Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Find Your One True Love And Live Happily Ever After The Trials Of Love And Desire Provide Perennial Story Material, From The BiblicalSong Of Songsto Disney S Princesses, But Perhaps Most Provocatively In The Romance Novel, A Genre Known For Tales Of Fantasy And Desire, Sex And Pleasure Hailed On The One Hand For Its Women Centered Stories That Can Be Sexually Liberating, And Criticized On The Other For Its Emphasis On Male Female Coupling And Mythical Happy Endings, Romance Fiction Is A Multi Million Dollar Publishing Phenomenon, Creating National And International Societies Of Enthusiasts, Practitioners, And Scholars Catherine Roach, Alongside Her Romance Writer Alter Ego, Catherine LaRoche, Guides The Reader Deep Into Romancelandia Where The Smart And The Witty Combine With The Sexy And Seductive To Explore Why This Genre Has Such A Grip On Readers And What We Can Learn From The Romance Novel About The Nature Of Happiness, Love, Sex, And Desire In American Popular Culture

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Happily Ever After book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine M. Roach author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Happily Ever After
  • Catherine M. Roach
  • 24 February 2019
  • 9780253020444

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    There are two types of chapters in this book those that deal with the academic side of romance novels and their impact on society and those that focus on the author s dual identity as both an academic and a romance author in the wider context of the romance fandom.This was a quick read and I got some interesting observations and book recommendations I may check out the author s historical romance book.

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    I read only till chapter 6 before quickly skimming the rest To be honest I blame Madwoman in the Attic for giving me unrealistic expectations of what literary analysis books can do.

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    An interesting addition to the world of romance criticism Roach is both an academic and a romance author, this divide can be felt throughout Happily Ever After, with some chapters leaning heavily on one side of her personality than others Personally, I skim read the first few chapters as they provided a general introduction to the romance genre and romance academic criticism Two topics that I m already fairly familiar with.I found Roach s opinions on sexuality, and the way female sexuality is used in romance novels particularly interesting Mainly because it tended to align with my own thoughts on the topics I liked how she incorporated her experience with teaching romance into the novel She gave the reader an insight into what her students thought about romance, and generally how female sexuality is represented in popular culture.Overall a quick and engaging read that provided some food for thought.

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    A good introduction to the romance genre in academic and fandom settings.

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    Another good study of the romance novel and the community and industry that revolves around it and its role in contemporary society The book has going for it, among other things, the fact that it s able to pull in a number of recent examples like a certain erotic novel that even the least disinterested reader is aware of because it punctuated the mainstream pop culture landscape so decisively when she s considering how popular romance has evolved and all the ways the latest trends, themes, and popular tropes provoke new understandings and questions about the genre Roach is clearly a fan and supporter but doesn t avoid examining problematic issues that certain aspects of the genre expose.Roach is an academic, so even though she tries her best to present her thesis and break down her arguments in a less academic tone, she s not entirely successful in keeping it from being jargony and repetitive at times, but it s not a big deal I have to add that Roach has also been a published romance author, so interspersed between the academic chapters are her chronicles of that experience, which I found to be an interesting way to present yet another perspective of the romance novel world another thing that this book has going for it.

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    I ve never applied my standard response to anthologies the selections are uneven, with some weak chapters essays stories but some gorgeous insightful whatever ones to a monograph, but there s a first time for everything and reading this book felt a little like reading an anthology because of its shifts in tone and approach The shifts are deliberate, part of Roach s experiments in crossing the scholarly popular and scholar fan divides, but I found chapters 3 and 4 unreadable 3 mostly because I have an academic background and don t see a lot of truth in her stereotype of an academic, an issue that caused dissonance for me as a reader at other points in the book as well, and 4 mostly because it felt so 101 with regard to feminisms porn sex etc that it bored me but again, she s trying to reach a lot of different audiences here My favorites were the chapters dealing with Roach s experiences as an aspiring romance novelist Notes from the Field Romance Writers of America and Notes from the Writing Between the Sheets and Other Moments toward Romance Novelist and the introductory bit where she lays out the 9 assumptions she sees as central to the genre.A side note I m interested in Roach s reading of romance endings as about reparation of patriarchy basically, she says the alpha males come, through love, to stop being sexist misogynists at the heroines, which is experienced envisioned as a sort of end of patriarchy She mentions but doesn t dive deeply into the problem that this vision leaves the actual huge system of institutions and ideology that we call the patriarchy intact, because of course patriarchy does not equal one dude s alphaholery I wonder about the degree to which this reading is sadly accurate and the degree to which it undersells the truly feminist aware incisive work of different sorts of romance novels.

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    See my three linked posts about this book

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