The Loch Ness Mystery Solved

The Loch Ness Mystery SolvedThere Is No Scientific Evidence Whatsoever For The Existence Of The Loch Ness MonsterThat Is The Conclusion Reached By Ronald Binns In His Book, The Loch Ness Mystery Solved The Real Mystery Of The Monster, Writes Binns, Is Why It Should Periodically Seize The Wider Public Imagination And Continue To Be Given Credence, Even When Much Of The Evidence Can Be Shown To Be Suspect Loch Ness, The Most Famous Stretch Of Water In The British Isles, Is A Strange And Compelling Place Its Dark Waters Are Shadowed By Mountains, It Shores Craggy And Inhospitable Loch Ness Provides A Gloomy, Romantic Setting For What Has Come To Be Known As The Greatest Riddle Of Modern Natural History Since , There Have Been Hundreds Of Sightings Of The Alleged MonsterThis Is The Definitive Account Of The Alleged Monster And Its Curious Environment Ronald Binns Takes A New Look At The Enigma By Investigating The Original Sightings Of The Beast And Scrutinizing The Eyewitness Evidence For Its Existence The Book Explains Precisely What The Monster Is, And Publishes For The First Time Many Remarkable Photographs These Pictures Are Shown Alongside The Classic Pictures Of The Monster Binns Pursuit And Analysis Of The Evidence And His Convincing Solution Of This Great Mystery Are As Enthralling As A Detective Story As a kid I was fascinated by unexplained phenomena, like UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and, of course, Gef the Talking Mongoose But the Loch Ness Monster always topped the coolness scale.One day, while wasting time at my college s library, I came across The Loch Ness Mystery Solved, which turned out to be the best book on the Loch Ness Monster ever written What made this book superior to all others was that it dared to suggest a possibility too often ignored by other authors on this subject Namely, SPOILER that there is no Loch Ness Monster.The idea that there might not be a plesiosaur chowing down on salmon in Loch Ness will alarm some folks, so the author of this book made sure to back up his controversial allegations with facts Facts about the size of the salmon population in the loch, for example Facts about how much food would be required to sustain a viable breeding herd of Nessie sized animals Facts about how corpses typically decay and float back to the surface now and then though Loch Ness Monster supporters have sometimes alleged that the monsters swallow stones to weigh them down before they die touch .The book spills on the circumstances surrounding the growth of the legend and of various sightings, and exposes various agenda pushing monster propagandists e.g., Frank Searle, a seemingly lucky fellow who encountered Nessie enough times to produce a series of increasingly clumsy photographs purporting to be of the monster while hapless tourists and long time loch locals never caught a glimpse Somehow these stories were always conveniently omitted from other volumes I had read on the subject Searle s photos are still frequently reproduced, sometimes with captions like, Although some allege these are fake, this cannot be proven and so forth.The book does make one unfortunate stumble at the end In citing an example of scientific reality vs public perception, Binns cites the case of Tyrannosaurus rex, which he claims was not the ferocious brute portrayed in so many movies, but rather a creature that spent much of its time resting on its belly, periodically waddling sluggishly off in search of carrion Perhaps in 1983, when the book was published, that was accepted to be true of T rex in the scientific community, but that is no longer the prevailing notion.That minor glitch aside, reading this as a freshman in college changed my life The book demonstrated that as far as entertainment goes truth trumps fiction Isn t itinteresting to look into why people believe in absurdities like Loch Ness Monsters than to go around believing in the monster itself But most people likely don t agree with me on that point, and that s why I am sure this book will remain out of print forever.Gef the Talking Mongoose, on the other hand, was totally real. The science behind it is kind of boring, but there is no Loch Ness Monster It was started to attract tourists in the 30 s. This is a nice piece of investigative journalism, tracking the monster to its first appearance in a 1930 s newspaper article I really liked tracking the sightings and the various details attributed to Nessie Not the most readable of books, but the information and investigative work make it interesting.

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The Loch Ness Mystery Solved
  • Ronald Binns
  • English
  • 05 November 2018
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