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    This installment begins in full "Eyes Wide Shut" glory, as Chase throws a party introducing Jasmine to society as his new love. The previous adversity and drama serves to strengthen their obsessive desire for each other. They don't expect the specter of both their pasts to crash their celebration, and possible future apart.

    1. This goes to some dark places, but the love feels so real.

    2. In the beginning I considered this a really good Fifty Shades-a-like. As I got further in became very impressed with the fresh take on what has become an overdone trope. This installment surpassed that, when the backstory, and motivations of all the players came out.

    3. Chase a spoiled alphahole that has no boundaries, and it's a big part of his charm.

    4. The previous book's head jumping problem is corrected in this installment.

    5. Someone should have tapped
    Kenya Wright for the "Suicide Squad” writing team.
    She gives good villain.

    6. The dialogue offered moments of unexpected hilarity without trying too hard. For example, Jasmine's brother Troy does a riff about foodie culture that had me laughing out loud.

    7. When certain story turns first emerged I started to sound the "plot hole" alarm. Thankfully most were filled in, further along in the book.

    8. I loved how the touches of scary things rumored about in real life elite culture were woven in.

    9. The cover is beautiful.

    10. Sexy without a lot of kink.


    1. There was one thing about her mother's finances that had me confused. Hopefully the next book will tie up that loose end for me.

    2. I wish we were actually shown more about Jasmine's older brothers, instead of told.

    Final Thoughts:
    I really enjoyed this series overall, and this book especially. The finale was open ended, but really need another installment to answer some of my questions.

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    I freaking loved this book. Oh my goodness this was some crazy hot shit Chase is insane and Jasmine is a bad ass lady. I want there to be a 4th book I'm praying so I hope the gods here my prays. Good job Kenya Wright you're a freaking genius.

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    OUUU SH*T!!!!! Where's part 4?

    OMG, that was so worth the wait. If you don't like twists and turns, and plot development bothers you, then I suggest you read something else. This story went HARD.

    So, it's no secret that I'm in love with Chase. Is he crazy? Yes. Is he a King Baby? Yep. Is he an asshole? You betcha. But he owns it and his heart is in the right place. Sure, he loves Jasmine, but he hates losing and that is why he'll drop whatever ridiculous amount of money and have shady morals to keep her safe and by his side. He's a great anti-hero.

    Then there's Benny. He may be psycho, but he's my perfect psycho. Just when you thought you could not get any more deranged than him, enters Sophia. Sophia is the sickest of them all and is purely evil and completely sane. At least Benny is certifiable.

    This book made me laugh and cry. It was great. I wish I could read the prequel for Benny and Sophia's story. OMG, that would be epic and creepy all at once.

    I happily give this book 4 stars. I took away one star for editing and structural errors that made a few parts hard to tell who was talking.

    GAH! It's time for Kenya Wright to be picked up by a major publisher and works distributed and edited the way it deserves. Her books would make an EXCELLENT tv show or film series.

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    I loved the first two books in the series and was anxious to read the third book. After waiting so long, I was a bit disappointed, the book seemed unending and I had to browse over a great portion of the book to complete it. I do hope that if there is a Book 4, it will just deal with the relationships and not be so long winded.

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    i love this series, I hope that there will be a book 4....i can't wait

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    Yes on a book 4

    It wasn't what I was expecting, but with that being said you need a finisher. Sophie needs to be handled and Troy needs to come back from the dead.

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    Favorite Quote: “Heal Now, So I Can Break You Later”

    Whaaaaaaaaattttt????!!!! YES, PLEASE! <3

    I absolutely LOVE the “Chasing Love” series. Of the three, the first book happens to be my favorite, and this book being my second.

    I, personally, love the dark turn this series is taking. It began one way and has developed into something else entirely. There is violence and murder in this story. This is NOT a light and fluffy romance, so if you’re looking for that— I think you should look elsewhere.

    Jasmine got on my nerves in book 2. I am happy to say she didn’t in this one. After what she experiences in the book, I am very interested in seeing who or what Jasmine will turn into.

    Chase…….. I. Have. No. Words. I just love this man! He’s fierce and vulnerable. He’s strong and a force to be reckoned with, and yet he could still be brought to his knees. I know that’s a dichotomy, but Jasmine is his greatest strength, and greatest weakness. There is nothing and NO ONE who will keep him from his “Tesoro”. Not even “Tesoro” herself.

    I am hoping that there will be a book 4, because I believe there is more story to tell between Chase, Jasmine, and their respective families. Especially unfinished business between Jasmine and her mother.

    Although this book is dark and more of a thriller than a romance, the love between Chase and Jasmine is always at the heart of the story. It grows deeper and more intense page by page. These are two people who will sacrifice everything — and everyone — to be with each other if necessary.

    I loved this latest installment and I look forward to the next one in this awesome series!

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    Not as good

    I didn't feel like this book was as good as the other books in the series. I was well aware that there would be violence; this book felt like it was more about the violence and death, than the romance that was supposed to take place. I will say that I repeatedly had to fight to keep reading; I was very bored by the time I reached the end of the book. Now, I feel liked I wasted my time by reading this book.
    I will say, I am really tired of authors stretching out there work into a large number of books, but it actually being a story and a half of actual material.

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    The most unbelievable plot. I remember the anticipation in waiting for this book because I liked the first two. Realized it was published last year, I guess the anticipation died off. I should have left it where it was.

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    It was good. I enjoyed the series. This book however just seemed long and drawn out. It felt like the book was never going to end.

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