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History of ArtActually I read the 5th edition that was revised and expanded by Anthony F Janson and was published in 1995 I read the book from cover to cover all 903 pages of it I have been interested in art all my life and this book covers all aspects of it from pre historic to modern, at least up to 1995 when the book was published Each period covered is very helpful and clear but necessarily condensed One should have a good background in art periods to get the most out of it Now that I have read it all I keep it available as a reference book. I can t believe I read the whole thing haha It was for AP Art History class in high school I loved it Our teacher was fantastic and over 1 year, we went through this whole book, adding notes in the margins on almost every piece of art in the book It s a huge book that probably gave us all spine curvatures from carrying it in our backpacks, but now it s a treasure I ll keep with me for the rest of my life. I actually have the massive 8x11 size version of this book which an aunt gave to me decades ago It is both highly readable as much so as Gombrich and full of gorgeous illustrations It is not too academic so perfect for the layman and worth farthan merely a coffee table ornament It is naturally focused on Western Art but there is some discussion of influences from outside the western tradition. I ve not really read this book, I use it as a reference I ve not been disappointed for that use, though any book, even one this large, can t contain an inclusive history of a subject as large as art.I may modify the three stars at some point if I find that it s deficient in a few things I m looking for Though for that matter, why not just use the web if you re looking for info on an artist or even a particular work of art The web has made large reference books like this sort of obsolete, no whatever Art evolves as man I loved this massive book in college It was like the bible to anything and everything Art I was always impressed with how H.W Janson was able to break down each era and make Art come to life on paper So if you need to learn about the essentials to the history of Art, this is the source to use The editions have changed but the beginning of the book is the same while from the 20th century to present it has been altered duly so to reflect the evolution of new practices used in Art.5 worthy stars H.W Janson was my boyfriend my senior year of high school I carried around this big maroon book and decided that after 2.5 years of wanting to be an English major I would study Art History for the next chunk of my education I know there have been problems with Janson s a focus on Western art and b focus on art created by dudes see The Guerrilla Girls but by the time I got to it, it was on its 7th or 8th edition and it was a little better It also helped to supplement it with Laurie Schinieder Adams book on the same subject. This book was on the top shelf in the family library perhaps the original 1962 edition I would pull it out only when the house was empty because I found the art therein so tantalizing I ve never been far from the arts since. From the dawn of time, artists have been the visual record keepers My favorite era s are the neoclassic and romantic, the artist s were finally picking up the chisel and paintbrush to depict the everyday and current events of the time, not just being commissioned by rich families and royals to pay homage to their religions as means to save their rich souls from the depths of hell It gave birth to an independence of expression and inspiration for artists to come Art has a depth and richness that is awe inspiring, from the first little fertility goddess found to the extravagant styles of Baroque and Rococco, and the Dada movement that I still don t get I love reading about art, enough to help grasp the passion felt by those inspired to create A real page turner 625 20 For S Of Art Lovers Both Amateur Professional, Esthetic Life Began With Janson, As His History Of Art Is Often Called In The St Edition, Published In , He Spoke To That Perennial Reader He Gently Called The Troubled Layman His Opening Paragraph Revealed His Sympathy Why Is This Supposed To Be Art He Quoted Rhetorically How Often Have We Heard This Question Asked Or Asked It Ourselves, Perhaps In Front Of One Of The Strange, Disquieting Works That We Are Likely To Find Nowadays In The Museum Or Art Exhibition Keeping That Curious, Questioning Perspective In Mind, He Wrote A History Of Art From Cave Painting To Picasso That Was Singularly Welcoming, Illuminating Exciting Sojourning Thru This Book, A Reader Is Offered Every Amenity For A Comfortable Trip Because He Never Assumes Knowledge On The Part Of The Reader, A Recent Immigrant From Mars Could Comprehend Western Art From This Text The Only Assumption The Jansons Have Made Is That With A Little Guidance Everyone Can Come To Understand The Artifacts That Centuries Of Architecture, Sculpture, Design Painting Have Deposited In Our Paths Countless Readers Have Proven The Jansons Right Found Their Lives Enriched In The Process

Horst Waldemar Janson, who published as H W Janson, was a Russian American scholar of art history best known for his History of Art, which was first published in 1962 and has sold than two million copies in fifteen languages.

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