The Berenstain Bears' New Neighbors

The Berenstain Bears' New NeighborsIn this story, the house across the street from the Bear family has come up for sale Brother and sister are hoping for a family with cubs to move in Quickly, the house has a Sold sign in the yard and anticipation builds Days go by and finally, the new neighbors move in and they do have cubs The Bear family children cannot wait to go out to play with them but Mama and Papa hold them back Papa announces to his family that the new family across the street looks different they are panda bears and he wonders why they have come to their neighborhood Mama sees nothing wrong with them being different and neither do the children Papa grows evenleery of the new neighbors when they put up a fence, and he exclaims to his family that it is out of meanness that the neighbors build a fence Mama pushes forward with her kindness and prepares a jar of honey to take to the new neighbors Brother and Sister decide not to wait for their parents and head over to the neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood The children got along wonderfully and learned that the row of sticks was not a fence, it was a row of bamboo, the new families favorite food So the children return home to fetch their parents and Mama and Papa bear join them in visiting the neighbors this time, with a jar of honey to welcome them The panda family shares their bamboo juice and the Bear family shares their honey and they all have a pleasant time.The take home lesson from this story is that there is much to be gained by meeting new and different people and by trying new things It doesn t pay to be close minded and to practice segregation, we can all benefit from sharing and learning from each other, no matter our differences. Papa Bear doesn t like the new Panda Bear neighbors that have moved in across the street, because they re different However, Brother and Sister decide enough is enough, and they want to make new friends This book is a great example for younger kids of how judging someone based on appearances, culture, language, etc can be very harmful It also teaches them how they should act towards new people in the neighborhood and classroom. Illus In Full Color A New Family Moves In Across The Street From The Berenstain Bears It S The Panda Bears, And Papa Bear Is A Little Bent Out Of Shape Because They Re Different But Nothing Stops Brother And Sister From Making Friends With The New Cubs When The Adults Follow Suit, They All Learn A Valuable Lesson In Acceptance And The Dangers Of Bigotry Another book that annoys me in it s preachy message.Panda Bears move in next door and Papa proves that he doesn t like change or bears of a different color The kids of course wind up doing the ice breaking, and the story unravels about how you d expect What annoys me is that again, we have a big change to the dynamic like Mama s job that is never mentioned again There s never another Panda or any other bear of color in the books after this one, which only goes to show that diversity isn t important in Bear Hollow as they like to pretend it is Honestly, I d give this one a miss, just for the freaky way the eyes look on the Pandas. I have been dabbling in the works of Stan and Jan Berenstain, and particularly enjoyed the anti bigotry pro potlucks message here Mom explained to me about both bigotry and potlucks M Insane book that has so many twists and turns that you may want to bring a barf bag Is it good to have new neighbors Is it bad to have new neighbors You ll have to read the whole thing to really figure it out. Funny Picture book, great story line for kids to learn from, teaches that different is not bad. this is a great story, This book helps children learn and be aware about the topic of diversity and accepting others for who they are Papa Bear is stereotypical, but then learns a lesson himself, I love how the Berenstains show that not only kids but sometimes moms and dads have the wrong ideas about new people and things. 3.25 stars I love the Berenstain Bears.And I am all about diversity I would love a littlein my area..white Mormons can be so boring I am disappointed in Papa Bears obnoxious attitude but it does serve to prove a point I know I know he has always been the one with the obnoxious attitude but when it comes to neighborsblack white, brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, polar bear, Panda Bearthey are all bears love Bears people , Love no Black Supremacy here Note I did learn that Giant Panda s are bears Red Panda s arelike Raccoons True Bears are part of the Ursus Genus Thanks High School Biology Class so that I can use phylum correctly

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