Six Epic Adventure Novels

Six Epic Adventure Novels In The Six epic adventure box set you get six adventure novels for one great price.I have read all these books separately and i loved them all If you enjoy stories with plenty of action and suspense i highly recommend you buy the Six Epic Adventure novels boxed set. I received all the books from the authors for an honest review.This is a box set I can truly recommend to all readers It has all the elements of a well written book that would keep you busy for long hours to come The facts and conspiracies within the books are well documented to make thisthan just fiction It leaves you with questions, opening your mind to a different world while reading unique stories with interesting plots The World Duology is a wonderful Historical series that would grab your attention and keep your nose in the books till the very last page Filled with adventure, drama, romance, betrayal, secrets and manyto make this a must read.The Orphan Trilogy is a must for all conspiracy readers The characters would draw you into this plot and the easy flowing scene would keep you entertained into the late night hours The team effort between the two writers are wonderfully constructed and gives you much food to ponder The writing is superb, the characters believable and the plots unique. Mid way through No stopping Each of these has a separate theme and style and I am thoroughly enjoying each My re star this on completion NB This review is a from the publisher. Six Adventure Novels is a fabulous collection of exciting and captivating reads with great plots and storylines, a myriad of colourful and gripping characters and plenty of action and suspense that will keep you entertained and fully engrossed all the way through.The Orphan Trilogy The Ninth Orphan The Orphan factory The Orphan Uprising is an International thriller series which follow Nine, the product of a genetic experiment, through his early years and into adulthood as he uses all his amazing superior skills and talents to escape The Omega agency, a dangerous and corrupt organisation who will stop at nothing to fulfil their objective of global dominance.The World Duology World Odyssey and Fiji are epic tales set in the 1800 s which follow the exploits and often dangerous journeys of three very different characters as they journey across continents and eventually arrive at the South Pacific island of Fiji.Into The Americas is an historical fiction novel and gripping adventure story and introduces us to John Jewitt, a young man whose dreams of adventure and travel become reality as he joins the crew of the brig, The Boston as she sets sail to the Americas to trade with the indigenous tribes who populate the new world.I thoroughly enjoyed them all.Happy reading everyone SIX EPIC ADVENTURE NOVELS, By Best Selling Authors Lance James Morcan, Spans Over , Action Packed PagesInto The Americas A Novel Based On A True Story The Ninth Orphan The Orphan Trilogy,The Orphan Factory The Orphan Trilogy,The Orphan Uprising The Orphan Trilogy,World Odyssey The World Duology,Fiji A Novel The World Duology,Into The Americas A Novel Based On A True Story This Epic Historical Novel Is A Gritty, Real Life Adventure Based On One Of History S Greatest Survival Stories It S A Tale Of Two Vastly Different Cultures Indigenous North American And European Civilization Colliding Head On In The EarlyS In The Pacific Northwest Into The Americas Is Also A Romeo And Juliet Story Set In The WildernessThe Ninth Orphan The Orphan Trilogy, BookAn Orphan Grows Up To Become An Assassin For A Highly Secretive Organization When He Tries To Break Free And Live A Normal Life, He Is Hunted By His Mentor And Father Figure, And By A Female Orphan He Spent His Childhood With On The Run, The Mysterious Man S Life Becomes Entwined With His Beautiful French African Hostage And A Shocking Past Riddled With The Darkest Of Conspiracies Is RevealedThe Orphan Factory The Orphan Trilogy, BookA Coming Of Age Spy Thriller That Begins WithGenetically Superior Orphans Being Groomed To Become Elite Spies In Chicago S Pedemont Orphanage And Concludes With A Political Assassination Deep In The JungleThe Orphan Uprising The Orphan Trilogy BookA Frenetic Spy Thriller That Follows A Desperate Father Around The World From Tahiti To America, Germany, Greenland And The Congo As He Hunts Those He Suspects Have Kidnapped His Young SonThe World Duology World Odyssey Fiji A Novel Set In The Th Century, This Two Book Fictional Series Follows The Fortunes Of Three Young Travelers Their Dramatic Adventures Span Sixteen Years And See Them Engage With Native American Indians, Barbary Coast Pirates, Aborigines, Maoris And Pacific Islanders As They Travel Around The World From America To Africa, From England To The Canary Islands, To Australia, New Zealand, Samoa And Fiji

Silent Fear A novel inspired by true crimes and the bestselling historical adventures

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  • 21 November 2017

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