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Mejor cuando es atrevido 4 He s BOLD alright STARS Race and Brysen It s like being in love with a loaded weapon and you re the safety First things first WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH THAT COVER NOT FEELING THAT AT ALL If this was starring in that cover I m sure it would have been enticing and a great image while reading Aside from that cover the story was enjoyable I love me a bad boy and Race I didn t think anyone could match up to Bax but then Race came along I adored Race and Brysen together PERFECT match I loved these two characters, the intensity and chemistry they had was UNDENIABLE and they were bound to act upon it I would recommend as it is a nail biter and does leave you questioning as to what will happen next I m looking FORWARD to the next one and they can t be read as standalones so I would suggest reading from the beginning YOU WON T REGRET.Better when He s Bold Jay CrownoverSleepless, Read Twitter 4 starsI need you to keep me from turning into something I hate, but I can t ask you to give yourself to the streets, to this life, if it s not what you wantBetter When He s Bold is the second book in the Welcome to the Point series While it is technically a standalone, there is a lot of crossover from the first book so I highly recommend reading that one first.Brysen is your typical college girl She goes to school, works, and studies hard Except for the fact that her home life is falling apart Her mom is a depressed drunk, her dad appears to be oblivious and Brysen has a sixteen year old sister to take care of And, it appears Brysen has a stalker.Race is the King of the Point and former rich boy from the Hill Collecting bets and loaning money, he s exactly the kind of guy you stay away from But Race has had an eye on Brysen for some time, and he can see through her ice queen facade.After a series of circumstances bring the two together, their chemistry is off the charts and the two decide to make a go of things But can they fit into each others different worlds The whole premise to the series is the main guys being bad And yes while they are men who do bad things for a living, I as a reader don t consider them bad guys Case in point, they don t treat the women they love like shit For the boys from the point, if they love a girl, family or not they ll do anything not to hurt them I ve read so many books where the main guy isn t bad yet I found awful because he treated the main girl horribly And that s the relief of reading an author like Jay, is that I can trust her not to disappoint me by giving the reader an nonredeemable asshole that all the girls sigh overI m glad you re not absolutely physically perfect, Race Trying to handle all the obvious perfection is distracting and hard as it is Knowing there are parts of you that aren t flawless makes you so much humanI loved the development of Race in this book In the first book he was mostly in the background, talked about but not seen In this book we get his perspective of events that went down and justifiable reasons for his previous actions Race may do bad things, but he doesn t murder people and he treats his sister and Brysen well Plus, he s a hot blonde, what can a reader want Brysen was an interesting character because of how strong she was She held everything together for her family and worked hard to do it The stalker plot surrounding her was engaging for me because she wasn t being stalked based on how pretty she was or a dark obsession, it was literally someone wanting to fuck with her life And that was some scary shit happening to herLife is a mess I have someone trying to kill me and you re right in the thick of a war on the city What better conditions could you think of to fall in loveMy only nit picky thing about this book was Karsen, the sixteen year old sister She was way too damn perceptive for someone her age, and any time she opened her mouth I honestly couldn t see her existing in real life Hopefully she grows up in the series soon because then I would believe the things that came out of her mouth I m crossing my fingers that Booker and Stark get their own books Hot scarred bodyguard and tattooed computer geek I can t decide which one I wantARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 3,5 4 the Bonnie to my Clyde STARS A tarnished throne for a tarnished king in a tarnished kingdom Can you handle being a tarnished queenFirst of all, I REFUSE to accept the ugliest, most hideous covers of all time for this book I JUST DO NOTIt deserves so much better I mean that guy is not my type at all, and that s my problem, but c mon manWHAT THE FUDGE IS HE WEARING Two years ago, Brysen Carter s life was in multicolor Always having fun, always cheerful and living like she didn t have a care in the world Now though, Brysen s world is only surrounded in gray and she has no time to behave like a normal 21 year old girl living in theHillany She is back at home, taking care of a self medicating, alcoholic and depressed mother, a workaholic father seemingly unable to leave his studyroom and a little 16 year old sister, Karsen Then there s also that little problem of lusting after her best friend Dovie s older brother, Race, like Brysen doesn t already have enough problems as it is Since the first day she saw him, Brysen has been bedazzled by his golden hair, piercing green eyes and that sexy little dimple on his cheek that he flashes every time he grins And Race wants her He wants her and he isn t shy about making that very clear at every chance he getsI was just a normal girl with normal needs, but something about this guy made my head go crazy, made my blood go hot and fiery, and I wanted to do things, say things that I had never even thought of before That was the danger of Race Always making me want what I COULDN T and SHOULDN T have BRYSEN The problem is, Brysen doesn t understand and doesn t want to be a part of Race s world Her life is already hard enough, she doesn t need another complication blurring the waters So to keep her feelings hidden, Brysen activates her Bitch Mode ON, acts cold and disinterested and treats Race like he s a piece of trash stuck on the bottom of her shoe, whenever they re in the same room.Until the age of 16, Race Hartman was one of the spoiled brats of theHill , living inside his own bubble where he had everything he wanted and than he ever needed The night Race met Bax, the bad boy raised in the pits of the streets, his life changed forever, and he became a part of the dark and dangerous world of thePointTaking over the empire that belonged to theKing , Novak, after his death, Race is the newKingnow and he s the guy calling the shots on the streets But Race struggles everyday to keep the man he is inside intact, while getting his hands dirty and bloody to prove to everyone he is not just a bored rich kid playing criminal.Then there s also that little problem of lusting after his sister Dovie s best friend, Brysen, like Race doesn t already have enough problems as it is Brysen is polished, flawless and perfect, reminding him of the life he left behind up in theHillThe fact that she seems to can t stand being in the same space as him, challenging him to change her mind, makes Race ache for her even But Brysen is a good girl and in Race s world, a world where one mistake is too many, she just wouldn t surviveBeing with guys like us It s like being in love with a LOADED WEAPON and you re the SAFETY RACE With a violent, hard and brutal kiss that happens out of nowhere, that spins both their compasses forever, denying the ever present pull and attraction between them becomes impossible for Race and Brysen But can the nice girl from the Hill and the naughty boy from the Point circumvent all the obstacles on their way to happiness I really wanted you to be the WORST thing in the world for me, but every time I turn around, you end up being the BEST thing in my world at any given moment BRYSEN Apart from the extremely obvious twist , if we can even call it one, and the rather disappointing bedroom action going on, which didn t even make my breathing get faster by a milisecond, this book was still a steady one The things I enjoyed the most were the general atmosphere of the Point and the supporting characters like Titus, Nassir, Stark and especially Booker I can t wait to see what all these other hotties have up their sleeves 4 Bold Stars Brysen is having a tough time Her family is falling apart than usual , she has to care of her younger sister, she has to work, she as to attend college and pass classes On top of that, she now has a stalker But is not this I like you, I want to follow everywhere stalker Is a mess up with your life and screw everything you have type of stalker So she seeks help with Race, the well connected bad boy from the wrong side of town, the point, and her best friends brother Race lives in an f cked up world of his own, but while helping Brysen they end up doing what neither of them wanted fall for each other But maybe that s exactly what they need First let me say one thing about this cover No No No No No Moving on, if you re expecting a love full of fireworks and passionate curse words, this is not what you re looking for They settle pretty early so their relationship becomes safe than passionate, but they are, still, a very good couple to read about There s some action and drama, and the stalker mystery to keep us entertained until the end There isn t the best Jay Crowover s book, but is well written, fast paced and engaging, so it s a good choice of reading if you re in the mood for a ride on the wild side Rating 4 Stars Characters Development What I like in Jay s books is that the heroines are never whinny little girls They are strong, sassy and fierce and this one was no exception So it s safe to say that I liked Brysen And what I also always in her books is that the guys, as much assholes or bad boys they are, they always treat the girls like queens I m pretty sure she could write about a serial killer and he still would treat the girl right So, how not like a hero that is amazing for the girl he loves It was nice to see of Dovie and Bax, and I m pretty anxious for Titus story Steam Hot Scenes Sensible Subjects view spoiler Gambling Alcohol Violence hide spoiler After reading Better When He s Bad I couldn t wait to jump into this one I love forbidden love and love from the other side of the tracks, but this story is so much than that Race Hartman is a bad boy in every since of the word While he grew up with wealthy and privilege on The Hill, he traded it all to help Bax Now he is the king of the bad, leader of the crime ring at The Point He only truly cares sister his sister, Dovie and his childhood friend Bax Despite this there is just something about Race that you can help but cheer him on First, I love a bad boy and he is the ultimate bad boy Race is also crazy smart, charming and dangerous Brysen Carter is barely hanging on, she is attending college and working, not to mention trying to maintain some type of family structure for her sister She has always been attracted to Race Hartman, but she knows he is the worst thing for her, just another worry and distraction Regardless of her attraction she is convinced being to together would be a bad idea so she puts up walls to prevent herself from getting hurt One night at a party they share a hot kiss and there is no telling where things could have gone, if a shooting hadn t occurred.As the story progresses Race and Brysen continue to run each other and interact They re both obviously attracted to each other, but there isn t much they can do considering their circumstances and timing When Brysen begin receiving threatening messages and is attacked everything changes for Race I loved how the story really picked up from here and left me guessing I enjoyed how Crownover didn t try to make Race into a good guy, he isn t a good guy, he is bad and so damn good at it I wouldn t want him any other way I really loved how Race and Brysen s relationship played out I love how he was protective of Brysen and allowed her to rest from the constant strain of caring all the weight in her family In return she gave him consistency and a safe place to be himself, a place to come home to I love how they grew together and helped each other Their connection felt real to me and I loved how they changed and learned how to be together, but didn t change who they are This story is about two people who started from the same place, got lost in the middle and came back together for the end their forever ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Welcome to the Pointwhere this time, fortune favors the bold Better when He s Bold is the second book in Welcome to the Point Series I have been following Jay Crownover s work for several years My addiction began when I fell in love with her Marked Men Series When she released the edgy Bax and fun loving spunky Dovie in the first book in the series, Better When He s Bad, I experienced an edgier side of her writing and I LOVED IT With the gritty and complex characters of the Point, Ms Crownover gives a whole new meaning to edgy characters just trying to survive What nice girl from the Hill didn t lust after a naughty boy from the Point Brysen is Dovie s best friend On the outside she looks like she is living the life of perfection She is beautiful, intelligent, and attending a prestigious college However, looks can be deceiving Truthfully, she is struggling through day by day Her family is falling apart and she feels obligated to keep everything together However, when a mysterious stalker starts to follow Brysen it doesn t take long for her resolve to begin to crumble and for things to fall apart at the seams It was like there was a force field of badass that surrounded him that only those who liked to live dangerously dared to test Race is Dovie s brother and although he comes from the right side of the track , he now rules as the King of the Point He deals with the dirtiest of thugs and lives on the fringe of what is right and what is right enough He has always had a serious interest in the sophisticated Brysen and when their paths cross at a party the flame to devour her is ignited There was something about being desired by a man that you knew could destroy anyone in the room In shouldn t feel good, shouldn t make my thighs clench and my insides pulse, but it didhe did Brysen and Race are cut from the same mold as both come from difficult upbringings And yet, both have transformed into strong individuals with a drive that doesn t stop Although their initial connection is physically driven, the emotional connection they have begins to mold the two together.permanently His tongue invaded His teeth scraped His hands bruised Better When He s Bold is a stunning follow up to Better When He s Bad It was quite a breath of fresh air to experience Race and Brysen together They were truly a unique pair because they were so similar in their personalities and temperaments Told in dual POV, Better when He s Bold had just the right amount of action, suspense, and steam to make this another winning read In addition to the smooth writing style and driving tempo, the story arc is well developed In the same style of her Marked Men Series, Welcome to the Point has a significant amount of character crossover It is remarkable the investment a reader will make in order to experience of their favorite characters Overall, Better when He s Bold, is not to be missed The sweet and gritty texture of this read will leave you thinking about it days later This was read as a BR with the Shhluts in preparation for our Jay Crownover Chat reviews reveals giveaways visit 3,5 STARSThis is my first book in the series and it was good I was looking in the new releases and I found it, I was intrigued because I haven t read a book from this author.Now I think I must read the first book because I liked Bax and Dovie and I want to learn how this two ends up together The best parts in this book is Race Race was so sweet while still trying to be the bad boy He was there for Brysen ready to protect her My complaints for this book is that the story wasn t something special for me..and the fact is I didn t felt the strong connection between Brysen and Race..I really tried but I can t see how this two ends up to be togetherI wanted passion.Maybe my problem was Brysen.She was an ok character.She didn t indrigued me.However the writing was really good Definitely I ll read the others books in this series and maybe I ll check the other series too This is a great series so far Book 2 is another journey into The Point, which is basically the extremely bad part of town vs The Hills, which is the ritzy area of town The heroes in this series are could be considered anti heroes they do not follow the law, and they are not nice guys Even though they have had to be tough in this hard living place, there is a very small part of them that is reserved for the ones they love When they find a woman whom they want as their own they become loyal, possessive and will do absolutely ANYTHING for them Whether that be to kill, lie, cheat or steal Nothing and no one will get in the way, or harm their girl Does this sound intense Why yes It totally does I love my heroes this way If you like your reads without any rules, then make sure you pick up this series and take a visit to The Point Take a walk on the wild side 4 Bold stars Better When He s Bold is the second book in Crownover s Welcome to the Point series I love this series because the heroes are a little edgy and rough, but they have that sweet side for their girl I m a sucker for that type of man Race Hartman grew up rich and privileged, but years ago when he took his sister Dovie under his wing, his world changed Now, it s different than ever Not only is he living in the point he s running it Race is in charge He s calling the shots Race isn t a bad guy but he s not afraid to do bad things if need be Brysen Carter has liked Race for a long time Whats not to like The man is gorgeous He s also her best friends brother and the very last thing on her mind should be a man she s got a lot on her plate And a man like Race, he s nothing but trouble Even though Race seems like trouble, he s the only person that seems to be there helping Brysen when she needs it Dealing with her parents, taking care of her little sister, plus the issue of some creeper following her around and causing problems for her, she s stressed And Race is there He has her back Brysen has to decide if that s something she can handle Can she be with a man like RaceI really wanted you to be the worst thing in the world for me, but every time I turn around, you end up being the best thing in my world at any given moment I enjoyed this installment of The Point I love Jay Crownover s writing and she writes the best heroes Whether they re tattooed marked men, or bad ass men from the wrong side of the tracks This series has suspense, grit than her other books And I like it I can t wait for Bax s brother s book Titus and I m even excited about Nassar s book I can wait to see who she ll pair that man up with La Autora Best Seller Del New York Times Y USA Today, Jay Crownover, Trae Un Libro Explosivo, M S Sexy, M S Oscuro Y Mejor Que NuncaAlgunos Hombres Son Sencillamente Mejores Cuando Son AudacesEn Un Reino Oscuro Y Quebrantado, Un Gobernante Tiene Que Ser Valiente Para Controlar Las Calles Y A Las Personas Despiadadas Que Las DirigenRace Hartman Es Lo Bastante Atrevido, Lo Bastante Inteligente, Y Perdi Bastante Para Llevar Esa Corona Lugares Como El Point Siempre Tendr N Cosas Malas Y Personas Malas, Pero La Persona En Control De Toda Esa Maldad Puede Minimizar La Devastaci N Race Tiene Un Plan, Pero Puede Evitar La Aniquilaci N Total Sin Destruirse A S Mismo Brysen Carter Siempre Ha Visto Al Hermano De Su Mejor Amiga Tal Como Es Demasiado Guapo, Demasiado Suave Y Demasiado Peligroso Para Tocarlo Sucumbir Al Dorado Resplandor De Race Es Muy Tentador, Pero Brysen Sabe Que Ella Finalmente Lo HarCuando Ella Comienza A Recibir Textos Amenazadores Y Alguien Intenta Atacarla En El Estacionamiento, La Nica Persona Interesada En Mantenerla A Salvo Es El Nico Hombre A Quien Ella No Puede Permit RseloA Veces Ser Audaz Es La Nica Manera De Seguir Con Vida Pero Podr Ella Permitir Que Le Salve La Vida Si Eso Significa Entregarse A L

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