Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President—While Driving Liberals Insane

Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President—While Driving Liberals InsaneIn This Rousing, Persuasive, And Hugely Entertaining Book, John Podhoretz Says That George W Bush Has Earned A Place In The Pantheon Of Great American Chief Executives And Shows In One Amazing Detail After Another How Bush S Success Has Driven Some Of His Critics Into A Pathological FrenzyPodhoretz Is The First To Acknowledge That The Odds Were Stacked Against Dubya, The Inexperienced Texas Governor Who Took Up Residence In The White House Lacking An Electoral Majority, Dogged By Widely Publicized Verbal Mishaps, And Widely Viewed By The American Elite As A LightweightBut To The Delight Of His Friends And The Teeth Gnashing Frustration Of Liberals, George W Bush Has Proven Himself An Immensely Effective President Throughout His Three Years In The White House, As Podhoretz Explains, Dubya Has Outsmarted, Out Maneuvered, Out Articulated, And Outshone Adversaries And Critics Steeled By The Tragedy Of September , The New President Took A Nation Obsessed With Reality Television Than With The Reality Of International Terrorism And Girded It For The Long Struggle That Lay Ahead He Has Presided Over Two Major Military Campaigns To Stunning Success, Initiated Tax Cuts Whose Dimensions Have Awed Critics And Fans Alike, And Brought His Party Into The Twenty First Century He Has Been Resourceful, Disciplined, And Independent Minded So Much So That He Was Able To Reject His Own Father S Governing Style As President To Find His Own Voice And His Own Place In HistoryBush Hasn T Hoarded His Political Capital, But Has Used It In Bold And Unexpected Ways Instead Of Bowing To Conventional Wisdom And Carving Out A Centrist Position, He Has Remained True To His Ideological Roots Instead Of Deferring To Established Beltway Thinking, He Has Done What He Thinks Is Best For America And The World As Bush Has Grown Presidential, The Criticisms Of Him Have Grown Intense And, In Podhoretz S View, Crazier And Crazier In A Series Of Short Chapters, Podhoretz Takes A Rhetorical Scalpel To Eight Of The Wildest Caricatures Of Bush And Leaves Them In Hilarious ShredsIn A Season Of Broadsides Being Fired From Both Sides Of The Aisle, Here Is A Book That Distinguishes Itself By The Force Of Its Arguments And The Ringing Clarity Of Its Thought Impassioned, Insightful, And Convincing, Bush Country Is An Analysis Of A Presidency Gone Right And A Celebration Of A Man Who Has Already Earned His Place In History Well written This country owes George W Bush a heartfelt thank you for everything he did for our country The only thing that influenced me to give it as many stars as I did is that the book is pro Bush It was written in 2003 so it s old political news now It also brought up many things that anti Bush Podhoretz calls them liberals people were saying about him which I didn t realize or have forgotten were said which I didn t want to hear about back then and still don t want to hear about And, despite the jacket saying that this was a rousing, persuasive and hugely entertaining book , I did not find it to be so.At least the book was read by the author instead of an actor which I tend to prefer. Reveals many insights about how the president thinks and how he goes about things Make sense after I read them and thought about them in the light of recent history but if I d read this in 2003 when it was written I d have doubted some of the points.In fact, many truths about the innate character of this man are almost the opposite of much of what I thought I knew and to put a cherry on the top author John Podheretz also tells me WHAT it is about Dubya that is driving Liberals crazy I ve noticed they are beginning to get a little loony but it s hard for me to see why Now I ve got a clue PS Hint George Bush respects but is in some ways the antithesis of his father He is not stupid, not a cowboy, not a radical, but has great instincts and takes the nation s business very seriously

American neoconservative columnist for the New York Post, the editor of Commentary magazine, the author of several books on politics, and a former presidential speechwriter.

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President—While Driving Liberals Insane
  • John Podhoretz
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9780312324728

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