The Twain Shall Meet

The Twain Shall Meet The Twain Shall Meet Is A Collection Of Stories Dealing With Cross Cultural Interaction They Are Stories Of Love And Betrayal, Of Sacrifice And Revenge, Of Hope And Despair, Of Brutality And Forgiveness, Enacted By A Colorful Cast Of Characters Drawn From All Walks Of Life Professors, Doctors, Business Executives, Tribal Chiefs, Village Astrologers, Bandits, Magicians, Housewives, Fashion Models, Cooks, Housemaids, Eccentric Uncles, One Eyed Waiters, And Octogenarian Aunts The Pasadena Weekly, Los Angeles, Had This To Say About Moorthy S Choice Of Protagonists For Her Books Chillingly Aware Of The Towering Walls Of Tradition And Societal Repression That Keep Closing In With Every Passing Year, Moorthy S Protagonist Is Usually A Shrewd Observer, A Social Commentator, And An Innocent, Undemanding Protagonist Who Excites And Holds The Reader S Sympathy The Twain Shall Meet Highlights The Comic Side Of Humanity, The Inability Of The Average Person To See Himself As He Truly Is He Goes Through Life In A State Of Total Unawareness Until A Situation Arises That Holds Up A Mirror That Reflects Himself A Pattern In Most Of The Stories In This Book More Often Than Not, The Result Is Comic Rather Than Tragic Moorthy S Understated Humor Is Very Much In Evidence In This Book Serious Misunderstandings Between People Who Come Together From The Ends Of The Earth Can Cause Hatred And Bloodshed Moorthy Asks For Much Laughter, A Few Tears, And No Bloodshed From Her Readers The Characters In The Twain Shall Meet Are Hard To Forget According To India S Newspaper The Asian Age Moorthy S Characters Are Always Down To Earth And Identifiable Her Writing Entices You Right From The Very Onset And Stays Long After The Last Page Is Turned The Problems Facing The Protagonist In The Twain Shall Meet Are Never The Same Is It Safe To Give Someone A Gift In Japan Why Do Happily Married Couples Check Into A Tokyo Love Motel Where Can You Get The World S Strangest Coffee What Is Hongkong S Cure For People Who Will Not Eat Their Vegetables Where In India Do You Turn For Help In Finding The Love Of Your Life Is There Really Any Hope For The Dead When Gangsters Armed With Machine Guns Invade Your House In West Africa, What Do You Say To Them How Difficult Is It To Find Alternate Technology In Oil Rich Nigeria Where Do You Look For People Who Have Vanished Without A Trace How Do You Entertain A Conservative Old Aunt In New York Are Miracles Possible In Los Angeles How Do You Establish Rules Of Behavior For Garden And Household Predators Moorthy Delves Readily Into Forgotten Rituals And Traditions Close To An Armchair Anthropologist S Heart Some Of It Might Seem Like The Nostalgic Meanderings Of An Exile Who Misses The Homeland, But It Explains Why Her First Novel, Maya Has Been Used As Reference Material For Courses On Asian Women In Some Southern California Universities The Pasadena Weekly, Los Angeles Moorthy Takes The Reader From One End Of The World To The Other On A Kaleidoscopic Tour Of People, Places, And Unexpected Happenings Her Fiction Has Been Described As Fast Paced And Difficult To Put Down The Reader Barely Has Time To Catch His Breath After Reading One Story Before He S Thrust Head First Into Another Strange Land, Another Language Barrier, And Another Set Of Traditions That Take Him By Surprise The Twists, Turns, And Revelations In Each Intricate Plot Come Fast And Hard, And Frequently Land The Protagonist In Danger Moorthy Has Been Recognized For Her Fast Pacing And Chilling Foreshadowing, And The Sudden Concluding Twist That Can Land Like A Punch In The Gut Which Might Have Been One Reason Why Her Novel The River Turned Red Was Number One On The List Of Ten Favorite Fiction Picks ForSelected By The Pasadena Weekly, Los Angeles Moorthy S Writing Jumps Off The Page And Grabs You Phyllis Gebauer, UCLA S Outstanding Teacher In Creative Writing

A free lance journalist who has contributed feature articles, short stories and humor to English language newspapers in India, West Africa and ten Asian countries, Moorthy has published three novels Maya, The Coiled Serpent, and The River Turned Red Her fourth work of fiction is a collection of short stories dealing with cultural interaction in countries across the world The Twain Shall Meet is

❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Twain Shall Meet  Author Nirmala Moorthy –
  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • The Twain Shall Meet
  • Nirmala Moorthy
  • 27 November 2018
  • 9781512240474

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    Author Moorthy presents a cavalcade of cross cultural stories set in Japan, India, Nigeria, Singapore, and California She offers a blend of humor, whimsy and drama as she regales readers with insights, cultural traits, quirky customs and rock bound traditions Some stories start off being a bit tongue in cheek and then take a serious twist All end on an unexpected note.That is the treasure that lies at the end of each story a twist that leaves the reader oddly satisfied.Her protagonists vary from Indian to American to Japanese to colonial British in Nigeria Some are unforgettable such as George, the everyman manservant forced on Al, American born, Confused Desi pitied for not being Indian enough by his grandmother A tiny woman, she rules the roost and her six footer grandson must obey her orders George becomes an important ally in Al s attempts to avoid arranged marriages In other stories set in Japan, an American housewife married to an Indian businessman lives in a Japanese style house, discusses death before dishonor, entertains Uncle Sam who is too big to fit in a Japanese bath and is party to a Japanese wedding On arriving in Japan, she and her husband Hari are cautioned that a breach of etiquette can cause a serious misunderstanding Throughout several stories, they navigate their way through Japanese traditions and customs We get to know Susan who is tall, ungainly, and jealous of her famous sister, a top rated model In some of the dramatic stories set in Nigeria 1981, white men live like kings in fortresses, but at a price Home invasion is common, life is uncertain bordering on dangerous, and some local practices are unsettling, to say the least Some gut wrenching scenes deal with stoning a young woman, female circumcision, cannibalism, and the power of money when a movie company pays a man to give a final performance with a pride of lions.Author Moorthy s writing is smooth, confident, and incisive whether set in tradition oriented Japan, in twentieth century Nigeria or in her native India In stories set in Japan, she captures the essence and flavor of that country as seen through both foreign and Japanese eyes The stories set in India and Singapore have wry, amusing plots, and stories set in Nigeria tend to be chilling and unforgettable.This must be one of the best anthologies I have read An enthralling read that left me wishing for stories from this author.

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