Virginia Myths and Legends

Virginia Myths and Legends I confess I did not read every single one of these stories I read most of the murder ones although I think the unsolved murders of young ladies featured a little heavily and I particularly enjoyed the one about Peter Francisco I recognized the Richmond Vampire story from a recent episode of the Lore podcast I ve never heard about it in real life, though I probably live too far away from Richmond The Beltway Sniper was by far the most interesting read for me because I have faint memories of this from my childhood For a week, maybe , we couldn t have recess outside Prince William County Schools I don t think they explained why I never knew it was because they had threatened to kill children I was allowed to play outside, but my mom told me I had to run right home if I saw a white van although after reading this, I know now that wasn t what I should have been running from I remember my mom being very worried about my dad filling the car up with gas This was maybe a completely fabricated memory I was like 8 when this was happening but I think my dad had been at one of the gas stations shortly before someone was shot Anyway that one was my favorite Also I may have missed it, because as I said I was skipping around, was the Bunny man mentioned in here Would have loved to read about that one. This nonfiction book gives a 12 to 13 page account of each of 20 various myths, legends, and synopsis of events from Virginia s history The most recent is about the Beltway Sniper The earliest is about the witch of Pungo. Mind Boggling Tales From The Old Dominion Part Of Our New And Growing Myths, Mysteries And Legends Series, Myths, Mysteries And Legends Of Virginia Explores Unusual Phenomena, Strange Events, And Mysteries In Virginia S History Each Episode Included In The Book Is A Story Unto Itself, And The Tone And Style Of The Book Is Lively And Easy To Read For A General Audience Interested In Virginia History Stories Include The Mystery Of Why The Gentle Giant Peter Francisco, The Strongest Man In The Revolution, Was Kidnapped As A Child In His Native Land Before Being Abandoned By A Ship Along The Appomattox River The Suspicious Or Natural Death Of Eighty Year Old George Wythe, A Professor, Patriot, And Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence And Rumors Of A Vampire Caused Tragedy In The Church Hill Tunnel In Richmond On October ,

Though she is a native Virginian, Emilee Hines finds she is always learning new and interesting things about the history of her home state She is a graduate of Lynchburg College and has a master s degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill She has taught in Virginia and Kenya She enjoys writing, traveling, and exploring western North Carolina in her Mustang.

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