCKED UP is a MUST READ Here is why you have to read this book First and foremost, this book is so refreshing, entertaining, and oh so funny Secondly, Violet is back and let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE this WOMAN She is so blunt, funny, and yet has this BIG HEART for her brother whom she happens to think is a YETI And lastly, Pucked UP has one of the most lovable hero that can make your hearts flutter with his honesty and big heart So if you are ready to laugh out loud and be swept up in this sweet and charming romance, then this book is for you BeReadyToEmbraceAYeti Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Hunting DNF 29%This is not a bad book, I am just not connecting to the heroine at all, and I feel at this point in the book I should know a bit about her other than that she is a vegan I loved book 1 a lot, it was funny and I loved all of the characters including Buck Unfortunately the Buck in this story feels different and the humour is not amusing me.I would like to go back to it at some point but at the moment it s on hold ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review US Play ONEWASTED IS AS WASTED DOESI m super wasted Like, messed up to the point that Lance, my teammate, has two sets of eyes I mma go home In my head those are the words I m speaking, but in reality I think it comes out like a groan I take an unstable step toward the line of waiting cabs outside the bar.Lance puts a hand on my shoulder, his grin sloppy He s almost as drunk as me Your car s at my place, Butterson Come back with us I can get it in the morning My words run together, but he seems to understand Just get in the limo, man Lance looks to Randy, another teammate and one of my closest childhood friends, for backup The trainer ll be at Lance s at ten thirty, remember Randy says You can roll out of bed and right into the pool Then I don t have to call you fifty times to get your ass up, Lance adds Come back with us, Buck One of Lance s puck bunnies uses the nickname I ve answered to since I was a kid My real name is Miller I wasn t named after beer Plus Buck Butterson has a nicer ring than Miller Butterson too many ers in it.The three girls Lance has convinced to come back to his place are fixing each other s hair and messing with each other s makeup while I debate making bad choices.Lance smiles all horny bastard and pats me on the back Come on, man, you re gonna be away for a couple weeks Last chance to party it up I mumble something even I can t understand and lean on the limo so I don t have to hold my own weight The shooters were a bad idea There were too many I might have paid for them.I wait while the girls get in the limo As drunk as I am, I still have a few manners left The last one bends over, and her micro mini rides up, giving me a full shot of naked beaver before she sits down I m definitely not getting in beside her.Lance elbows me in the arm Get in, Buck You first They re your bunnies Going back to Lance s is not a good plan, but I ve already said I would, and he has a point about my car being at his place.He shrugs and holds on to the door frame, sticking his head inside Whose lap am I sitting on He throws himself into the limo.The girls squeal, and laughter follows.I put a hand on Randy s chest to stop him before he gets in, too Don t let me do anything stupid, kay, man Don t worry, Miller I ll take on two if I have to He winks, but he s serious.Randy s one of the few people who uses my real name, aside from my dad when he s pissed Growing up in Chicago, he lived down the street from me We ve played hockey together since we both learned how to skate When we were drafted to the NHL in our first semester of college, we ended up on different teams Five years later, we re back on the same team again, Randy having been traded to Chicago after the season ended Being off season, it took him all of two weeks to move back It s good to have him here We ve stayed tight over the years if anyone is going to help keep me from fucking shit up, it s him.Randy gets into the limo and sits between two of the girls This leaves the bench seat wide open for me I slide in and stretch out, taking up the entire thing Lance already has his arm around Flash Beaver, and her friend in the middle seems like she s not sure what to do When she makes a move to sit with me, Lance hugs her to his side and whispers something in her ear Her eyes widen, and she bites her lip, but she stays where she is.Going home in a cab by myself would ve been the smarter move Then I wouldn t be facing unnecessary temptation Sometimes it s hard as fuck to make the right choices, like removing myself from a situation in which bunnies will inevitably offer up pussy that I ll have to turn down.It s not that I can t go without I ve just been choosing the alternative for the past five years And quitting cold turkey has been way difficult than I ever expected Lance and Flash Beaver have turned toward the corner of the limo now I m pretty sure he s got his hand up her skirt already, judging by the giggle followed by a moan I close my eyes and lean against the armrest I m tired And hungry I need pizza.I root around in my pocket for my phone I have messages a couple of texts and a voice mail from my sister, Violet, and a few from my girlfriend, Sunny Well, she s kinda my girlfriend I want her to be my girlfriend Sunny s the reason Randy or maybe Lance is taking one for the team, and I m sitting over here by myself.I ve been doing everything I can to move things in the girlfriend direction for the last few months, but Sunny s hard to pin down Way worse than me, but not in a slutty way Sunny s the opposite of slutty She s not as easily charmed by me as most women I actually have to work to get her to date me It doesn t help that her brother, Alex Waters, is one of my teammates He s also engaged to my sister, and he s captain of the team Waters hates me It s complicated The first night I met Sunny, I considered for half a second sleeping with her to get back at him I m a player, not an asshole Besides Sunny wasn t interested in getting naked with me She actually wanted to talk And I liked her So I got her number instead That was months ago She still won t sleep with me Yet I m hoping to change that soon.I try to read my text messages, but my vision is blurry, and the words all jumble together even worse than usual I can t use the text to speech app in here like I normally would because the music s too loud and everyone will hear my business Plus sometimes my sister s messages are assholey She has no filter At all I m hungry Anyone else hungry I yell over the music.Lance is too busy sucking face, but Randy raises his hand The girls on either side of him shrug The one stuck in the middle of everything looks like she d rather be anywhere but here.I pull up Siri and ask her to call my favorite pizza joint It takes a few tries to get her to do what I want, partly because I m slurring my words and partly because the music interferes Finally someone turns it down so I m able to put an order in Is the address five two one or two five one I ask Randy when they get to that part of the ordering process Five two one You re sure it s not two five one Lance takes a break from sucking the chick s face off to get on my case You ve been at my house a million times, and you still can t get the address right I flip him the bird I m dyslexic and drunk, but thanks for being an asshole about it I probably shouldn t have said that It s not something I usually talk about in front of bunnies It s frustrating to be twenty three and shitty at reading I give the pizza guy the right address Then I end the call and slip my phone back into my pocket.Ten minutes later, we pull into Lance s driveway I m the first out of the car, and I practically fall up the steps to his door I use the doorjamb for support while I wait for everyone else I should know the code to get into the house, but I always forget it Lance and Flash Beaver are last to get out of the limo True to her name, she gives us all a beaver shot my second of the limo trip as she slides across the bench When her feet hit the ground, Lance steps in front of her, blocking her from view He leans down to adjust her skirt, which is nice When he s in a mood, he ll let girls makes fools out of themselves and laugh about it later He can be a dick sometimes.Her friends are giggling and whispering, being bitchy and judgy Well, the one who was sidled up to Randy is the other one looks uncomfortable Of the three girls Randy and Lance picked up tonight, she seems the most reserved Maybe she s not all that excited about sharing a dick You re the best, man Have I told you that lately I ask Randy, while I rest my head on the closed door and attempt to hit the doorbell I keep missing it That s what the girls tell me I scoff and aim for the doorbell again, hitting it this time The tone is actually a line from a movie I can t quite remember which one, but it s funny, so I keep punching it until Lance and Flash Beaver finally make it to the door.Lance keys in the code I don t think that s a good place to stand, Butterson I m fine My eyes are closed I m feeling like bed might be a nice place to be Screw the pizza His meaning doesn t register until the door gives way I put my hands up to grab for the jambs, but I m not quick enough I fall face first into his front foyer The hardwood floor doesn t make it a soft landing I grunt on impact, and one of the girls rushes over to help me while Lance laughs his ass off I tell her I m fine and lie there for a few seconds before I roll over onto my back Flash Beaver gets me again I can see right up her skirt from the floor It s like a loose meat sandwich up in there I ve seen beaver in the last thirty minutes than I have since I started trying to date Sunny.Randy puts a hand out to help me up.I wave him off I ll stay here until the pizza arrives, yeah That could take a while Let s get you a couch I take his hand, but make no effort to help with the whole standing up business When he s about to give up, I yank his arm and he ends up on the floor with me I put him in a headlock.He scrambles to get out, but he s drunk too, and I have the element of surprise Fuck you, asshole, he tells me Oh my God One of the girls screams while we wrestle on the floor like idiots Are they seriously fighting Shouldn t you stop them They re fine Lance puts a hand on two of the ladies lower backs Come on Let s get some drinks and hit the hot tub Randy elbows me in the side, and I let him go He rolls over and pops up, weaving as he follows Lance and the bunnies It s a lot of work to get my ass off the floor, but I manage I slide walk down the hall with my shoulder against the wall to stop from falling over again I need water and that horrible drink my trainer, Natasha, gives me when I m hungover But Lance s kitchen is way far away I stumble into the massive living room and over to the unoccupied couch When my knees hit the arm, I fall forward like a tree My aim is bad, and I m on an angle, so I roll off and smack my head on the coffee table Ow Fuck There isn t enough space for me to turn onto my back, so I lie there instead, wedged between the couch and the coffee table.Lance laughs You all right, Butterson There s a spent condom under here Oh yeah Wanna get that for me Pretty sure I don t It s covered in dust, but I can tell it s red so he definitely got it from me Or maybe I m the one who used it I have no idea I always order the assorted rainbow pack that comes with the big container of lube I ve nicknamed the condoms according to color red is for devil dick, green is the green giant, blue is for smurf cock, and the black is the sledgehammer I m not a fan of the yellow ones they look less banana y and like my dick has jaundice My personal faves are the glow in the dark ones, which make my dick look like a big glow stick You gonna lie on the floor, or are you coming outside to hang in the hot tub I ll be out in a few minutes Whatever you say, Butterson But if you fall asleep there, I m not waking your ass up That s fine I watch pointy heels teetering toward the patio doors I don t have a bathing suit, says Flash Beaver.Lance puts an arm around her waist, his hand settling on her ass Who needs bathing suits Loud music blasts through the house and the outdoor speakers I hear a distant splash and a scream Someone got thrown in the pool I lay with my cheek mashed against the floor, staring at the dusty condom, wishing I d gone home instead of coming here I must pass out like that, because the next thing I know, the doorbell s ringing It takes me three tries to get up Then the door isn t staying still, so it s hard to get to.I pay the pizza guy with my credit card and take the boxes and six pack of soda I don t bother to call the other guys If I know Lance, he s got those girls down to their bras and underwear except for the one who wasn t wearing any in the first place I take the pizza over to the coffee table, crack a soda, and chug it I need to hydrate so I don t puke like a pussy during tomorrow s training session Water would be better, but I m already sitting down Before I dig in, I take off my pants I m not worried about spilling food on them I m just tired of wearing jeans I also like the freedom from clothes I run hot, so it s nice when I can strip down to the bare essentials, which is often nothing Since I m not in my own house, I keep the boxers and T shirt on I don t normally do underwear, but clubs are hot They make my balls stick to my leg otherwise I get comfortable on the couch It s white leather, which is a stupid color choice, but whatever I flip open the pizza box, groaning at the sight of melted cheese and piles of meaty awesomeness.When Sunny and I order pizza, there isn t even cheese She doesn t eat anything with a face, or that came from something with a face I don t think I could live without cow in my life, but that s me.As I tear a slice free, the cheese clings to his brothers like he s terrified of his fate I lean over the box I m too lazy to go to the kitchen and get a plate and take a huge bite It s hot Like, out of the oven hot, which is crazy because it s clearly not just out of the oven If I was less drunk, I might have paid attention to the puff of steam when I tore out the first slice, but I m in too much of a hurry to get food in my belly.The cheese scalds the roof of my mouth and strings settle on my chin, burning that, too I drop the slice, half of it drooping over the edge of the box onto the coffee table and the most recent edition of The Hockey News Cracking another soda, I chug half the can to cool my mouth I suck at life tonight.While I wait for the pizza to cool, I search for the remote It s not on the coffee table or under the pizza box I find it stuck between the couch cushions along with a pair of panties I leave those where they are Two in the morning doesn t boast much in the way of quality programming Other than infomercials and porn, I have a choice between sports highlights and old sitcoms or the music video channel I flip aimlessly, pausing at some bad porn I doubt I ll have the energy to whack off later I might be drunk enough to have whiskey dick, even though I don t drink whiskey.I settle on the music video channel and get back to the pizza, which is now cool enough to eat I devour half the box and nod off on the couch The only reason I wake up is because my phone rings It s in my pants, which are on the floor about twenty feet away, so I miss the call I decide I d rather sleep in a bed than on Lance s couch I ve crashed here enough times since I was traded mid season to have a room I call dibs on when I get too wasted to take my ass home.I have no idea if Lance and Randy are still outside with the girls If they are, there s a good chance that hot tub is going to need a serious cleaning tomorrow I almost trip over my pants on the way upstairs I drag them with me to the second floor and crash into the spare bedroom Kicking the door closed, I pull my shirt over my head, drop my boxers, and fall face down on the mattress Music still pounds through the speakers outside, making the whole house vibrate It s not pop any it s some cheesy love ballad from the eighties It sounds like something Sunny would like.Thinking about her makes my dick excited, which sucks because I don t have the coordination to do anything about it I hate that she doesn t live closer Canada isn t that far from Chicago, but it s enough distance that it makes this whole dating thing that much harder.I want to call her I know it s a bad idea I m drunk, and she s probably asleep, considering it s after two in the morning Or maybe it s already five I can t read the clock My logic filter isn t working, so I feel around for my pants They re on the floor I almost fall out of bed trying to get them I dig the phone out of the pocket The battery reads nine percent It s enough for a quick call It ll probably go to voice mail anyway.As predicted, it rings four times, and I get her message You ve reached Sunshine Waters I m probably busy cleansing my chi, but when I m done I ll give you a dingle Remember, karma is your friend I hang up without leaving a message and call again I get voice mail a second time On the third try, she picks up Hello Her voice is raspy with sleep It s similar to how she sounds when she comes I ve only been able to do that with my fingers so far Sunny wants to take things slow I need to get control of the puck before I can score my favorite kind of goal Hey, sweets Did I wake you It s a stupid question Of course I woke her I called three times in the middle of the night Miller I m sorry It s late isn t it I roll over onto my back and starfish, letting my balls breathe The rustle of sheets filters through the phone I imagine what she might be wearing based on our late night Skype chats She s a baggy shirt and shorts girl Sometimes she wears one of those sheer shirts so it s like she s naked, but not Sadly, she always wears a sports bra with it Those things are the worst invention in the world They ruin perfectly good cleavage What time is it Uh, I squint at the clock on the nightstand, as if that s going to make it easier to read the numbers I m better with analog clocks than digital ones Pretty early In the morning Yeah Is everything okay Yeah There s a long pause in which neither of us speaks Were you out with the boys tonight Yeah The softness in her voice is replaced by sharpness Who The usual Randy Ballistic and Lance Romero A few of the other guys showed up later So you re drunk I knew I shouldn t have called I wish I had someone around to stop me from doing stupid shit all the time At least Randy kept the bunnies occupied and away from me Most of the time Lance isn t much help He encourages bad decision making I had a few drinks I wanted to hear your voice It sounds like a line, but it s not I really do want to hear her voice, even if that makes me seem whipped.She makes a little noise, like maybe she s stretching or trying to get comfortable It goes straight to my dick, inflating it like a helium balloon That s sweet, Miller, she says on a sigh I love that she uses my real name instead of my nickname But don t you think it would be better to call when you re sober and it s not the middle of the night You interrupted a nice dream What kind of dream Was it a sex dream I m not telling you It was, wasn t it I m not saying anything It ll be a million times better when you let me get you naked in real life Don t get ahead of yourself, Butterson I m just sayin , when you let it happen, it s gonna be awesome times a billion. 4 stars Pucked Up is the second book in Helena s Pucked series and is all about Violet s Yeti step brother Miller Buck Butterson and Alex s sister Sunny Sunshine They make an unlikely pair but I actually really loved them together Hunting writes with such humor you can t help but laugh out loud multiple times while reading these books Miller is one of those characters that I loved from the first book I was excited to read this one Sunshine and Miler s relationship had some rocky moments The trust was never there at the beginning, and that may be partly Miller s fault Miller never did anything wrong necessarily, but he was ALWAYS putting himself in situations that made him look bad He s not a bad guy He really cares about Sunny and is admit about being faithful to her Sunny was a fun heroine, but a few things about her irked me view spoiler That camping trip with her ex ugh And never really letting Miller explain things I get it, but come on hide spoiler Miller Buck Butterson Has Been Banging His Way Through Life Ever Since A Puck To The Face Fixed His Messed Up Front Teeth, And He Was Drafted Into The NHL During His First Year Of College After Five Years Of Deflecting Goals On The Ice And Scoring Them With Puck Bunnies Across The Continental US And Parts Of Canada, Miller Is Ready For A Girlfriend A Real Girlfriend Of The Non Bunny Variety One He Takes On Dates And Doesn T Jump Into Bed With After Five Seconds Of ConversationMiller Thinks He S Found That Woman In His Teammate S Sister Except, Unlike Alex Waters, Center, Team Captain And All Round Nice Guy Who Happens To Be Dating His Step Sister Miller S Manwhore Reputation Is Well Earned, And Not Blown Out Of Proportion By The Media Beyond That Minor Detail, Miller Doesn T Know The First Thing About Having A Girlfriend But He S Determined To Make It Happen What He Doesn T Take Into Account Is The Amount Of Time And Effort Relationships Require, Or That Constantly Letting Bunnies Take Selfies With Him To Post All Over Social Media Isn T Going To Win Him Any Points In The Boyfriend Department Miller Learns Not So Quickly That If He Wants To Make Sunshine Sunny Waters Fall For Him, He Going To Have To Do A Whole Lot Than Show Her His Stick Skills In The BedroomLength Hours And Minutes

Helena Hunting is the author of The USA Today and NYT bestselling PUCKED Series She lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats She writes everything from romantic sports comedy to new adult angst.

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  • Pucked Up (Pucked, #2)
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  • 23 February 2017
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