The Wolf's Boy

The Wolf's BoyAn Outcast Boy And A Young Wolf Have Only Each Other Against An Ice Age Winter Kai Burns To Become A Hunter And To Earn A Rightful Place Among His People But That Can Never Be He Was Born With A Club Foot It Is Forbidden For Him To Use Or Even Touch A Hunter S Sacred WeaponsCut Off From The Other Boys, Kai Turns To His True Friends, The Yellow Wolves, For Companionship They Have Not Forgotten The Young Human They Nurtured As An Abandoned Infant When Kai Discovers A Motherless Cub In The Pack, He Risks Everything To Save Her, Bringing Her Back To Live With HimBut As Winter Draws Near, Kai S Wolf Grows Ever Threatening In The Eyes Of The People When The Worst Happens, Kai Knows That They Must Leave For Good Together, They Embark On A Journey Into The North A Place Of Unimaginable Danger That Tests The Power Of Friendship And The Will To SurviveAward Winning Author Susan Williams Beckhorn Delivers A Tale Set In Paleolithic Times Inspired By Modern Discoveries, Susan S Careful Research Creates A Vivid Picture Of A Time When The First Wolves Came To Live With Humans And Forged A Bond That Lives On To This Day Our two daughters are all grownup now, but I loved reading to them when they were little Today, I roam the world watching people, birds, and animals and writing about what I see I collect all sorts of things ideas, rocks, seashells, antiques and of course, books.

☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Wolf's Boy By Susan Williams Beckhorn ✎ –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Wolf's Boy
  • Susan Williams Beckhorn
  • English
  • 19 November 2019
  • 9781484725535

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    I appreciated this story of an outcast boy and wolf becoming inseparable friends and allies The descendants of this wolf might have become dogs I particularly liked the way Beckhorn portrayed a Neanderthal character It seemed authentic than Jean Auel s depiction of Neanderthals view spoiler In the end Kai, the human protagonist, added Atu to his name which meant transformed in his language I thought that the wolf should also have had Atu added to her name since she was very much changed hide spoiler

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    THE WOLF S BOY by Susan Williams Buckhorn tells the compelling story of a boy and his wolf set during the Ice Age.Born with a clubfoot, baby Kai is left for the wolves Miraculously he survives and forms a special bond with the wolf pack Although shunned by his people, the boy develops a relationship with a homeless wolf cub and the pair journey into dangerous, unknown territory.From fascinating rock art to amazing Paleolithic creatures, this carefully researched novel will bring the prehistoric time period to life for young readers.Librarians will find a large audience among middle grade youth who enjoy action adventure stories The Paleolithic time period will be a particular draw as well as the animal story.To learn about the author, go to by Disney Hyperion on June 7, 2016 ARC courtesy of the publisher.

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    An absolutely charming read More wisdom in this little story than many spiritual books Full of sadness and hope, strength and perseverance I was a bit doubtful when I started this story but it grabbed me soon after A great book for the young who are struggling to find their place in the world but equally good for all ages Prehistoric it may be but some things never change.

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    Afternoon read aloud The kids liked this, gave it a 4 I, unfortunately, really did not enjoy reading this aloud I usually do not mind the occasional scattered incomplete sentence, but this one used it frequently Like all the time Observations Were so many sentence fragments Annoying In every paragraph How do you read that fluidly Perhaps the author thought writing like that would be primitive, or immediate, or something, but personally it was way too much like reading my own private journal entries Two stars from me, so that averages out to a three Sounds fair If there is a sequel, L will want to read it, but she s going to read it on her own.

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    My interest in this novel waxed and waned I liked the premise, the characters, and the primary conflict between the human boy Kai , his brother and father, and his wolf Uff I have never read a novel about early humans, so that was a welcome change However, this book moved rather slowly, at least relative to the books I normally read I m also generally not captivated by animal friendship novels I can certainly imagine that this book would hook plenty of middle schoolers, so I ll recommend it to my readers who live the outdoors, animals, and short chapters.

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    One kid gave it 4 stars, the other gave it 5 Comments from them Interesting take on early human society I liked the wolf and Kai and Oooni The people should have treated Kai better I want to know what happens next Interesting vehicle for discussing comparing ideas about early human cultural religious development between this book and Daughter of Kura.

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    Confusing that s all I have to say

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    Two creatures brought together, alone they will die, but together they just might be strong enough to survive.Kai was born with a club foot and has been labeled Tabat, a disgrace to his family and tribe He wants nothing than to become a hunter like his brother and the other men of their clan However, that is difficult since he is forbidden to use or touch a weapon On the day he was born, his father left him to die with the wolves Fate had other plans The wolves kept him alive and his mother came for him Ever since he has had a bond with the wolves that has become stronger than he has felt with anyone else One day he finds a motherless cub about to die He risks becoming an even bigger outcast with his tribe to care for the cub As the seasons change, the wolf cub grows bigger and becomes a threat to the clan It is only a matter of time before something happens and Kai knows his people won t hesitate to kill his wolf He can t let that happen Together they leave and head in the only direction he knows no one will look for him, north There is danger that will test the bond he has with his wolf and his will to survive.There is to this story than it first seems The tribe s willingness to shun Kai because of his deformity and lack of support for anything he tries to do leads him to find comfort in the only ones ever willing to help him, the wolves At times it seemed as if the family dynamic was going to come around but never did The best thing about Kai was his determination Everyone else might have given up on him but he wasn t going to give up on himself Kai and his wolf become a pair that rely on each other That bond is what drives the story It is hard for a story to be driven without the human to human bond and connection but here it played out well This was a very fun read that I think kids will enjoy It flows smoothly with creative moments between boy and wolf I always like to cheer for the underdog In The Wolf s Boy I had two underdogs to cheer for and watch as they developed a strong bond and became a team to be reckoned with This is the first I have read of Susan Williams Beckhorn Her writing was fun and just what young readers need to enjoy a good book.

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    A very long time ago, a baby boy is born with a withered foot His father, obeying the rules of his people, leaves him out in the open, presumably to die A mother wolf adopts him and treats him like one of her own pups One night the boy s mother hears a human cry mixed in with the cry of the wolves With great longing for her child, she rescues him In this way, Kai or Wolfboy as the village boys eventually call him begins his difficult, pain filled life.REVIEWThe author of THE WOLF S BOY, Disney Hyperion, 2016 Susan Williams Beckhorn, reached out to me after reading my post on Kirby Larson s blog Her description of her book, a first dog story inspired by the 1994 finding of the fossilized footprints of a boy and a canine walking side by side in Chauvet Cave in France intrigued me Although Susan and I probably disagree about the Biblical view of creation and evolution, I found this middle grade book for boys and girls to be well written with many layers built into it Interesting enough, Beckhorn incorporated a fictional creator supreme being, Tal, into the story At the story s outset Kai observes that, Tal gives two arms, legs, eyes, ears If one is hurt, the other grows stronger Maybe Tal is trying to make me stronger p 37 This not only reflects that a belief in a supreme being is common among cultures Romans 1 20, Acts 18 22 31 and that difficulties and trials are for our good James 1 2 4, Romans 5 3 5 , but also foreshadows Kai s journey.Despite his father s reservations and his brother s contempt, Kai gets to keep a wolf pup he rescues This pivotal point is shown here I carried the pup back to my bed The little wolf nestled against me She stretched out a foot, bumping my nose I ran a finger over her muzzle It was shorter than most Her little skull seemed rounder too Will you be one of the People I whisper to her Or should I be one of the innos with you p 49 The friendship between Kai and his wolf who he names, Uff, grows as they do everything together sleep, eat, play, and hunt small game and fish Uff accepts Kai and his lame foot as normal he doesn t treat him as cursed tabat as the other members of the community do You don t hate me for my bad foot, I put my forehead against hers You are my friend p 70 Since he is tabat, Kai may not touch a weapon and therefore is not trained to be a blood hunter like other boys As his brother and peers shame him he contemplates running away, with the realization that he ll have to be able to hunt large animals in order to survive There must be a place in the world for us Kai thinks p 83 The shaman, both revered and feared within the community, is also disfigured When he tells Kai that he has powers, Kai is puzzled In another pivotal moment on Kai s journey the shaman tells him, You are strange like me You are other p 86 Without including too many spoilers, Kai risks physical dangers and estrangement from his family and community, and leaves home His survival journey is a great metaphor for his development as a young man in this unique coming of age story Kai faces his fear of death, of losing Uff, and of being struck down because he has gone against the rules of the community by creating his own weapon After his last test he realizes, I was still myself Kai, yet I was someone new p 215 In the classroom, teachers can use this book to discuss disabilities, friendship, bullying, risk taking, and survival If I were a teacher I would latch onto the shaman s description of other and ask students if they ever felt that way or treated someone else like that Here is a link to discussion questions.GIVEAWAYI am giving away my autographed hardcover copy of this book Please leave a comment by July 20,2017 for your chance to win it Share this on social media or start following my blog be sure to let me know what you did and leave me your email address if you are new and I ll enter your name twice By the way, if you are interested in a Biblical view of the world s age, here is a link to Answers in Genesis.

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    I received a free copy of the book from a Goodreads giveaway I read this to my 10 year old son Overall we both enjoyed the story of Kai and the wolf he rescued and named Uff Kai was born with a club foot, and the tribe s culture caused his father to put him in the woods for the wolves to eat However, a wolf mother took him into her den and raised him with her pups Eventually Kai s mother discovers him alive with the wolves and brings him back home with her As Kai grows, he is shunned by the other boys, and thought to be cursed by many of the tribe elders He wasn t allowed to hunt and only allowed to do women s jobs Kai turned to his old friends, the yellow wolf pack, for comfort One of the mother wolves died, and one pup hadn t weaned from her milk yet Kai rescued this baby to try to save it like the wolf mother had done for him and named her Uff Of course, his tribe wasn t happy about this, especially as the wolf pup grew bigger and would steal meat As winter was setting in, Kai and Uff did something that made him believe that his tribe was right it calling him cursed They went off together to try to survive on their own Was his family glad he left What kinds of hardships would they face Would they meet any other people or animals along the way Would they both survive the winter These were some of the questions we had as he left My son and I really enjoyed this story Although he didn t want to read the book in the beginning, after starting it, he often wanted to continue reading even when it was bedtime We both wanted to find out what would happen to Kai and Uff and hoped they would fare well He loved that Uff was a main character and liked seeing what she would do He was disappointed when the book ended and thought there should be a sequel to answer questions he still had I liked that the author used some vocabulary of Kai s people throughout the story We would try to guess the meaning from context and then look in the glossary to see if we were correct This story was also good for children who feel like outsiders and are searching for their place in the world I knocked off a star because of the writing style There were lots of short, choppy sentences that irritated me It might have been intentional since it s a children s book, or maybe it was supposed to imply man s early talking style I don t know, but it bugged me Overall this was a good book, and my son and I enjoyed reading it together The only warning I have for younger readers is that there is much hunting and killing of animals for food, skins, or protection If this is a difficult topic for you or your child, then you might want to skip it.

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