Little Red and the Big Bad

Little Red and the Big Bad Big Bad Campion Likes Twinks And He Likes Them On Their Knees Taking Advantage Of The Kid In The Mail Room Is Supposed To Be A One Time Thing, A Kinky Fantasy Come To Life At First, That S Exactly What It Is Big Bad In Charge With A Submissive College Boy At His Feet The Kid S A Little Mouthy, But That Just Makes It Better When Bad Shuts Him Up Filthy Encounters Build Up Until Bad Realizes Red S Gotten Under His Skin, And By Then It S Way Too Late To Cut The Kid Off Without A Word Of Goodbye Plus, As Long As Red Knows The Only Rule Which Is That Bad Makes All The Rules Things Should Be Just Fine And They Are Until Little Red Demands Than Terse Orders And Bad Finds Himself Bewildered And A Little Intrigued All He Wanted Was To Get Off With A Disposable College Boy He Wasn T Supposed To Care About Red S Feelings And He Sure As Hell Wasn T Supposed To Have Any Of His Own

Kris Ripper lives in the great state of California and zir pronouns are ze zir Kris shares a converted garage with a kid, can do two pull ups in a row, and can write backwards No, really Ze has been writing fiction since ze learned how to write, and boring zir stuffed animals with stories long before that.

❮Reading❯ ➳ Little Red and the Big Bad  ➬ Author Kris Ripper –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 175 pages
  • Little Red and the Big Bad
  • Kris Ripper
  • English
  • 05 April 2017

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    I d seen this series listed among Kris Ripper s other books and, though it piqued my interest, I forgot about them until the books were available for free for a period of a week Y all know me, if there s a sale, I LL BE THERE LOLSo I picked them up until I was in the mood to read well written kink I gotta say that it s unlike ANYTHING else I ve read by Ripper Like, the first thing you need to keep in mind if you pick up this book is that the BDSM is HEAVY Bad and Red are on the Risk Aware Consensual Kink side of things vs the Safe Sane Consensual one Red does have a safework which he uses , but his relationship with Bad is one of total power exchange In addition to S M, they also share a dual predilection for predicament kink and humiliation kink Although Red does not end up being completely dehumanized, he gets taken down and then some Bad is not a terrible person, but he s not a great person either At times, I was legit conflicted as to how to feel about him He s got a tendency to say incredibly misogynistic things at times I do like that Red had a found family of sorts including a POC character His journey was learning to communicate.Up until Chapter 6, the story s all about limits being pushed for both Bad and Red They go places that might make some readers go O__O BUT THEN, just when things become too much kinkwise, Ripper flipped the script and brought in some HARDCORE FEEEEEEEEELS I ended up seeing how Bad and Red fit together not only because of their shared kinks but because, by the time actual emotions bloom, the book had showed readers who Bad and Red were One of the things that totally won me over was that the kink in this novel felt like a part of everyday life There s an approachability as to how Bad and Red play I mean, a lot of times, a kink story will feature super rich people at a fetish club, etc BUT it s just as fun to see average people immersing themselves into kink play via pervertibles because that s how they are wired The story progresses at a great pace and it s close to impossible to not get swept away.There are 3 female characters who give as much as they take None of them are perfect.On the downside, Chapter 5 features some fatphobia toward both a female character and a male character TL DR If you re a fan of Kris Ripper from the Queers of La Vista series, the first chapters for THIS book might feel like a cold shower The sex is v rough and might feel like a bumpy ride I can imagine some people starting this book and going NOPE once the first couple of kink scenes happen Which is totes OK The masochism and sadism are quite strong I do recommend it with the caveat that Bad and Red are SRS BIZNESS about their kinks to the point that might make some uncomfortable Bad doesn t give Red the chance to hide and neither does this novel The romance between Bad and Red takes its time to build up but it does pay off.

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    I ll be reading the next one immediately.

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    This book is KINKY AF, and I loved it Bad is a college security guard who gets off on ordering Red, a student in the mailroom, to do various and often humiliating things but Red enjoys it just as much Personally, I fall into the wimp rather than masochist category, but it s still fun reading about people who get INTO that kind of thing It was also fun watching these two guys slowly fall into a relationship when it was just supposed to be about physical pleasure I m looking forward to reading the second one

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    I met this pair in a short story in The Library Stories and Scenes from the Scientific Method Universe I ve read all of those books This was a tough read for me for two reasons I m not into pain from either side, so nothing the characters enjoy are things I enjoy And, Bad was a tough character to warm up to I had to trust Red s reactions for half the book But by the end, I was glad I already have the second book The only character that felt inconsistently portrayed and represented to me was Red s overprotective friend Maybe she gets that in the next book.

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    Trigger alert this book is REALLY deep SM so be aware This kind of heavy kink is usually not my fav but Kris writes it so well I just sank right into it These guys are so perfect for each other it literally hurts, at least it hurts Red Erotic as hell

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    Woah Hot as fuck serious kink, so be aware , unexpectedly sweet, looking forward to second volume.

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    Rating 4.25

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    Kris has done it again, written a great story that pulls you in and keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next I didn t know what to make of Big Bad at first, hoping that he wasn t just using Little Red, but all came good Kris has a wonderful way of developing the MC s that I always look forward to reading ze work.

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