The Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job

The Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job This is the 6th Berenstain Bears book that I have read I love the tag lines at the beginning of these books This book s tag line is When Mama gets home too late for a meal, how will the cubs and Papa bear feel I think this book is a flashback to a simpler sort of life where the father worked and the mother stayed home and raised the children I love the way that these books display traditional family values I also like the way this book in particular takes the time to show that it is possible for a woman to work and still be a very good wife and mother. The Berenstain Bears and Mama s New Job was written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain This a great book for children to read because it in the beginning of the story Mama is proud of Papa, Brother, and Sister bear in the end Papa, Brother, and Sister bear are all very proud of Mama bear This story is fiction Overall, this story teaches families to be proud and help out other members of the family. The Berenstain Bears Official YouTube Welcome To The Official Home Of The Berenstain Bears On YouTube Don T Forget To SUBSCRIBE Today Home Of The Berenstain Bears For Overyears The Berenstain Bears Have Charmed Generations Of Readers With Their Wholesome And Heartfelt Lessons Now The Bear Family Has Some Wisdom To Share With Readers Of All Ages Berenstain Bears WikipediaBerenstain Bears YouTube Official YouTube Channel Of Berenstain Bears Studios We Are Pulling Some Of Our Specials And TV Episodes From Thes Ands Out Of The Vault For Everyon Berenstain Bears Berenstain Bears Wiki FANDOM The Berenstain Bears And Too Much TV StanThis Classic Berenstain Bears Story Is A Perfect Way To Teach Children That It S Possible To Have Too Much Of A Good Thing Come For A Visit In Bear Country With This Classic First Time Book From Stan And Jan Berenstain The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Pets The Sitter Brother And Sister Adopt One Of Farmer Ben S New Puppies And Soon Discover That Having A Pet Is A Big Responsibility Subscribe To Treehouse Direct For New Clips, Episodes, AndThe Berenstain Bears TV Series IMDb With The Childhood Joy Of Having Read The Berenstain Bears And Learning All Sorts Of Lessons From The Always Optimistic Bear Family, And Not Having Seen Very Much Of The Old S Series, This Came Into My Life The Berenstain BearsTV Series Wikipedia The Berenstain Bears Is A Canadian Chinese Children S Animated Series Based On The Children S Book Series Of The Same Name By Stan And Jan Berenstain The Berenst E Ain Bears Conspiracy Theory That HasI Personally Remember, Vividly, The Berenstain Bears Being Spelt With An E And Calling It That For Years Even During The Writing Of This Piece, The Misspelled Name Is Right There On The Tip Of My Mama Bear gets a job I like that Mama Bear is shown to have skills that are of value I like that she is shown doing what s right for her here, and how her going to work also benefits the family But I don t like Papa Bear s initial attitude And honestly, I m not even sure that Mama Bear stays a working bear after this book does anyone see her with the shop in any of the other books I ve been looking for it, but just don t see itEither way, I would say the good outweighs the bad This is something that kids need to understand, and while this thought might have been kind of new the mom going back to work back when this book was written, it s still valid storyline in that many mom s take time off of work still to have children, and go back when those kids are older Overall Not a bad book, but could have been better. It s curious how Mama s venture into the business world is never mentioned again. Funny spoiler alert Keluarga Bear memiliki hobi masing masing Papa mancing sambil tidur siang Brother suka model pesawat Sister suka loncat tali Mama suka membuat quilt Tapi dari semua, Mama lah yang paling sibuk Mama membantu Brother Mama menghitung loncatan Sister Mama juga mencarikan cacing sembari mengurusi kebun Ketika Papa sedang menjual mebel di halaman rumah mereka, kebetulan Mama sedang mengangin anginkan karya quilt nya Banyak orang yang tertarik.Mama menjadi gelisah Dia ingin membuka toko quilt Papa, Brother, dan Sister khawatir Jika Mama bekerja, siapa yang akan membantu mereka menjalani hobi mereka Tapi Mama jalan terus Ternyata ketika ditinggal bekerja, mereka jadi lebih mandiri. I got this from the library to read to my children at bedtime because they really like Berenstain Bears right now and we ve read my entire collection This book is about Mama Bear deciding to open her own quilt shop which causes changes in the family because she s no longer a stay at home mom.It s not a horrible book for showing how things change when both parents work My criticism is that Mama Bear just decided to go to work on her own and didn t discuss it with Papa Bear at all It is huge change and this is something that should be showed as a long thought out process, not a spur of the moment, lone decision. This book was published in 1984 by Random House Publishers and is a book in the First Time Book series The story starts out showing the different talents and hobbies each member of the Bear family has Papa works as a businessman, selling furniture he makes and Mama takes care of the family, manages the treehouse, tends the garden and keeps the family in line, watching and helping the children play Mama loves to make quilts but doesn t seem to have enough time to make any One day, Mama gets the opportunity to make quilts and she likes the idea Papa isn t in support of it as he thinks the family only needs one business bear But Mama makes the announcement that she will be renting an empty store in town and running a quilt shop The cubs aren t sure they want Mama to become a business bear and Mama assures them that many Mama s are business bears After Mama s day of work at the quilt shop, Papa and the cubs were proud of her Papa helped make dinner helped her relax After two weeks of hard work, the quilt shop opened and Mama sold all of her quilts The Bear family celebrated Mama s success by going out to dinner they had some extra money since Mama was a business bear now The life lesson in this story is that not all Mama s get to stay home and manage the house and raise the cubs Many mama s have to work during the day or night and families can adjust and still function just as well And the extra money coming in is a great benefit. I m not sure how to feel about this book It was written in the 80s, so I guess it was progressive for its time It s nice that the authors show that Moms can have careers, and that they need to take time to do things for themselves But a lot in the beginning middle of the book bothered me I hated that the father bear shrugged off the original suggestion of Mama going into business without even asking her what she wanted or thought One businessbear in the family is enough, and of course that bear would be the man, in his view I was really expecting the story to end with her deciding that she had fun with her little project, but it was time to go back to being a good mom and wife I m glad that it did not end that way, but does the shop or her working appear in any of the other stories If not, it could definitely leave the impression that a woman working is just a short term amusement.

Stan and

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