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Pagan Portals - Hekate The Goddess Of Witches, Queen Of Shades And Shadows, And The Ever Eternal Dark Muse Hekate, Fair Queen Of The Shadow Lands, Haunts The Pages Of This Poetic Devotional, Enchanting Those Who Love Her With The Charm Only This Dark Goddess Can Bring Join In The Journey As We Meet Hekate, Queen Of Sorcery, In The Realms Of Dream And Enchantment, Weaving Magic Through The Worlds Seen And Unseen We Take Flight To The Lands Eternal In This Part Devotional, Part Grimoire And Learn How To Venerate This Great Goddess Of Antiquity And Connect With The Spirits Of The Shadow Lands

Solitary Witch and author of Hekate A Devotional.

✅ Pagan Portals - Hekate  PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Vivienne Moss –
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Pagan Portals - Hekate
  • Vivienne Moss
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781785351617

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    This is a tricky book There were plenty of things here that didn t quite strike me as true, as a lot of this is based on the author s personal ideas about Hecate, which says at least as much about her as it does about the deity, herself I might have rated this lower if the bulk of the book hadn t driven me to develop my own personal conception of Hecate, which wasn t quite the same as the one presented here, but wasn t entirely different, either The writing might have been toned down a bit, since not everything is insane or erotic or both at the same time , but despite that, this was a worthwhile read.

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    This has been one of the best reads I have had of a spiritual book It is a short read, and I made myself read it slowly as it is a devotional, and this is a devotional like no other I have read It pulls you into the feeling of the Goddess, it gave me goosebumps at times I recommend this to anyone following a Goddess path,even if you don t follow Her.

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    Good poetry and writing on what Hekate means to the author This was an excellent read, and very much worth thinking over.

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    Great book, great devotional, good info this is 1 of those books you just sit back read slowly Enjoy it ponder over it It was well thought out well written.

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    I ll be reviewing this book for

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    First of all this is a full on personal gnosis book so don t go into it hoping for many historical facts and such It s a book for those who want insight on how a devotee and priestess of Hekate works And it s so good I loved it You can FEEL the love and devotion that the author has for Hekate and that is so so beautiful, I loved it In the beginning and end of each section there s always a prayer or some personal text that makes it even beautiful and the author explains how her practice works, how she sees and works and connects with the Goddess It s a really good book to get a nice view of someone s practice and it s wonderful to draw inspiration from Many times this book inspired me to just stop and meditate or take time to acknowledge Hekate s presence in my life and that s a beautiful thing for a book to do I recommend this if you re a devotee or interested in the Goddess Hekate since I think it can help greatly for individual practice and inspiration It s truly a gift to Hekate from the author

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    This book was not quite what I was hoping for It was very interesting to get another person s view and experience of Hecate but I was hoping for a little guidance on how to interact with her myself I do like that we re given reading suggestions and I did find this a fantastic as well as touching display of Vivienne Moss love for Hecate I recommend this book to anyone interested in someone else s experience living and interacting with Hecate daily.

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    Introduction to HekateI gave this devotional full stars because it opens the door to who Hekate is, what she is about and how this lady experiences her presence in her own life It is beautifully written, atmospheric and captivating A good place to start learning about Hekate, and an enjoyable journey for the reader who is already familiar with this enchanting Goddess.

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    A devotional, as the title statesThis book was written in the honor of Hekate For that alone, it speaks to me The end of the book includes different methods of practice, resources, and magic to help further our connection with Her.

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    Great divotionalI recommend this book to any Hekate devotee I enjoyed the prayers, rituals, and recipes within this book I loved the authors perspective I will come back to this book as reference and to prepare the recipes within.

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