GirlheartsThis book was really eye opening The characterization is outstanding It captures the imperfections that people have and doesn t act like everyone is flawless There weren t too many children as characters though the main character is a teen I thought this was interesting because many books revolve around the relationship of teenagers and their friends but in this story we get to see the relationship between a teen and the adults in her life This was a book about real life and how it isn t always perfect How people sometimes struggle to find their way I liked how it opened up into the misfortunes in life rather than the normal happy ending type of stories Although this book was quite emotional, maybe even depressing at times, it was great to read and I really enjoyed it. it was a good book about grieving and how to deal with death , i enjoyed it Popular Books, Girlhearts Author Norma Fox Mazer This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Girlhearts, Essay By Norma Fox Mazer Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I read this and then immediately stumbled across One of those Hideous Book Where the Mother Dies and I was like, HAHA, YES Because why on earth was this necessary Though I am reading the little title of series thing they put on every book now no matter how old it is and am so excited, I am triggering the arrhythmia Also not a good book to read if you are in your early thirties and have an arrhythmia Hopefully as I am lazy and sponging off attentive male with better job while I write book it will keep that from going off Also did not have kid at sixteen Check.But come on I love Silver It is one of my favorite books of all time despite the bleak content But this was just BLAH So sad. This book really shows how life takes twists and turns, some for the worst and some for the best Personally I enjoyed the book very much, because it kept me hooked and I wanted to keep reading and enjoying it 13 year old Sarabeth faces a lot of struggle in her life after her mother dies of a sudden heart attack and leaves her alone with no family The whole book is based around Sarabeth being so young and realizing how quickly she has to grow up after the horrific tragedy she is put through The strength it took that girl to get through life everyday knowing she had no mother and nobody that really loved and cared about her was amazing and unlike any other struggle I ve encountered in my lifetime This book was like a rollercoaster, filled with heartbreak and love tied all into one Girlhearts was a very good read and I recommend it to anyone interested. Salma MartinezMrs.MoultonEnglish 12March 7,2017Girlhears by Norma Fox Mazer A Sarabeth mom dies from a heart attack at a really young age and her father had died a couple of years earlier from a car accident When sarabeth s mom dies she is left alone and without her mom, her mom s friend takes sarabeth in to care for her I believe this book is mostly about Sarabeth going and getting through the grief of her mother s death and how she has to be strong because she s all alone and has to learn that their people that still care for her and love.A weakness this book i believe is that i believe that for most of the book she is angry with everybody and not very open minded so she misses out on things and maybe that s part of the grieving not a weakness Overall I really enjoyed reading this book it really showed the character grew towards the end and made herself do stuff that she probably wouldn t have the courage of doing with her mom alive out of respect and faithfulness, because she goes and visits her grandparents who kicked her mother out when she got pregnant with Sarabeth I would recommend this book to teens to understand about the process of grief when losing a parent and how to be strong through it I would also recommend to people who like to read about young independent teens. Sequel to Silver.Sarabeth Silver lives in a trailer with her slightly off the wall mom and her cat Sarabeth s dad died in an accident when she was very young When her mother dies suddenly of a heart attack at only 30 years old, Sarabeth s life is thrown into turmoil She has to move into a tiny apartment with her mother s best friend and her cat is taken in by another family Sarabeth struggles to be grateful to the people who step in to help her even though none of them will really listen to her , but she becomes depressed and angry as she deals with her mother s death Her friends, old and new, support her and try to help her heal They inspire her to make contact with her long lost relatives and to find out about her parents families who disowned them when Sarabeth s mother became pregnant at 16 years old. Silver is a fifteen year old girl who lives in a trailer park with her mother Her mother suddenly dies of a heart attack at only twenty nine years of age.The book then deals with how Silver reacts to this, and how her personality changes and she becomes withdrawn and somewhat nasty The father her mother divorced plans to marry someone else the people she s living with don t seem to really want her, and there are some relatives from the past who seem to have had some kind of major argument with her mother, and had nothing else to do with her.So she has an awful lot to deal with It s an interesting path she has to follow, and it definitely makes for an interesting read Her reaction is somewhat realistic than is sometimes done in a book where a child loses a parent and isn t really that affected in this case, Silver is devastated and has a lot of problems. It has always been just Sarabeth and her mother Jane who had Sarabeth out of wedlock as a teen when Sara s mother has a heart attack and dies, the orphaned Sarabeth used to be fairly independent is forced to live first with friends of the family who come to resent her, and then with a friend s family until they make it clear she is overstaying her welcome Unsure of where her place in the world is, she runs away to meet the family that disowned her mother for having her before settling on a permanent place to live that will become a home for her.This sequel to Silver Morrow, 1988 is a stand alone novel about relationships between girlfriends, between mothers and daughters, between families Although this book seems tame compared to some of what is being published these days for teens, Mazer still has a handle on the problem novel, creating a believable protagonist, real emotions, and a realistic plot My one criticism is that Sarabeth is occasionally a passive character much happens to her but she finally breaks outs and takes action to act for her own best interests, since no one else seems willing to do it. This is the sequel to Silver, a book I discovered when I was a pre teen and read so often that I memorized most of it The characterization in this book is superb, especially the adults They were flawed and interesting and real Unlike Silver, Girlhearts concentrates less on Sarabeth s relationship with her friends and on her relationship with the adults in her life There is a semi love interest in this, but he s not given much book time, and he s really not at the center of the narrative I would ve actually liked him to be present, or not have been there at all.I thought the writing was simple yet powerful, and packed quite the emotional punch There were a few slang terms that seemed to be outdated, but it wasn t so bad that it took me out of the story Also, since this book is set in the east coast maybe the slang is different there, I don t know Though not my favorite of Norma Fox Mazer s books, this was still a great read and a great continuation of Sarabeth s story In fact, I would ve loved to read about Sarabeth as she gets older and starts high school because she s a great character Mazer is such a great storyteller I want to get my hands on all of her older novels.

Norma Fox Mazer was an American author and teacher, best known for her books for children and young adults.She was born in New York City but grew up in Glens Falls, New York, with parents Michael and Jean Garlan Fox Mazer graduated from Glens Falls High School, then went to Antioch College, where she met Harry Mazer, whom she married in 1950 they have four children, one of whom, Anne Mazer, is a

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