Lord of the Silver Bow

Lord of the Silver Bow He Is A Man Of Many Names Some Call Him The Golden One Others, The Lord Of The Silver Bow To The Dardanians, He Is Prince Aeneas But To His Friends, He Is Helikaon Strong, Fast, Quick Of Mind, He Is A Bold Warrior, Hated By His Enemies, Feared Even By His Trojan Allies For There Is A Darkness At The Heart Of The Golden One, A Savagery That, Once Awakened, Can Be Appeased Only With BloodArgurios The Mykene Is A Peerless Fighter, A Man Of Unbending Principles And Unbreakable Will Like All Of The Mykene Warriors, He Lives To Conquer And To Kill Dispatched By King Agamemnon To Scout The Defenses Of The Golden City Of Troy, He Is Helikaon S Sworn EnemyAndromache Is A Priestess Of Thera Betrothed Against Her Will To Hektor, Prince Of Troy Scornful Of Tradition, Skilled In The Arts Of War, And Passionate In The Ways Of Her Order, Andromache Vows To Love Whom She Pleases And To Live As She DesiresNow Fate Is About To Thrust These Three Together And, From The Sparks Of Passionate Love And Hate, Ignite A Fire That Will Engulf The WorldReaders Who Know The Works Of David Gemmell Expect Nothing Less Than Excellence From This Author, Whose Taut Prose, Driving Plots, And Full Bodied Characters Have Won Him Legions Of Fans The World Over Now, With This First Masterly Volume In An Epic Reimagining Of The Trojan War, Gemmell Has Written An Ageless Drama Of Brave Deeds And Fierce Battles, Of Honor And Treachery, Of Love Won And Lost From The Hardcover Edition

David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sel

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  • Paperback
  • 483 pages
  • Lord of the Silver Bow
  • David Gemmell
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
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    4.5 5 stars Lord of the Silver Bow is my first foray into David Gemmell s work and I must admit, it was a golden read.David Gemmell has been an inspiration for many modern fantasy authors these days, there s even an annual Fantasy award named after him that has been established since 2009 It s quite crazy that it took me this long to finally get to reading Gemmell s book, especially after hearing from many authors whose books I ve read and loved mention that Gemmell is one of their main inspiration Be lucky, Xander, and be brave You will find that bravery and luck are often bedfellows Lord of the Silver Bow is the first book in Gemmell s Troy trilogy and it s also his final series before he passed away From the title of the trilogy, I think it s safe to conclude that the trilogy will eventually be concluded with the tragic Trojan War This war is most likely one of the, if not the most important and famous event in Greek mythology it s definitely one that I highly enjoyed learning about back in middle school That said, I won t say that I m an expert on this subject If you want to know how the plot and characters in this book differed to the original text, I suggest checking other people s review rather than mine Fear is an aid to the warrior It is a small fire burning It heats the muscles, making us stronger Panic comes when the fire is out of control, consuming all courage and pride Instead, I d like to use my review to talk about the single thing that made me enjoyed this book immensely, Gemmell s prose It was incredibly stunning I didn t know what I was getting into but I was completely swept away by his writing His prose was beautiful, full of inspirational and philosophical phrase, and every sentence has an urgent effect of completely sucking me into the story For example Danger lies in the extreme A man who is always cruel is evil, a man who is always compassionate will be taken advantage of It is a question of balance, or harmony, if you will It pretty much means anything that s too much is never good but with the right context, that kind of prose was incredibly impactful to me Here s another one, this time about love Love is not about conquest The truth is a man can only find true love when he surrenders to it When he opens his heart to the partner of his soul and says Here it is The very essence of me It is yours to nurture or destroy Sure there were a few moments where the pacing of the book that felt a bit too slow, I will even admit that some POV and sections in the middle part of the book bored me a bit However, the last 30% of the book and the overall quality of the writing truly outweigh the flaws There were a lot of scenes that were done exceptionally like how the main character, Helikaon based on Prince Aeneas attained the name Helikaon, the Golden One, and the Lord of the Silver Bow Plus, Gemmell s way of building up momentum in the climax sequence and the execution of it was utterly engaging and heroic Although there wasn t a lot of character development except for Argurios, each character s personality and feelings were still well fleshed out and the characters voice felt distinctive from each other Even though there were or less ten POV in this book, it was pretty easy to distinguish them from each other.Despite the number of events that have happened in this book, the story did seems like an introductory installment for the purpose of familiarizing readers with the characters than anything else I think of it as a prelude before the upcoming chaos in the sequels I will immediately continue to the second book in order to re experience the Trojan War tale through Gemmell s retelling Lord of the Silver Bow was a glorious start to the Troy trilogy truly a magnificent combination of myth, history, and legend in one package I highly recommend this book to fans of Greek Mythology, the Trojan War, or historical fiction You can buy the book with free shipping by clicking this link You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    Lord of the Silver Bow is the first story in Gemmell s Troy trilogy and it was a joy to read Although this is the first Gemmell book that I have read, I know that he is often heralded as the King of writing Heroic Fantasy His skill in this field mixed with a story incorporating some of the greatest mythological heroes of all time seems to me like a perfect mix and aid in making this a stunning historical fiction book Although the narrative follows about ten points of view characters, the main protagonist is Aeneas who is mainly known here as Halikaon Halikaon The Golden One is a Prince, a legendary warrior, apparently blessed by the Gods, loyal to his comrades and feared by his enemies The book opens with King Agamemnon being advised by the spirits that Halikaon will lead to his downfall Following this King Agamemnon then offers the individual who assassinates the Prince their bodyweight in Gold I have read the main Epic s that are the original texts for the heroes of legend that are presented here Due to this, I was initially left slightly confused with characters acting unlike how I envisaged they would from the pictures in my mind that I had created previously I had to take a step back, cast aside my assumptions and as soon as I realised this I had no problems and in fact, the characters are the greatest asset this book has It does add extra layers to the reading experience though if you are familiar with the Iliad, Odyssey or Aeneid though An example being Odysseus, as presented here is an ugly tall tale weaving showman and one of his stories that left his gathered audience spellbound is about when he crossed paths with a Cyclops Odysseus admits to friends that the story was completely made up and that he had never seen a monster in his life but it is a cool reference to the Odyssey where that exact thing happens For every known mythological character such as Priam, Paris or Hektor there are Gemmell s excellent creations such as Argurios, Zidantas and Attalus Mykene warrior Argurios is probably my favourite but I will not say too much about the characters personalities or agenda s because that is what makes this novel stand out, however they are deep and often fleshed out via flashback scenes which also create affinity The Greek God s such as Apollo and Hades are mentioned frequently with characters offering up respect, prayer, and sacrifices but I am glad Gemmell decided not to make the God s present in a physical way like they were in the Iliad The fact that the God s do not walk the Earth at least so far makes the tale about the plight of the humans and the individual characters emotions, actions, and destinies.The first half is quite slow, but not unbearably so and mainly follows Halikaon and his crew from the Death Ship Xanthos Early on Halikaon locks eyes with a lovely lady and that is where a love triangle begins I didn t care too much for this love story but it isn t intolerable as it is majorly feelings felt rather than actions made between those involved It is set up so that it could get even confusing and intriguing in Shield of Thunder There was one other love story which I thought was very cool and sweet, I think you will know the one I mean Xander was one point of view perspective character that I didn t really care for, a 12 year old who seemed of a device of telling the action taking place with an uncorrupted often frightened opinion He may grow throughout the trilogy so I will not write him off yet The second half was utterly entrancing and I raced through half this 600 book in one day which must speak volumes for how much it gripped me The conclusion was entirely fitting and was built up to its culmination excellently A twist at the end was slightly predictable but that did not stop me going fuck yeah when it happened When I dropped my opinions and views on what I thought about this era and the heroes presented I was able to be swept away by Gemmell s obvious genius I know I am a few years behind some of my friends who have read and loved this trilogy before but I can t wait to get back to the world created here Amazing historical fiction focusing on excellent characters that also intertwines political unrest, betrayal, brutal sieges, love, and legends I recommend this highly and if you were like me and have slept on this one for a while, it is well worth your time Thanks for reading James www.youandibooks.wordpress.com

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    SPEECHLESS Utterly speechless.I was trolling on GR, as I so often do, when I saw a book cover with TROY written across it I read the blurb, did hardly any research and picked it up mostly on whim It was supposed to be about the Trojan War, something I knew of only through the Movie Troy.You remember the movie. With Brad Pitt prancing about in a tunic as Achilles, Eric Bana as the mighty Hecktor and Orlando Bloom as Paris The epic war waged by Agamemnon over the city of troy and the famous Trojan Horse.Of course you remember it So did I I loved the movie and thought what would it hurt to read a book about it, especially with the kind of dull year I have had in terms of books What s one bad read, right So I set about reading this book with no expectation None Zero Nada.But then something unexpected happened This book gripped me It got a hold and did not let go of me I loved every word of it So much that I m at a loss of words But try I shall.The book takes you on an amazing journey.It has everything from battles of sea to palaces under siege From love at first sight to hate that runs deeper than blood Disdain for one s own flesh and blood and respect for the bitterest of enemies From heartbreak to sad goodbyes to sacrifices Prophecies made Friends lost Battles fought Heroes Fall A complete package.I had thought, this book would be or less along the lines of the movie but when I realized it is a trilogy, it made me think there might be to it than just Achilles and Hecktor But they were not even in the book Not at all It is only in the last few pages that Hecktor pays a visit and there is not even a hint of Achilles This book is about another Trojan Hero, Aeneas aka Helikaon or the Golden One This is his story.How Aeneas, a young boy, marred by the death of his mother masters his grief and turns into an immensely successful merchant, the Golden One How and why he forfeits his right to the throne, only to fall prey to cunning plans of fate and ends up on the same throne How Helikaon, a man, falls in the sort of love he did not believe in and how he ends up marrying someone else.The writing so rich, so fluent and smooth, I was immersed in the story completely Characters with an amazing depth, you could fall in love with them The novel is paced in a brilliant fashion Quickening the pace just enough to keep the reader engrossed and then letting up ever so little to let the reader revel in everything that has happened thus far Every word, every sentence is a polished gem that has the right impact From highest of elations to deepest despair The story keeps moving along nicely and subliminally keeps building up to something bigger.This is one of the best books I have read so far This book has allowed me to end 2016 on a high Every word, every syllable of this book is a delectable appetizer and the main course is yet to be served Though this is good but it does leave me troubled The 1st installment in the trilogy has set the bar pretty damn high and I hope that the author will match the levels in the sequel.With my fingers crossed I shall pick the 2nd book.Wish you all a Happy Prosperous New YearCIAO.

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    6.0 stars Put simply, I LOVED THIS BOOK This is the newest book to make it onto my list of 6 star books and may eventually make it on to my All Time Favorite list This is HEROIC fantasy at its absolute peak done by one of the best heroic fantasy writers of all time The novel is the first of a trilogy focusing on the events before, during and after the Trojan War The main character is Aeneas though his friends call him Helikaon Helikaon is a Dardanian a region to the north of Troy whose father is Anchises, King of Dardania, and whose uncle is Priam, King of Troy who is father of Paris and Hector Helikaon is also close friends with Odysseus who he sailed with as a young boy As with Gemmell s other books, Helikaon is a larger than life hero with a violent temper that he is constantly struggling with think of a sophisticated version of Druss from the Drenai series and you will be pretty close I think Helikaon may be the perfection of Gemmell s heroic ideal All of the supporting characters are equally memorable and include the giant best friend with a heart of gold, the wrongfully outcast son or a foreign king, the honorable enemy, quite a few not so honorable enemies, the evil king bent on conquest and the rogue pirate who loves to tell stories i.e., Odysseus I also really liked that the female characters for the most part were three dimensional characters and were both as intelligent and tough as the men The character of Andromache is one of the best characters in the novel and is as strong and decisive as they come Add to the great cast of characters an amazingly well plotted, fast paced story that is fresh and original despite being part of one of the most often told tales in Western civilization i.e., the Trojan War This story looks at the war from a completely different perpective and you will not feel like you have read this before This was a truly amazing book and I give it my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

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    updated on June 19, 2011 for piss poor grammar mistakes I m sure there are but I just found some today.So I asked for a recommendation for a historical fiction book that had court politics, backstabbing, and violence you know all the stuff you are not supposed to love in a book and I received a ton of great recommendations but I ended up finding the perfect book all by myself At the time, I didn t even know I was holding this gem The cover First, the cover it looks like it is some military history book It s not Sure, some military stuff is in there but it s not the focus 2nd, the cover makes it look like it is a guy book It s not just a guy book It actually has romance in there, in fact, there is not one, but two developing romances in this book not a menage for you erotica thinking peeps but two separate romances one involving Helikaon and Andromache and another involving a minor character and a princess slight spoiler and I don t want to give it away.The characters The author was brilliant It is sad that he passed away before his time because I would be stalking his updates to see when he was going to be writing the next book The author created characters that absolutely came to life on the pages I was outraged when he made the Helikaon do something that involved savagery and revenge since I came to love Helikaon s kindness and loyalty But that was what was so great, the author made imperfect characters so perfectly Helikaon, through his greatness and his imperfections, became so real and I loved him and the book even for that reason The minor characters were not even close to minor They played such an important part in the story They were all so wonderfully developed The best part of the story, you think you know which character to trust but then when you are in their POV, suddenly you aren t so sure Throughout this book, the bad guys become good, and the good guys become bad But sometimes, the good stay good so you never know The story Oh my god What a wonderful book about trust, friendship, loyalty, and courage What a wonderful action, military, romance, fantasy, and historical adventure.I could go on but I think I ve made my point One of my favorite books of 2011 maybe that should explain how much I loved this book Update I forgot to mention the battle scenes were so incredible that near the end, I had to keep putting the book down since my heart was pounding so much I also cried when view spoiler two wonderful characters died hide spoiler

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews Wow, a book about the Trojan War with a new protagonist and a different perhaps realistic portrayal of the Greek world and the reasons for the great struggle I couldn t have ordered a book suited to my tastes.After finishing my read, all I can say is that Lord of the Silver Bow is okay On one hand, it does a wonderful job of presenting the Greek world of the Aegean Sea in a historic and realistic way with lots of re imagined historic characters However, on the other, the first half of the novel is plodding and suffers from the introduction of two, new characters So who are these new heroes of Gemmell s Troy and what was wrong with them, you ask Well, the protagonist of the book is one Helikaon, a warrior prince of Troy s empire He is all that a hero of ancient Greece should be tall, strong, a great warrior, a great sailor, a wise trader, and a friend to Mycene, Trojans, and Cretans Unfortunately, Helikaon is also aloof and rather boring Oh, Gemmell tries to explain this behavior by providing him with a dramatic back story, but no matter how awful his upbringing and no matter how angst ridden he is, Helikaon starts out as a one dimensional character, who broods than he excites.The other main character of the novel is the beautiful and strong willed Andromache, a priestess fated to marry an important Trojan hero Unfortunately, that hero does not seem to be Helikaon However, since any tale about Troy needs a tragic love story, Andromache becomes the obsession of the testosterone filled males in Lord of the Silver Bow, and so instead of the classic Paris and Helen love story, we have a new one involving Andromache and Helikaon and her future husband The only problem with this new love triangle is that Andromache starts out this story nearly as boring as Helikaon, and so she and her star crossed lover s passion for one another seems very unrealistic and not very compelling At about the halfway section of Lord of the Silver Bow, I found myself bored out of my mind by Helikaon, Andromache, their attraction, and the seemingly endless sea voyage to Troy, and I honestly began to wonder if I would be able to finish the story Instead of writing a review, I envisioned throwing this book on my huge stack of try it again later novels Then something most unexpected happened This story came to life.All of a sudden, Helikaon and Andromache s ship reached Troy, and once at the golden city of legend, everything came into focus The city of Priam providing just the right backdrop for this story to be transformed into something well worth reading.That boring hero Helikaon Once he stepped upon the streets of Troy, he sprang to life, becoming dramatic and lordly His innate heroic qualities reflected off both the kind and the devious members of the Trojan royalty His unattainable desire for the betrothed Andromache becoming compelling, as it is mingled with another love story between two unlikely but likeable minor characters.And Andromache Her introduction to the grandeur and decadence of Troy s royal court transformed her into a determined woman, willing to suffer the wrath of a king to live by her own terms Her desire for one man seemingly at peace with her love for another And to see her deal with megalomaniac King Priam and his devious children was a real treat.Add to this the tense situation in the Trojan hegemony, where armed conflict between Agamemnon s Mycene and Priam s Trojans is inevitable, and you can see that our two protagonists arrival at the legendary city was destined to not only reinvigorate Helikaon and Andromache but provide plenty of sword swinging action, which it does For almost immediately, gritty combat ensues, as a reader is swept up in Gemmell s classic testosterone splendor The sounds of swords clashing against shields rings through one s ears Blood splatters across the pages Courageous men fight against overwhelming odds And at the end, the last words of love spoken between two star crossed lovers brings a tear to your eye.Yes, Lord of the Silver Bow is not a great book, but it is very good especially the last half So while it has its problems cough The first third of the book was boring cough it is still a good solid Gemmell read if you can just hold out until you get to Troy.

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    Lord of The Silver Bow is book one in a reimagining of the Trojan War It revolves around a man known by many names Those familiar with the Trojan War know him as Aeneas, but in this book he s also known as Helikaon and The Golden One The man himself is one fit for the era Helikaon is strong, brave, and brutal His brutality has earned him no friends among his enemies, but then who has friends among their enemies.I went into this book really not having a clear idea of what to expect I think the author wanted it that way because there was no true continuous storyline other than Helikaon is a lost man trying to fight his demons to find his way and that Agamemnon wants to conquer all In many ways this story seemed quite true to life David Gemmell hit many different areas such as duty, honor, pride, shame, love, and lust He displays some truly human qualities in the characters which made me feel their emotions right along with them.There were only two things I found I didn t enjoy about Lord of the Silver Bow The first thing was that the story skips to some truly random point of view characters that seemed unnecessary The second thing is that the middle fluctuated from interesting to boring so often that I wasn t sure if I could finish this book The author ended the book quite well though so I must say I was than satisfied.One last positive to mention is that Odyseuss, in all his tall tale glory, appears in this book He s quite the character and absolutely left me smiling.After finishing book one, I know I ll be heading back to David Gemmell s Troy to finish this interesting series.

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    This is the first part of a trilogy about the Trojan War, and literally, I had read in two days All are heard very familiar Homer s description of the battle, but in this book the characters are ordinary people living at that time The story is so compelling and you feel like you are at that time The world in which they live characters from the book is cruel and relentless Fraud, greed, love, hate, courage braided in a story that pulls you like Greek ships through the wild open sea Descriptions of the equipment, ships, people, and cities are so complex that they can literally be seen The book I would recommend to anyone who wants to dive into the old Greek Although fiction, I had the feeling that it happened like that as it is written in the book.

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    WOW I love this book I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love this book I love this book, I love this book, I love this book, I love this book Can I say it again I LOVE THIS BOOK If the above wasn t clear enough I want to say that I love this book This is like the best book I ve ever read, it s just so Amazing It s my favorite book of the year, probably my favorite book of all time I have an urge to go immediately to the library and borrow the second one right now, or better yet go to a bn and buy it, and don t wait any second longer It s too bad I already checked out 2 books, and have to read them first boo Guess I ll have to read them faster to get to the second book sooner.How can I begin This book, Lord of the Silver Bow, is an outstanding retelling of Troy It tells you the story of the Trojan war, but differently, I m not really sure how to explain that without spoiling anything This story covers many different events from many different characters, but even though they are a lot, I didn t have trouble memorizing the names, and who did what, what happened to who and so on, and that s very strange for me For example, when I was reading A Game of Thrones I suffered a lot, I enjoyed the book, I m not gonna lie, but it was just so slow and had a hard time remembering the names and what was happening to all the characters This book, on the contrary, was fast paced, and the way David Gemmell tells the story is just absolutely EPIC he makes it easy for you to remember.I seriously say, I enjoyed and appreciated every single page I read, I never felt something was unnecessary, and never thought for a tiny moment that the story was becoming dull or slowing down.The characters are ALL great, all of them, not just the main They were so brave, and some of them were the worst f ing cowards, traitors I ve ever read view spoiler that mainly meaning Kolanos I was so mad when I thought Priam was going to spare his life and slaughter the rest of the Mykene soldiers hide spoiler

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    Gemmell s writing here was magnificent I just finished my re read after a decade, and had forgotten that this was scarcely Fantasy at all this is far closer to Historical Fiction, with only the scarcest hints of supernatural activity It s obvious that Gemmell had done extensive homework on Ancient sources His characters, as with all of his books, are so believable, so 3 D Can t recommend this one highly enough for lovers of Hist Fict of the Troy legends.

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