Desert Run (Lena Jones Mysteries)

Desert Run (Lena Jones Mysteries)I like this series by Betty Webb This is my fourth one and she is a solid 4 stars for me I love the MC She is damaged, but funny She is an ex cop, turned Private Investigator There are also some great supporting characters that add depth and understanding I like the humor as well So all this adds up to 4 stars The author also does her research I always feel like I learn something new while reading her books. Past Murders RecalledPast Murders RecalledIn 1944, German POWS escaped from a prison camp in Arizona This real event provides the inspiration for this Lena Jones adventure Was the escape related to the massacre of a family that occurred nearby at about the same time Is the filming of a documentary about the escape triggering new murders Can murders sixty years apart really be connected Lena is working on the behalf of a man charged with a recent murder and to prove him innocent she must answer all of these questions while dealing with changes and problems in her own life This is a complex and action packed mystery. Desert Run by Betty Webb continues the series featuring private investigator Lena Jones Lena and her partner, Jimmy, are planning for the future when he marries and leaves the company for a new job Lena has been hired to provide security for a movie company who is on location in Arizona She gets drawn into a mystery that has its antecedents in World War II and also becomes romantically involved with the film director Another good outing for Lena It took me awhile to get into this story, but it grew on me as and information about the characters unfolded In 1944, 28 German POWs escaped from the American prison camp called Camp Papago in Scottsdale, AZ This is the story of the murder of one of those prisoners 60 years later, and the domino effect that had Lena Jones hot on the trail It also includes a bit of romance for herself, albeit with a great deal of untrusting on her part, and the loss and near loss of two friends essential in her life Decent storytelling. This is an excellent series and I wish it got recognition I always feel like I learn something when I read these This one deals with a German POW escape on Christmas Eve 1944 something that really happened , murders that happened afterward and murders today Are they all somehow related Great story Recommend Once again, Betty Webb has given a cast of characters to spend time with, get to know, either love or hate all woven into a mystery that keeps on giving I love Lena This particular book was interesting to me because of the locale I worked on Papago for 12 years and heard about the escape many times This was a great read and I look forward to the next Lena in the series. Another good book. Things Are Never Easy For Scottsdale Private Eye Lena Jones Her Partner In Desert Investigations, Jimmy Siswan, Is Leaving For An Upscale Wife And A Job At Sun Microsystems Her Old Captain At The Scottsdale PD Is Off Home To Brooklyn She S Doing Security For Warren Quinn, Director Of A Documentary Being Shot At Papago Park About The German POW Camp And The Great Escape Of Christmas Eve When Some Prisoners Tunneled Out And Fled And One Surviving Escapee, Kapitan Zur Zee Erik Ernst, A Man In His Nineties Confined To A Wheelchair After A Boating Accident, Has Just Been Murdered Worse, His Ethiopian Care Giver Begs Lena To Clear HimLena, Experienced In Probing The Past For Answers To The Central Mystery Of Her Own Life Who Is She Learns That Ernst And Two Other POWs Hid Out In The Rugged Superstitions Nearby, On Christmas Night, A Whole Farm Family, The Bollingers, Was Slaughtered A Jury Didn T Convict The Only Survivor, The Teenage Son What Might Chess Bollinger Know About Ernst And Vice Versa And How Much Can Lena Trust Quinn, Either As A Client, A Witness, Or A Lover A Complex, Stunning Case Based On Real Arizona History, Journalist Betty Webb, Author Of Desert Noir, Desert Wives, And Desert Run, Spins An Evocative, Haunting Story Lena Jones series, book 4 My library doesn t have the first three books on audio so I am coming into the series late Webb is a local author and I love that her Desert mysteries are based on true events This one is about escapees from a WWII POW camp at Papago Park I didn t even realize that there had been a POW camp at Papago I also loved her Gunn Zoo mystery series. Lena Jones 4 Very compelling Only quibble is maybe a couple too many characters and plots subplots but overall was fascinating Lena is a very damaged person and sometimes it s hard to like her even though her tortured background is certainly not her fault Just kind of depressing at times but the story is so good that one wants to read I read the ebook Copyright 2011.


❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Desert Run (Lena Jones Mysteries) ✓ Author Betty Webb –
  • Hardcover
  • 346 pages
  • Desert Run (Lena Jones Mysteries)
  • Betty Webb
  • English
  • 27 July 2019
  • 9781590582343

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