Never Too Late

Never Too Late Decades Ago, A Shotgun Wedding Locked Edith Into A Life With A Husband She S Not Sure She Ever Loved Now, At A Certain Age, She Feels Like A Ghost In Her Own Life, Wondering Where All This Came From The Scornful Husband, The Mercenary Brood Of Grandchildren, The Well Meaning But Controlling Daughter In Law Then One Christmas Morning Edith Wakes To Find Her Husband Dead, And The Role She Played For So Long Crumbling Soon Questions Arise About Her Husband S Death, And Papers Discovered In His Pockets Send Edith Unraveling Secrets Of The Man She Thought She Knew Edith S Son Brian Is The Focus Of Her Life, But He May Not Be As Perfect As She Thought Revelations That He Might Be Cheating Shock Her As Edith Investigates The Mysteries Of Her Family, She May Just Find Who She Truly Is I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Never Too Late is an emotional roller coaster Once I started to get into the novel I couldn t put it down The characters are brilliant I thought Edith was wonderfully real and raw I loved the way the author explored Edith and Art s unhappy marriage It must have been very hard for her to be married to someone who treated her and their son with such cold disdain It must have been equally hard for him married to someone out of obligation to avoid a scandal The main theme of this novel is secrets and how they can devastate those who have been lied to once they are revealed Never Too Late is jam packed with secrets Art kept many secrets from his unhappy wife I felt awful for Edith unravelling all of his secrets after his death Her son kept secrets and the consequences were almost disastrous At the end, Edith understands Art a littleand has a better, stronger relationship with her son, daughter in law and grand children which are good things I really liked how Edith develops over the course of the novel, becoming much stronger andassertive Never Too Late is a wonderful novel. A pretty good book, a little confusing in the middle, but generally a good story. When Edith s husband of fifty years, Art, dies unexpectedly, she s left with manyquestions than answers Edith s life with Art was loveless and abusive, and when she begins piecing together the clues that increasingly point to infidelity, Edith is angry that she remained in the marriage Determined to find out the truth, Edith sets out to track Art s final days.There are so few books with older women in the main character role When I saw this was a freebie I decided to go ahead and take a chance Let s just say I m glad it was free.Since it s written in first person, present tense, I almost stopped reading from the start I deeply dislike this tense and POV I find it monotonous and stilted But, of course, that s my personal preference There were, however, other issues for me.I found several typos throughout the book and thought it should have been better edited Missing words and other mistakes are distracting to readers It made the book seem sloppy, in my opinion I worked out the story somewhat early on, but kept reading just to be sure I found Edith to be a boring and irritating not really a likeable character, in my opinion The storybook ending seemed to be abrupt and too contrived It was almost as though the author had enough and wanted to simply end it I doubt I d readin this series. Weird Not what I usually read It s good, and I stayed up far later than I should have to keep reading just onechapter, I d say after finding myself two chapters past the last time I decided to put it down Saying that, I m a bit annoyed at the end It s a story of a woman around 70 finding herself widowed after a very unhappy 50yrs of marriage to a very unhappy man after they got pregnant as teens She realises there were things she didn t know about her husband, andof the story unfolds as she goes on a hunt She also makes a connection to the controlling daughter in law, only to realise her son is not perfect, and his inability to deal with that is having a huge impact in all their lives Without leaving spoilers, the wrap up of the story thread is just eh I was thinking that maybe it was a dream or perhaps she d actually died and was just envisioning that on the way out Even if it had been a clear cut conversation, I still would have wanted to seeNot just a that s everything and now we ll move on But I am a details reader and would always rather have things clearly finalised People happy to read life s messy and move on would be fine with it I like messy lives, but rather a clear cut this is concluded or this is how it will be concluded 0619 Great story but who edited this mess I was immediately drawn in by the characters and the way the book began Almost as quickly, the sloppy editing began I considered quitting as there are so many great story tellers who aredeserving If you can make it past the glaringly sloppy mistakes with the language, it s truly a great story. This book went in an entirely different direction than I expected It got off to a slow and somewhat confusing start In spite of this, there was something so compelling about the writing, I had to keep going As I read, labels like gritty, sad, stark, heart wrenching, raw, stoic, came to mind It is sometimes emotionally brutal It is a first person story about a woman who, upon the death of her husband, begins a search to uncover answers to troubling secrets In the process she comes to grips with her own culpability in a cold, abusive marriage and life of quiet desperation I was struck by phrases such as I search, empty handed, for the time I loved him I accepted my loneliness, and then later, my own anger that festered under the surface of my days And, I m not breathing right, nervous as a spinning Roladex of silly jokes Then about a third of the way in, it begins to sag a little as far as this level of intensity, but it is still a good story She makes her painful way to self discovery, repair of a damaged family dynamic, and learns to open herself to the possibility of a new and better life and love never too late If it were not for some obvious editing issues, I would have given this book five stars. This was a good book about a woman who lived her whole life in a loveless marriage and finally managed to break out and do some things for herself after her husband died We find out that she was and is an overprotective mother, and along the way we find that everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, there is always room for improvement and change, and love DEFINITELY means having to say you re sorry I thought it was a great story about the woman and her family and her journey of discovery. I received a copy of this via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest reviewThis book had such a powerful beginning that it proves extremely difficult not to be immediately drawn in, and the continued intelligent writing makes sure you are kept guessing and almost living Ediths life until all the secrets are revealed by the end.The start is when Edith reaches over to wake Art up on Christmas morning so they can get things ready for their normal family christmas with the grandchildren, but she finds him dead Immediate panic sets in, soon to be overtaken with an almost robot like trance of thinking of getting through Christmas Day without telling the family and sorting it all out later and that is when we beginning to go on Ediths journey of remembering life with Art and the misery it caused her It s a heartbreaking story at times but as she remembers things, she then tries to move on and it s fascinating to see her gain strength as time passes But then things begin to crumble again when she starts to learn through her daughter in law that history may be repeating itself and her son is seemingly living a secret life too Edith has already begun to try and dicover the secrets Art kept from her, she finds receipts and clues in his old clothes, and now it seems she may soon learn what her son Brian is trying to keep too.This is a fascinating book that deals with so many emotions of moving on, marriage, motherhood, feeling trapped, reliving past horrors and the pain that secrets can cause to a wide range of people Really loved the touching, fun moments she has with her grandchildren too which lighten the mood and seems to jolt Edith into remembering not to wallow in the past too much.highly recommend for all drama fans It is good to read a story from the point of view of someone who is older Edith wakes to find her husband dead, but chooses to ignore the fact and progress with a family Christmas day and deal with Art s death later An intriguing beginning to a novel This is an interesting reflection on a life where neither party has really communicated for years Edith rediscovers her past through the new perspectives she is uncovering and realises the faults were as much hers as her husband s.The ending was a bit twee but overall an interesting look at life.

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