The Ortiga Marriage (Harlequin Presents #1086)

The Ortiga Marriage (Harlequin Presents #1086) He Was All She D Longed For, All She FearedThe Same Call That Delivered The Tragic News Of Her Mothers Death Delivered Meriel Back Into The Force Field That Was Ramon Ortiga The Man She Had Left Venezuela Seven Years Ago To EscapeNevertheless, Merry Couldn T Ignore The Pain Of Her Young Brother, Manuel, And Felt Impelled To Return To The Hacienda To Guide Him Through His GriefBut Merry Knew That Going Back Meant Being Trapped By Her Own Yearnings For The Man Who Had Once Protected And Dominated Her For The Aristocratic And Unbending Male That Was Ramon Ortiga

Patricia Wilson b 1929 was a British writer of 53 romance novels in Mills Boon from 1986 to 2004.

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Ortiga Marriage (Harlequin Presents #1086)
  • Patricia Wilson
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780373110865

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    I normally adore step sibs, May Dec themes, but 4 some reason this 1 just felt awkward it was a mental grind trying to finish it The endless mentions of the ORTIGA name was an overkill He s an ORTIGA , You re an ORTIGA My ancestor may not be a branch of Einstein, but I m pretty sure the title alone is a spoilerific clue that it s all about the ORTIGA As always w PW heroines, there has to be least 1 dwamatic rescue of Too Stupid Too Fock damsel in distress In this case, she serves herself up to be El Tigre s gruesome dinner when hero had specifically told her to stay put Maybe it s the major language barrier in Venezuela, that Stay here , in heroine s loosely screwed head translated into Lemme look for my missing li l 1 2 bro on my own cuz she s supposedly a go getter, career oriented chick she simply wanted to cement herself as a bad ass Yeah, talk about a death wish reverse torpedo Of course knight in rusty armor saves the day right on cue, she faints dead away from sheer terror The most stunning, romantic proposal in HPlandia evah, prompted by heroine s coulda been premature expiration She was so stunned that she never resisted he slid the ring, a large glittering diamond, on to her finger Ramon She suddenly came to life, but her protests died in her throat as he looked her pulled her towards him, his gaze heated enough to burn her, his hands hard demanding Refuse me I think I shall kill U he said in a deep whisper I shall never allow another to take U Under extreme duress the looming death by douchebagging , guess what her clipped wing response was Horndawg claims that he s been waiting for her for 10 yrs he ain t gonna wait any longer He also fesses up that during those harrowing last secs when he thought heroine was gonna be El Tigre s snack, all he could think about was that his veiny flagpole would nevah evah have a chance to tap her 23 y o badonkadonk She ponders that he must ve been salivating over her since she was 13 y o I so heart Pedophile rific unrequited lurve They don t write these classic Step bro s Latin flavah rod threading sista s orifice gems any.

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    Not one of her better ones The stepbrother hero is an OTT alpha who commands, speaks in declarative sentences, and creates his own reality so the rest of his hapless family just falls in line The English Rose stepsister heroine is called home to Venezuela when her mother and stepfather are killed in a plane crash She hasn t been to the hacienda in 7 years since she was 18 and succumbed to the hero s punishing kisses only to be turned away , but she has seen her mother and young half brother on their trips to England The heroine has some interesting memories of her childhood spent as the outsider at the hacienda on her school vacations They re a cross between Jane Eyre she s locked in a dark closet for talking back and Wuthering Heights she has a crush on her stepbrother the dark and brooding, sometimes cruel, hero who rescues her from said closet These memories are actually compelling than than her interactions with the hero in real time I found the heroine too childishly contradictory and the hero too scolding to really warm up to either one of them view spoiler They do marry after the heroine is almost killed by a jaguer the animal, not the car as the hero commands it The heroine thinks he just wants her because of the half brother and because of sexual attraction, but that he doesn t love her That misconception is the conflict in the last third of the story and really felt tacked on I would have liked to know about the hero what made him so obsessed with the h, rather than all the drama with distant relatives hide spoiler

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    Re The Ortiga Marriage PW tries her hand at the stepbrother trope in this one and the result isn t too terrible PW isn t fully developed on her sarcastically snarky bossy Alpha H s and ultra feminine sweet h s who have a bit of backbone, but this book gives the basic PW character prototypes.The story starts with the 24 yr old h being summoned back to her step brother s Valenzuelian estancia when her mother and step father are killed in a plane crash The h is the product of her Spanish mother s first marriage to an Englishman that did not work out When the h s parents divorced, the mother got custody of the h but never really liked her Her mother was remarried to the H s father basically to provide a spare heir and she got lots of money The h was pretty much an outcast in the mother s new home, as none of them wanted her there The H is a bit kind to her, when her mother locks her in the closet, he lets the h out and tells the mother off Then the h gets sent to boarding school in England and is very glad cause she really doesn t fit in and everyone but the H is pretty mean to her The h visits the H s home periodically, but the visits are never comfortable and the H is VERY domineering The h has big time crush on him tho and it results in a kissing moment when the h turns 18 The H is 30 at that point and basically kicks her off the estancia for being too easy, altho the H has been wanting the h s body for a looong time There is also another girl introduced by the H s malicious aunt and it looks like the H might be making a match there The h goes back to England and starts a very successful career working in advertising for a publisher Her boss wants to marry her and the h is happy in England as she is very close to her father.Then the H calls her back to the estancia, the h goes because her little half brother is terribly traumatized with his parent s death and he needs her The h takes a leave of absence from her job and it is off to the llanos of Valenzuela we go keeping a very sharp eye out for jaguars who like to rip people s faces off Once she arrives, she and the h take up verbal cudgels and battles of will and the H is EXTREMELY declarationally dictorial, but it is fairly amusing the way he says it The h is pretty much NOT APPROVING of the H s high handedness, so we get some almost interesting snarky bantering and hidden mutual passion is fogging the atmosphere The little brother is very needy tho, so when the H and h have a big fight where he demands she stay and quit her life in England and she avows that she never will cause she hates everything about him and his country and his horrible relatives, the little brother runs away in distress over all the fighting The h is distraught and goes out to the river to search for him She runs into a jaguar on the hunt and almost gets attacked but the H shows up at the last minute and frightens it off The h passes out and when she comes to, she finds out her little brother did not run away at all, he went to a ranch worker s house to hide out The H tells the h she will stay and marry him and then gives her a few roofie kisses to seal the deal The h eventually agrees to the marriage in the roofie kiss aftereffect, plus she finally acknowledges that she has always been in love with the H We also find out that the h is terrified of storms The H is adamant that the marriage take place immediately, he says he has been waiting for ten years for this The H s horrified relatives are very disapproving and the h also can t help but wonder what the relationship is between the H and the maybe OW the relatives keep bringing around she magically appeared when the relatives popped up too But the H reassures the h that he only wants is her and expresses disappointment that the h doesn t act totally jealous Later that night there is a storm and she and the H put the lurve club to use when he comforts her and it is the best ever of course The h is totally committed now tho she seems to think she is soloing on the being in love portion for some reason it is pretty obvious the H is a love sick fool for her, so that was kind awkward on the h not knowing belief requirement.The h gets her father to come to the wedding from England and has been trying to contact her boss to resign, but he seems to have disappeared The morning after the big night of love, the h s boss shows up and he and the H have a growly moment the boss wanted the h too, but the H threatens to kill him and dump his body on the llanos The h convinces the boss that she wants to marry the H and then they fly off to get a wedding dress That accomplished, the H has to ride herd on his horrible relatives that show up for the wedding The H is also very verbal about his frustration over not being able to cuddle up with the h at night, he wants the wedding done like ASAP Finally we get to the wedding part and everyone is lurved up and happy and the h and H honeymoon in Mexico while the h s dad hangs with the little brother Things are bubbling along and then we have the last gasp of the horrible relatives The h finds out she is preggers, but the H is off on business the horrible Aunt shows up and tells the h that the H is with the OW and once the H s heir is delivered the h will be surplus to requirements The h kicks the horrible Aunt out and bans her from the house while the h is there, but when she calls to check on the H she is told he IS with the OW The h decides to pack up and leave The guy who fly s everybody in and out of the estancia gets the H instead and we get the unsurprising big love avowal moment The H was with the OW who isn t an OW and her father, he was helping them solve a mine worker strike and the OW is actually marrying the mine manager she loves The H adds that the h is carrying his child, not an Heir and the H reiterates that he has ALWAYS loved the h since he met her and she is very talented in business, so she can run the family business boardroom in his place while he goes and does mean things to the horrible relatives and works the estancia and the h swears her undying love back Then another storm starts up and the H decides that boudoir bouncing is the perfect therapy treatment to cure the h of her fear of storms for the big HEA.This one isn t PW s best or funniest, but it is pretty good and worth a read if you find it My only complaint, besides the sometimes very abrupt shift in scenes, is that PW must have had a seekrit Diana Palmer crack addiction going on, cause the word hunger in reference to various boudoir activities is highly over used in a very DP like fashion Still this one is an amusing HP jaunt and overall a nice HEA to add to the rosy glow of HPlandia.

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    Can t count the times heroine told hero she hated him She was so annoying.

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    Mehwasn t as bad as I thought it would be, wasn t as great as it could have been PW has definitely written better ones This one was a bit too OTT, even for my tastes Typical stereotypical melodrama If you like OTT than this might be the ticket But beware, heroine is annoying from start to finish and will than likely drive you crazy.

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    Freedom is not freedom when there is a rein, on it No matter how tender and loving the rein, no matter how loosely held, it tethers you to the past and I wanted your future, freely given I loved how Ramon allowed her to grow up, to learn and experience life away from home, to stand up for herself, to be herself and become a successful person in her own right Although he seems like he has the upper hand, he doesn t The man is putty when it comes to Merry And you could feel his love for her, even if he wasn t good about showing it.

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    i guessed very early on dat hero was smitten and wondered where things had gone wrong between these two i also found it unbelievable dat Consuelo had just been his good friend, not his mistress his love for Merry was never in question though he loved her when she was a shy and timid teenager and he loved her now when she had blossomed into a beautiful and lovely woman.

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    The Ortiga Marriage is the story of Meriel and Ramon.What happens when you mix an uber obsessed alpha hero, an innocent but determine heroine, step sibling lust, a fatal tragedy that leaves them both responsible for their blood sibling, and disinhibited flood of restrained passion Well, this story Very Diana Palmer meets goth novels ish, our h is called by H to the estate she escaped from years ago when her mother and his father die, leaving their mutual child Manuel orphaned who yearns for his sister.But as she returns back to the land she once loved but was detested by, she finds herself falling back into the toxic attraction with her brooding step brother, who is determined to keep her this time If youve read Patricia before, you know that the hero is crazy, the heroine is strong but subdued, there are threats, passionate lovemaking and OW OM drama to make H h jealous, but all of this makes for an entertaining read which ends on a sweet note.Enjoyed this one Unsafe view spoiler H has liked h for YEARS and has had other relationships in the meanwhile as she was young before and not ready later hide spoiler

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    This is my first Patricia Wilson I ve had it sitting around for a while and when a Twitter friend recommended the author I bounced it up the TBR pile for my daily dose of vintage.You don t see very many stepbrother sister romances these days Along with the guardian ward trope they were quite popular back in the day Now that young heroines are not fashionable they seem to have dropped off the radar to a large extent.Twelve year old Merry loved Ramon Ortiga, her much older step brother who d made himself her protector when their parents married in Venezuela This was in spite of his hot and cold attitude to her Then just when it seemed he wanted her, once she d left school, he suddenly drove her away, turning to another woman, a suitable bride for the Ortiga family.Six years later the death of their parents brings Merry home to help her young half brother, taking leave from her high powered job Somehow things are not what they seem and the resentment she expected to see between the half brothers is absent But what is still there is the attraction between her and Ramon.A Latino alpha male, he wants Merry and goes all out to get her Pressuring her into marriage But of course all that alpha machismo and he doesn t bother to explain himself So Merry doesn t realise the passion he feels for her is than physical desire.This is another great read from Patricia Wilson of the old fashioned style of Presents Great for a wallow in angst and misunderstanding and hot hot Latin male.

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    Meh, silliness and cheesiness abounds Similar tropes used in other HPs, but here they re so obvious and almost tongue in cheek, they don t generate the same emotional effect The dialogue is very unrealistic I was confused for a while about the half brother Manolito s age, since he spoke like a stilted adult And the whole thing was SO LONG I m starting to think Patricia Wilson just isn t for me, even though she seems so similar to other authors I like.

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